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  1. check this, i think zak is talking about kulwant
  2. How India got fast

    i remember a match when zak was 1st coming through between mumbai vs baroda ,zaheer was up against tendulkar and and i was eager to see how he bowled to sachin ,but i remember it was a guy called rakesh patel who bowled visually quite quickly to tendulkar and hurried him with many bouncers ,kind of got lost after that with injuries .
  3. opps sorry for late reply ,it was from cricbuzz
  4. Indians in County Championship 2017

    warner hits 130s in desh of bangla
  5. do you watch cpl ,watch this guy called oshane thomas of jamaica very quick ,tall and well built, was bowling high 140s ,got gayle out and 2 more wkts to earn mom in his 1st outing,only 20yrs old
  6. SN Thakur to Dickwella, no run, ripper! 148kph reads the speedgun. Short of length and gets it to lift, Dickwella goes searching for the ball and is beaten on the outside edge. It zipped past his blade and thudded into Dhoni's glove
  7. i am surprised they got so far ,got to give it to warner
  8. doubt it when tensports used to stream on yt ,they wouldnt get 72 k watching non asian teams that too tests ,yt has worldwide access
  9. handscombe gone ban should win from here
  10. was it views or watching,if it is views then quite ordinary
  11. riots used to happen every where in the world back then ,now security has tightened up ,it is down to crowds interest in the game ,once you become "logical" you wont be that interested any more ,wi used to have riots i remember a pic of kepler wessel and other aus all locked up in the dressing room as they feared being attacked ,now the grounds are empty as they dont care any more , in ind as well interest levels have gone down significantly as the crowd behavior has improved ....funny how things work
  12. ishant bowled some good bouncers to the tail and got those wkts after gavaskar on the day before called him a gully cricket pacer in commentary, ind declared a bit too late to seal the series and then bad light came in to save pak
  13. out of the last 10 tests wi have done well in 5 of them ,that incredible draw vs ind at jamaica,2 wins vs pak and 1 was almost another incredible draw and now this victory.
  14. what a chase ,wi cricket turn from here
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2017/08/28/icc-discuss-relaxing-field-swearing-rules-ben-stokes-punishment/
  16. wi arent winning this
  17. he may try but its too many now
  18. humiliating defeat coming up for aus
  19. England All-rounders

    now baristow stokes ali are all clicking as batsmen which gives them so much depth ,this wasnt the case before ,even woakes started doing well only from last year,basically this has started only over the last year or so.
  20. they always had that sys and did pretty well,check their overall record since 1995 ,win/loss ratio is right up there with ind and pak in odis and pak in tests. odi verall figures Team Span Mat Won Lost Tied NR W/L Ave RPO Inns HS LS India 1995-2017 658 349 272 5 32 1.283 34.74 5.23 648 418 54 Sri Lanka 1995-2017 614 323 260 5 26 1.242 31.03 5.06 604 443 43 Pakistan 1995-2017 580 311 255 3 11 1.219 30.78 4.98 580 385 75 Bangladesh 1995-2017 323 105 211 0 7 0.497 24.92 4.52 320 329 58 tests from 1995 Overall figures Team Span Mat Won Lost Tied Draw W/L Ave RPO Inns HS LS India 1995-2017 223 89 61 0 73 1.459 37.03 3.24 395 759 66 Sri Lanka 1995-2017 204 78 72 0 54 1.083 34.50 3.20 372 952 73 Pakistan 1995-2017 189 73 71 0 45 1.028 33.29 3.11 349 765 49 Bangladesh 2000-2017 101 9 76 0 15 0.118 24.69 3.09 198 638 62
  21. they are using the sg ball not kooka,probably the 1st time sg is used outside india.
  22. all over for aus ,will do well to get 100 in the 4th inning
  23. how was that root lbw not out
  24. plz some one upload bumrah's pitch map and check the wkt taking balls ,i cant ,keep getting error.

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