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  1. like i had said earlier a lot depends of the batsmen ,if you keeping poking outside off stump and slips catch them then you wont have to worry about being so precise with your line n length .
  2. i think they should keep this bowling line up of 5 bowlers, it gives the likes of shami some breathing space ,else it will only get more difficult
  3. Can't India just use common Sense.

    dont think it was that bad but batting was quite poor , they had to show a bit more fight and better shot section
  4. Shami is clearly unfit he has a great bouncer today he could not even get one up to throat height he has been like his since the ct,may be carrying some injury who knows
  5. It's not about just bowling full or back of length.Its about setup guys like Morkel can bowl back of length and full ball will be sucker ball.Shami problem was he was down on pace he is a seam bowler he knows how to set-up batsman he needs to work on fitness . morkel and rabada are also lot taller hence hitting the splice from a fuller good length,morkel has sufferend for a long time due to his length now finally he is getting it after so many yrs Also we hardly bowled bouncers to Abdv or faf to push them back we just bowled one length. you have to bowl those short balls with the new ball else when it gets old it becomes easier but thats where you need to get it right also need confidence,in ind we always get onto the bowlers case if they bowl short making them bowl too full
  6. thats becasue sa dont poke at wide balls making the bowlers go fuller and leaking runs ,that same way pujara scored those runs at eden, very time they went for driving on the up they got out ithere remeber but they have too much confidence and dont learn , dhawan got out the same way he did in the 1st inning last tour, again went to pull the new ball
  7. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    the ignorant fool that you are you do believe in your rubbish fairly strongly eh
  8. becomes easier if opp batsmen makes it easier ,the lines of morkel and philander balls were also wide
  9. What do u expect with no preparation. thats true .with bumrah on debut and hardik too is a rookie in tests
  10. should have kept under 200 but our pacers hardly ever perform to that level,very scratchy bowling
  11. they are not ruthless enough . this match reminds me of that durban match in 96 ,wonder how it will go with their pacers
  12. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    camera is from front on of the pitch so what you think is simple 2d is the z axis ,ie the depth ,it's a distorted image created by optical illusion but it looks real to you since you have been deceived by it ,anyway keep on believing your own false ideas over science and reality.
  13. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    your spot is on a xyz axis but screen shows it on xy axis ,it is distorted
  14. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    line n length is the path of the ball which is in 3d.
  15. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    the pitch extends away from the screen ,it is not laid out along x and y axis.the ball travels along that same route so by your logic you could judge both.i thought you were a troll now i can see you are a fool.
  16. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    spots on the pitch are in 3d shown as 2d on the screen ,same as the ball. now if you cant judge the ball how are you judging the spot. line n length is the location of the ball ,the same location which is req to judge the speed, the other aspect for speed is the time which comes from ones own senses ,so if you cant judge the location of the ball for speed how do you judge it for linenlength.
  17. i think archer is miles better than any of these wi bowlers have been ,dont know if he will get to play int cricket any time soon though
  18. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    hain ,how can you judge line and length on tv without depth perception ,aspect ratios and compressions alter it as well and you are not even qualified to judge int cricketers, it simply you own opinion ,it means nothing.
  19. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    but what about optical illusions and even otherwise you are not qualified to pass such judgement
  20. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    if it is a very dry pitch then nothing should happen but thats what the locals say ,i have heard sa commentators say that may be the tide is down so it has flattened out .karachi is also close to the sea so who knows
  21. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    even karachi is slow ,i implied movement not pace
  22. Performance of Asian bowlers in South Africa

    i think karachi could be a bit like durban ,they say when the tide comes in it starts to aid the bowlers ,dont understand how

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