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  1. LSRK is a small dark version of Shastri uncle a cliche bombastic cheerleader, even those guys are tolerable in certain scenarios. Manju is a separate case.
  2. Please update the petition with the following. Keeping in mind Manju's livelihood, a position of 'demotivation coach for opposition' should be created by BCCI and Manju be hired indefinitely for the role.
  3. lol vote madiddene saar. Its coffee for me. but Whiskey is hot...dont do blasphamy people will revolt esp in Bangalore.
  4. ok then add..
  5. update poll options hick!
  6. as in you dont liken a state to your mom or you dont bow down to anyone other than Allah including your mom. what is it can you give a bit more information. Its an interesting angle.
  7. Funny flag though, what is their hidden meaning would be interesting.
  8. some people here have no Idea about Karnataka or its people, but just want Hindi to dominate the state, its not all of North Indians though only some gullible ones.
  9. i think he and other aspirants have reconciled to the fact that they will never get a merit based Team India job, so have nothing to loose attitude now.
  10. won 2002, SL escaped because of rain and it was a tie.
  11. there was a very good suggestion earlier to hire him as demotivational coach insert for opposition teams playing India, thats a great idea.
  12. include parthiv patel. this is frustrating.
  13. Basically those interested in India facing the same have fanned it and many in the internet have fell for the trap.
  14. Cows are cattle. Others are endangered species. Lol