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  1. This gets better and better.Apparently if you have a TVS 50 ,they are upper class according to Govt Oh and now Indian citizens shouldn't complain as long they aren't starving . http://www.news18.com/news/india/union-tourism-minister-kj-alphons-justifies-petrol-price-hike-claims-its-helping-the-poor-1519685.html
  2. Is this a political move or a justified one...please suggest

    Thankfully our Rightwing (or in most countries for that matter) isnt as retarded as US politics to defend carrying guns (or weapons) as fundamental right.
  3. Thats not a narrow way of thinking.That is called reasoning and logical way of thinking. Calling petrol subsided when it is sold twice the production price isn't subizidied more like looting the middle class . Proof ? Have a read. http://www.financialexpress.com/economy/taxes-exceed-actual-cost-of-petrol/163469/ This is two years back when Dollar rate was 68 and crude oil prices were high btw. Now can you provide any factual date where any projection says it could hit RS.200 per litre anytime soon ? The most ridiculous argument is alwys bringing this logic of reducing the sale carbon fuel cars . It just is a lack of understanding of Indian society.Thats purely an argument based on American / European system. India is a country of two wheelers not cars.Anyone who can afford a car in India can easily afford this price rise.If u can afford 7 lakhs to buy a car or pay 30k EMI can easily afford 7 rs in price rise.Its the two wheelers and those who use public transport who gets affected more.And those purchasing cars at worst will move towards buying diesel cars ? Guess what ,it's even worse for environment. Populist pandering ? We are paying twice the rate and it's now called subsidized and populist pandering.Repeating a fallacy argument twice doesn't make it true. We had USD depreciating nearly 4 RS against INR in last year alone, Have had a rupee based mechanism with Iran for nearly 5 years ,had oil prices bottoming out yet not once was Petrol price significantly reduced to reflect market reality.But ofcourse now roll out the excuse oil price might rise again in future so we need to increase the price .
  4. Explain me this and this has nothing to do with Dhoni. How do you judge the ability of a middle order batsman to construct century based on IPL stats .
  5. Yep ,its very populist not to sell a petrol at 80 which costs 36 rupees to produce. From being providing subsidy is being defined as populism to now not selling at exorbitant prices is now called populism . Great to see we are now at a stage where we are even redefining the word populism to suit the agendas.
  6. Ther was a ban in the first place ? WTF? And at a guess , Tunisian men never had such restriction.
  7. Jimikki Kammal [ Viral Hit]

    The original song The tune is really catchy.
  8. Is this a political move or a justified one...please suggest

    Justified move and very sensible one. Good for the society. Why do any religious person need to carry swords to show of his religious passion in public ? There is simply no need for that. What next if some sect in Hindus start saying carrying guns in public is a way of showing there passion? These are civilized society and stuff like this should be curbed at the initial stage and a precedence should be set. If you wanna overtly show your religious passion show it inside your house or in Temple /Gurudwara.And get a licensed permit to keep it as well. Not in public spaces.
  9. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    10% 5% of career doesn't matter. It is the biggest arena for cricket and performing in world cup matters a lot more than bilateral series. And that is not just for cricket.But in most sports.
  10. Wasim Akram would be as much a certainty as Sachin is in world XI .
  11. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    You are making zero sense here. When did I say you have to win world cup to be included in?
  12. Yes 100 does matter . One of key traits of any great batsman is scoring 100s.
  13. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    You mean apart from being the best bowler in 1987 world cup :lmao
  14. Er because he debuted a mere 7 years before Gilly for starters. Gilchrist has just 2 100s in India,Pakistan,Srilanka ,UAE and heck even Bangladesh combined.Jayasuriya has 3 hundreds in Australia alone lol
  15. Nowhere near what Jayasuriya was. He has better stats than Jayasuriya because , Jayasuriya simply stated too long damaging his stats. It's like saying Sangakkara has better stats than Lara ,so must be better batsman too.
  16. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    When picking All time XIs I always prefer one who has performed in world cups .Because otherwise most of them are individually great bowlers anyway. So with Waqar , He missed 1992 with injury , got carted around in 96 QF, dropped for 99 and struggled badly in 2003 WC. That takes a lot of gloss of his record for me particularly when it comes to picking world XIs. Also we already have Malinga who is a great death bowler and and have Akram as well . So Imran as new ball first change bowler ,made more sense for me along with the added batting depth as bonus.
  17. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    No one's picking Aravinda De Silva ? Very underrated odi batsman and big game player as well. Sachin Jayasuriya Kohli Desilva Jayawardene MS Dhoni [emoji767] Kapil Imran Wasim Muralitharan Malinga Only doubt for me would be between Miandad and Jayawardene but tipped for Jayawardene for him big game temperament.
  18. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    For which format ?
  19. Let alone Dhoni vs Gilly, no way Gilchrist being picked ahead Jayasurya in ODIs . Gilly for all him attacking batting is nowhere near Jayasurya in destructive batting. He could never destroy a bowling attack like Jayasurya could . Gilly is more in the Sehwag mode whereas Jayasuriya is a level above them in destruction prowess .Would walk into the ODI world XI as opener with Sachin. He revolutionized how odi cricket is played like no other . And thats without mentioning the bowling of Jayasurya. We could genuinely make a case for Jayasurya to be the best left arm off spinner of all time in ODIs as well. Heck even if there is no MSD , one can pick Sangakkara or AD De Villiers instead of Gilly to play in middle order and and open with Jayasuriya and justify it . Both are far more consistent batsmen than Gilchrist and De Villiers can be just as destructive too .
  20. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Part 2 incoming
  21. Baba Indrajith

    Good thing about him is he can bowl leg spin which is a rarity among our batsmen.
  22. Ashes promo

    Yeah loved that promo.
  23. Would you pay $1000(or 89k in India ) for a cell phone?

    Not really worth the upgrade if u already have a decent /quality smart phone. The next really worth buy in smart phone is the Foldable one whenever Samsung introduces it . iPhone X for the cost is nothing but vanity
  24. Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    Yes he is batsmàn.And opening Batsman to boot.His bowling is more like part time off spin but has developed a lot watching TNPL.Still very defensive bowler . People are as usual overreacting here.He is a big talent but last he wasn't in the Ranji XI of TN.Used mostly as backup opener. I am not even sure on what basis people are even calling for him inclusion in the Indian team. He needs atleast a season or two of proper Ranji cricket otherwise he will end up another Raina without developing as a cricketer.Last season he couldn't even get into the TN Odi team and suddenly get him into international cricket? Will do him no good. He is only 17 ,needs more cricket before being selected for Indian team.
  25. Board Presidents XI vs Australians | Chennai 12th Sept

    Opening with Goswami when chasing 350 lol

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