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  1. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    the bowlers need to improve their batting ,only bhuvi and kuldeep have something ,the rest cant even hold the bat.they need to work on this in the junior levels and ranji.
  2. too bad ,if it is his left shoulder pace will reduce
  3. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    b amit is Full name Boddupalli Amit Born March 30, 1988, Calcutta (now Kolkata), Bengal Current age 29 years 167 days Major teams Bengal Under-14s Also known as Saheb Batting style Left-hand bat Bowling style Right-arm medium
  4. himanshu rakheja 140-145 k
  5. thats the key ,needs to be monitored properly ,hope doesnt get injured
  6. India A team against New Zealand A

    could be injured didnt bowl in the 2nd inning
  7. this is starc from a similar angle i doubt if it is 150 but looks sharp
  8. if i were in charge cricket would be dominated by bowlers
  9. ind pacers should demand they get juicer tracks in ind and also use the red duke ball
  10. make a format with restrictions on batsman and not on bowlers ,like a batsman can face max 50 balls ,penalize the batsman if he edges the ball for runs etc .
  11. Can Anderson end career with sub-25 average?

    will need some thing like 100 more wickets for 1100 runs or 200 around 3600 runs
  12. in tests you can afford to be more defensive as a batsman than a bowler ,on a flatpitch if you are determined to shut down and just pick up a few runs you could do that but as a bowler you still need to attack the batsman even in swinging conditions else if the batsman doesnt get out you will be in trouble and as i had said earlier if the pitch itself is exploding then you can just put the ball there and get it done ,as far as anderson vs kohli yes he didnt show respect to kohli but thats just the way it goes you dont need to show respect, ind could do the same ,if ind does show too much respect thats up to them.
  13. kohli called heads ,referee said heads india
  14. comparatively it is harder to control the swing when it is moving so much than to lay bat on ball in easy batting condition, a better comparison would be with a pitch where the top is going
  15. you still need to control the swing otherwise it wont work

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