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  1. Johnson came into the fray  when he bowled a searching spell against sachin and even got him out with a sharp indipper ,sachin used to get trapped on that ball back then.

    In that durban match, he broke his hand trying to defend a ball and never played again.He was certainly quicker than the likes of prasad but since he was so short, the ball used to skid on to the bat ,he was also quite erratic .

    Back then, though most of our pacers used to abysmally slow but they were quite tall .The likes of mohanty, srinath, prasad,ganesh, ankola, kuruvilla,mhambrey would dwarf most modern indian pacers .

  2. 11 hours ago, surajmal said:

    RoPers are caught in a bind regarding when to show their cards. If they do it too soon, BJP gets electoral gains. If they leave it too late (i.e. several years down the line), Indian economy will be too strong and GOI can start dealing with them like how China handles its RoPer population. 

    If their average IQ wasn't in low double digits, they would let RoLers take the lead in handling the idolaters while they keep working in the rural areas, increasing its membership size allowing it to encroach land very easily and freely. Alas, they can't help themselves and need limelight as much as the other death cult. 


    Yes.Just searching for the prefect balance .On one hand having to vote for secular parties to keep out bjp/rss etc and on other hand wanting sharia for at least their personal affairs .

  3. 2 hours ago, rkt.india said:

    Siraj bowled quick, but at times, he bowled quick. As I say does not matter whether you bowl in England or Aus, you need to bowl good length and any fuller than that, you will be taken for runs.

    man i just love your passion for fast bowling ,following all these bowlers and keeping track of their bowling 

  4. 5 hours ago, Stradlater said:

    I suppose with that logic you should have no problems accepting awards of caste based Khap panchayats as well since thats how the members of a certain castes choose to resolve their issues?


    It's Republic of India and not some medieval kingdom where communities are given personal autonomy to deal with their issues so long as they don't intervene in state's affairs. In a democratic society rule of law should prevail. With such courts getting more acceptance it would mean life becoming much harder for Muslim Women who are already way behind in many of the social indicators. It's a step backward in every sense imaginable.


    And numerical superiority doesn't give Muslim clerics any right to arm twist laws as they want. Where do one draw the line anyway? Next they would want something even more outrageous, what then? This madness needs to be stopped right now and with a chewtia govt at the helm I don't see any hope for the future.

    Sharia councils are available  in western countries ,people like to marry in sharia courts so that divorces may be easier to obtain,they are much more male friendly compared to civil courts and hence quite popular.  

  5. 5 hours ago, rageaddict said:

    As long as both parties are Muslim, I don't care. How Muslims choose to solve their personal issues is not our business. Only in an event of a dispute arising between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim, Indian law takes precedence. 


    It's inevitable anyway, as Muslim numbers rise in India they will strive for more autonomy. I won't be surprised if in the future, Muslim  majority areas in India will be under the jurisprudence of Nigerian Style Islamic Laws .


    India is no Western Nation with only a  handful of Muslim immigrants who can be forced to follow Secular and uniform laws in all aspects, it's a big number of indigenous Muslims that we are dealing with here who can demand and get their demands met. 

    Yes, but many "hindu" indians  have white man's burden syndrome hence many are liberal humanists .You can see what that has done to the west and it's dominance .

    No point trying to explain to fools,these are only short term issues ,with changes in demography ,we will have much more to worry than sharia councils and their personal laws.

  6. 10 hours ago, vvvslaxman said:

    He was bowling to Jason Roy, Hales, Bairstow, Stokes, Morgan, Butler not some club level cricketers. That is as destructive batting as you get. On a patta with small boundaries going for 40 is a norm when you open with new ball. 

    i meant i am kind of ok with him getting smashed ,t20 is brutal for bowlers.

  7. he will get smashed like everybody else ,these days you have to be a high quality bowler to have any impact, should look to be skiddy and accurate and hold his nerve under pressure like hassan ali.

  8. 9 hours ago, surajmal said:

    Numbers of tribes following some form of animism is too small to make much of a dent in the end. **** is really going to hit the fan in couple of decades when Bangladesh's coastline is getting flooded and all those ROPers make their way upward in the biggest migration in human history.  North East is a goner, no matter what. Interesting thing to speculate on is what sort of response the hindi belt going to have to the civil war between the two death cults.  

    Even without flooding it's just a matter of time that they will open up the borders ,where do you think all these bus services and cultural exchanges will lead to?

  9. 37 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    any timeline when did it happen?

    They didnt know how to keep calenders back then ,hastinapur exists and various locations and tribes mentioned are accepted by scholars .If it's down to records then nothing will exist outside properly dated history , your memories and experiences should be overlooked as dodgy anecdotes as you haven't documented them properly.Give it enough time and our existence too will be doubted in spite of all the technology we use to record our existence.

  10. India's avg iq is quite low , cant expect much from cultures with such low iqs ,couple that with lack of resources and you get some of the worst living condition on the planet ,even many subsaharan countries are better off.It's just too much to expect that one can maintain modern civic standards  when you are down to hoarding/ stealing and selling electric posts ,man hole covers and municipal taps for a living .


    May be it's not all that bad , indians  have quite low carbon footprint compared to cleaner and more developed  cultures and some would say it's better to be unclean than have a higher carbon footprint. 


    5 hours ago, Texy said:

    And let's not talk about hygiene. Indians in foreign country...showing off their $80,000 BMWs, 5 bd mansions yet do not put on deodorant, not self aware of their own body odor. Nurses in my own hospital from Kerala making $100,000 a yr do not use any personal care products...how is that possible? 


    Dont know whether you are going off on a hyperbole or not  in order to highlight the problem but kind of agree with you ,though got to say deodorants were quite common in our hostel ,every where you looked some used deo can was lying around.


    I think one of the reasons could be that we dont date as much .In order to get married or find a partner, as a guy ,you just need to be a decent fellow and study get a good job n salary and your family will arrange something.Working out and grooming etc becomes part of the culture when you need to attract partners .One of my bosses earns close to  a million and has some of the worst teeth you can find and tops it off with one of those lazy moustaches ,good luck to his wife.

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