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  1. he had his shortcoming but tell me is there anyone who bowls well when there is no help at all.
  2. played 4 different series ,pretty good every time
  3. for loi you need good new ball bowling so pace not really needed after that can bowl good cutters and yorkers and in tests if we dont want to do well in aus sa eng nz we dont really need pacers what ever we have is enough
  4. played many in sl and did well there.
  5. its just that no one really plays int cricket during april- may,maybe wi but even they have a long season and can play before or after april-may ,infact it is pcb who by arranging psl in peak season time is hurting int cricket
  6. as long as you can get wkts in int then pace ,accuracy, movement ,variations, bounce nothing matters
  7. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    nope, phenotypes can be seen but athletic or intelligence need to be achieved in order to be believed, just reading it from biology books that we are all equal isnt enough, thats how it works,most ppl in india are physically lot smaller and there is a problem when it comes to being a sportperson in india, otherwise tell me why ind never even attempted producing quicks ,even kapil was told ind dont bowl quick,it is because of the speedometer that we realized ind bowlers are similar pace to others, otherwise if umesh played in the 70s he would have been written off as a medium pacer. most kids will never openly say that they followed umesh but subconsciously they will be lot more confident of their ability to bowl quickly
  8. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    when i asked for specific name from domestic there arent many replies ,we havent even seen siraj and milind much recently...
  9. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    thats the point there arent many options you have bumrah pandya shami bhuvi ,thats it and pandya has just started bowling a couple of seasons back, kids are a lot more observant than just watching who gets hit and who takes wickets they watch actions ,bowling speeds and it also gives confidence that pace can be generated by indian bodies
  10. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    bumrah is playing, shami is injured ,pandya is also playing mohit is not bowling that well dhawal is injured,it is basically bhuvi vs umesh ,i like bhuvi and have no problem in him being in the team over umesh but hype is created as if there are many alternatives over umesh .
  11. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    thats the sad part that he failed,over that last few years it was good that he got his chances, if the quicker pacers like shami umesh aaro had succeeded it would have created a good atmosphere for pace bowling in india but having failed (except shami)i dont think we have lost anything ,we always had a negative mindset towards bowling with effort.i understand they have not done their job but i only have a problem when people dont understand why these guys were backed .
  12. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    aus has the pace culture ,if we had it i wouldn't have advocated for umesh, the proper comparison would be to back an attacking spinner for eng or aus,like warne said aus conditions dont help spinners and their captains dont back their spinners enough and keep going back to the pacers so they struggle to produce enough spinners.
  13. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    come on give me some names
  14. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    if all the other bowlers were doing great then you could have said there is no need for umesh ,other than bhuvi, shami ,bumrah ,ishant who else is there who can keep it tight or take wickets ? dhawal too had some success in odis but he too is injured, shami has been injured ,it is basically bhuvi vs umesh and umesh came in as bhuvi got hit in 2015 now bhuvi will come back.it is not like there are many options .if you dont agree tell me whom you would have picked over the last 2-3 years over umesh
  15. it used to be for test batsmen but not any more with the sr getting higher in lois but if conditions are not that easy for batting then test specialists can fit in better
  16. Shame on Cuttack

    having quality stadiums is a new phenomena in india
  17. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    i support umesh and i am aware he has failed , he was given a chance to change the culture of ind pace bowling to have quicker fitter pacers and the price paid was worth it rather than to have short term success with typical ind medium pace,which you can always go back to .
  18. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    most of the time picking wickets is a fluke,you just have to keep bowling in the right area with hostility and hope it works ,umesh has nearly 70 wkts with his inconsistent pace in tests if he had got 20 more wickets he would not have been criticized as much ,the margins are not that huge.
  19. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    i look at him like a srikkanth, may be a srt will be round the corner
  20. Why is Sri Lanka so much in awe of Aravinda De Silva ?

    he was strokeplayer with a very good defense ,infact it is his defense with a very straight bat that i remember most .never looked like getting out specially in 96-97 ,i used to feel hopeless watching him bat,probabaly the 1st guy who started picking the doosra of saqi .
  21. selection is not the only issue ,our domestic system is amateur,players dont improve there ,technique ,tactics, strength ,fitness ,mentality intensity etc are all below par,talent gets faded by these shortcomings.
  22. funny thing is he avgs almost 50 with the bat vs eng in 20 matches .the way he bats i thought it would be around 10-15 range
  23. thats what i said he has always been like that ,may be worked after getting dropped so got those triples now back to square 1,also doesnt know how to rotate the strike in odis .

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