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  1. Things are slowing down out there. If SA keep it this way one of the batsmen is going to throw their wicket away
  2. It will be enough under lights and with a decent attack.
  3. Narrowly beating the Australian B team does not turn you into the invincibles. Then again, if you prefer to have the likes of Rayudu representing India in the World Cup then don't cry when they get eliminated in the first round.
  4. Whatever he does, keep him away from Koffee with Homo otherwise we will have another clownish scandal.
  5. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the only democrats who can definitely beat Trump. I don't know if either will run but anyone else has a 50-50 chance at best
  6. JourneyMan

    Get Dhonified !!!

    The bat waving master
  7. The spelling and grammar mistakes in some of these messages being sent to cricinfo by indian fans are hilarious. They're making a mockery of the Indian education system.
  8. On a good day Gambhir or Uthappa would have survived the first over, at best.
  9. Everyone on ICF should buy him a beer
  10. I can understand his frustration. He was part of a ruthless side that never ever gave up. The current crop don't compete remotely like previous Aussie sides did.
  11. They can do flower power gatherings for all I care, but they should do it on their own premises or at a privately rented location. Same goes for all other political parties and all religious groups. Keep the public streets and areas free from political and religious gatherings. It just adds unnecessary traffic and congestion without actually giving any benefits.
  12. JourneyMan

    Who was true batting MoM for India in 2011 WC final?

    You're right. Darn that pathetic meaningless tamasha league.
  13. JourneyMan

    Who was true batting MoM for India in 2011 WC final?

    There's a disturbing trend on ICF to completely trash everything a player has ever done just because they have run out of favor. Forget Dhoni, even the ATG Tendulkar gets trashed here on a regular basis. Agreed, Sachin played past his end date and MSD shouldn't be playing anymore. However, what they did in their prime is exceptional (esp. Sachin) In that WC final Dhoni played a fantastic innings at the time where it was most needed. India were facing potential defeat on home ground and he stepped up and hit a fantastic unbeaten 91 runs. This is what every captain dreams of and Dhoni went and did it for real.

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