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  1. Both Gill and Nagarkoti should be fast tracked into the odi team for England tour.
  2. Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    We need to get Gill into the ODI team.as fast as possible before the 2019 world cup Like we did with Kohli before 2011 world cup.
  3. ICC U19 WC 2018 : India vs Pakistan (SemiFinals)

    That was hopeless batting from Nagarkoti.
  4. ICC U19 WC 2018 : India vs Pakistan (SemiFinals)

    Wtf would you walk ?
  5. ICC U19 WC 2018 : India vs Pakistan (SemiFinals)

    Even if we bat reasonably , should get 270 minimum. Just need these two to stay there for next 4-5 overs.
  6. Kohli's left field calls that went India's way

    The only left field call that worked was batting first on this wicket. Shami was consistently picking up wickets in 2nd innings .You can even check his career record , he is lethal in 2nd innings.So backing him or giving him ball in 4th innings was no left field call.
  7. ICC U19 WC 2018 : India vs Pakistan (SemiFinals)

    This Parag looks useless.
  8. IPL Auction Live thread

    :lmao: RCB are properly fcked if NCN is ruled out of IPL.None of their other seamers can bowl at the death. Umesh Woakes CDG Southee are all terrible at death. Same old RCB LOL
  9. CSK has got the best pace battery !!!

    Santner is a great buy for 50 lakhs as well. He is the no.1 bowler in T20s and bat at 7 as well.Was amazing in the T20 world cup in 2016 in India.Great fielder too With Santner and Tahir we can rotate Jadeja and Karn depending on their form .
  10. We will be super dumb if Kuldeep doesn't play in England or Australia in particular.
  11. Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    Most kiwi commentators are.
  12. Rate IPL Teams Post auction 2018

    Great effort for the thread and very good analysis
  13. Rate IPL Teams Post auction 2018

    No there is no such rule
  14. IPL auction biased in favour of Aussie players?

    The amount of moronic suggestions and absurd logic in this thread is Joe Root , Morgan etc were ignored because they won't be available for full season. Before the star of the auction , BCCI sent a mail to all franchises stating that any English player selected should be released on May 17 (For their tests against Pakistan ) this season and on May 1st next season to prepare for world cup . So both seasons their established players will be missing a big chunk of the tournament .He IPL teams decide to ignore them.No point spending big money on Joe Root if he won't be even available for the majority of the tournament. The most bizzare omission was Hashim Amla not English players.
  15. Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    There is no Indian channel seperate broadcast.We are also getting the same supersport commentary
  16. CSK has got the best pace battery !!!

    And the funny thing it was not by any strategy but sheer luck. We went for Unadkat for 11 crores and saved by Punjab .Then went and bought Thakur. We wanted Mohit Sharma and luckily Punjab again (Prety rocks ) plugged him from us .So we went for Asif and Chahar . Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  17. IPL Auction Live thread

    Have to say though we(CSK) did good in the auction ultimately ,that was by sheer luck.We were absolutely moronic is terms of bidding. Bidding for Chawla and Mohit fking Sharma (Can't thank Punjab enough for that ) only to be saved by RTMs.I didn't even understand Pujab strategy using RTM for Mohit but not Sandeep .Not complaining though.And then nearly bidding 11 crores for Unadkat . It was sheer luck that Wood ( and Vijay) was available till that late in the auction.Some messed up thinging today by Fleming and co.
  18. IPL Auction Live thread

    Watson will probably start but I actually went for Billings because he was better power hitter and great fielder. I think Watson will play as a floater depending on the conditions.
  19. IPL Auction Live thread

    You said last season and Iast season IPL stats where he averaged 40+ with strike rate 145+ and the best no.3 in IPL.How recent a form you want ? His SMA stats from this year where he smacked a 50 ball 100 and had a great tournament.Or his India form in last 12 months recent? Where he scored 63 at a SR of 140 in only one of the 2 games he played ? There is nothing to agree to disagree there.You just were ignorant about Raina's form that's all.Raina is still the second best T20 batsman for India behind Kohli.
  20. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    Wood can easily hit 145+ regularly
  21. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    Well we will play one local seamer for certain.And there aren't any Gonys or Mohits (Thank you Punjab for that) to block. It's between Thakur , Charar and Asif.If he bowls well don't think it will be hard to get ahead of the other two.Though Thkar might be first choice purely on experience.
  22. IPL Auction Live thread

    The line up most likely would be Vijay Billings Raina Faf / Rayadu Dhoni Jadhav Bravo Jadeja Bhajji / Thakur Karn Wood
  23. IPL Auction Live thread

    I can check 9 seasons of IPL , Matches for India and his recent form in SMA.Yeah Raina is big hitter from get go.And just for the fact Raina averaged 40 at a Strike rate of 145 in last IPL .Best average and Strike rate among all no.3 s Just because you don't rate don't change the facts.
  24. Singh is king !!!

    3 players from Mumbai .Bhajji Rayadu and Karn Sharma.
  25. IPL Auction Live thread

    As injury replacement in case Cummins gets injured.

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