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  1. true this is a no brainer, wonder whats going on in there. But in case of Unadkat, he did do a fine job, and Chahal was not effective so i think Unadkut stays.
  2. Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    thats elementary. But how is India struggling more against new bowlers in comparison to other countries. There needs to be statistical proof, burden of proof is on folks who claim this.
  3. Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    man that was savage..
  4. kiddies ? we are talking about pak 'forever 18 for past 6 years' team, anyone who considers them kids probably looks like this.
  5. its a WC even if its u19 there are principles at stake, need to bendover and take it if you are a pak playing against Ind in WC.
  6. no sorry, nice try.. it was not a spelling mistake, you did not know diff between loss and lose. very poor english pretty pathetic, but absolutely avant garde for pakistan level i can assume. lol CT's hehe who is bothered by them man...ofcourse they are better than kitply cup so you can say 11-0 2-3 if that makes you feel secure sure.
  7. Raina won't last long !!!

    He wanted to show that he gets a move on from first ball, this is being taken for a ride by ones own hype. He needs to give emphasis to the process not worry about results and bat dot balls and take the game to the last few overs and.....wait, we dont want that right ?
  8. loss. is WC 11-0 not substantial ? why not even one game. hehe head to head is skewed because of bottle caps and home umpires playing for pakistan 13, its common knowledge thats why no one cares about them. but seriously why one even on WC or Wt20 game hehe.. ?
  9. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Dude the respect and reconciliation that you rightfully seek, do you think Hindus wont want foe you ? Before coming to Canada many Indians dont even know that such an issue exists thw Sikh community in India is fervantly nationalistic. Its ironic that a sub set of them elsewhere are estranged to such a degree albeit giving heft to legitimate legal closure its still quite disheartening.
  10. Marriage : Imran Khan's hat-trick

    so spiritual adviser also !! very naughty khan. Good thing for him there is no baba ramdev type advisers for him
  11. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Visible Indian communities that are younger than Sikhs in Canadian society are Gujju/Tamil/Bong and a bit of Delhi.
  12. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    i also find a new niche opening up rest of Indian origin leaders can bridge the Indian( Hindi and Tamil speaking) and Tamil ( Non Indian but Hindu) groups, but i think they will take some time to grow up , not seen many visible business success stories among them yet. Guess its a process and takes time, and i get the same feeling about bengali's in canada feels like non Indian even if Hindu, may be from BD etc.
  13. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    he pakistani poster. There are more layers there.
  14. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    why is there no voter base for this rest ? i have not seen any reasons in demographics per say its interesting. is it because rest of India folks are relatively new and more related to India and so less naturalized involved in Canadian politics ? Need lots of Bongs and Maharastrians pronto in Canada..need politics folks..politics.
  15. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    the key thing is is this being communicated by Indian govt in Canada. They should , all this snub to Trudeau is ok all macho. But what about reconciliation with the Sikh community i mean that should be top priority for Indian foreign affairs.
  16. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    with Harper what ever minimal international relevance Canada had is history too, this guy is a primadonna, only thing worse would be the jagmeet guy at the moment. Tamils+rest of North Indians make an equal size diaspora in Canada but wont vote in unison and are swayed by liberal party policies mostly. But the sikh seperatism politics is down to below. Only good can come from swift reconciliation. Its good that a clear message is sent to Canada but it wont do much. Trudeau as his nations premier is defending his own people, the immigrant population he will. Modi as a statesman, Indian and global leader of higher standing should go further and reconcile the diaspora. 1, 82 riots were real, it was bad ( congress caused it) but never reconciled. One of the staunchest communities in India sikhs were disillusioned because of it. still no justice. 2, Cause of this was fifth column subversion from pak inteligence in punjab earlier with separatism which was crushed. Ironic that dumb people at helm did not counter it with rhetoric at the time, during partition sikhs suffered the most at the islamic hands. 3, Indian foreign policy should have given some importance to this and shaped the rhetoric in Canada, there is a sizeable population of estranged sikhs there, and govt of India should have reached out, apologied for the riots and made amends like a democracy would. This would have destroyed all pak inteligence designs, but no babus ended up getting banned from gurudwaras ( starting with Brampton lol and all in Canada/US and EU followed) so its not just Canada, the estranged Sikh population is Indian and India needs to reconcile with them. Apologize for the riots, call it genecide what ever and punish the guilty. 4, This should be followed with change in rhetoric and change in false recourse related to Indian sikh separatism in Canada and repent for the air india bombing from the Canadian Sikh community. This will effectively free the young Sikh leaders from being bracketed by this event in their political career ( see whats happening to the NDP guy, he cant say no or yes and is being exposed for no clear fault of his, he should not be asked to defend terrorists from his comunity but he will be unless the rhetoric changes. They can easily galvanise pak/Indian immigrant voters together in local politics.
  17. Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    Each one of them proved themselves for a period against other oppositions as well. As a matter of fact Indians handled Dananjaya and doug better than others. India figured out Ajanda Mendis first, Lungi is a good bowler but he was figured out before the end of the ODI series. This list does the opposite of what its intended actually.
  18. Twitter messages

    ok. time to unleash the 'honeybots' on this thread.
  19. The great Nidhahas trophy itinerary

    SL are mentally scarred against India, BD probably will compete with India. But SL BD is a wierd setup now, BD is mentally scarred with SL lolz after the recent rear end violations that they received at their hands. it will be fun series. Rohit Dhawan etc will score mountains of runs.
  20. Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    needs factual evidence, does India struggle more against unknown bowlers ? how come they beat them in all games prior to that final then ? not to take anything away from pak players, it was a final and scoreboard pressure worked for them, its not a trend mostly expect a through and all-round trashing next time they meet India, as India bowls fields and bats much better.
  21. Twitter messages

    aaararaaa lalooo wade nicker twist hovichhheey
  22. Twitter messages

    there is a difference between being arrogant and having self respect. The guy is a gun test bowler thats all we should care, balls to Gibbs boohoo i fix games but dont call be a Fixer..lolz and Lol at whats going on here. Ghati's should understand Ashwin no longer plays for CSK wont get much support from generic CSK fans ( where are the punjab de munde ? ). Not super popular to start with even in TN so its a waste of time baiting with him hehe
  23. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    India came close to winning first. Dismissed opposition for 130 lowest in series. Won last epic test when sa were crying. Pappu dropped several catches and others too and we lost second test. How is that being dominated. Dominated is like 5-1 trashing that sa received.

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