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  1. JourneyMan

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    Its funny you are calling them out on their hindi and then you go on to write a whole paragraph almost entirely in Urdu
  2. JourneyMan

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    Obviously English isnt their native language but if they studied in English medium schools and spoke some dialect at home as kids their Hindi could end up being pretty poor. They would probably prefer speaking broken english on television than poor hindi simply because less people will be able to call them out on it.
  3. He isnt entirely wrong. Of the five tests, three were pretty close. The top order always fell 20 odd runs short, each. That is where the most improvement is needed. Bowling was overall not bad, except for Ashwin who should have done better.
  4. JourneyMan

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    This could be the reason. Hindi isnt a native language for many Indians. They will deliver the lines given to them for the movie but to speak live without a script might be a bit intimidating for these guys.
  5. The gora pokes and the darkies start abusing each other. It never gets old.
  6. Live sledging on the forums
  7. At the end of the day, he is perfoming and contributing massively in nearly every innings. The shame lies on our top three who can't seem to cross 20 runs.
  8. I am still hoping Pant, Pandya and Ashwin add a steady 30-odd each. It is certainly doable. If there was ever a chance for Rahane to redeem himself, then this is it.
  9. If they bat through the day (which is quite a task in itself) and bring the chase down to less than 100 (which is more or less synonymous with batting through the day) then it is India's day for sure. Morning conditions wont be easy tomorrow, but the low target will put pressure on England. Anyway there's quite a way to go.
  10. Definitely slow and just about surviving, but with time England will get more and more frustrated. Even if these two go at one or two an over, absorbing deliveries and slowly closing the gap can only be a good thing. There is more than enough time left in this test, dont see why they should hurry.
  11. Making average players look great is an indian cricketing tradition
  12. JourneyMan

    Why is SRK a global star?

    I don't know if he is still a global star in 2018. He had his peak around the late 90s early noughties. His movies were generally family friendly and he was strongly backed by the likes of karan johar. The hindi film industry has changed since then. There was little competition outside of the khans, now you have more actors coming up. People are tired of the same cookie cutter Karan Johar films so you have more variety and thus less domination of one single genre.
  13. JourneyMan

    Why is Hinduism even classified as a Religion?

    You have diversity in most religions. There isnt one single form of Judaism, Christianity or Islam either

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