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  1. MultiB48

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    Our 1st match is sa's 3rd
  2. MultiB48

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    If we do struggle in this wc ,i won't mind getting humiliated by the likes of afg, bd and sl.Last time when it happened in 2007,the resulting backlash helped to make us a better team ,we went on to win in eng ,wt20 and vb series in aus .
  3. MultiB48

    Will Ind make it to the last 4 in WC19?

    We have to do well in the 1st phase ,otherwise pressure will mount ,don't think any team can afford more than 3 losses.
  4. wi might lose to bd again ,they have beaten them quite often in recent times.
  5. Bowling wise sa has rabada,steyn,ngidi and tahir ,it's probably the best attack in the tournament and 1st match is sa v eng.As long as they produce these type of pitches ,i don't eng facing many problems getting into the s/f.Big match temperament is their only issue.
  6. Anything less that 15/over bores me out these days.eng's 7/over chase yesterday was hard to watch at times.
  7. All teams other than eng look vulnerable ,will be an interesting wc to follow.
  8. Malik got injured,they could have kept bowling spin to Stokes,once the pacers came on it became easy for him.
  9. No talk of flat pitches from eng commentators now, unlike our idiots.
  10. They will now bowl spin ,won't be easy under pressure for denly and Stokes.

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