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  1. also it is a lot more easier to produce and maintain a low slow track.aus ,sa, eng ,nz,if they want, can produce slow turners in their domestic cricket.Fast bouncy tracks however are harder to produce and costly to maintain.
  2. ind couldn't even beat aus in 77, when packer series had taken out most of their players.40 yr old simpson came out of retirement to lead aus to victory,pathetic stuff.
  3. Speedometers have errors,he wasn't bowling outright quick but khaleel had decent pace ,but the ones operating the speedometer weren't able to judge it properly ,thats why there were so many fluctuations . ultimately speed is in the hands of the speedometer operator.
  4. MultiB48

    ICC Women's World T20 thread

    harman should bat at no 3 ,they are taking a big risk by batting her down the order.
  5. you need strong nerves ,just skill wont be enough.
  6. only in eng do they get big crowds in tests .aus and sa are struggling to attract viewers ,at least to the grounds .did you watch the aus vs sa tests earlier this yr ,where were the crowds ? Relative to other sports cricket it still popular.12k ppl are watching it online ,probably more popular than bundesliga . dont know how things were in the 70s and 80s but compared to the 90s, interest has dropped significantly.
  7. Tests are dead,only barmy army keeps up the atmosphere .Even 50 overs are dead.
  8. MultiB48

    Harmless LoI bowler award goes to Bhuvi !!!

    Don't know what worse, his constipated looks or his feckless bowling .The spinners have saved his ass till now ,maybe the babus might notice once his avg hits 40.
  9. Even casual observer can see how ordinary he is ... Just listen to one of his interviews on yt where he says he married his wife as she was better at studies and hence had better prospects in life than him ,so she was his insurance in case cricket didnt work out.With that sort of mentality, I am sure he has some nice settings within the team.
  10. How long will they carry bhuvi in odis ,isnt there anyone better than him in such a cricket mad country.
  11. but this ground had red soil pitch as well ,what happened to that ?
  12. Thread was started by someone who likes quick bowling.With out speed it's boring for us to watch and if we dont even watch then why would we care about performance.
  13. MultiB48

    Australia vs SA, 1st ODI, Perth

    mark waugh is quite different here ,isnt he.
  14. MultiB48

    What are your world cup expectations from India?

    Middle order lacks quality and i feel dhawan is getting into a rut and the better bowlers cant bat. Fielding is ordinary, only kohli ,jadeja and pandya are ace fielders, the rest are all old and below par ,unfortunately none of the young bowlers are good fielders . In the pace bowling bumrah is good but the rest are inconsistent ,in spin bowling kuldeep ,jaddu and chahal are as good as any in the world but then it wont be in asia.

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