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  1. what a waste ,cant even get into ranji
  2. outfields dont remain lush at all times ,you need to water it and look after it otherwise the grass dries up and dies without rain , these preparations can cost a lot
  3. they were doing it subtly ,the obvious one called cancelled,
  4. braod would never ban smith ,if i were in the ind team from next test i will check up with the dessing room before going for any drs
  5. was clocking 135-140 a few months back
  6. was clocking 135-140 a few months back,the follow through is quite horrendous though .
  7. it's pretty clear he is his maternal grandfather ,his and his mom's name now is aaron but the grandfather's name is goveia
  8. his dad may have been from bangalore ,mom from goa
  9. maybe ,i had read in an article when he 1st came through that his dad moved from karnataka to jharkhand
  10. karnataka
  11. from what i have seen over the years there is no diff in terms of pace between north and south bowlers in ranji,in int quicker bowlers from south sreesanth ,srinath north ishant ,vrv ,nehra ,could you include shami ,yadav from north ,aaron from south?
  12. lack of pace bowling culture ,like most teams in india doesnt know how to develop themselves
  13. spinners are a lot more potent now due to drs/ lbw ,defending is difficult specially on a turner as ppl are circumspect about getting hit on the pads unlike in the past.
  14. worst? ,some rosy pic you have in your mind .