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  1. Yuvi will bat at 4 Dhoni will bat 5 Jadhav will bat 6
  2. You are missing the point though.Regardless of how much excited state a player /captain ,he has to make the decisions .There is no other option . All a coach can do once players cross the field in cricket is just sit and watch .Nothing else unlike say football where coach can continue to direct players all the time . That's why Captains are significant in cricket .
  3. What exact tactics do captains involve in on field in NFL ? I have no idea because I don't watch them neither am I interested.I am assuming not much because of the earlier post which said the captain post there is ceremonial. What I do know is cricket is a sport where on field tactics play a huge rule in deciding winners.For starters captain have to set field every over at the least.
  4. No offense but obvious u are confusing athletic games like NFL with cricket. Cricket is a game of strategy and tactics .Here the captain has make decision every over ball and every over .No coach can make these decisions in cricket. It's not radical view just confusing two completely different sports .
  5. It depends on your viewpoint I suppose. The commentary show of RJ Balaji was the most enjoyable I can remember in a long time.Proper fun. It kinda reminded of the Radio Mirchi show they used to do 9-10 years back during IPL which was a huge hit back then.
  6. The teams are selected in the ICF draft thread. Not sure how one can make teams anonymous in such case . Anyone could simply hop into the draft thread and check who owns which team.
  7. Yes @beetleji vote for the one and only captain Warner

  9. Yes ex cricketers like Sadagoppan Ramesh , Srikanth , Badani and also Radio Jockey Balaji . Much better than putting up with Manjeraker and Akthar Ali khan lol
  10. Nah it will be success.Just like the Hindi version. Hardly 20-30% people understand English fluently in India.These regional sports channels and commentaries are long overdue . Already star has been doing Tamil commentary on cricket and ISL matches in its regional channel (Vijay super) for sometime.Has been a big success hence they have now launced a new dedicated channel.
  11. TNPL will be telecast on both star sports 1 and SS Tamil. So that shouldn't be an issue.
  12. IPL is a T20 tournament.Not many will show consistent form . Not the best option looking at it for form . Kohli and Yuvi have always shown they can turn it up for India regardless of their IPL form. All of Kohli Dhoni Yuvi and Jadhav had scored 100s in their last odi series. Dhawan if not mistaken even showed pretty decent form during IPL. As for Rohit ,he just needs to spend some time in the middle.Coming back of an injury and all.Never will have gotten in IPL.
  13. Karthick batting was so predictable and so disappointing
  14. BCCI officials don't decide .The committee of Sachin Ganguly and VVS decide .