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  1. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    unfortunately for us he did not play so many games. But yeah he was super quick when he traveled to Aus.
  2. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    show me a few test matches where Amir has clocked an average of say 139 and top speed somewhere in 145-150, this is basic for fast classification. I can show you a few for Shami/Umesh and Ishant. Even for Aaron i can find one i guess. LOI games are a bit erratic, bowlers bowl on rhythm ( on their day you are talking about, does not work in test matches).
  3. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    the other funny thing is Aus are a better team than Indian team if you look across conditions.
  4. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    top order except Kohli collapsed against their pacers. they just could not read our spinners. they will still beat India outside SC. In SC they will be competitive. They are better than Indian team still.
  5. Avg 90 strike rate of 90 with a cal year aggregate of almost 700 runs is suckling momentum ?. Ignorant simple minded retoric breeds hatred. You don't have to jump like a kangaroo once you have a modicum of control in a website, substantiate your claims. A bit of critical examination utterly defeats your rationale I don't know what else to call it, there is no sugar coat. It's pathetic.
  6. Report that post...you think a reprimand will make it worse?. you don't get it do you. You have already polluted the website for many folks dude. Your endeavor can only be called a diatribe nothing else. None of the threads are free from it.
  7. where did I insult you khota..I am surprised by your allegation I thought we were friends...how can you do this..Che Che. ..
  8. Not impressed you call honest critique as abuse. I might call it chicken but you would cry abuse. So let me respectfully disagree on that again.
  9. No your posts leak of the irrational hate that you have makes for a sorry read though. Low iq diatribe on a sporting legend in the said sports fan forum. Low iq waste of space defines it well. Less dwelt the better.
  10. That's your comeback..pathetic like yours posts.You don't want to use the sad face that you fought for in reaponse suits your personality.or lack of it.
  11. Kota how can you say one inning ?. Dhoni is averaging at 89.6 in odi this year. With an aggregate of 627 runs so far, it could be a 1000 run year for him. This is his best performance in terms of avg in a cal year. It's the guys swansong and all see it stupid hate in this forum.
  12. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

    On topic this is a regressive step much like making laaloo a mod. Negative reputation was a way to find troll posters and it helped people get the sense of the forum. Without it the reds are gone but you now have a sad face for a troll post. Imagine the padosi trolls and the lack of negative rep for their posts. Step backward it needed a bit more thinking guys. Honest observation.
  13. Yup this is just in. Recent technical advancements are indeed promising.. the last post in this thread has returned an image of the poster .. Not skinny and i will definitely cross the street to make some room..
  14. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

    Heheh Two points. 1 I don't down vote you , you already know that. 2 it was you who whinged about downvotes...hehe pathetic man ! now everyone knows that.
  15. Lol why would I leave I enjoy seeing you make a clown of yourself.

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