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  1. BCCI can learn from Aus the way they package test cricket.
  2. it could go either way. It not based on the starting point of run up.. it where you jump and land. I think Ishant got it wrong when he decided the run-up for the game and jump point. If called often he would tend to look at this spot of flight ( where he jumps) rather than where he has to get the ball to go i.e loose rhythm
  3. one more of BJP self goals..hindi imposition. next one is the beef ban and the lynchings.
  4. Not sure about Modi but if pappu gets elected, i am sure India will be.
  5. Gabriel he is fast man..and it looks like he can go up near express territory if he had some cushion of runs and couple of good bowlers in the other end.
  6. 60/60 - In SA 82/90 - In Eng 14/20 - In Aus so far. Bloody impressive. Besides can't remember when was the last time this team did not bowl out an opposition.
  7. One of the cardinal duties of the fast bowler is to remind the batsman that they could get physically hurt if they are not careful. It's a unique and important aspect of fast bowling in an otherwise absolutely nonthreatening noncontact sport.
  8. the thing i like about Avesh and Nathu is their approach to the crease and their menacing presence when delivering the ball, they are threatening to a batsman - something that lacks in Yadav often ( for a bowler of his pace , he rarely owns a batsman like he did in that Aus series or that BD series spell to Sakib) and Shami too in the past ( when he comes in to bowl against WI its as if he owns the stadium) as was with Ishant (now i see a bit menace is back in him).
  9. this is the reason you dislike him i guess. lolz.
  10. do you mean he will intentionally go out and screw the team ??
  11. Vilander

    Test Career predictions - Ishant, Shami, Ashwin

    wrong thread
  12. it's not out of respect for due process ( if yes she would have come out at the time Kumble was ousted) it's not out of respect for Kumble ( if yes she would have come out earlier) it's out of whataboutism , and selfish interest in selecting powar for the women's team job.
  13. look at all the nasty stuff little convicts write, beating them int he next game will be all the more sweeter.

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