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  1. we used to struggle even against zim who were not even full time cricketers
  2. no doubt they were poor in performance and the results but if the lineup of sachin,azhar and co were inferior to any int batting unit then you may forget about any improvements in the future,dont forget we used to struggle even in sl, any foreign tour was like an impossible task for them.
  3. i think there is some inferiority complex with in the ind sys ,if a batting line up of sachin,azhar, dravid, laxman, ganguly cant take on a bowling line up of donald ,pollock, klusener, mcmillan, adams ,then there is very little you can expect from them in these conditions ,the bowling did well but they fell short of finishing sa off ,it's like they rate sa too highly and are happy with avg performances against them .
  4. Bumrah was on debut ,Shami Was Not his Self .As Bumrah said they were hitting the Indian length in First Innings Lack of preparation showed.Still They Created Chances Which would have turned the match. sa got 330 odd for 10wkts till ind got the next 10 for 70 odd,they could have blown then away had they bowled well
  5. First day pitch is usually slow in Sa.Still Pacers Created Chances had faf not been dropped when the score was 80-3 in first test or maharaj at 200-7.We would have won the test.We dropped Catches at pivotal moments. dont think they bowled that well on that 1st day after the initial burst by bhuvi.
  6. Bowling was not inconsistent.When you drop 11 Catches opp team will score more. the pacers didnt bowl well enough on the 1st days of both the tests,specially the 1st test also the tail of sa is probably the weakest i have seen in years, couldnt blow them away either.
  7. bowling was inconsistent gave away 100 runs too many in both tests but batting is so poor they struggle to score even 100.
  8. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    who fell to that full white ball
  9. This interview with Bumrah is frustrating to read

    not quite the right analogy,no one tells you to ignore time but in ind coaches always tell you to pitch the ball up to make it move ,i dont think any coach in ind believes one can be successful if you dont pitch the ball up, had they bowled too short on this pitch you would have seen plenty of people criticizing them but you wont find many doing the same now that they bowed too full and messed up the 1st inning,it's got more to do with ind bowling psyche than just simple adjustments.
  10. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    that was one off
  11. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    centurion doesnt become flat like joburg ,it is up and down as the match goes on
  12. India really fluffed a great chance yesterday

    yeah too many runs conceded in the 1st innings should have skittled them for 200, gave too many to their tail, if they really bowled well could have got them for 100
  13. How disgusting and hate-filled is Holding?

    bishop is one of the best commentators,keeps himself updated and understands the flow of the game, not some i am so high and mighty exgreat .
  14. chepu got in a complex of having to push up the runrate ,even bhuvi after he got in started to score with the older ball
  15. what ever they got to do they have to do it within the next 19 over ,after that new ball will come and it will be all over

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