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  1. This is pretty neat i think it will get a game in 2018 ipl. Wonder how the pitch will be may be sporting like Dharamshala. A couple of more stadiums in in some himalayan states then India will endup with a series worth of green pacy pitches.
  2. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    yeah looks like it, when is the best time in this area ?
  3. KKR Playing 11

    Who will get a game first Nagarkoti or Mavi ?
  4. CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!!

    It will be big paanauti if Raydu performs..lolz
  5. a false allegation FIR gets filed with the police almost certainly in all cases of an FIR..then they go to court petitioning to quash the FIR. Its a common judicial process i am sure its happening for shami and his wife too. We will know in time who is telling the truth or what is the truth.
  6. poor guy probably fractured his toe there.
  7. Sad story of 39 Indians who died at the hands of islamic state and one lucky survivor who was helped by Bangladeshis and survived. http://www.abplive.in/india-news/story-of-39-indians-killed-by-isis-in-mosul-as-told-by-two-bangladeshi-nationals-in-2014-671210 Strength to the families, prayers for the dead. This fellow is vindicated now.
  8. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    Hey great news. Looks like this stadium will host BD vs Afganistan. http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/101117/dehradun-considered-as-venue-for-proposed-bangladesh-afghanistan-series
  9. How Islamic state segregated and killed 39 Indians

    There is talk of need for military action on slamic state. But its better to restrict it to those calling themselves that in kashmir. https://twitter.com/Swamy39/status/975988505368190976
  10. ..ad hominum, irrelevant conclusions, social media judgments galore. All i am trying to say is this, cheating does not mean lack of integrity vis-a-vis a bcci contract for shami, its a natural behavior not criminal but socially unacceptable in most cultures , wife can get a divorce and alimony or setttle out of court and separate amicably. I am glad this discussion is over too.
  11. Stop being so emotional about this then. I am sure women cheat too since there has to be two. Men are more predisposed to cheat than women because of the said urges it's nothing criminal and it does not show lack of integrity in other spheres of their lives many men don't cheat does not make them exemplary citizens in every other sphere by default etc.
  12. I do not mean literally more the psychology behind cheating and having fun is still cheating. There is no need for you to get hyper I guess this is an emotional topic for you. So yeah cool.
  13. Canada a comparable resource to population country is heroic in immigration policies and is often called the first post national state. And if Aus has good cities so does Canada more numbers of them they do all that while having a frozen inhospitable winter wonderland for most of the year in a few parts of the country and permafrost/tundra and polar bears in the rest. Apt comparison is Canada vs Aus
  14. You should try and not bring feminism into this. Men have a natural urge to spread their seed women have a natural urge to minimise risk of pregnancy by accepting only long term suitors. It's in their nature if Shami cheated, his wife can divorce him and ask for alimony or go for out of court settlement. This has nothing to do with his bcci contract. If he cheated Indian cricket or did a criminal offence it's a different matter obviously.
  15. Ee Sala Cup Namde : The Official 2018 RCB thread

    Rcb will play with freedom this year. Chahal sundar umesh saini.. Ab baz qdk and grandhomme or ali with southee as backup if grabdhomme fails. Kohli pappu who is the third Indian bat? One of my favorite teams because of awesome bowling attack.. Want to see Saini and umesh bowl together.
  16. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Mahalingam is a mentor too. What do all these mentors do man chai biscuit? Easiest team to make $$ in IPL. First game is CSK.. Lol that could end bad for the hosts here..
  17. CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!!

    Csk first game is against MI in their home ground. Will be a nice game and it's the tournament opener.. Csk straight to boxoffice MI tagging along.
  18. SRH : IPL 2018 Official Team Thread

    Dmk benami team. Do well.
  19. CSK Cheating 11

    aararaa thats gujju loin chhheey
  20. CSK Cheating 11

    First game is CSK Vs ghatis in wankhede... ..
  21. hey what if Shami gets married to this girl next. ? i think Shami is clean.
  22. DK>Dhoni

    this i agree. I feel the same.

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