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  1. IPL Auction Live thread

    Sundar at no.7 is tricky because he has struggled with big hitting .Become more of accumulator.So would play Woakes at 7 (instead of NCN ) and Sundar at 8.
  2. IPL Auction Factoid that made me happy

    Er Jaydev Unadkat went for more than any Indian batsman in the auction. Fast bowlers always go big in IPL because good ones are so rare in Indian cricket.
  3. Disappointed with these IPL owners

    Every IPL team that picked Aaron played for hie performed badly.And he got plenty of chances and failed to take them up. Why would they pick someone who regularly floped in IPL .Heck even Kohli who picked him had to bench him at RCB and select Harshal Patel/ Aravind ahead of him. You perform you get picked the owners look to do what's best for their team.
  4. IPL Auction Live thread

    He averaged 45 at a SR of of 135 in PSL.And the conditions in Dubai are pretty similar to IPL. Raina Faf Bravo Jadhav Bhajji can all tonk the ball big from get go.Watson can as well but that will depend on his form.
  5. IPL Auction Live thread

    Billings is pretty explosive opener.
  6. IPL Auction Live thread

  7. IPL Auction Live thread

    Wood has to play every game.His pace andwippy action will be tough to handle. It will be Vijay , Billings /Watson , Raina , Faf , Dhoni, Jadhav ,. Bravo , Jadeja , Bhajji , Karn and Wood in Chennai. Thakur will replace Harbhajan away from home.
  8. IPL Auction Live thread

    We can easily buy all three of Vijay , Hazlewood and Root with the purse we have . Will be absolute madness if we mess it up now.
  9. IPL Auction Live thread

    Age and Pace probably.There is only so many 30+ players we can buy.
  10. IPL Auction Live thread

    After missing out on Unadkat , feel we have done well in Indian Pacers with Chahar , Thakur and Asif.
  11. ODI series in South Africa is upon us, your predictions?

    Even on the flattest surfaces , Bhuvi Chahal and Bumrah are gun bowlers.The bounce should suit Shami as well. So regardless of surfaces our bowlers will do the job. Pandey won't be in the XI and Jadhav will do the job.
  12. IPL Auction Live thread

    Feel Tye is the CSK want but Punjab will probably want him as well.
  13. IPL Auction Live thread

    That's good to hear.Hopefully he turns out good for us.
  14. IPL Auction Live thread

    As I said we are well stocked in spin options.So don't really need him Bhajji Jadeja Jadhav Raina can all bowl off spin and that's without Tahir and Karn who can bowl wrist spin. So luckily will swerve him. Btw at what pace does Shardal Thakur bowl?
  15. IPL Auction Live thread

    Luckily we have enough spinners .So we will swerve . More worried about Ishants and Dindas
  16. IPL Auction Live thread

    Is this Thakur any good ? Trundler or bowl decent pace ?
  17. IPL Auction Live thread

    We got Rayadu .What u gonna say :cantstop;:
  18. IPL Auction Live thread

    When I thought we saved from the stupidities of Mohit and Unadkat , we go and buy Shardal Thakur Absolutely messing up this 2nd part of the auction.Bet we will go for Dinda and Ishant next.
  19. Nucleus of this Indian side

    Then Vijay and Rahul should kept based on their record in Australia.Atleast Vijay has phenomenal record in Australia. Pujara record sucks in Australia too so should be dropped if he fails in England.
  20. ODI series in South Africa is upon us, your predictions?

    We will win 4-2 easy. Our ODI team is better settled than test team and SA is weaker. More importantly we have the best bowling attack in the world with Bumrah Bhuvi and Chahal . Just hope we play S Iyer ahead of D Karthik ,otherwise the team picks itself comfortably.
  21. Nucleus of this Indian side

    Sorry still not fully convinced by Pujara.This was a tough series for batsmen so giving him a pass but he must score in England .The role of non3 can't just be about seeing off new ball.He has 1 hundred outside Asia after nearly 10 years of international cricket .That's an aweful record. Yes Pujara is an absolute must in Asia but have to look for some one else at no.3 for Australia and New Zealand tours unless he succeeds in England .By succeed I mean by atleast averaging 50 for the series. The nucleus should be build around our pace attack of Bhuvi Shami and Bumrah and batting of Kohli and Rahane. Bhuvi Kohli Rahane Bumrah Shami Saha. Vijay , Rahul and Pujara should play the England series but their place for future should be based on success there.Otherwise need to move on to other promising youngsters for Australia tour.
  22. Depends on the pitches .We play very late in the season (First test starting on August 1) , so don't expect too many green wickets .So would go with 2 spinners and 3 seamers. England suck against wrist spinners ( Yasir Shaw Bamboozled them) So Kuldeep is a must in the team. And Ashwin has batted at six in County cricket last year and did well.So similar strategy to how we play at home but with Kuldeep in for Jadeja .Ashwini for Pandya. Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Ashwin Saha Bhuvi Kuldeep Shami Bumrah If the wicket is green , would drop Ashwin and play a batsman.
  23. IPL Auction Live thread

    Vijay unsold Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  24. IPL Auction Live thread

    11 crores for Rahul is worth it.Very good buy for Punjab regardless of price. RCB has completely screwed it. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  25. IPL Auction Live thread

    It all depends on the openers who we get. Plenty of money now to get two quality openers. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk

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