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  1. no not that one, chinki as in not chinese, that was not used in ICF at least as i know of. and lol the whole Ghati thing is blown out, it cant be used a come back for anything. I did not know till now the some folks from MH detest being called that lol.. but now i know har har. ghati/pahadi is a very casual term, like calling some one uncouth.
  2. oh..same with Ghati but why cry for that then, why dont you embrace your Ghatipana as you would when you are pulling legs?
  3. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    hi problem is not with the gears. kohli and sashtri should keep their intent crap to themselves, may be Kohli excels when he has intent to attack. Other batsmen might excel when they have intent to leave the ball. They should not try to change the batting style of test level batters.
  4. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    this is spot on, Kumble should have stayed out of it and should not have supported CoA, despite Ram Guha being a fellow for him..
  5. yeah chinki lungi madrasee etc lol...and then they complain about Ghati...well too bad..so sad.
  6. no derog ment beetle didi. oh now it hurts...hehe nice. its commonly used, it just means hill country folks ( thanks for the explanation) , if it has derogatory meaning i am not aware of the same. its just a very convenient term to use on mumbai lobby , stop crying. how can you call me madrasi...blasphemy...racism..
  7. over reaction. no need to loose more. They will win the 3rd test most probably. And they will whitewash SA and Aus when they tour again.
  8. :) mumbai lobby is a stinking piece of crap. pathetic man so fn regional.lol dude but i like chatting with you.
  9. dude but bowling seemed to have worked. they did not run through the SA side often but they did set up both the games. batting utterly failed.
  10. Nice try. mumbai lobby is a neat name for pathetic people who want only their players in team..sorry dont try to save their arse here. mumbai lobby is stinking pile of crap. thats an established fact. from that base we can say they just got involved by going with the powerful parties in this case ( Kohli/Sashtri) as sniveling scum they are they like to tag along with the winning side.
  11. guess you are new to ICF, have you read through some of pearls of wisdom from padosi trolls. hang around lets see if your opinion stays the same about them in 3 months.
  12. lol what they need is good batsmen, bolwlers are doing their job taking 20 wickets and setting it up. Can fn chase 200 odd even after bowling opp for 130 thats batting failure.
  13. Inspite of not being at their best i think the bowling unit delivered the batting failed. lol no one saw that coming.
  14. 27.4: Kohli talking to Vijay...did anyone else hear this?

    11 year-olds 15 year olds raped and killed.. Fn monsters f this society then this aggrandizing of such cuss words.. Third rate vermins.

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