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  1. there is lot of lobbying and sabotage in defence industry. indigenous products are maligned in carefully planned probaganda, and HAL is also very lady and 'saar naan screwdrivergiri madthni' organization.
  2. i remember ITC ( private player) helping farmers with some scientific advisory related to crops, fertilizers and monsoon etc. I know Indian government has programs in the agriculture department, they research draught resistant crops - if i am not wrong they get a grant from UGC.
  3. When stray dogs bark in your mohalla. Do you go chasing them and throw stones at them? That would be stupid its the nature of the dogs to bark, know where they are so that you know if they are coming near you but don be bothered by the barking.
  4. which side of the border?
  5. Vilander

    Why doesn't the rest of the World care about Kashmir?

    no that is wrong. Partition was to have a homeland for Indian muslims in pakistan, India chose to be India for all.
  6. Vilander

    Why doesn't the rest of the World care about Kashmir?

    thats the thing right. It was partitioned, now valley wants to cede. When the maharaja ceded and asked India to come in, Mountbaten and nehru wanted to make sure Shiek Abdulla was freed and he was the one that lead public opinion. When plebecite was offered then to pak , Jinna refused it multiple times. The Gilgit and Muzzbad people did not want to cede to India and they split. Now in last 30 years people from Valley have become increasingly alienated. Valley should be made a union territory and must be given full autonomy only foreign policy and defence with India. Jammu and Ladhak/Kargil must be seperated and made into a separate union territory. LOC should be made Border, but pak wont accept to this, they will want whole of JK so will create trouble. On palestine though - Jews have no locus standi prior. Unlike India which is a legal soverign.
  7. power comes from ability and willingness to use it. India has some ability and no willingness. China has more ability and more willingness to wield it. Look at how they are strengthening themselves internally and clearing house in Uighur. India should learn from it. If India has to drop some districts because of this, so be it.
  8. dude once you have lived and accepted UK as your country try to be a UK citizen fully dont go back to supporting terroristan. India just does not want to play Pak, thats it. If forced, many feel BCCI should walk out of WC. India is not at fault here, there are something bigger than Sport.
  9. Vilander

    India to stop water supply to Pakistan

    one reason there are 180 million muslims in India. They assimilated. This goes to the root of the definition of India. If India is a Hindu rastra then we should have asked Muslims to leave and lost JK, Hydrabad Junagadh etc, clean and near and now we would have been a uniformally dark brown Hindu state, not to be.
  10. May be China policy is the way to go.
  11. https://newint.org/features/2018/09/14/china-detaining-million-uyghur-muslims
  12. ok there are only about 4-5 million Muslims in Kashmir. What China is doing in Uighur can be done in Kashmir.
  13. what is the other option. kashmirs muslim population would be like 12 million i guess. So what is the other option ? resettle Pandits, move other indian communities in and make them minority ?
  14. Vilander

    India to stop water supply to Pakistan

    1, Indus river flows for 70-75% of its length in Pakistan. some 20-25% in India and probably 5-10 % in China. Riparian state water sharing norms are based on this. 2, To stop 80% of water flow of Indus , India would have to construct like what ~100 dams across 6 rivers in a 150000 sq km area so what do you think is happening now ? or what do you think can happen ever Indian share of the rivers beas ravi and sutlej would probably be dammed further now, thats it.

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