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  1. but this is nothing new ,we always struggle in these conditions ,i dont think much is going to change with the bat in the yrs to come
  2. if we had finished eng off at 87/7 then it wouldn't have looked this bad ,among the batsmen shaw has the hand eye coordination so might get some useful runs but you cant expect match winning knocks in these conditions even if luck goes their way from rookies ,if you manage to get it then it's a bonus .Also prithvi is slow on his feet which might cause him problems as he gets older. siraj should have been here ahead of thakur but other than i am not sure there are that many options
  3. they too have been on and off .none of their youngsters have settled down.
  4. it's their home conditions ,in our home conditions jayant yadav, karun nair performed,jadeja wins you matches
  5. would have been 6 down by now
  6. MultiB48

    Just 4 bowlers for second Test?

    it's equally bad,in sa we haven't played much
  7. MultiB48

    Just 4 bowlers for second Test?

    sa has lost only 2 series in eng since their readmission and they are always competitive , aus has struggled recently but overall they have a fantastic record in eng
  8. if he faces that many balls he will score ,problem is he doesnt last that long
  9. MultiB48

    Just 4 bowlers for second Test?

    we have won 6 matches in all in eng,how is that any good? from 2002 -07 we did well and have struggle since.
  10. much like the rest he will hardly play outside asia ,as long as he can play spin and score big in asia, he will be fine ,if he can handle sena then it's a bonus.
  11. MultiB48

    India all time lefty XI for tests

  12. didnt they pick that useless "pacer" b amit in the ranji s/f lol
  13. is anderson that good? he averages 33 vs aus and nearly 30 vs sa in english conditions and aus haven't been that great this decade and sa cricket is also going through transition because of quotas.By comparison mcgrath avg 19 vs eng in eng.
  14. MultiB48

    Just 4 bowlers for second Test?

    from the pov of the final analysis 4 or 5 doesnt really matter ,ind bowlers have always struggled in eng,you have to bowl exceptionally well to get them out.
  15. before that ind had won 1 test and lost 11 at lords
  16. MultiB48

    Ikea opens up in Hyderabad, India

    chutiye log ,doubt if they will even buy anything
  17. MultiB48

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    read in some old article where he claimed that he spun the ball
  18. MultiB48

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    i remember tyagi's 1st season as well .i think i was travelling somewhere and checked into one of those cheap hotels near the stations ,recall watching him bowl in my hotel room ,looked quite hostile in that spell.....it may have been bhuvi's debut match . How time has flown ,injury has ruined his career much like nehraji .Had he played a few more matches for ind and performed a bit more in them like nehra had done ,then he might had a chance to make a comeback post 30 ,but as things stand he has no chance .
  19. MultiB48

    ATG Test 11 Pace Bowlers

    why have you included barnes? he was a spinner
  20. Big deal .I dont understand why ppl are making such a hue and cry out of this .In the past, tours used to be quite austere but that didnt used to make any difference in the outcome .Ind has some of the worst records you can find when it comes to touring . We have never been good enough in these conditions ,nothing to do with actresses, wives or kids.Might as well take them along and enjoy your time as you will lose in any case.
  21. MultiB48

    What is the best length to bowl in Tests !

    good article ,cant think of 1 bowlers who has pitched it up and has done that well,even the 2ws used to reverse from length and used to bowl surprise yorkers,maybe in the past it worked as they didnt have helmets and hanged on to the back foot.
  22. MultiB48

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    when was the last time an ind pacer took a 10 wkt haul against a strong test nation's team ,i can only recall salvi and srinath many years back.

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