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  1. this is the problem. No matter the result of third test there is a problem.
  2. he cant be worse than DK - Get him in. simple.
  3. Just a bit more he could have got that wicket..good over but missed that wicket..
  4. He has accuracy control issues
  5. 87 mph...top over from shami
  6. 90 90 90 mph shami ia doing it
  7. This match is still not over. Bumrah will be back for bext one..perhaps pant its all not gloom.
  8. Vilander

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    I am expecting lots of rain as well.. This game will probably be a draw.
  9. All will keep quite when kuldeep humiliates eng tomorrow.
  10. Vilander

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    India will take lead by dismissing eng and be around 30 for 1.
  11. Vilander

    Does India needs a specialist batting Coach?

    Dude where were you when the whole coaching fiasco blew over.. It was supposed to be jumbo with Dravid and zak as consultants. Shastri uncle did not want consultants as he wanted full time coach who would do the grunt work for him and take blame when needed so that he can maintain his party engagements.
  12. Vilander

    Does India needs a specialist batting Coach?

    Great did service.. Why did they let go of Dravid and Zak no one knows

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