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  1. Heard it's 49 cm rainfall Really saved by the storm
  2. Most hyped up release ever in Indian film industry .Baahubali 2 releasing on April 28th - This Friday . Trailer Will release in 4 Indian languages - Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi . Also biggest ever release for an Indian film ever with more than 6500 screens . Deserves its own thread So the most important Q? Have u booked the ticket yet ? #whokilledkattappa
  3. Can't trust bedvas. Might be lorry set up to fake rain and escape the wrath of bowling power house . #Sub50specialists
  4. Think Wood coming back from injury could potentially be the surprise package with the ball and add an extra dimension to the attack. What pace does he bowl? Is he 140k or 150k like Cummins .I am seeing lot of hype around his selection .But seems too much to put on a guy returning from long term injury layoff.
  5. Choudary who js representing BCCI at the ICC meet currently is basically the right hand man of Srini.
  6. We will submit only after the 27th acc to media.
  7. Should have banned him for three tests Would have been great service to the country.
  8. More than ICC , it's Manohar that seem to be the biggest target of BCCI's anger.
  9. Btw this will go down epically with Gambhir :cantstop:
  10. Damn looks like BCCI is ready for a full fledged fight and going full throttle.
  11. That was a joke
  12. We will jsut retain him.Where is the question of him going to auction lol
  13. @lord is gonna be angry very angry
  14. Huh? There's no Delhi or Punjab in there.
  15. Ved Vyas is Lalit Modi .Thief (and crook) but gave us this great epic carnivas.Just in the reverse order. Ganguly is Dridrashtra .Even kicked out by his home team(Sharuk Khan u legend , humiliated and unsold in auction and practically worthless in IPL.Not even any team bothers with him Just like Dirdrashtra was a pointless exsistence throughout the Kurukshetra