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  1. So No 1 bowler - Gone No 3 bowler - gone Best Wicket Keeper - Gone nice start to test series in england..its just not a priority against IPL/LOI. Nothing has changed.
  2. This is stupid buzurg respect culture of India, no wonder Kohli is so timid around him..and Sashtri always prostrates.. Nothing against Dhoni he is king of CSK and plays like that in IPL. but i think he needs to vacate his spot in LOI. Disrespectful for Kohli.
  3. Vilander

    Dale Steyn, the greatest fast bowler of the century

    definitely one of the best ever bowlers.. Hope he goes out at the right time and retains his legacy.
  4. shoddy handing...first test is unnecessarily complicated now.
  5. Vilander

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    The guy could damage tests then ? But in all honesty i think he is timid or considers Dhoni his buzurg who he needs to unconditionally respect. If Dhoni vacates himself - i think this would be set right. Although Kumble ouster and KLR situation shows Kohli plays politics.
  6. Vilander

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    it is traditionally more important in every season barring this one prior to WC though.
  7. Vilander

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Rohit Dhawan KLR Kohli DK Pant Pandya Reserve Gill/Shaw - blood them four out of below based on availability and pitch Bumrah Shami Kuldeep Chahal Umesh Bhuv Rajpoot Siraj Reserve Mavi/Nagar blood them as pace allrounders, Khaleel/Avesh as fast bowlers.
  8. Vilander

    The sleepwalking openers

    Kohli, KLR,DK ,Pant,Hardick,- you have a good enough middle order there. DK as bat.
  9. Vilander

    The sleepwalking openers

    the thing is they can be groomed to match in time if Ind picks right squad right now thats the worst part.
  10. un lucky. Plays first game against ireland and gets hurt missed the most important series away test against England..he must be cursing himself.
  11. Vilander

    The sleepwalking openers

    not sure about English batters. But these guys certainly cant. Rohit lost his wicket in last game to lateral movement too -- even slight ammounts is un negotiable for him.
  12. dude. you need to really cheer up...I dont think it will be 0-3 down for India.
  13. Vilander

    The sleepwalking openers

    Neither of them can play lateral movement - its ability gap..cant fault Dhawan though.
  14. something tells me the A team only players are better than the primary team. Pant Shaw and Siraj look ready.
  15. Vilander

    The sleepwalking openers

    its gulf in ability, skill. cant help it. Ind does not have top order hitters, on same level as Eng atm.
  16. thats mental..the guy cant bat at 7 in tests..clearly is a lower order bat who had a purple patch, and had all thinking he was second coming of VVS.
  17. Vilander

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    this seems to be true. Get coaches fired, put a question on KL Rahuls spot in spite of good performance, include Dhoni/Raina in - include Dhawan/Rohit in tests ( they are our best in ODI though).
  18. Vilander

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    Pant am sure just wants an opportunity to prove himself.
  19. Vilander

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    there is a trend there man...its worrying. may be problem is the captains approach there.
  20. I think Eng basically. Batted better Bowled better Fielded better.. other than that India was pretty good in the series...

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