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  1. Match is over,eng can only improve their rr from here.
  2. Finger spinners have bowled well on this pitch.
  3. Slower ball bouncer gets duminy ,quite a useful ball in the death.
  4. That ball by mustafizur to get Miller reminds me of a ball by Akram to get Bevan in the 99 wc.
  5. I was about to post "such a toothless attack" and Mehedi gets faf.
  6. They aren't sweeping ,just getting stuck at the crease
  7. Where does he bowl darts? he is one of the best flight bowlers i have seen.
  8. Wow ,i didn't see it ,when did he do that ?
  9. Saifuddin looking innocuous,bowling 128ks.
  10. They will need another 150 over the next 23 overs.
  11. Mustafizur 3rd over Ball 1 126k Markram waits and defends Ball 2 136k no run, driven on the rise but the man at cover rolls to his right and stops the ball Ball 3 140k wide ball nearly edged Ball 4 133k punched off the back foot through point for 4 Ball 5 139k Markram flicks for 4 Ball 6 124k no run, Markram covers the line of this good length delivery and defends well Mustafizur 4th over Ball 1 138 flicked for 1 by de kock Ball 2 speeds not shown Ball 3 speeds not shown Ball 4 139 de kock inside edges it onto pads. Ball 5 137 nudged to midon by de kock for 1 Ball 6 121 to markram ,offcutter edged for 4 Mortaza bowling under 130k
  12. Mustafizur clocking 140k

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