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  1. Once again to repeat this is not about making changes in every test. But that same XI players have never featured under Kohli in another test again.Not just in consecutive tests but the same lineup has never played for India again.
  2. You still are missing the point.Its not about playing the XI in two tests in a row. Just click the link in OP if you can't understand still. It's not about making changes in every test he has captained .But that same XI players have never featured under Kohli in another test again.Not in consecutive tests but the same lineup has never played for India again.
  3. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    If we aren't gonna keep hold of catches at slips, we have zero chance of winning any tests overseas let alone series wins. So what's the point though ? We need to improve the slip catching as well as find a competent no.6 . They shouldn't be mutually exclusive.
  4. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Averaging 55 in Newzealand and nearly 40 in England is pretty great for a subcontinent wicket keeper.
  5. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Saha maybe the greatest keeper ever to play cricket , but we aren't winning a test series in SA/Eng/Aus/NZL with him at @ 8 and Ashwin batting at 6. Either Saha has to improve his batting to reasonable levels to bat at 6 or we need to find spinning all rounder who can at 6 . Pandya is a great find for us but that is completely neutralized by a wkt keeper who is batting at 8. This is why when Saha was injured we should have tried Rishabh Pant instead of Parthiv Patel.
  6. Who are the different youngsters who got chance to debut under Kohli at home ? The only one was Karun Nair and Pandya .The others were like recalling Gambhir , Parthiv , Dhawan , Mishra none of them is about giving chances with future on mind.
  7. It isn't that he changed openers before.This isn't about same XI not selected in consecutive tests. But the same XI players have never played another test for India under Kohli. This doesn't happen because you chop and change openers .
  8. Can anyone seriously justify Dhawan's place in the team ahead of Rahul? Rahul was our best batsman in the Aus series against Cummins Starc Hazlewood and Lyon.The same series where Kohli couldn't put bat to ball.Rahul was best batsman and saved us from a series loss. Scored 6 fifties in his last 7 tests .Just had one bad test and is dropped for Dhawan.The same *ing Dhawan who averages 18 in Eng/SA/Aus. The whole selection is a farcical joke.
  9. Yeah every one in our team can bat apart from our batsmen
  10. Only 3 batsmen in Indian cricket team

    We are already into tail.
  11. Collapse on :lmao This is what happens when you pick friends instead of deserving players.
  12. Awful awful shot from Vijay. Practically gifted them the wkt.
  13. SA commentators are worst biased bunch in international cricket. Even ours and Aussies are much more bearable.
  14. Pitch looks pretty flat now. Should be at its best tomorrow as well.Need to cash in big time.
  15. Would be great morale booster if these two can see out the day.
  16. How costly will that drop by Dhawan prove?

    Dhawan better make up for it with his batting.
  17. Rajnikanth forms his own Political Party

    Sums it up really
  18. Football season back Keep this thread for discussion about all this football( Transfers / Matches / Fantasy league ) this season. Premier League starts on this weekend (August 12). Bundesliga and Laliga starts on next week Friday ,18th August .Seria A on 19th . Link for broadcasters in Indian TV: Event Broadcaster(s) UEFA Champions League Sony Pictures Sports Network UEFA Europa League Sony Pictures Sports Network UEFA Super Cup Sony Pictures Sports Network UEFA European Championship NA UEFA European Qualifiers Sony Pictures Sports Network La Liga Sony Pictures Sports Network Premier League Star Sports Network Bundesliga Star Sports Network DFL-Supercup Star Sports Network Serie A Sony Pictures Sports Network Ligue 1 Sony Pictures Sports Network And if you wanna join Icf PLfantasy league Code to join ICF Fantasy PL 969266-720361
  19. Why is everyone blaming this on Kohli lol It's because the broadcaster demanded it .Nothing to do with Kohli. BCCI is phasing out test cricket slowly because there isn't much interest and hence broadcasters don't want it.And they are not the only board doing it either.
  20. India opt out of warm-up game ahead of SA Tests

    I hope Uncle Shastri was sober when he made this call.
  21. Ridiculous ODI pitch

    Pitch was good. Problem was due to the early 11.30 there was more moisture than expected.We just needed to bat out first 15 overs patiently and then middle order could have cashed in.Problem all our bats bar Dhoni looked clueless. Remember a similar wicket in Pakistan in 2006 tour when Sachin and Dravid knuckled down saw of the new ball for 15-20 overs without scoring much.The Dhoni and Yuvi came in fully cashed in.
  22. India lowest odi score 54 against the same opposition. Well on the way to break that record.
  23. Has the Declaration come little too late?

    AWhat cost us was not playing 5 bowlers not late declaration.
  24. Dhoni , MS Dhoni returns to CSK !!!

    Yes Dhoni is back with us. Now retain Raina Bravo Jadeja and Faf ,it will be perfect. Shame couldn't retain Stokes but Bravo needs to be retained at all costs.

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