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  1. Ganesh gets mention earliest in Brahmananda purana ( 4th to 10 century). Karthikeya gets metioned earliest in Ramayana ( 6th Century) Ganesh is a Elephant god with a mouse signifying agrarian wealth. Karthik is a god on a peacock that can kill snakes ( danger) to farmers. Both get linked to Shiva the primary god in Hinduism. Its difficult to say which one is elder.
  2. History teaching in Pakistan

    what are you going to say, its because of evil Hindoo banias ?
  3. History teaching in Pakistan

    Nope it is not. India is normal, pak teaches anti hindu xenophobia as history.
  4. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    ok Not Indian, but cant find the damn tharki thread.
  5. accepted, that is possible. I will report it and stay quite on the matter.
  6. let me answer that with a good response. i have been pondering it over for some time. There are some elements that appeal to me honestly, some dont deeply. I like muslim womenhood ( family and purpose), but cant accept an archtypical muslim male ( entitlement), even if it is for the self, however gratifying it seems( which it is plenty). Then there is the political islam and its regulations - again a big problem. love the concept of a muslim family, and dedication to work but cant accept the honor shame virgins scale ( dharma mukthi sounds so much better). Then there is the hindu high philosophy and mind food - difficult to get that from a 'constrained by a single book' philosophy however good it is. Hinduism in its purest form does not limit itself to concept of single and multiple in Gods,its way more profound. I hear you and raise the boom shivam to you.
  7. I do not ask for any one to be banned. neither did i ask for an explanation from you, why does it become such an issue to you if i cal out bias lol. If you need to ban me thats your choice, its a forum after all you get posts from whom you want.
  8. Hey Mariyam, with all due respects. I have heard this too many times..reading too much, of course no one hates Chennai, its IPL section etc. Does not absolve us of our responsibility to be impartial what you give so you get, there should not be selective outrage. And sorry, any one can be accused of bias with evidence, mods are not gods lol sorry. Believe me any kind of sectarian bias hatred comes out the same for the receiver.
  9. SRH : IPL 2018 Official Team Thread

    is that Kane Williamson. ? <Dies of Cringe>
  10. i have flagged, to the level of being told not to do it so much lol. I know the system works as well and respect it. But at some stage its not banter, i mean for instance for someone to say Chennai is bad because of its people should not have a team in IPL when some folks are discussing how pissed they are at Chennai loosing the hosting rights - that is low - they are at that point linking their CSK hate to something other than cricket - to something entirely anti national, mooted in prejudice, bigotry. Then some some one to act preferential to this kind of statements and stopping the other side from giving it back takes it to an other level of bias. I mean i can see your undertones your digs, we still have a civil discussion no need to bring in unpleasantness when it can be helped right.
  11. i am sorry man. who ever it is, it is not ment for you.
  12. there is a point, and how do you know i have not used the report option ? i have consistently there has been some helpful response as well but hey you can not correct everyone.
  13. same think happened with Hayden,Gilly,Hussy,Sanath,Sachin etc..everyone had 1 or 2 great seasons in IPL after they completely stepped out of international cricket. I think they refocus all their energies on doing well in IPL as they are not playing anything else and their performance peaks.
  14. hey its not , apparently they should be happy about it and not respond.
  15. the guy itself is north south lol ironically - from heart of north India plays for a south Indian team. But criticism for his playing ability is justified but the hate is not.

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