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  1. You have mentioned four of our five batsman and fifth is Rahane , who has a an excellent (far better than Kohli and Pujara for instance) record in those conditions.
  2. Because you are struggling to understand the difference in performance of players between the 3 formats in cricket. Mind you so does our selectors coach and Captain . Dhawan is a great odi bat ,one of our best openers ever but in test cricket ,a home track bully .He will score well in our flat wickets but doesn't have the technique to survive overseas . And he has replaced Vijay who was outstanding for us in our last away series in tough conditions.He was arguably our best best overseas tours despite being opener.Even when he wouldnt score he will see of the new ball and protect the middle order like he did in Lords ,which the stats won't show , but is invaluable to the team. And incidentally we have two years of overseas tours coming up.
  3. Moronic shot from Dhawan. Why would you play so far away from body on a pitch like this
  4. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    How India eats - Veg & Non Veg
  5. Marvel movies suck !!!

    Only ever liked Avengers and X Men out of Marvel movies Marvel Netflix shows much better than than their movies.
  6. Football season back Keep this thread for discussion about all this football( Transfers / Matches / Fantasy league ) this season. Premier League starts on this weekend (August 12). Bundesliga and Laliga starts on next week Friday ,18th August .Seria A on 19th . Link for broadcasters in Indian TV: Event Broadcaster(s) UEFA Champions League Sony Pictures Sports Network UEFA Europa League Sony Pictures Sports Network UEFA Super Cup Sony Pictures Sports Network UEFA European Championship NA UEFA European Qualifiers Sony Pictures Sports Network La Liga Sony Pictures Sports Network Premier League Star Sports Network Bundesliga Star Sports Network DFL-Supercup Star Sports Network Serie A Sony Pictures Sports Network Ligue 1 Sony Pictures Sports Network And if you wanna join Icf PLfantasy league Code to join ICF Fantasy PL 969266-720361
  7. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    Even most Iyer/Iyengar/Saiva Vellalar friends I know converted in no-veg in college lol. Veggies simply can't survive here
  8. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    Get it line ,you are not even runner up among Southies. All fake swagger Mallu :headshake:
  9. What is your ideal ODI line up?

    Since there is so much criticism of the selections and lack of youngsters being tried ,what should be the first XI for the odi series .
  10. Sakuni won the real battle actually. Destroyed both Kaurava and Pandavas .
  11. CHENNAI: Actor Kamal Haasan has alleged that right wing Hindus have started employing terrorism to propagate their communal agenda. In his column in a Tamil magazine that hit stands on Thursday, the 62-year-old actor said the right-wingers could no longer say "show me a Hindu terrorist if you can." Terrorism has spread into their fold also, he said. "Earlier, the right-wing Hindus employed debates, and not force, against people of other religions. Having realised that their attempts are failing, they have started using violence," he wrote. "This is not a victory or a sign of progress. If we start believing that force will prevail and not truth, then we will all turn into violent beasts," he wrote. In his column, Kamal was replying to a question posed by Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan who had sought the actor's opinion on "the attempt by Hindutva forces to infiltrate into Tamil Nadu." Kamal wrote: "Only change is permanent. No matter how many forces push it back, Tamil Nadu will once again prevail as the forerunner in social reforms. Kerala is standing as an example today. Congrats for that." https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/saffron-terrorism-kamal-haasan-says-right-wing-hindus-have-started-employing-terrorism/articleshow/61453672.cms?from=mdr
  12. When an Indian king offered shelter to 1,000 Polish orphans

    No one suffered as bad as Poland during the 2nd world war .
  13. Events in Saudi Arabia - arrest of princes over corruption charges

    They have already fallen in line and the clergy has given their official blessings to this "Anti-corruption" drive.
  14. He was the best Indian batsman in clearing infield during powerplays.
  15. The great irony about Kamal saying this is it was Muslim Mullahs who tried to block his Movie Vishwaroopam and he won't a word to criticize them . Read the whole article in Tamil.It was nothing but preachy criticizing the right wing (conveniently forgetting Most Muslims are more right wing than Hindus) . Clearly was trying to stay in the limelight till he launches his political party.
  16. Never heard of Google ?
  17. Kohli caught Tendulkar bug today

    Kohli slowed down badly for his 100 in the death overs like Sachin used to do . Scored 22 of last 20 balls he faced since the 39th over.Not a single boundary during that period as well.Slowing for his 100 and just couldn't recover his momentum.Such a sachiesque thing. Should have reached 350+ but ended up with 337.Hopefully this is just an one off bug from Sachin .
  18. Random Cricket Facts (RCF)

    Nah ,The record in held by Allan Border .The record is 153 tests . The record for consecutive tests from debut belongs to Brendan McCullum.Never missed a test from debut to retirement.
  19. 2014 as well. He simply wastes powerplays as opener.
  20. Can you quote me were I said Dhoni had a great time ? The only post about me in this thread about Dhoni is that he has been a failure in T20Is . Or are we talking about some imaginary stuff here ? There is nothing misleading in those stats.Rohit has suck in the last 2 T20 world cups with a joke of a SR of 118.That is often after batting through the powerplays. Rohit has been horrible for India in T20s in last 2 two ones ,in particular, with his awful batting and SR.
  21. Last I checked T20 world cup matches are listed as T20 Internationals . And they are the only matches that even matter in T20s. And Rohit has been a big failure for India in T20s.
  22. I clearly mention T20 world cups and you have conveniently ignored it :lmao: His record in last 2 T20 world cups . Regularly wasting powerplays as opener and having a SR of 118.
  23. He has a SR less than Dhoni's(SR 119 for an opener across 3 world cups ) in WT20s as opener .He literally wasted powerplays and screwed us in world T20s ever since he became an opener. Yeah he has been pretty awful failure since he started opening in T20s

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