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  1. 29 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

    US will actually get good crowds considering the population. Only problem is that we don’t have too many grounds at this time.


    But I ccan bet you the croweds will be packed if the the game is hosted in USA/Canada together in future like in futuee.

    Don't really matter how much crowd is packed .Ground revenues are minute ,it's the TV revenue that's the big share of revenue .And the timing of matches in US is awful for Indian audience

  2. 7 hours ago, Cricketics said:


    I mean seriously you think ICC will not consider India as venue for world cup lol. Thats never happening in our lifetime. All will happen. ICC will be taxed, India will host all the tournaments.



    Actually yes.You seriously think ICC will happily loss 100-150 mil dollars so that they can host in India ? Even BCCI won't agree to that.


    FIFA actually asks for written guarantees from Govts for tax exemption before bids for world cups are submitted.


    ICC will definitely shift to anither country if we don't provide tax exemption.

  3. Can't complain.A tournament like Champions trophy neither has the prestige or bring any boast to tourism.So Govt is correct in its stance not to give any tax exemption.

    In a country like India where tax payment is a massive issue , there's no need to give tax exemption to these ICC tournaments to line pocket other countries.

    BCCI always says they are a private body and doesn't come under Sports ministry, which is fair enough.Then there is no need for Govt to give tax exemption to ICC tournaments either.Maybe if BCCI wants to host the tournaments, pay from their pocket instead of asking for tax benefits from Govt.


  4. 47 minutes ago, Straight Drive said:

    Jadeja won't give the option of pace bowling all rounder. As we already have Kuldeep and Yuzvendra, we will not need another spinner, especially with two balls being used in ODI's nowadays. 



    What i would do is drop Ajinkya Rahane, as his average and SR is mis-fit for ODI thereby moving  the middle order up one spots. Hardik will bat at 6. I would play 5 specialist bowlers.


    1 to 6: Rohit, Shikhar, Virat, Kedar, Dhoni, Hardik

    7 to 11: 5 specialist bowlers who have good ratio of innings: wickets.

    Has any team won a world cup with just 5 specialist batsman ?


    The Aussies usually had Tom Moody / Lehman /Clarke/Haddin  batting at 7 when they won the world cup.

    We had Raina at 7 who was the difference in both Q final and Semi in 2011.


    Srilanka had Hashanah Thilakaratne at 7 when they won in 1996


    An extra batsman at 6&7  is more important than specialist 5th bowler and long tail in odis.That always makes the difference in winning big tournaments.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Straight Drive said:

    Yuvi might have averaged 40 but he took 15 wickets in 9 matches in that WC. He was one of the top 5 bowlers in that tournament.  He also scored 362 runs in 8 innings. 2011 was a series where Yuvi played like a proper all rounder in both disciplines. 


    Yes in the tournament he suddenly hit peak form as a bowler.But honestly leading into the tournament would you have said Yuvi is one of the top 5 bowlers in India ? Definitely not.


    Even if we take 2011 world cup in a vaccum, Yuvi was among our best bowler alongside Zaheer but our other 3 bowlers were no better than Pandya performance is now.Bhajji for ex had 9 wkts in 9 matches at an average of 40+ .It's nigh on impossible to have 5 quality bowlers who can take 1.5-2 wkts per match .

    3 minutes ago, Straight Drive said:

    Regarding Hardik, i do feel he has improved his bowling by not bowling the leg side balls that he used to , however he needs to add wickets. I am okay with his rpo below 6 in this modern day cricket and considering he is not a specialist bowler. The pressure is released when he comes to ball and there is a chance that partnership will build.



    I do agree Pandya needs to improve in both batting and bowling and he has a lot of scope to improve.


    Lance Klusner for me is the best odi all rounder since Kapil.Pandya should be looked at and developed  as a similar player.A finisher who can consistently give 7-8 overs as fifth bowler.


    What I don't agree with he needs to pick up wickets at a better rate to justify his selection in the team.Wicket per match (Like Pandya has ) is pretty good for the 5th choice bowler.His most important attribute to the team is maintaing a strike rate of 120 and consistently giving team big finishes .



  6. Still don't know why Axar is in the team.Basically a budget version of Jadeja .


    We have already on from Ashwin and Jadeja as spinners seeing wrist spin is the key for ODIs .So what's the point of another finger spinner as back up.Surely be looking for a other wrist spinner as back up.

  7. 10 hours ago, Straight Drive said:

    At 7 his average of 30 with SR of 120 is excellent,  there is hardly any doubt for me. However, if one is going to make him bat at 5 or 6, then in that case he has to average higher than 30 for sure. Otherwise if he keeps on averaging 30 then he will have to give us bowling options.  

    He is not going to bat at 5 regularly because we have better pure batsman at no.5 and Pandya role is finisher.


    Also he already gives us good bowling options .He regularly bowls 6-7 overs and on a good day gives you good 10 overs.Infact Pandya ratio of picking a wicket per innings is excellent for the fifth bowler.


    You are excepting India to play with 5 quality bowlers which we never have done .Not even our best teams neither did the best Aussie teams .Yuvi averaged nearly 40 and he was our fifth bowling option going into 2011 WC.And less said about our 5th bowling option Dinesh Mongia in 2003 WC the better.


    Hardik Pandya is arguably the 2nd   best 5 bowler we have had in decades .Only Jadeja was better and his batting is miles behind Pandya particularly for a no7 bat.

  8. As for the first XI


    Faf (Billings as back up)





    Rayadu / Shorey

    Bravo (Watson as back up)


    Bhajji / Thakur / Chahar / Asif

    Karn / Tahir ( Depending on how Vijay is playing )

    Wood (Ngidi as back up)

  9. Faf will and should open the batting .He can score big in the powerplay and then consolidate in the middle overs.All our stroke makers like Raina Vijay Jadhav can bat around him.






  10. 6 hours ago, Straight Drive said:

    Yes, Irfan was a better skilled at bowling and his batting was secondary skill.

    Hardik is more like better skilled at ODI batting, I repeat ODI batting and secondary skill being bowling. It does seems like that watching him in ODI's. However is he fit to be in team as specialist ODI batsman batting at 5 or 6. In that case all problems are resolved. Then his one wicket per match will be accepted.

    He is not a specialist batsman .He is the big hitting batsman who bats and at 7 and can give 6-7 overs .And his role is clearly defined .


    If he can bat at 5 or 6 regularly  , no one would expect him to bowl let alone take one  wicket per match.


    And averaging 30+ with a strike rate of 120 in excellent for a no.7 

  11. In ODIs you don't need to pick 10 wkts to win.

    In test cricket you need to pick 20 wkts to win.So don't see any logic in this comparison.


    Bhuvi despite bowling in powerplays and death overs has an Econ of less than 5. That makes him invaluable.


    He does need to improve his ability to pick wickets with white ball but he is still a quality bowler in ODIs.

  12. 1 minute ago, adi B said:

    Hmm very surprised by our good batting performance,bowling I expected to do well ,we are becoming a bowling powerhouse under kohli. They really miss abdv ,Miller and duminy are getting fooled by our leggies 

    If not mistaken even  AB has had  against leg spin as well particularly if it isn't a road.


    Only Faf is genuinely quality against spinners even if it's turning in shorter formats imo


    Yeah they miss De Villiers and he might have made it tougher but we still would have won the series.SA bowling is nothing special apart from Rabada.Reality is 3 out of their 5 bowlers is pretty poor and Morkel is past it as well.And we have 3 genuinely world class bowlers in ODI with Kuldeep coming up as well.That sort gulf in quality would have shown regardless of AB injury i think.

  13. 37 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    Smith also scored a 200 when the series was alive. We got 2-3 flat tracks in Eng 2014, what stopped our batsmen from scoring like Smith?

    In his 3rd tour of England.As I said Kohli has the chance to correct that in his second tour.


    Also it's don't think it's   true that Smith scored in similar pitches to what Kohli did in SA .Smith scored on flat wickets and got out cheap in swing conditions.Very unlike Kohli in this series who fought out the conditions.


    Kohli completely stood out in one of the toughest pitches in recent times.Only centurion in the entire series amount both team to sum it.

    37 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    No one is critical of his batting. On this forum I have called him GOAT T20 batsman and best-2nd best current ODI batsman who can be tied GOAT alongside Viv with a great 2019 WC. 

    Fair enough.

    37 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    Intests I am not ready to call him the GOAT or better than Smith, is that harsh criticism or deliberate underplaying? I rate him among the top 3 current test batsmen but Smith has a healthy lead at the top. What do Kohli chamchas (not you, some other usual suspects) want from me: to declare him the GOAT test batsman and much much greater than Smith, SRT, Viv, Sobers, Lara, Bradman combined. Sorry I am not ready to call him that, kya bigad loge mera? 

    There is difference between not better than Smith and miles behind Smith.Maybe before this series , but Kohli has considerably closed the gap in tests.Thats all I am saying.

  14. 1 hour ago, Gollum said:

    Smith got similar pitches like Kohli in his previous SA, NZ, Eng and Ind test tours and comprehensively outperformed the Indian in every single series. There is simply no comparison in test cricket between the 2. Desperate Pakistani fans used to bring Inzi in every Sachin discussion, I see a similar trait in Kohli bhakts. Kohli may eventually surpass Smith after 5 years but now's not the time to throw hissy fits. 

    Actually Smith struggled in the green wickets in England.But scored on a flat road in the final test (which was a a dead rubber ) and boasted his stats.We can not pick on every player past or present.


    I was just as critical of Kohli before the SA series.But don't know how anyone can be critical of his batting after the series he had .He is getting pretty close to Smith as a test batsman .Just need to correct his anomaly in England this summer.

  15. 12 hours ago, Vilander said:

    This thread will be a hater magnet in a few posts. Every dhoni topic will have the usual icf posters coming in and taking a piss lol. Will steer well clear. On topic substantial odi batsman for India talismanic for odi indian game, deserves his 10k runs. 

    Yeah it's kinda pointless , will be turned into another ranting thread by usual suspects.



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