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  1. True, they did have better batting in the past.
  2. No way. Today there are very few genuine fast bowlers in cricket compared to 15-20 years ago. Batting lineups also tend to collapse a lot faster. South Africa are a shadow of their previous teams. Windies looked like making a comeback but disappointed in the end. Pakistan is much weaker than it used to be. Australia is also far behind their golden generation standard. The only improved teams are India, England, NZ and Bangladesh and the only improved area of the game is fielding.
  3. JourneyMan

    goodbye guys

    Who are ya who are ya who are ya
  4. They all earn more than you ever will so don't feel too bad.
  5. JourneyMan

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    In a week from now nobody outside of new zealand is going to care anymore.
  6. LOL No. De Grandhomme and Neesham were bowling maidens to these guys on their home turf. Next.
  7. JourneyMan

    Can someone explain the rationale of these rules

    99 times out of 100 this rule wouldn't even come into play. How often will a match be tied and the super over also tied after that? I wouldn't try and change a rule which is only applicable in the rarest of cases.
  8. JourneyMan

    A shared World Cup would've been better.

    You need to decide a winner somehow or the other. If you want to avoid getting into that situation you need to close out the game. Leaving it to the last ball and the last run leaves you vulnerable to such technicalities.
  9. JourneyMan

    Should England have got five, not six for overthrows?

    What's done is done. You shouldn't leave things to the last ball or the last run. If you can't win by a clear margin don't complain about the odd run or ball that didn't go your way.
  10. Partly agree. Pant should have been in there, this wasn't the time to experiment with Shankar and Karthik has missed the train. Where I strongly disagree is selecting Rahane. He has had enough chances, I think he is another one who has missed the train. Forwards and onwards.
  11. JourneyMan

    Praise Shami, our best bowler

    You need to manage your bowlers well. By bowling Shami out early and holding most of Bumrahs overs for the death the pace attack becomes a lot more effective.
  12. JourneyMan

    How great is this English world cup team?

    Pakistan and Sri Lanka, two teams who failed to make it to the SFs.
  13. JourneyMan

    How great is this English world cup team?

    Pitch dependent. Anything with some pace and bounce and they start losing wickets faster than they change prime ministers.
  14. Who cares, neither have what it takes to win the world cup. Two mediocre teams that can only bat on slow pitches.
  15. JourneyMan

    A country satisfied with mediocrity

    Calm down its just a game. India actually overachieved if you keep in mind the limitations of the batsmen. They were fortunate to get some nice slow tracks that made it feel just like home. Indian batsmen, even today, are vulnerable when facing a decent pace attack on a pitch that has some juice on it. Not having to play NZ, Pak picking Hasan Ali ahead of Shaheen, Nabi miscalculating the chase in the last few overs and Aus bowling Coulter Nile ahead of Behrendorff are all little things that simply delayed the inevitable.

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