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  1. OK. You had your chance. I have nothing more to add.
  2. Good back to basics. Now in terms of defensive and offensive platforms acg are unique in that you do not have to fire a bullet to defend all you need is their coercive presence all the destroyers ssbns an acg is all of its battle group. They are of high strategic value. Central Police force ( like bsf itbp crpf ) equipment should be prioritised against other home ministry budget items for capf. For police force you are talking about, its state budgets.. Only linkage between these two elements can be some form of revenue transfer from center to state.. Like say for a particular fiscal year some surcharges accumulated at state level can be transferred back to the state to balance that states budget etc But you are talking about subsets that are nestled beneath multiple ministry and state layers. India needs both at different ministries for different reasons. Your argument is similar to brits who say why India has isro and sends rockets when it has poor people it does so because it's an entity based on collective subjectivity. There are no right or wrong answers but my point is home ministry can sort out equipment shortage for capf and states can sort for their spf no need to go till defence ministry> armed forces> navy> naval equipment >air arm.. They can start with state ministry > cm office > discretionary. Get the drift?
  3. Glad you find it interesting. No time for strawmen you have a whole army of them.
  4. What is it. Explain your gujju doing justice by letting hell loose then.
  5. @Muloghonto Indian naval aircraft carrier doctrines it's available in public.. It will be an Interesting read for you.
  6. @zen You say gujjus did justice. Are you supporting people beating other people perceived from a section of society in the name of doing justice. You are saying gujjus let all hell loose when they do justice so do you support hooligans who beat-up some random immigrant labour in the name of a rape that he or she did not commit. Are you saying all the immigrant labourers are complicit in the said rape case. Think a little before typing.
  7. Dude what pride pride.. WTF are you on about. Basic point don't lend into chauvinistic tendencies especially against fellow country men. It's leads to a straightforward us v's them scenario.
  8. NE. We don't need to hit BD it's a land locked country. Acg are factored in every near coast land battles by countries that intend to use them. Submarines can not project power on to land on the scale of carrier air fleet. Aircraft carriers can not be brought into a comparison into police firearms or other equipment. I am not sure if you know what you are talking about.
  9. you have very wrong understanding of ACG its not a fancy toy at all. Submarines and Anti ship missiles have been operative from WW2 - career groups give a very specific set of advantages, definitely no one would laugh on a carrier group when they come under direct fire from a mig 29 or worse from a rafale or a f18.
  10. oh 1, support a land battle from a safe movable air port on sea. lots of spots across bay of bengal for NE and arabian sea for pak chabbar afg theaters. 2, defend merchant navy carriying essential supplies ( oil) on supply lines out on the sea. ( nothing comes close to an carrier grp.) 3, dissuade any strategic move on IOR from china. 4, secure african vital interests - or people working in vital installations there during war time. 5, and carrier based air units usually are a short transit away from a theater and are equipped with more real time ops scenario info, than a sumki 3000 km away. basically the defence debate is on number of groups not on whether or not to have it.
  11. man fcuk...all this is because of cheerleader. Now Sachin and Lara also followed through... pray and imagine Shaw does well lol.
  12. and i see that in them here in the west, the most industrious of all Indic people -
  13. you see you have lost your marbles here - i am absolutely not abusing, i am being civil and calling you out. You have failed miserably in that respect - there is no point in hurling abuses or wishing misfortune ( lions belly lol), does not work with me. You are yet to come back as to why you are beaming about gujjus beating up north indian workers man - if that is not chauvinistic i am not sure what is. Any big group of people can trash poor individuals - its a very sectarian clannish ' us vs them' there is no bravado or pride in that - it should be universally cringed and scorned at not worn with pride as you are attempting to do here. Anyways. i have said all is need to. You have much to work on yourself though.
  14. well i disagree. its a national budget , the AC can even be met with unused defense ministry budgets that are sent back each year. You know thereis unused defence budget each period ? because folks are not able to make the required decisions within that assessment period.

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