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  1. Dont think in any other 3rd world country the majority gets attacked so often ,in developed countries you might have that luxury ,sometimes i feel hindus deserve what they get ,na ghar ka na ghat ka ,have become cartoons.
  2. is mitch marsh lifting his heels
  3. got the same advice when he got the hattrick lol “I asked Mahi bhai, what should I bowl. He said tujhe jaisa bhi lagta hai, woh daal (bowl the way you want to). I was very happy that he backed me,” Yadav said after the match where he became only the third Indian to strike at hat-trick in ODIs.
  4. not dinesh kartik ,i have gone from a teenager to a father the guy hasn't succeeded
  5. most state teams are useless ,they punch way below their weight ,just compare any of these state teams to srilanka .I guess they dont need to produce players .......1 odd player every 20 odd yrs is enough,so they are stuck in mediocrity
  6. i am not going by stats at all ,just the way they bowled ,on the 1st day they could have raised their game ......that's how you win in these conditions ,i loved this tour as the ind pacers did well but it wasn't enough ,they had to do a bit more, it's like scoring 300 odd on a very flat odi pitch.... it 's good but it ain't enough.The author on the other hand tried to paint it as if the bowling failed.
  7. what does bhogle know about junior cricket of other countries he barely knows anything about ind domestic and juniors
  8. they have enough ability to spring a surprise , kenya got to wc semis
  9. Though i dont agree with the author that there is a massive gap in the bowling of the 2 sides but they did blow it on the 1st day, whereas the batsmen let the team down in the 1st inning of the 2nd test, we should have had a lead of close to 100 runs.The author should have pointed out that in the past ind bowling would have been even less impressive ,so they have improved but it could have been even better. Ideally ind bowling should have kept the 1st inng of 1st test and the 2nd inng of 2nd test under 200. We will never match sa pacers in terms of stats due to the difference in playing conditions but we can take them on whenever we go h2h ,that's how we should judge it.
  10. there must be some 19-20yr olds around as well
  11. looks a bit unfit and stiff also bowls wide of the crease
  12. Might tie up with the hazaras and tajiks ,they have been fighting pashtun hegemony ,if they could bring their central asian brothers..... could lay seige to sindh and baluchistan ,they will be in need for a sea link as well ........dont know to what extent the baloch have been pashtunized ,may be they could join in as well .End up creating a whole new civilization, rewrite history and become legends.
  13. it's gonna be epic ,mahabharat 2.0
  14. avesh needs to work on his flexibility
  15. Gurjas will have to have take a hit ,surat/kutch will have be invaded or may be sindh ,sea route is a must else it's fecked
  16. how about a sea route
  17. There are around 20-30 foreign players req for these t20 leagues and with enough players still engaged with their national teams there is a market for players like him but if it gets too crowded with all top players opting for t20 leagues then it wont be so easy .This is probably the best era for journeymen cricketers to make a buck.
  18. LMAO.....Havent seen such match fixing before

    they could have added some colourful commentary
  19. Cricket bat repairing - Really nice

    those woods are too good and difficult to get even for them
  20. Battle of young bowlers: Nagarkoti vs Mavi

    srinath needed another srinath to back him up ,i think his stats too would have improved
  21. Cricket bat repairing - Really nice

    200 rs is good ,i remember buying one for 20 rs many yrs back,even hit cricket balls of rs 80 with it, didnt break
  22. Battle of young bowlers: Nagarkoti vs Mavi

    yes ,capetown they tried a seaming track and nearly got into a lot of trouble and at wanderers the ball was spitting too much for their liking,i wonder if the pitch would have been criticized if we had a bowling attack like in 96 srinath backed by ganesh and prasad.
  23. i have seen indians supports white nationalists and wanting to deport fellow indians for corrupting the west ,wonder how much damage lies within
  24. that's because they conquered those lands which reduced the pressure on european civilization,could you imagine lands stretching from canada to argentina ,throw in australia and the majority of russia and the lost colonies of africa and asia and here we got partitioned lol

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