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  1. i am sure you verify it all the time and how do you get hold of the data huh? never said peer review is riddled with holes but it's not full proof either,if you want to revere like some holy scripture good for you .
  2. I am sure you reproduce the experiments after reading them ,the journals themselves have become an industry which is a different topic all together.
  3. only if the evidence is readily available or if the experiment is feasible for you to conduct else you cant
  4. to a stone age human hydrogen etc would also have the same credibility as your paneer planet,You act as if you have evidence for everything, as if you have tested things out yourself ,most of our knowledge comes from 2nd hand sources hence herd mentality is not exclusive to any group in particular.
  5. If you want to jump to your paneer planet at every possible step beyond the realm of evidence then that's up to you but most wont do that.
  6. it's upto your intellect to decide what's reasonable and what isn't but validation(logic or evidence or otherwise) from humans is not required for something to exist.
  7. NOPE ,already have pointed that out,you seem to lack nuance .
  8. It could also mean I dont believe in super intelligent aliens, nor do i have any evidence for it but that doesnt rule them out from existing
  9. WHAT? i don't have to believe in anything nor do i have any evidence nor do i care but that doesn't mean it can't exist
  10. bumrah's runup is even worse ,it's almost nonexistent, dont know how he bowls
  11. there are people like that in bjp as well here is one roshan lal arya ex bjp with zakir naik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qEaRSHtH5I and here he is inciting hatred against jats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJh6okUbbq8
  12. I am not saying god exists but your logic is flawed .the scale lies between evidence and imagination ,ofc everything you may imagine doesn't exist .
  13. It's not so cut and simple things can exist without evidence ,beyond our senses and capacities but then that leads to confusions which both atheist and theists hate.
  14. when i was a kid age was judged by height for junior level tournaments lol
  15. Since people are judging on appearance i threw that in ,since he is from aus he is being given the benefit of doubt. btw does the pak player standing 3rd from the left beside afridi has grey hair
  16. It's got more to do with identity than religion .For many people their identity doesn't matter and are wiling to lose it without much care. You may aspire to higher ideals rising over petty differences over religion,culture,race ,ethnicity,nation,language etc maybe even identify with nature and other living creatures if possible but many will not follow such a path and lose their identity and please the other and if you are naive and unfortunate enough you will face the political and social consequences of such choices.
  17. One may accept your atomized identity and remain oblivious to politics and society ...............it can also be argued that this family or other such families/people aren't that bad ,they just slipped for a moment .For most of their lives they lived like everybody else,should we overlook their normal past and judge them on this 1 moment of their life and what makes you think you are any better than them,you might also lose your temper someday and commit such a ghastly act .
  18. did you see the aus legspinner pipe/pope already going bald must be 20+
  19. i should have said explosive not just strong ,fast bowlers have strong lower body but they dont need it to be explosive .there are ppl like joffra archer who are fast on their feet as well as have powerful arms and shoulder.
  20. cricket requires good quality arms and shoulder ,football req legs ....totally different sports, footballers have poor arms even rugby players have poor arms ,an all round athlete is one who has strong arms, legs and torso. here you have rugby players bowling just look at the speed lol
  21. This is too tedious, for someone like me i just don't have the patience to argue and convince people who will simply run around in circles ,better hope they don't want to ruin the name of their religion and culture any more and sort things out ,else the madness will continue.
  22. This family is arrested ,do you think they will get away with it? they dont care about the consequences ,they chose to do it to save their face (what ever the * that means). Honour killings are on the RISE in western countries and these ppl are living in a liberalized, secularized, well to do society which ind will never be and dont overlook the WHITENING process which reduces the apprehension(it's a lot more acceptable if you loosen you darker tinge mixing with goras and goris ) Wonder why hindus in pakistan dont commit honour killings on muslims when they abduct hindu girls,is it down to the law and order of pak?
  23. every community is divided ,no one will ever get along with each other but you need to have enough balls and smarts to protect your interest else you are fecked
  24. No police system of any country could have saved this guy,The ones who killed him were willing to risk and sacrifice themselves to stop the girl from falling into the hands of a rival community.The only way this guy could have been saved were if the family were willing to reject the marriage but not kill the guy out of decency if nothing else or if the retaliation for the murder would have been so severe for not only the family but also the rest of the community that they dare not touch the man.

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