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  1. In his 3rd tour of England.As I said Kohli has the chance to correct that in his second tour. Also it's don't think it's true that Smith scored in similar pitches to what Kohli did in SA .Smith scored on flat wickets and got out cheap in swing conditions.Very unlike Kohli in this series who fought out the conditions. Kohli completely stood out in one of the toughest pitches in recent times.Only centurion in the entire series amount both team to sum it. Fair enough. There is difference between not better than Smith and miles behind Smith.Maybe before this series , but Kohli has considerably closed the gap in tests.Thats all I am saying.
  2. BCCI to shift HQ to Bengaluru(New Plot of 40 Acres bought)

    Nice. Particularly the state of the art NCA facility
  3. Actually Smith struggled in the green wickets in England.But scored on a flat road in the final test (which was a a dead rubber ) and boasted his stats.We can not pick on every player past or present. I was just as critical of Kohli before the SA series.But don't know how anyone can be critical of his batting after the series he had .He is getting pretty close to Smith as a test batsman .Just need to correct his anomaly in England this summer.
  4. Countdown to MSD’s 10000 Odi runs

    Yeah it's kinda pointless , will be turned into another ranting thread by usual suspects.
  5. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    So who are the alternatives to Pandya? We don't have any big hitters who can bat at 7 and bowl as 3rd seamer.So have to be patient with Pandya and hope he becomes consistent atleast until a better alternative emerges.
  6. Kedar Jadhav picked over Manish Pandey and Shreyas Iyer?

    He scored a match winning 67 against Aussies 3 knocks back
  7. What assumption ? It's you who sadmitted you don't watch Ranji trophy ,haven't watched Karthick in matches and want his selection for test team based on IPL performances.Atleast remember and be consistent in the nonsense you spout.
  8. Kedar Jadhav picked over Manish Pandey and Shreyas Iyer?

    Pandey's scores since his Sydney knock 17, 19, 28, 12 ,0 , 50,36,03,36,33,11,2 Jadhav scores in the same period. 10,41,0 ,39, 122,20, 90, 25,13,40,10,1,0,63, 40,24,2, 67,5,12,18 Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  9. Kedar Jadhav picked over Manish Pandey and Shreyas Iyer?

    Jadhav is a big hitter .Manish Pandey isn't.With our top 5 , we need a bigger hitter down the order. Also Pandeyhas been plenty of chances since that 100 in Sydney.Done nothing.Jadhav may have nothing outside India (because he has not had much chance ) but Pandey has nothing in his ODI career apart from that 100 in Sydney.You just can't live off that Hundred forever.
  10. Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    Luckily this is jumping on the hype train than kickstarting the engine by Maniac standards. So Gill be safe
  11. Do you even know Karthik was picked into the Indian team based in his Vijay Hazare form last season ? This thread I opened even before he played IPL started last season .But no he hasn't improved neither his technique or mental ability.So he doesn't deserve any more chances and it's a waste of time. Just because your knowledge of Indian cricket and players is poor doesn't make others logic poor. You actually admitted you wanted Karthick back in the Indian test team ahead of Saha based on IPL without ever watching him Ranji.That sums up your cricketing knowledge and logic in anything.
  12. Actually nonsense is you thinking D Karthik performing in IPL makes him a great test player . And no bench strength can be tested at best after winning the series.Not in the middle of the series in a country where we have never won an odi series. And no Kuldeep and Chahal performed enough in IPL to show they were ready to replace Ashwin.
  13. I was making that prediction even before the series started .Our bowling is just too superior to SA to handle.
  14. Probably for not picking Ishant at IPL auctions
  15. 5.5 ? Shaw Gill Avishek Ankul Nagarkoti Shiva Mavi all had very good tournaments so far.
  16. Need to bounce out their tail enders . Chin music u fkers
  17. And drop your first choice spinner just after a single game ? In a short tournament like this ,having rthym and continuity is paramount. Shiva is just bowling a match winning spell on a flat wkt in the final anyway.Dravid is fully justified to back him
  18. Aussie bowlers don't have the pace of Pakistan. In the opening game all their Pacers were bowling around 125k pace .Bouncers not gonna have much effect at that pace .
  19. Where would you play either though ? Shiva has been excellent throughout the tournament so space for another spinner.
  20. Er what? They need nearly 10 an over to get 300 from here.Zero chance they get that regardless of how long Merlot stays.
  21. Jonathan Merlo- Future Star

    Like Matt Renshaw and Ben Duckett :lmao:
  22. Pitch looks a road.250 should be chasable. Hope we can keep them to around 230.
  23. We have given 12-15 runs through poor fielding and misfielding today. In a world cup final like this , could easily be the difference.
  24. Fck that nonsense .We need to hammer SA as much as possible.6-0 will be huge for our world cup hopes. We have IPL for these bench players to show their abilities anyway.
  25. Should place a slightly deep leg slip for Merlot to counter him from sweeping.

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