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  1. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    it is part of our cricket culture like fielding or running between the wickets was before
  2. Ranji Trophy Thread 2015-16

    this is why they tell you to bowl in the right areas and this is pretty decent pace for ranji batters ,most ranji pacers bowl at this kind of speed may be a touch quicker,plus he also got luck ,2 wickets fell to complete slogs and one lbw pitched outside leg
  3. pace will improve ,let him bowl properly otherwise things will only go downhill
  4. U-19 World Cup 27th Jan to 14th Feb

    what a beautiful runup this guy has
  5. Yuvraj should not be in T20

    tbf got some good yorkers from watson today ,missed out on the 1st 4 balls which is always hard but no doubt he is not the same anymore
  6. http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/967461.html
  7. seems like tye overstepped on the 2nd ball of the last over which was hit for 6 ,didnt get called
  8. Mahipal Lemror -- has allrounder capabilities

    needs to keep an eye on his defence and cut out those dodgy pokes for a single
  9. U-19 World Cup 27th Jan to 14th Feb

    tyagi was 20 he want that old either
  10. U-19 World Cup 27th Jan to 14th Feb

    they will get quicker but the key is to remain injury free and understand bowling ,i remember when bhuvi made his ranji debut was bowling under 120k and tyagi too on debut was 135k and now look what has happened
  11. they will try new players after wc
  12. shama sikander

    then now video https://www.instagram.com/shamasikander/ wtf
  13. Dhoni & Jadeja cost India 3rd ODI and 4th

    it's just like what dhoni does ,when he keeps having a go at players he doesnt like here is jadeja in his 1st 10 odi in aus http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/234675.html?class=2;host=2;spanmax2=14+Feb+2015;spanval2=span;template=results;type=bowling;view=innings did dhoni ever bring this up in the press conferences ? he has his choices ,so does the fans.
  14. if a bowler bowls under 140k call it a no ball and give 20 free hits to the bating side and if a bowler bowls over 150k give 100 extra runs to the bowling side
  15. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    vilijoen short wide ,on the pads at 140-150 k
  16. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    never seen such a deep forward short leg coming into play so often
  17. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    massive movement at 140k ,
  18. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    beauty by stokes massive swing bye bye sa
  19. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    blinder from taylor
  20. England Tour of South Africa 2015/2016

    barbie on fire ,
  21. Team selection for Australia tour 2015

    just give him whatever team he wants and stop this constant moaning
  22. Dhoni and His Two Spinner Strategy

    lol now he is not quick
  23. Lack of power hitters costing India

    selectors are bunch of nobodies in front of dhoni,

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