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  1. Yes.Just searching for the prefect balance .On one hand having to vote for secular parties to keep out bjp/rss etc and on other hand wanting sharia for at least their personal affairs .
  2. MultiB48

    "Indian question" in South africa

    sahibs have left the coolies are next
  3. MultiB48

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    man i just love your passion for fast bowling ,following all these bowlers and keeping track of their bowling
  4. Sharia councils are available in western countries ,people like to marry in sharia courts so that divorces may be easier to obtain,they are much more male friendly compared to civil courts and hence quite popular.
  5. Yes, but many "hindu" indians have white man's burden syndrome hence many are liberal humanists .You can see what that has done to the west and it's dominance . No point trying to explain to fools,these are only short term issues ,with changes in demography ,we will have much more to worry than sharia councils and their personal laws.
  6. MultiB48

    How did Chahal get this far ?

    hardly any ind bowlers have been good fielders ,best were kapil ,sir aggy ,umesh , hardik and jaddu
  7. MultiB48

    Deepak Chahar

    i meant i am kind of ok with him getting smashed ,t20 is brutal for bowlers.
  8. MultiB48

    Deepak Chahar

    he will get smashed like everybody else ,these days you have to be a high quality bowler to have any impact, should look to be skiddy and accurate and hold his nerve under pressure like hassan ali.
  9. MultiB48

    Deepak Chahar

    i am impressed by the improvement of his pace ,hope other pacers can learn from him.
  10. morgan protects his bowlers ,if dhoni was in morgan's place would have said we got enough runs but bowlers let it slip
  11. 7 runs in 2 overs
  12. got mixed feelings about this ,on one hand spinners will get smacked a bit more but on the other hand it's not good for ind ,goras are always thinking how to make things a bit more easier for themselves.
  13. by that logic anything can be classified as fiction
  14. MultiB48

    Church, Missionaries & related issues tracker...

    Even without flooding it's just a matter of time that they will open up the borders ,where do you think all these bus services and cultural exchanges will lead to?
  15. They didnt know how to keep calenders back then ,hastinapur exists and various locations and tribes mentioned are accepted by scholars .If it's down to records then nothing will exist outside properly dated history , your memories and experiences should be overlooked as dodgy anecdotes as you haven't documented them properly.Give it enough time and our existence too will be doubted in spite of all the technology we use to record our existence.
  16. MultiB48

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    i think pradsad has done well, should have got pant in to the team in place of say raina, otherwise he is fine
  17. MultiB48

    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    India's avg iq is quite low , cant expect much from cultures with such low iqs ,couple that with lack of resources and you get some of the worst living condition on the planet ,even many subsaharan countries are better off.It's just too much to expect that one can maintain modern civic standards when you are down to hoarding/ stealing and selling electric posts ,man hole covers and municipal taps for a living . May be it's not all that bad , indians have quite low carbon footprint compared to cleaner and more developed cultures and some would say it's better to be unclean than have a higher carbon footprint.
  18. MultiB48

    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    Dont know whether you are going off on a hyperbole or not in order to highlight the problem but kind of agree with you ,though got to say deodorants were quite common in our hostel ,every where you looked some used deo can was lying around. I think one of the reasons could be that we dont date as much .In order to get married or find a partner, as a guy ,you just need to be a decent fellow and study get a good job n salary and your family will arrange something.Working out and grooming etc becomes part of the culture when you need to attract partners .One of my bosses earns close to a million and has some of the worst teeth you can find and tops it off with one of those lazy moustaches ,good luck to his wife.
  19. that is why islam won ,hindus had their ass kicked for 100s of yrs
  20. MultiB48

    Man, We are short! :/ (Or Europeans are too tall)

    just dont ruin them for the rest of us
  21. MultiB48

    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    Cleanliness gives rise to superiority complex and racism,castism .This is why marxists are unclean.
  22. Poor guy got maligned and made into a villain after losing the war.Wont be surprised if draupadi was scheming all these destructions,played all the men like a fiddle .Her birth was for the sole purpose of seeking revenge.Her father was humiliated and he prayed to god to give him a son(who was the general ) and a daughter to seek revenge.
  23. I have seen many educated men married to gawar jobless women ,but hardly ever seen the opposite. Guys dont look for education and salary in girls ,that's what girls search for in guys .Even when the woman is well educated and have a good job and salary they wont marry someone who is lesser off than them because of their freeloading tendencies.They want it as an insurance for their future .
  24. Just waiting for your sermon on the mount so i may congratulate yourself.
  25. Doesn't have to solve anything ,just holds onto to the certain values and expectations and thinks that he is a good person because he has a good heart.

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