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  1. It was constructed against environmental rules. So courts ordered them to shut down . http://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-series/cricket-news/71443/supreme-court-orders-tnca-to-demolish-three-chepauk-stands
  2. Atleast scrap to 200 ffs Or could get embarrassing.
  3. Why are we blaming Rohit for Slow starts ?

  4. Aussies have Faulkner at 8 and Cummins at no.9 They will go hmmer and ring even if they are chasing 300+
  5. Jadhav and Dhoni need to bat atleast till the 40th over.
  6. Aussies are without Starc and Hazlewood . Imagine the carnage if both were playing lol
  7. Rohit also goes to a stupid shot
  8. All 3 got out playing well away from the body when the ball is moving and conditions are slightly overcast Sums up the techniques .How hard is it to just see of Cummins and Cattermole for couple more overs and cash in on the rest.Such stupid batting.
  9. Rohit has been reliable in ODIs for a long time though.Ever since he started opening TBH.
  10. Kohli catch was dropped in CT final does it change anything ?Most of our lot just struggles badly when conditions are slightly hard. Point it Rohit always survives and scores.Rohit is better than Kohli as well the rest when the conditions are tough.He has repeatedly shown shown that and it's not based on this single match were his catch was dropped. He sees off the new ball more often than not even in tough batting conditions. Just look at the way Rohit shielded Dhawan in the opening match of CT when Amir was on.Stats won't show but that period won us the match.
  11. I see already hoping India loses the match so that you can moan about players. Nice going
  12. Yes not surprised either.Dont bother though.
  13. Conditions are overcast
  14. Like the rest of the team saved ,oh wait :lmao:
  15. Most of the times Rohit shows up when the conditions are tough.And he does it regularly . We regularly see how awful our top order is (including Dhawan) when the conditions are tough.Rahane is useless in ODIs in this regard.Kohli technical issues catches up with him one way or another when exposed early. Almost always Rohit shines through in these conditions in ODIs .The WI true series , the CT , the recent Lanka pitches , and plenty more matches . Yet he is simply criticized because he sees of the new ball.Despite our top order regularly demonstrating how much they struggle when exposed early. Rohit is India's best batsman by miles when conditions are tough
  16. Our top order is simply awful when the conditions become slightly tough. And apparently this team doesn't need a WK keeper batsman who averages 90 because we have too many accumulators :lmao:
  17. If the 3 failures in the series ensures Rahane out of odi set up forever , Dhawan is a legend .
  18. Rahane and Dhawan is bearable as atleast Dhawan will attack. But Rahane and Rohit is such a terrible combi.Complete waste of powerplay
  19. Vyapam whistleblower sees scam in NEET

    Anand Rai, the whistleblower in the Madhya Pradesh medical admissions scamor Vyapam scam, is to move the Delhi High Court for a CBI probe into alleged use of fraudulent means by candidates in the National Eligibility-Cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for post-graduate medical courses held in November last year. Drawing a comparison with the Vyapam scam, which is being probed by the CBI, Dr. Rai said he had identified six centres — located in Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar and Ranchi —where, he alleged, candidates had used fraudulent means. Share-in software was used to leak the paper,” he said, stating that the police had in the past six months investigated only two centres in Noida and Chandigarh. Police charge sheet The allegations are currently being investigation by the Delhi Police Crime Branch, which recently filed a charge sheet in the case involving Prometric Testing Pvt Ltd, which was hired by the National Board of Examinations to conduct the test online. About one lakh candidates had appeared in the examination. Dr. Rai said no action was taken against those involved in destruction of evidence. “This investigation is a mockery. The truth is that these candidates were allowed to take admission and now they are serving in important hospitals across the country. I have, therefore, decided to approach the Delhi High Court for a CBI inquiry,” he said http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/vyapam-whistleblower-sees-scam-in-neet/article19391660.ece
  20. Poor selections happen.When you are arguably India's greatest performer in big tournaments , exceptions tend to be made. He had a good England series and selected based on that.It turned out to be wrong. If I remember correctly ,you suggested Rohit should be dropped based on IPL form.Yet he was our second best bat in the tournament. So IPL stats are just one of the metrics not the sole metric to judge a player.
  21. Yes it does.I said middle order starts at 2 down.Which is no.4 batsman. So where is the redefining? That isn't what I asked.O asked how do you judge the ability of a top/middle order batsman to construct an innings and score hundred based on IPL stats . As for the bolded part, Really? Paul Valthathy , Sourab Tiwary, Asnodkar and plenty more are proof to the contrary . Are they all gonna be treated as outliners as well? It maybe hard for you to believe but yes IPL stats aren't the sole metrics for Indian cricket.There are plenty more cricket India play and lot more other metrics which determine how a player will/should be choosen depending the the position he is playing. The fact that you are propping for Gambhir selection sums it up.Almost everyone here , Indian management and heck Gambhir himself disagrees with your assessment of that but you are somehow correct ? This is from Gambhir himself before CT selection
  22. No ,Yuvi sucked in International and domestic cricket including IPL.Hence his struggles are understandable. Not just because he struggled in IPL.Yuvraj averaged 20 in the Vijay Hazare trophy So no one doesn't need to look at his stats in IPL to see his form. We have 50 overs cricket to judge his metrics perfectly.
  23. The whole debate here was about odi selection based on IPL stats from your self.So I thought it was self explanatory. Eitherway I should repeat again I suppose.How do you judge the ability of a middle order bat to construct an innings in odi cricket based on IPL stats. If you have a different definition for middle or then explain how do you determine the ability of a top order batsman to construct hundreds in odi cricket based on IPL stats . . P.S Universally no.4 is consider middle order in cricket.Can check statsguru to confirm .
  24. Lol Dhawan sucked in 2015/2014 IPL and was the best player for India in 2015 world cup for India .Please explain that too There is no correlation here.Dhawan has been excellent for India in ODIs before and after IPL.whether he has poor IPL or not. If you know Indian cricket, then should know Dhawan sucks in T20s too for India . IPL form has zero impact for players like Dhawan and Yuvi.
  25. So teams should only accelerate once they lose 2 wickets based on your logic ? A middle order batsmen comes in at 2 down not 5 down. Middle order is supposed to build innings and then accelerate towards the end .Have u seen Aravinda De Silva or De Villiers bat and construct innings . The one you are referring to is a finisher.

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