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  1. What's the point if I have to explain a joke.
  2. Better than us. Doubt Smith will drop Hazlewood saying he lacks bounce .
  3. Kohli's arrogance helps his game but not the team

    This bit is scarily worrying . You can't have an individual having this power.Kohli is having the power the decide the management of NCA which has absolutely no role for Indian captain. Guha is 100% right in saying we need strong characters and big names as coach and Selectors.Can honestly anyone see MSK Prasad even having the courage to suggest an alternative players to Kohli during selection meetings considering the stature of the two of them ? Let's not even go into the yes man Shastri. This is why we need strong personalities in selectors and coach.One of the best thing BCCI could do is bring in Ganguly as cheif of selectors.Doubt it though.Looks like the stature of Kohli is too huge for a BCCI in turmoil to confront him. Just hope Kohli learns from his mistakes for future , particularly 2019 WC.Because the yes men he has surrounded himself with aren't gonna point it out to him.
  4. Dhawan Rahul Pujara Kohli Rohit Patel Pandya Ashwin Umesh Ishant Bumrah
  5. Manju XI for next test......he thinks like kohli

    Yeah dropping Pujara for Mumbaikar Rohit . Anyone surprised Manju did that ?
  6. This means the fight is between Shami and Bhuvi for the 3rd seamer spot and Ishant is permanent fixture.
  7. We will 100% lose 5-0 in England.Have u seen our slip catching ?
  8. WI U19 showed they are low class sportsmen,once again

    This is poor.But last world cup they were absolutely correct to Mankad the batsman. If you back up too far then you deserve to be Mankad .Nothing wrong with that.Infact it is the batsman being cheat and unsportsmanlike in that scenario.
  9. He would still be our best opener , Mind.
  10. Extremely poor running from Indian batsmen

    It's was absolutely pathetic school boy error from Pandya. But a lot of this comes from the casual and incompetent attitude of the coaching set up.
  11. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Yeah supernatural powers called watching test cricket
  12. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Everyone apart from yourself and @Rasgulla knows Saha would have taken those catches. So you leave us all out that Nobody claim.
  13. The selective bias we show

    Morkel has a better average in India than Ishant. Next excuse ?
  14. The selective bias we show

    Morkel averages 28 Ishant averages 36. Onlybias is from team management that enabled him to play 80 tests for India.
  15. Sachin's main job was scoring runs too. Middle order batsman outscoring top order batsman isn't same as tailender outscoring regular batsman
  16. Pujara is like that tailender who comes as night watchman Dhawan is like the tailender who tries to slog everything blindly aka Tino Best Rohit is Chris Martin
  17. Rohit averages 12 in SA and after 3 innings has somehow managed to lower that average. And he is keeping a bloke who averages mid 60s in SA. Only Kohli can see the logic in that.
  18. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    It's a tragedy Parthiv Patel is our WK. Not even Zimbabwe will select him as their WK . Another one of our own goals.So many in this series from Kohli and Shastri.
  19. Parthiv should never have been in our test squad though .That's wholly on Kohli and his incompetence. When Saha got injured against England , we should have tried a young keeper ,Pant or someone similar , but no Kohli obsession with experience (regardless of how useless it is ) meant we had to put up with Patel.There were plenty who defended that decision.Not surprising I suppose when Kohli was picking Mishra ahead of Kuldeep in a dead rubber . Because of those moronic decision now we are stuck with useless Parthiv when Saha is injured. Parthiv should never have made comeback into Indian team.And the worst thing is he will still be part of our squad for England tour as well.
  20. Tolerance limit with Kohli.

    Didn't watch the match today , what stupid thing did he do today ?
  21. Already looking like when will SA declare.
  22. One review already wasted.Useless review from Kohli.
  23. Ishant Sharma replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar in 2nd test

    He is outperforming and exposing Kohli as batsman.Hence removed.

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