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  1. MultiB48

    Why no practice?

    the balls that pak use in their domestic cricket is a lot more seam/swing friendly than sg balls.
  2. Anderson has played only 20 out of his 140 matches in asia ,if he had played more in asia then his stats would have been worse,Pujara has already played 18 out of him 59 tests outside asia, so his chances of failure goes up. Anderson has struggled in aus and sa and even his rec in nz is mediocre, Ishant has a better rec in nz than him.Last time eng came to ind ,him and broad played only 3 matches each .only 1 match they played together ,the rest they played alternately. To improve your stats you want to play in favorable conditions and avoid /reduce difficult tours. But he is bowling superbly now ,unrelenting in accuracy and control of swing .earlier in the season aaron was playing in county and i remember how he was struggling to control the swing and hence was not able to use the conditions.
  3. Depends on his line ,if he is keeping it tight by bowling a tight line then it's great and i hope he picks up some wkts but if he is bowling wide outside off to a packed off side field then dont expect him to get many wkts.
  4. MultiB48

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    we didnt bowl well, too inconsistent to sustain the pressure .If you are depending only on the opposition batting poorly then good luck.
  5. MultiB48

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    if ind had batted yesterday they would have been bowled out for 200
  6. Sunil Gavaskar’s sports management company, Professional Management Group (PMG) handled three cricketers — Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant and Sarfraz Khan —
  7. MultiB48

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    if he going to fail here and will score only in ind then why make such a big deal out of him?
  8. MultiB48

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    i hope they do ,if nothing else it will be fun to read icf .
  9. MultiB48

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    so in one post picking youngsters in foreign tours will be baptism of fire and in the very next post we must pick youngsters in the last 2 matches on this series .
  10. good luck lambu and fake 20 yr old
  11. MultiB48

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    pant and shaw are praying they dont get picked here ,let the seniors fail and then they can make their debuts in india
  12. poor cricketer ,wont make it even in a county xi
  13. Indians aren't very athletic also our avg iq is quite low ,so it's hard to find the right combination for smart athletes .
  14. how is this a mine filed ?it's all due to the weather ,if things are clear today then what can one do. ppl were saying we should bat 1st and all and now you are in trouble...
  15. MultiB48

    What is the best length to bowl in Tests !

    but he did bowl many full balls today ,more than what he usually does,2 out of 5 wkts were off full balls ,woakes got kohli off a full ball as well .You are just being like rahane but trying to prove the opposite.
  16. MultiB48

    What is the best length to bowl in Tests !

    pujara run out ball is shown in white ,only 4 wkts are shown here
  17. since 2016 anderson has 87 wkts in eng at an avg of 14 ,whereas away from home 29 wkts in 10 tests at an avg of 30.
  18. MultiB48

    What is the best length to bowl in Tests !

    murli ball is missing
  19. MultiB48

    What is the best length to bowl in Tests !

    all balls arent shown in this map
  20. what can he do ,got rid of dhawan brought in pujara ,if weather was better things would have been easier.Indians have always struggled in these conditions ,yet ppl are throwing tantrums all over the forum.
  21. pujara is a joke ,cant run, cant move, cant hit, cant throw, cant bowl,cant catch............useless cricketer.All he tries to do is defend but these condition are just too tough.
  22. MultiB48

    All out in a session and a bit...

    nothing to be embarrassed about ,they tried hard.
  23. I was checking some stats,gavasker avgs 40 odd in these conditions, but if you take out his 79 series then his avg is down to a mere 29 in 12 tests in eng.

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