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  1. MultiB48

    KKR sign Warrier for injured Nagarkoti

    Sir Aggy had quiet a few injuries .He went from a side on action to a complete front on and then went back to side on .
  2. Doesnt look good on paper but then this team has over achieved .I have been surprised by some of their wins in Sa ,Aus,Nz but somewhere down the line the weakness will be exploited like it happened in this series .For me a lot depends on our bowling and fielding ,the batting looks too shaky.
  3. MultiB48

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Didnt look like a banter at all , looked like normal discussion. Kapil is the most disappointing ,despite being a pace bowling legend ,he dosnt like speed much,have heard him numerous times. With out hype and adrenaline you are not going to be pumped up and wont put in your full effort to bowl at your top pace and as a consequence wont train to keep up the pace .We just like our kaam chalau type bowlers ....produce slow pitches and chor bowlers.And lets not forget about the poor scouting and selection ,some one like saini wouldnt have even got in to the delhi team had it not been for gambhir ,there was so much opposition to his selection .
  4. MultiB48

    Celebrating 2011 world cup win

    He has his issues and I am not a blind supporter of Dhoni but at least we got 3 icc trophies under him.He is one of the best Loi players/captain we have produced.
  5. MultiB48

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    Has feasted on arunachal and mizoram.
  6. MultiB48

    Positives of the series loss

    aus always does well in odis in ind .
  7. MultiB48

    Celebrating 2011 world cup win

    need to produce another tony
  8. MultiB48

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Cant hear him giggle .He hardly ever passes sarcastic comments ,why would be any different now ? ......... i have listened to his commentary on quite a few occasions and he keeps calling him a medium pacer , have never heard him call saini even fast medium ,thankfully the graphics guys dont classify him as a medium pacer .He is just like any other ind commentator .
  9. MultiB48

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Technique doesnt really matter in the middle overs of an odi game .He reminds me of morgan ,has good hand eye coordination and power but like so many of these batsmen cant bowl at all,which mean they are all fighting for that 1 slot ie no 4.
  10. MultiB48

    Low SR players in team Ind this year

    Eng type s/r are not easy to attain.Eng are in the form of their life ....high 300-400 scores are always difficult to achieve for any team . We have to bowl and field well,else forget it.
  11. MultiB48

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    speedometer shows deshpande at 139-140 but to me he looks quicker .
  12. MultiB48

    The new craze for evidences

  13. MultiB48

    The new craze for evidences

    International media is essentially western media .What evidence is there of them killing OBL ? Where are all the WMDs that led to the invasion and destruction of the ME .How about their constant interference in internal politics of foreign countries and their insatiable quest for regime change all over the world , as they are doing now in Venezuela .
  14. MultiB48

    The new craze for evidences

    Yeah, I suppose all their propagandas and successive invasions and destruction of anti western regimes and their countries are acceptable .

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