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  1. i can not clearly fathom if this poster is a pakistani troll or a just a very wierd pessimist lol, very different.
  2. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    super pretty.
  3. Trolls on ICF: Moderators please read!

    really how do you slam the last one claim pakistanis are Indian Muslims lol. We dont want you man, stay in your country.
  4. Caption - For Ashwin's reaction

    Look at Umeshs pace on that ball. 90 miles fluent..
  5. Dhawan is such a hack in tests god.
  6. Karuna is a batter...good one lol
  7. Saha shakes so much at start hehe
  8. Manju making sense. Murali Vijay in place of Dhawan is stupid on this pitch.
  9. Wonder why its not swinging. Is the ball sogggy
  10. Shami and Umesh will be too good in this pitch. Pandya could have really done well with ball. Vj would have done very well as he would have left well.
  11. Its just seaming entirely the pitch. Bounce is even but high. Lower order will score here.
  12. hey i have always liked you man. come on. Just the odd pak ribbing post and mostly very friendly towards you and Pakistan . But yes jury is still out on Kohli in tests, we will see. He is obviously very very good in LOI, infact some might argue better than Sachin. In tests in Puj,Rahane,Kohli,KL close on heals and VJ with his moments for India.

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