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  1. MultiB48

    Bangladesh over taking Pakistan’s GDP per capita

    Pakistan's gdp/capita was always higher than ind ,only in this decade have we pulled away ,mostly due to pak's stupidity. Besides working with china, they should have also improved relations and trade with india and send in their unemployed youth(specially the ones from the troubled areas) to work in ind cities,much like all those guest workers from rural turkey going to germany . It will not only solve their economic problems but also have a big pak presence in our cities .Thankfully they are too stupid to pull off such stunts.
  2. MultiB48

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    easwaran is another dodgy batsman ,falls over as he plays .only good on the flick.
  3. should sue the earphone makers for not giving statutory warning Injurious to health if used during stone pelting.
  4. MultiB48

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    yadav was injured during ranji season ,played only the od.I doubt if he can hit big in the slog overs .too many bits and pieces players. Haryana batting averages Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s SD Dhull 1 1 0 72 72 72.00 113 63.71 0 1 0 6 0 SG Rohilla 5 5 0 238 96 47.60 299 79.59 0 3 0 23 1 RS Paliwal 3 3 0 103 76 34.33 117 88.03 0 1 0 7 1 HV Patel 5 5 1 108 50 27.00 119 90.75 0 1 1 5 6 J Yadav 5 5 0 133 58 26.60 141 94.32 0 2 0 12 3 Haryana bowling averages Player Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI Ave Econ SR 4 5 Ct St C Bishnoi 5 2 8.0 0 32 1 1/22 32.00 4.00 48.0 0 0 2 0 J Yadav 5 5 43.0 1 177 5 2/31 35.40 4.11 51.6 0 0 2 0
  5. sounds reasonable but aren't laws there to be broken .Slavery was legal once ,how many law giver and their commandments have come and gone.
  6. Any intelligent self respecting woman would love to have separate rules and privileges for herself .Who would want to be clubbed alongside hairy sweaty men let alone be dominated by them ,not even men.
  7. He had already done stints in 2009 and i think 2013,probably needs some extra cash this summer and has come over.I am not complaining though.
  8. MultiB48

    The Myth of Thousand Years Rule

    If money is such an uniformly great motivator, instead of wasting it on our soldiers we should pay it to invaders and enemy combatants and turn them to our side .Maybe we can just pay people off to become liberal democrats.
  9. at least showing some love for some narthies
  10. kaul too is not int class
  11. MultiB48

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    yes bharat is ordinary ,i would have even gone for wadkar
  12. should have picked chahal vs afg test ,he looks like the most impressive spinner in india atm
  13. in t20s most bowlers will buckle under pressure, the key will be to have better control than the likes of umesh ,hopefully he will be better.
  14. trust me he is bowling 140-145
  15. his slower ball is rubbish,but he needs to develop ,one even shoaib and lee had them
  16. 135 ones are errors ,looks quick to me
  17. siraj is looking in great rhythm ,must be 140+ consistently
  18. MultiB48

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

  19. Rashid is an incredible talent .Just needs to develop a topspinner to complement his googlies and legspin and he will pick many more lbws and bowled and confuse the batsmen even more . mujib too will be hard to read with all those variations ,he seems to prefer the incoming ball ie google to right hander and flicked out leg spin to left hander from round the wkt to get bowleds. ind better be prepared.wont be easy.
  20. MultiB48

    Bangladesh over taking Pakistan’s GDP per capita

    yes brother.polio as well,that's how they got obl ,sneaky stuff.
  21. I'm afraid such wisdom is lost on me.Forget experimenting ,i abhor studying or pondering .Discoveries are a fools quest for me, such a waste of time .I'm happy eating,drinking, sleeping,icfing and watching kirkut.
  22. MultiB48

    Jinnah portrait row in Aligarh Muslim University

    Imran has nothing left to offer for pakistan other than improving the economy and clearing out the corruption which i think is a bit too mundane and complex for him ,he loves the firebrand jazba, junoon stuff.He knows this deep down hence he is getting married and enjoying out the last days of his life. Pakistan as a rightwing sunni muslim entity has been long established and is well settled.If you were the only shia state in the world like iran then maybe you would have something to fight for/against but you are yet another sunni muslim state .Just get rid off all the jihadi tanzims and support the anti hindutva brigades in india and you will be on your way as long as your demography and constitution doesn't change drastically. The heart for rightwing muslim activism and politics in the subcon now lies in india, this is where you can mobilize people against hindu facism .ppl like owaisi can offer a lot more to ind muslims than imran can to pak. And i haven't quite researched it but i am sure bjp has a lot more minorities and atheists in it's ranks than the most progressive of pak parties.
  23. Maybe it's a spiritual experience for them, maybe they believe it will help them to give birth to more babies. lol at ppl trying to judge animal behavior just through science and logic .

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