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  1. Ishant Sharma replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar in 2nd test

    Do you see South Africa dropping Philander for this test ?
  2. Ishant Sharma replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar in 2nd test

    Dropping Bhuvi not just weakens our bowling but our batting as well. If Kohli really wanted Ishant for his extra bounce then should have picked him ahead of Bumrah.Bhuvi is too valuable with his new ball bowling.
  3. Ishant Sharma replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar in 2nd test

    Dropping our best bowler :lmao
  4. Mark my words - India will still win the series

    Australia were simply the better team then because Johnson was pretty much unplayable.Thats nothing to do with chocking.
  5. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    No it doesn't unless Pandya can average like a top 6 batsman
  6. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Yep. After his new found logic about left - right combo, won't be surprised if Vijay is dropped for Rahul
  7. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    If people read the TOI article not just the headline , it says Rahul may come in for Vijay or Dhawan bit Kohli and Shastri will decide on match day.
  8. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    The crux of the article is pretty much spot on . We can't play both Saha and Pandya in the team unless one of them is good enough to bat at 6 regularly . Otherwise we have to drop Pandya or Saha because a tail starting at 7 will not win test matches overseas. And considering finding a WK who can bat is easier than a seam all rounder like like Pandya . Is Parthiv the solution ? No . But just being a very good keeper isn't good enough to be in the team .This is why we should have tried Pant in the England series but we *ed up . Shah isn't going to be dropped in SA series.But regardless of how good his glove work is , he needs to score.decent runs at no.6 .If not we need to do a keeper who does that . Even if he is the greatest keeper ever , it's no use if we can't win matches.And we need our no.6 and 7 to score runs if we wanna win overseas particularly with our batting Line up.
  9. Should India try to go after Philander

    Sehwag never had the technique to do that in these conditions. His record in SA is horrific.Only redeeming feature was his debut hundred.
  10. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    And do you believe that though ? I mean do you really think our management thinks a left handed is more important than having an opener who is competent and can score runs .
  11. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    As I mentioned in my edited comment ofcourse Pujara isn't undroppable overseas. But you can't drop Pujara when we have players like Dhawan's nd Rohit batting like tailenders in the XI. First should replace them before we start looking to replace Pujara . And why should Rahul replace Pujara instead of Dhawan.Why should left right combo be more important than scoring runs ? Thats where your whole argument is ridiculous.
  12. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    So you are saying Kohli thinks scoring 11(15) balls is better than scoring 40(80) balls in testing conditions. That would mean Kohli is either a stupid or that he puts off field relations over on field on field performance.I don't think Kohli is a stupid . Edit. It isn't that Pujara is undroppable overseas .But we can't drop him from the team when we have hopeless tailenders like Rohit and Dhawan in the xi.
  13. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    So much sense in there from Sashi Tharoor
  14. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Regardless of the whataboutism you are trying , averaging 38 in South Africa is far superior than averaging 11. You don't drop a batsman who averages 38 for a batsman who averages 11 unless onfield performances aren't the criteria anymore.
  15. Should India try to go after Philander

    To go after Philander you need 1) Technical ability and know where your off stump is and 2) Wide range of shots. None of our batsmen have both .So them going after Philander will only lead to their down.We don't have Sachin or Laxman in this team anymore for that.
  16. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    From your OP
  17. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    Well atleast our boys have 2 more days rest after the test finishes in 3 days. Shastriji will be extremely pleased with extra day offs.
  18. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Pujara averages 38 in SA Dhawan averages 18 in SA And Rohit Sharma averages a mighty 11 in South Africa. Zaheer Khan has a better average than Rohit in South Africa and all he would do is swing hopelessly. This is even beyond blind fanboyism.
  19. Biggest letdown by our heroes in recent memory...

    Yuvraj struggled awfully in the final in 2014 and admittedly hurt our chances. But how the heck is a betrayal? Azhar fixing matches is betrayal. Calling poor performaces betrayal is just stupid.
  20. Virat Kohli Press Conference after 1st Test

    Karan Johar will be an improvement on our current coach.
  21. Not just that Kohli hasn't played same team twice in a row but has also never played same team twice ever again. Ridiculously inconsistent team selections that.Gotta be some record that. Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/Cricket/comments/7on2av/the_33_teams_of_kohli/
  22. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Yes Latham is their keeper in ODIs.
  23. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Latham doesn't keep wickets for Newzealand. Even when BJ Watling got injured against WIndies , it was Tom Blundell who kept wickets.
  24. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Do people even realize Newzealand wicket keeper in tests is Watling and he is a very good batsman . And he averages 35 in South Africa before anyone comes up with the nonsense he is a rubbish batsman
  25. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Still the biggest stupidity is playing Parthiv Patel when Saha got injured against England. Should have tried Pant and would have known how capable he was. It was one of the most brain dead decisions of recent times.

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