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  1. Vilander

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    In time for pak world cup campaign mashaallah..
  2. Vilander

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Iran and pakistan ? Iran does well in sport yeah but not exactly a giant...pak meh..
  3. Vilander

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Very true.he makes a lot of sense
  4. Vilander

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Nope he did not do much..so let go..very poor overall. They regressed a bit under him. All due to lalchand rajput and coming to India.
  5. in this case. Indians will always like Afg better. If they support BD over Pak then you have reasons to complain. I think thats one team against whom Indians will probably support pak.
  6. amazing English- i should add.
  7. this shows there is a deep authority within the team management -> unwritten rules and unpublished kings who remain no matter what the captain says and does.
  8. @rkt.india why are you restating what i already said and quoting my other comment ?
  9. how can Afgan suddenly become this good. If they keep playing good teams i think they will be a top team in 1-2 seasons ( meaning WC contenders etc)
  10. lol what happened ? did you fight. ...... wait, dont answer it.
  11. Vilander

    Chennai Super Kings influencing national selections?

    Pant ahead of Rayudu KLR in playing 11 ahead of DK. Siraj or Khaleel ahead of Shardul in playing 11 and selection. Jadeja and Jhadav are ok. Raina was dropped after being tried.
  12. Vilander

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    Jadeja can be a bowler in England. meaning replace Chahal.
  13. may be mods can go to this fan site in facebook and invite some Afg posters over. https://www.facebook.com/Afghanistan-Cricket-Forum-ACF-199710303472473/ would love to have some of them here.
  14. he can not be blamed for this, he is not the captain in this series. If Rohit had control he could have got KLR in. But i think indian team has a pattern - they fill roles in the team and earmark players as best suited for certain roles. They should have Openers + number 3 as a group - then KLR can come in.
  15. exactly..trolling, fanning emotions poor piece.
  16. ganguly yes..its purely Dhoni being a big name and Ganguly can not take on some one like him. But the report in the paper..it says 'kannada' batsman. Poor choice of words, jingos from b'ore will pick it up. Eveyone agrees that KLR plays ahead of not just Dk but Rayudu and Pandey as well.
  17. i dont know wtf is this opening batsman non sense. If a batsman is good enough to open, he will be good enough to play in middle order.
  18. DK is easy meat. See the way it is being spun. DK a tamil in place of a deserving KLR a 'Kannada' batsman. This country wont go anywhere soon..lol very regional. But the point is super valid - rahul should be in playing 11 its a no brainier.
  19. they are also blunt but they speakup for mumbai batsmen only.. Ganguly is not regional as them for the most part.
  20. Need a second Indian team , push for two Indian teams in which ever series applicable. Create a team that is very ODI/T20 specific make it very debutante friendly selection, call it India red or something, let them compete with players that are close to international class but just are not getting selected because of place and let them compete. It will be an alternate stream of revenue and channel for the test team. So have 1 test team, 2 ODI international and 2 t20 international teams. Give one to Kolhi and one to Rohit sharma, i would pay to watch them have a go at each other.
  21. Did you want the guys to score quick and loose a couple of more wickets?
  22. Vilander

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    Banter is when you win you just got your arse handed. Jeeez (means jesus) its haram for you..
  23. Vilander

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    thats unlucky.. he deserves to get back in if Pandya is injured.

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