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  1. one six was 82 meters .
  2. sciver is a good hitter probably the best alongside dottin,the openers of sa and wi look like twins ,their playing style is also similar
  3. as i said earlier they have improved quite a bit ,this is the best i have seen them bat .if they had an good wk and batting allrounder they would have been right up their with the likes of aus and eng.
  4. ideally both ,it will give a lot more depth and then they can play a few more shot up the order as well.
  5. i am talking about an extra batting allrounder who could hit some boundaries to help out kaur ,at the moment too much depends on her .
  6. perry's batting is quite impressive ,i thought she was a bowler , sophie devine is also a good allrounder,pandey may be useful with the bat but if they had a batting allrounder this team would be a lot stronger.
  7. are pandey and goswami dependable with the bat ? i am thinking of someone like suzie bates type batting allrounder
  8. the lower middle order is not that great ,may be thats why they bat slowly ,need a good wicket keeper and an big hitting allrounder.
  9. hmm ,just checking some of their stats the wk cant bat ,need better options
  10. havent seen a lot of them to be honest, i think bcci should organize more t20 cricket for them ,it will help their stroke play
  11. this is the best i have seen them bat
  12. if icc became stringent with chucking after 2008 how did ajmal play
  13. i dont know but intelligence is quite visible as well even if someone is not highly qualified .they do measure it but due to racist overtones they are opposed or disputed