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  1. an absurd statement, a south Indian has charcoal on their face? lol north Indians or Pakistanis are not that pale-skinned that they have to wear charcoal to resemble south Indians. pathetic from a poster who wants to disown his own countrymen to fraternize with his 'fair' skinned rivals. thats pretty poor man.
  2. Vilander

    NZ v India washout.

    great post. The poster has 1 post. wow.
  3. absolutely pathetic organization ICC. there needs to be some accountability, no external forces are needed ICC will single-handedly destroy the sport.
  4. Vilander


    ICC is not competent enough - its pretty evident.
  5. Eng tried their best to make it difficult for India, aided by lauda committee. plays difficult teams upfront and starts much later than those teams so that they have less match practice and least chance for win.
  6. Lol morons rain outfield wet inspection in one hour rain covers back on. Rain stops Covers off Outfield wet inspection in 1 hour rain..... Morons.
  7. Covers comming off. Slightly overcast. One moron with an umbrella still may be still drizzling
  8. 45 mts of no rain time wasted.
  9. Vilander

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

  10. Vilander

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    ^ guys i think a trashing of epic proportions is coming for aamir, from the guy who is everyones daddy.
  11. Vilander

    Shankar va karthik

    he would probably have a great game against NZ, i am hoping its for Indias good. One wonders how he will go against other sides though.
  12. Vilander

    Shankar va karthik

    yeah thats the imbalance in the side basically. Shankar cant hit and karthik cant bowl. Similar to Aussies without stoinis.
  13. ++ saheen and hassan were pure filth and Wahab was his usual.

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