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  1. He was the best Indian batsman in clearing infield during powerplays.
  2. The great irony about Kamal saying this is it was Muslim Mullahs who tried to block his Movie Vishwaroopam and he won't a word to criticize them . Read the whole article in Tamil.It was nothing but preachy criticizing the right wing (conveniently forgetting Most Muslims are more right wing than Hindus) . Clearly was trying to stay in the limelight till he launches his political party.
  3. Never heard of Google ?
  4. Kohli caught Tendulkar bug today

    Kohli slowed down badly for his 100 in the death overs like Sachin used to do . Scored 22 of last 20 balls he faced since the 39th over.Not a single boundary during that period as well.Slowing for his 100 and just couldn't recover his momentum.Such a sachiesque thing. Should have reached 350+ but ended up with 337.Hopefully this is just an one off bug from Sachin .
  5. Random Cricket Facts (RCF)

    Nah ,The record in held by Allan Border .The record is 153 tests . The record for consecutive tests from debut belongs to Brendan McCullum.Never missed a test from debut to retirement.
  6. 2014 as well. He simply wastes powerplays as opener.
  7. Can you quote me were I said Dhoni had a great time ? The only post about me in this thread about Dhoni is that he has been a failure in T20Is . Or are we talking about some imaginary stuff here ? There is nothing misleading in those stats.Rohit has suck in the last 2 T20 world cups with a joke of a SR of 118.That is often after batting through the powerplays. Rohit has been horrible for India in T20s in last 2 two ones ,in particular, with his awful batting and SR.
  8. Last I checked T20 world cup matches are listed as T20 Internationals . And they are the only matches that even matter in T20s. And Rohit has been a big failure for India in T20s.
  9. I clearly mention T20 world cups and you have conveniently ignored it :lmao: His record in last 2 T20 world cups . Regularly wasting powerplays as opener and having a SR of 118.
  10. He has a SR less than Dhoni's(SR 119 for an opener across 3 world cups ) in WT20s as opener .He literally wasted powerplays and screwed us in world T20s ever since he became an opener. Yeah he has been pretty awful failure since he started opening in T20s
  11. FIFA and UEFA reject WADA "whereabouts" rule But but only BCCi opposes whereabout clause.:lmao
  12. Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    Yes Aussies were clutch and Saffers were chokers. But
  13. Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    Where did I say they were not a good side? There is a massive gulf between good odi team and being the best ever. As for Aus vs SA ,South Africa owned Australia throughout the tri series but Aus pipped them in the final and that was in Australia lol .Their overall record speaks for itself between Australia and SA.South Africa utterly dominated Australia in odis between 96 and 99 world cups and were comfortably the best odi team in 98 or leading into the world cup for that matter.Its after the 99 WC Australia started to build a truly great odi team. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=2;filter=advanced;opposition=3;orderby=won;spanmax1=01+May+1999;spanmin1=01+May+1996;spanval1=span;team=2;template=results;type=team
  14. Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    Taking nothing away from Sachin, but Aussie side wasn't even the best odi then let alone the best cricket side world class even seen. They didn't even have McGrath in that tournament iirc. Back then South Africa were the best odi side .Aussies only had the best test team. In was only in 99-2000 the Aussies starts to pull away from the rest . Particularly after Hayden Gilchrist and Lee came into their odi team.Lee and Gilchrist around 99 and Hayden in 2000.Moreso after Symonds replaced Waugh in middle order. Calling that Aussie side that had Damien Fleming and Kasprovic as the greatest ever odi side is beyond laughable.
  15. Random cricket related thread

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/chris-gayle-wins-defamation-case-against-fairfax/news-story/f00edeb0ef3f4390860c267e758eeea5 Gayle has won the defamation suit against Aussie media house Fairfax(Sydney Morning herald , Age etc)
  16. Random cricket related thread

    Very misleading because in 70s and 80s WIndies were among the top teams and Nzl was pretty much a minnow. Whereas Kiwis has improved vastly as a team post 2010s. So that's no accurate reflection of our teams ability overseas conditions.
  17. Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    Practically every NZ fan wants Southee dropped for Henry. That is just awful selection from NZ and one of the reasons they were the first team to be knocked out of CT.
  18. Newzealand and chasing this so easily .
  19. Point of Axar Patel?

    Right from the 90s. Neither good with the bat nor with the ball.Just useless spin bowler.
  20. Er that's what I said .In the Chappell Ganguly saga they backed the coach and it ended ugly as well. Yes the point is the likes of Ganguly demanded influence in picking coach when he was captain and yet denied that to Kohli when he became Captain.So there wasn't as much player power as in the past which the earlier post was glossing over. Check left arm seamers record in WT20s.They ahve been exceptional in WT20 from RP Singh to Amir to Sidebottom .And Nehra had a great IPL with CSK .Age didn't matter and as his performance proved ,he was one of best bowlers in the tournament Not really.Jadhav bowling contribution simply seals any debate.His numbers are at elite All-rounder level He is replaced by Rohit in the squad.As you know someone who averaged 80+ in his last series. We get better players we drop inferior players. We got Kuldeep and Pandya both far more important in the squad.Whom of these would you Seriously drop for Jayant Yadav really?

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