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  1. Akram doing real peaceful service then.
  2. You upvoted a post that said csk fixed so i got curious.
  3. Dude chill down. Geelas are big cowards.
  4. Vilander

    Self centred egoistic captains

    you got the spelling wrong. What are you 13 ? And why are you abusing someone that you do not know and that too their mother ?
  5. Dhoni was hitting Steyn Saini and Umesh. Yes Umesh was destroyed but it was last over and Dhoni had nothing to loose. Umesh sucks anyway. But today was about Dhoni.
  6. He did 146 in a test match. He is completely capable of 148 in a t20 game.
  7. @beetle do you think CSK fixed a game or did spot fixing ?
  8. Precisely. I am not amazed at this fake moral outrage here the guy served his time and is a player if there is a problem dont play him lol. I would say Smith did take resposibility and did not cry and ask his board to support him and help him out of the predicament.
  9. Csks guy was caught betting with team combination. Rr had players spot fixing. Get your facts right.
  10. Not towing your line does not make one pakistani.
  11. He served his ban and he is a current player in the franchaise. What is the big deal ?. Icf has a lot of self serving fake moral outrage lol its basically folks who want to reinforce their own 'good person' feeling that show this often.
  12. Knocking down Eng doors here. Cunts mark wood and chros woakes are talking about not breaking winning 11 and about friendship etc to keep Archer out of the 11. Archer so deserves an international cap.
  13. will Prasigh be fast in a ODI or a first class game not sure yet.

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