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  1. JourneyMan

    Should RCB consider 'chess wizard" Chahal as captain? :)

    Neither of those were epic fights
  2. The West has nothing to do with Indian politics. What they think is irrelevant and like you said yourself most of them simply dont care. India's image abroad is mixed. The positive view is based on food, travel and culture. The negative view is due to rape incidents. Most people are indifferent and hardly anyone knows what congress or BJP is.
  3. I don't think they're getting paid. Film industries by nature are oriented towards liberal politics rather than conservative. In the US most of Hollywood was publicly backing Hillary and trying to distance themselves from Trump as much as possible. The hindi film industry as it is today thrives in a congress oriented society and are therefore their natural allies.
  4. She should know that in present day India one cannot comment on hindu extremists. If she really wants to get elected she should switch to BJP and bash Islam instead.
  5. JourneyMan

    Safe way of watching IPL?

    Hi guys. There aren't any broadcasters showing the IPL where I live. I was thinking of buying a package with one of the streaming broadcasters and then using a vpn - would that work or can they identify that you're using a vpn? I don't want to use Criclive because it messes your computer up big time.
  6. The funny thing about your example is that most of the hijackers on the plane that wad flown into the twin towers were Saudi and had nothing to do with Afghanistan
  7. People talk more about pakistan, the PCB and Imran Khan on this forum than any other forum out there. It's become an obsession. Seriously, who cares?
  8. JourneyMan

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    All this over a game of cricket.
  9. JourneyMan

    Psyche of a Muslim kid

    The only way for any minority to overcome prejudice is economical power. This was true for the Jews in Europe, and it remains true for all minorities around the world. Work hard, build successful businesses, take over the economy and nobody will dare to speak out against you even if they hate your guts. African Americans, Indian Muslims and all other groups of people who think that their problems will be solved overnight if a sympathetic government takes power need to wake up and smell the coffee. Until and unless they dont empower themselves economically, they will remain at the scum end of society.
  10. JourneyMan

    Shannon Gabriel suspended for 4 ODIs for on-field comments

    They kicked England's butts twice in a row. Its a pity they didn't play their B team in the last test. This guy unnecessarily got banned for something that occured in a rubber match.
  11. Keep politics out of sports. What happens in Kashmir has nothing to do with our starting XI or their starting XI. The show must go on.
  12. JourneyMan

    South Africa vs Pakistan 2nd T20

    Its over
  13. JourneyMan

    South Africa vs Pakistan 2nd T20

    Is Talat on the payroll?

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