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  1. yes,specially against rare talents like abd. You can still beat ordinary domestic batsmen with avg hand eye coordination but you wont get many of them in ipl.
  2. ranji trophy bowling is not easy .They play too may back to back matches .You will get in to trouble if you try to bowl quick in a ranji season .Kaul can be a good bowler for domestics but doesn't look int class to me ,same goes with harshal.
  3. hrashal can be sharpish but loves bowling half volleys.140k is not quick enough for half volleys
  4. MultiB48

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    When i watched was struggling to control the swing ,bowled some wide outswingers .This is why trundlers who can control the swing succeed in county over quicker bowlers like aaron.
  5. MultiB48

    Pujara's county performance thread

    another failure
  6. MultiB48

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    A ball from aaron hit the stumps, bail went up in air and then resettled on the stumps
  7. MultiB48

    Best looking players from all teams

    off topic but some of these guys look similar woakes and wood.dekock and kishan,vohra and virat,even kane and willey with beards.
  8. MultiB48

    Indian fans' views on MS Dhoni

    That was his smart move ,held on to captaincy till early 2017 and not give it up after 2015wc meant had to hold on as wk batsman for just 1 yr.After that it will be too late to groom any one for 2019 wc .The only options will be oldies like pappu and karthik, so he gets to play.
  9. MultiB48

    I hate bowlers !!!

    His crooked fingers couldn't latch on to a simple catch of buttler else they would have won and then later was angrily signalling to the boundary rider to run all the way and take that impossible buttler catch lol .Pity no one can show old narcissist unkle the mirror.
  10. MultiB48

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    his stats this season Leicestershire bowling averages Player Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 5 10 Ct St VR Aaron 3* 4 63.0 7 260 3 2/72 2/174 86.66 4.12 126.0 0 0 0 0
  11. MultiB48

    I hate bowlers !!!

    He has a big fat ego ,any one who doesn't listen to him he will throw under the bus,one of the most negative captains a bowler can have .Ideally you want to avoid playing under him ,but if you do play t20s, just bowl slow wide balls ,just practice it in the nests and then unkle will be happy.Even rcb pace attack has done well in spite of all their troubles.
  12. MultiB48

    Ishan Kishan vs Rishabh Pant- who will make it?

    dhoni will play odis till 2019 wc ,after that only t20s till ziva gets married.
  13. MultiB48

    Prasidh Krishna is impressive

    taller and as quick as anyone ,but now there are more pacers and more competition.Has come a long way from the likes of gagandeep singh and kalyankrishna types in 2008.
  14. and how many day matches have we won or even drawn in aus .there is nothing to lose.
  15. MultiB48

    Prasidh Krishna is impressive

    All kkr pacers have struggled .Even experienced guys like mj is going at 10/over, curran 12.russ is not bowling at the death .They dont have many options.
  16. MultiB48

    Prasidh Krishna is impressive

    When you bowl a lot of back to back dot balls the batsman will then throw the bat at you ,the bowler knows this deep down and perhaps buckle under that pressure . Maybe it's better to concede a few singles and keep the batsman happy and he might not get desperate to score and the bowler ending up losing the plot.
  17. MultiB48

    Prasidh Krishna is impressive

    why ? let him fail properly before you drop him .everyone gets smashed in t20.
  18. MultiB48

    Buttler and Sodhi parody Indian fans' poor English

    yes we all use it ,but maybe we should use it only among ourselves. Foreigners find it a bit strange.
  19. MultiB48

    Rajasthan Tourism Adverts

    look at all the thumbs down on the 1st video ,looks like a fake id troll attack.is it because it is made by bjp govt.
  20. MultiB48

    Buttler and Sodhi parody Indian fans' poor English

    If you havent used it till now ,then there is no point trying it at this stage of your life.Be happy with who you are, a north indian sanskari!
  21. MultiB48

    Buttler and Sodhi parody Indian fans' poor English

    Surely you have used it once ,at least chupke chupke .Even 40 yr old virgins use it .Else you are definitely a sanskari.
  22. ppl are jealous of my aunty

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