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  1. Lee and Hayden

    Manjarekar is so unbearable beside Hayden and Gavaskar .
  2. I always felt Gilchrist and Hussey were the best players of short pitch bowling in recent memory. Even better than Ponting who had occasion struggles.
  3. It's not even a debate and hasn't been for a long time.Could even say he is a better batsman on turning tracks than Kohli and green pitches than Root.He is that good. He is reaching the levels of Sachin and Lara ATM. The only question is whether he can sustain those levels or could drop down like Ponting to the 2nd tier.
  4. And still gets picked in the team not a single new seamer tested in last 4-5 years . 9 tests , 15 innings and 10 wickets , Averaging 49.20. Why exactly is he being picked ?
  5. Who is your first choice spinner for South African tour?

    Not really.Dont expect either to be much effective on those wickets . But I would pick Jadeja because SA line up has 5 RHB in their top six and I would prefer one who spin away from batsman
  6. 2nd Test IND v SL | Nagpur

    Pujara looks good in slips.Maybe first slip issue sorted for SA tour . If only we could move Rahane to 2 nd slip
  7. Who is your first choice spinner for South African tour?

    Jadeja has a 6 fer in South Africa. Not even sure Ashwin picked a single wicket SA. If we are seriously picking a spinner based on South Africa pitches , Jadeja is miles ahead of Ashwin
  8. Siraj or Bumrah should have been picked. And would take Shardul ahead of Ishant easily.
  9. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    How India eats - Veg & Non Veg
  10. You still creaky don't understand Cricket. You can't even differentiate the conditions in the first innings and today. Go check his record in England Australia and South Africa .
  11. Chandimal gone Brilliant by Shami this
  12. Gone yes Was worried might be missing the stumps
  13. Another nice catch in the slips by Kohli. What's the world coming to damn.
  14. We are getting absolutely clobbered here by Dickwalle. Our only hope is dig deep in 2nd innings and enforce a draw. Considering the pitch and weather , day 5 should be the best day to bat ,so shouldn't be an issue .
  15. Ashwin does bend may not be great at low catches but still miles better than Kohli who drops even the ones that comes at waist height often
  16. Ashwin is a better slip fielder than Kohli. Heck most of the team will be better slip fielders than Kohli
  17. Why the hell is Rahane not fielding at first slip.This is just bizzare. And what's the point of Dhawan even fielding at slips .Are they seriously considering him as starter for the SA tests . And more importantly why the fuk is Kohli still standing in the slips .This is beyond ridiculous considering the amount of catches he drops.
  18. You have mentioned four of our five batsman and fifth is Rahane , who has a an excellent (far better than Kohli and Pujara for instance) record in those conditions.
  19. Because you are struggling to understand the difference in performance of players between the 3 formats in cricket. Mind you so does our selectors coach and Captain . Dhawan is a great odi bat ,one of our best openers ever but in test cricket ,a home track bully .He will score well in our flat wickets but doesn't have the technique to survive overseas . And he has replaced Vijay who was outstanding for us in our last away series in tough conditions.He was arguably our best best overseas tours despite being opener.Even when he wouldnt score he will see of the new ball and protect the middle order like he did in Lords ,which the stats won't show , but is invaluable to the team. And incidentally we have two years of overseas tours coming up.
  20. Moronic shot from Dhawan. Why would you play so far away from body on a pitch like this
  21. Marvel movies suck !!!

    Only ever liked Avengers and X Men out of Marvel movies Marvel Netflix shows much better than than their movies.
  22. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    Even most Iyer/Iyengar/Saiva Vellalar friends I know converted in no-veg in college lol. Veggies simply can't survive here
  23. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    Get it line ,you are not even runner up among Southies. All fake swagger Mallu :headshake:
  24. What is your ideal ODI line up?

    Since there is so much criticism of the selections and lack of youngsters being tried ,what should be the first XI for the odi series .

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