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  1. Ashwin to play County Cricket

    Slightly disappointed he is going to a team in division 2. Surely for the calibre of player he is , could have gone to a team in division one?
  2. Under-19 Asia Cup moved out of India

    The bigger worry is the precedent it sets . Tomorrow Pakistan will point this as reference and will want Asia cup removed.Next will ask to remove the world cup . BCCI should have opposed this strongly .
  3. IPL performances ? Lol Pant became the first person to score thousand runs in a Ranji season with a SR of 100+ Averages 65+ and already has a 300+ score in him .
  4. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    Excellent hundred
  5. Hardik Pandya : The test allrounder

    Cracking century.
  6. Hardik Pandya : The test allrounder

    Needs to bat at 6.
  7. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    Damn on 99. Umesh just needs a single
  8. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    Pandya into 90s
  9. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    Just don't bowl spinners to Pandya lol Insane hitting from Pandya.

    This would be ideal with Kohli resting . Dhawan Rahul Pant Rohit (c) Manish Pandey Shankar / Iyer Hadrik Pandya Jadeja Kuldeep Shami Bhuvi A combination of youngsters who has performed well with India A and regulars .
  11. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    We really should have tried Pandya at 6. Wasted the series batting him at 8.All he had every time he came were tail enders for partners and going for quick runs.We very well know he can do that. Should have given him a chance to bat with our batsmen and check whether he can construct an innings . Otherwise playing him is just pointless.
  12. Ashwin could lead India influx for county stints

    That was in Australia .Btw we also played a 5 match series in Australia again in 2016. But their last tour to India for odi series was in 2013
  13. Ashwin could lead India influx for county stints

    He can learn to use Duke ball properly and even get a bit of batting practice
  14. Ashwin could lead India influx for county stints

    Unnecessary? We last played ODIs àgainst Australia in 2013 lol
  15. So basically there isn't none lol
  16. Its the reverse with Rahane isnt it.He always comes to the rescue when in tough situations i think.Lords and Bangalore 2nd inns come to mind.
  17. Has anyone realised how good Dhawan is in Asia? 13 tests 65-average with 5 hundreds.I know the sample size is small but He could very well be one of our best bat in Asia behind Pujara. Maybe we have to pick Vijay overseas and Dhawan in Asia
  18. Yeah right lolAs if betting doesn't generate money. Unless u have actual credible links that's .
  19. Considering our next test series is àgainst Lanka as well, he will easily break the record. Really good talent.Need to sort out conversation rate though.None of those fifties have been converted into a hundred which is slightly disappointing.
  20. CSK and RR were banned for 2 years for betting not fixing like Sreesanth was. Indians courts even acquitted Azharuddin.We simply don't have proper laws against cheating in sports. So just because court acquitted him doesn't mean he didnt fix. A cheat is a.cheat.Regardless of how much he shouts. Although he was right in the way BCCI treated him.They are right to ban him from playing cricket in India .But shouldn't have banned from playing overseas.Its not their headache.
  21. It's wierd.As the RBi circular says in the post , it's mandatory to have challans in banks in local language. And local branches / Regional offices have the remit to print these vouchers / challans .So there is no excuse for not having them in local language. It should be mandatory.
  22. India's international cricket schedule till March 2019

    We play Aussies in September Kiwis is October And Srilanka again in November and December
  23. India to host Sri Lanka later in 2017, may hamper SA tour

    We should always play a test match at Chennai during Pongal holidays .If not every year atleast in alternate years. With the general interest for tests in Chennai , the stretch of holidays due to Pongal , we could easily make it our own iconic test like the boxing day test is for Aussies with a bit of Marketing.
  24. Ultimate Pace Foundation

    Thanks for posting . And welcome back.
  25. Should Test Cricket be Split Into Two Groups?

    But how will the weak teams improve if not by playing against stronger sides. Also the revenue side of it.The likes of Srilanka n Windies might stop playing test cricket if the money from India tours stop coming . But this can't continue either.Total one sided boring contests practically no one watches. Total mess.

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