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  1. they have been airing diff commentaries on hot star,i remember listening to them but couldnt understand anything ,i am sure it was successful so they are launching the tamil channel.
  2. who does the commentary ,are they ex cricketers?
  3. no way
  4. his pace is not the problem it is his line . so you will pick him in whose place?ashwin?
  5. even if you are an allrounder you got to be pretty good in one discipline else you wont last ,he has some ability but i dont think he is dependable at this point in any situation ,if ind was batting better we could have carried him .
  6. all the other bowlers bhuvi bumrah shami jaddu ashwin have their weakness but can be banked on in certain situations ,same cant be said about pandys's bowling ,his usp at this stage is he can can play a cameo knock similar to jaddu .
  7. batting is similar but jaddu is the 2nd spinner, he will be the 4th pacer between the 15th and 40th over which would you prefer 10 overs from pandya or 10 from ashwin or jadeja
  8. not going by stats ,i go by the way he is batting and bowling ,he needs more practice and experience to be consistent with the ball,i dont think he judges the length of the ball too well when he bats.
  9. thats because his batting looks flimsy and bowling isnt clicking either and you cant depend on jaddu's batting ,if this was some bilateral series i wont mind ,but it seems he is neither here nor there,in these conditions he will be the 4th pacer so more than his bowling we need his batting ,
  10. ideally in these conditions you want 3 wicket taking pacers and a good spinner and a spin bowling allrounder ,in india the spin bowling allrounder and a pacer would be replaced by a quality spinner and a pace bowling all rounder
  11. he will be the 5th bowler ,he doesnt need to be a great bowler ,if he can improve his pace and accuracy a bit and develop some good slower balls he can be quite handy,
  12. i would prefer vijay shankar ,has a good technique and can clear the boundary as well
  13. we have become too complacent with our batting ,need more focus, find better players
  14. pandya is just starting out ,we dont know if he will succeed ,ideally from ind pov we need one of the main batsmen to finish off the innings,ashwin is also a lot more dependable than pandya with the ball.