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  1. Today I learned

    napoleonji. was he missing jessica elba?
  2. yes .since i haven't read it could you post from Sima Qian how the dates are chronicled and the ways he distincts between myths and history.
  3. what happened to unadcutter? last season was a freak show
  4. Thats interesting ,i haven't read up on it ,could you post something more on the topic , specially relating to the distinction between the mythical times and start of actual history.Regarding indian history doesn't the jain and buddhist texts do something similar .
  5. Even Marco Polo's existence is doubted as are his travels .Lets not judge those ancient chronicles by modern standards. ,even modern day authority struggle to live up to reality eg us invasion of iraq
  6. Hulagu's wife was christian ,wasnt she.There were many nestorian christians in central asia There were emissaries between the mongols and vatican to tie up against the saracens.
  7. strawman. Marco polo had made plenty of false claims
  8. Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    stone looks impressive ,might get to debut
  9. you may support / hate whomever you want.it isnt as if your rants are going to make much of a difference .Just don't go around pretending that you aint a bit of a bigot . As far as their dress is concerned, it's doesn't bother me much.May be you would like to oogle at their wives ........i doubt if one can ever force one's wife to wear such a dress ,it's part of their long tradition and they choose it for themselves,why not try to force it on to some female members of your own family and see if it works.
  10. after going on your crazy, hateful,frothing at the mouth anti muslim tirades when it suits you.Attacking ppl for the type of dress that they wear.Just love how you can later passes it all off as part of some yin yang nonsense and come out looking all clean.
  11. US-UK-France launch military strikes on Syria

    not to forget the israelis and the saudi coalition ,incredible that he has survived this long.Unlike western leaders he is bang in the middle of the war zone
  12. US-UK-France launch military strikes on Syria

    jewish fertility rate now almost matches muslim arab fertility rate
  13. US-UK-France launch military strikes on Syria

    opcw investigation not done .congress ,parliament,un bypassed and chlorine lol .nice.though not new ....poor babies
  14. that amla thread post of yours opened my eyes on mulo and his ilk ,thanks
  15. was talking about your intent ,dont give two hoots about your knowledge ,interesting traitor bana diya becharo ko wah

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