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  1. MultiB48

    Missing Dhoni bashing posts and threads !!!

    looks like a retarded hillbilly
  2. MultiB48

    All is not lost .

    it was nice batting track as far as i can remember ,but for ind every thing that is not slow and low is fast bouncy
  3. deep dasgupta ,bangar,shastri all have been there
  4. back to the 90s when prabhakar and mongia would open
  5. MultiB48

    All is not lost .

    pak plays well in londonistan as it is now part of pak
  6. poor fellow being persecuted by modern day witch hunters
  7. it's not easy but you can still get 250-300 runs like india did at lords and in the 1st ining here and who knows if you get going you might even get 350,no one is asking for 500,but they need to stand up and be counted .
  8. There was'nt much movement on the 1st day compared to when the clouds came on .Dk got out in the 1st over .Pandya ball didnt move that much you can see it here for yourself ,stokes ball to kohli didnt move that's why it just went along with the angle
  9. MultiB48

    Shubman Gill- time to step up, your country needs you

    We werent that great back then ether.In 96 we had rathour, jadeja opening the inning and then mongia got pushed up to open .Dravid was an exception and ganguly was very good with his square drives which helped his cause ,most batsmen go for cover drive and edge the ball when it's swinging.
  10. yeah he looked good ,sipamla played in the u19s with mulder who is now playing for sa.
  11. MultiB48

    Team for test 2

    just hope the sun shines brightly when ind is batting and clouds come on when eng comes in
  12. pitch has flattened out for sure ,if this was like a sa pitch they wouldnt be scoring this much .malusi siboto is such an ordinary bowler ,another a quota pick.
  13. MultiB48

    England will come harder at us

    I fear it will only get worse for us. Luckily that ball from stokes that hit kohli on his forearm missed the bony part and hence didn't break his arm unlike babar's ,else imagine the horror .
  14. Pitch wasnt that bad ,it was all due to low clouds and humidity and sweating of the pitch,there was hardly any movement once the sun came out on the 4th day except for the 1st over. And i am not sure that you need a high quality opposition either ,these ind batsmen will struggle big time even in county cricket,ppl like pujara have been bottom of the pile for both notts and york ,almost every county batsman has scored more than him and here he is eligible for ind.I wont be surprised if others meet the same fate as well if they try their hand .
  15. MultiB48

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    yup bring him in
  16. pick him quick before he picks up an injury or loses form,or is mumbai lobby more imp
  17. MultiB48

    Whom to blame?

    luck ,i know some will scoff but you need a bit more luck in these situations ,we could have easily lost by 150 runs if they had taken kohli and pandya in the 1st inning.
  18. What were you expecting him to do ? where he has missed out is batting better on flat pitches in odis and t20s .Batting in tests that too outside asia is beyond the ability of any ind keeper,but still he has managed to get some runs in these conditions in his prev outings. As for keeping ,with the ball wobbling around (and this happens more at lords), he better watch out .He would be hoping if he misses one ,it wont be off the edge .
  19. clearly talking about the bowling,we never had the initiative with the bat
  20. MultiB48

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    He isnt test quality, specially in these conditions nor does he have the patience and shouldnt be any where near a test team but why are rahane, pujara, rahul all hiding in the middle order ,they all started their career as openers.It's like in the 90s-00 when the wk or some debutant would be sent up to open and the rest would hide in the middle order.
  21. MultiB48

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    He isnt much worse than others ,if he is standing in the slips then it means others are even worse and almost all ind openers have struggled outside asia .
  22. MultiB48

    ONE innings.

    expected from this batting lineup ,i am actually impressed that virat played this well
  23. MultiB48

    The sun is out

    pitch has flattened out ,if they had somehow survived yesterday could have won it today
  24. MultiB48

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    People compare 10-15 yrs of the past to a mere 4-5 years of the modern era ,if we take a 10 years range we could fit in murli in the modern era .A more apt comparison would be to check who were the top bowlers in the world when sachin was let's say 29 or may be 19 and then compare them to the current generation of bowlers.

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