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  1. Rishab Pant . Should have debuted an year ago. Still at least found long term solution at WK.

    Bumrah reaffirmed his quality as test bowler .

    Found a very good slip catcher in Rahul.

    Hopefully should be the End of Dhawan as test cricketer.

  2. They were outbowled by Yadav.
    If you have to pick between Aus and India bowling, which one will you pick? 
    At least India can take advantage of bowling friendly conditions in all countries. 

    How many 5fers did Umesh take?

    And no they weren’t outbowled by Umesh .Starc was the best fast bowler till he got injured and ruled out after second test

    Umesh is a decent support bowler but not a lead bowler who can run through sides .

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  3. That makes it not so great attack. But how does it stop them from being better than others?
    Australia has fast bowlers who can run through batting on decent batting attack. Doubt so. England - hell no. Pakistan - lol. 
    SA is only team which has done it in Australia, but then apart from that they don't have attack for Asia. They struggled even in England last time.
    I would take Starc Hazlewood and Cummins over our pace attack any day .

    Cummins also showed in India he can run through batting line up even on docile wickets .

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  4. Kohli makes odd decisions that no one can ever explain.

    Remember the Bengaluru test against Australia , when we desperately needed to win and he didn't bowl Jadeja for the whole morning session. And then Jadeja came on ripped through them and took 5 fer. Luckily didn't cost us that game.

    Same last week we he suddenly took off Ashwin despite a left hander at the crease . Cost us the first test .

    Kohli is not a tactical captain, he is more like lead from the from like Ponting . But the difference is Ponting had the likes of Hayden Warne Gilcrist Langer McGrath who are strong personalities in the dressing room and could challenge or advice him when things go wrong.

    No one else in the side secure enough about their spot to challenge his decisions in the dressing room. Only solution is appointing a tactically strong coach but we have Yes man Shastri.

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  5. The stupidity and lack of planning in any long term thinking is staggering.

    We should have blooded Pant when England toured us last time when Daha got injured . Instead we recalled Parthiv Patel ffs .

    Now we are blooding him in tough conditions and when whole team is low on confidence .

    Just hope if he he has a poor test , isn't dropped again for Karthick for next test

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  6. 35 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    Not really , more then him i wud like us to see at some left seamers specially kulwant, sran and khaleel

    And he was jst used with new ball, need bowlers who can bowl at anytime so ill even prefer ankit rajpoot

    No point taking a bowler not good enough just for the sake of varity

  7. 6 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    Chahar has not displayed any ability to bowl with the older ball or when the ball is not swinging.


    In ODIs, it won't be possible to bowl more than 6 overs with the newish ball.

    We already have two quality death bowlers in Bhuvi and Bumrah.However Bhuvi ability to take wickets in power play overs have declined badly.


    With the World Cup in England we need a swing bowler who can tak regular wickets upfront .The inability to take wickets at the top one of the major reasons Pakistan hammered us CT final.


    Umesh and Chahar have been our two bets power play bowlers in IPL this season.One of them is a must for ODI/T20 team.The other can be back up.

  8. 2 hours ago, maniac said:

    Dhoni not batting up the order,Sandeep and Kaul’s Pies,Dhawan’s batting,Rashid Khan looking off color...something was definitely off

    I always said this our batting always matched up great against SRH.Thats why our record over the years have been exceptional against SRH.We are basically the kryptonite for SRH bowling.


    SRH strength is disciplined bowling by seamers and spin.


    CSK are the best batters of spin.Remember we picked a team to play on turning tracks on Chennai so batting well against spin.Raina and Rayadu(Jadhav as well) are two of tHe best hitters against spin and has handled Rashid Khan exceptionally well in the past.Raina has like 200+ SR against Rashid and Rayadu average like 50+ .


    And our batsmen (Raina Watson Rayadu Dhoni ) are all great at hitting good length delivers and Yorkers. Most of them struggle against real pace and SRH doesnt have that .Not even a variation of left arm seam.Just same 120-130+ seam bowling without any variation. 


    And finally where SRH have done best in IPL is Bhuvi at the death with his Yorkers. He is one of the few bowlers who doesn't go for much change ups at death and nails the Yorkers time and again.Problem is Dhoni is one of the few (whether u hate to admit or not) best at hitting Yorkers at death.Thats why he has such hold over Bhuvi and Williamson is scared of bowling at death against CSK which always screws up your game plan.

  9. 20 minutes ago, Shunya said:

    It seems his son was at the presentation ceremony :phehe: It would have been awesome if he himself was present there...fitting finale for deeps.hit goenka...

    Yeah his son was giving the CEAT fair play award.

  10. On 5/14/2018 at 8:02 PM, asterix said:

    As long as he’s not leading his team to match Fixing ban for 2 years, he’s ok. He may fail to get his team qualify or being completely out of form, atleast he’s not got his team banned for fixing matches...


    He’s won enough trophies and with dignity. His team is unblemished and has a home ground too of it’s own... nice.gif

    You would expect better from a Mod.


    One of the first points in the guidelines the home page of ICF is shouldn't throw wrong allegations on players and here we have a moderator doing it .


    But shouldnt be surprised I suppose.


  11. 8 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

    I agree, KXIP is as good as gone, I want them to beat CSK just for the heck of it and go out head held high.

    If we all agree to dump MI, by wishing DD to do a 'kiss of death' job on MI, we can keep them out this IPL.

    Most likely SRH, CSK, RCB, KKR will go. Replace KKR with MI, if MI can muster to win against their bogeyman.


    RCB beats KKR/MI 

    CSK beats SRH

    RCB beats SRH

    and then 

    :rcb: beats :csk: 


    Magandu ESCN .. Ee Sala Cup Namde!  and Ee Sala Cauvery Namde!



    Even if we  play U18s RCB will still choke against CSK.


    RCB beating CSK in a final :lmao:

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