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  1. Sad story of 39 Indians who died at the hands of islamic state and one lucky survivor who was helped by Bangladeshis and survived. http://www.abplive.in/india-news/story-of-39-indians-killed-by-isis-in-mosul-as-told-by-two-bangladeshi-nationals-in-2014-671210 Strength to the families, prayers for the dead. This fellow is vindicated now.
  2. I do not mean literally more the psychology behind cheating and having fun is still cheating. There is no need for you to get hyper I guess this is an emotional topic for you. So yeah cool.
  3. Canada a comparable resource to population country is heroic in immigration policies and is often called the first post national state. And if Aus has good cities so does Canada more numbers of them they do all that while having a frozen inhospitable winter wonderland for most of the year in a few parts of the country and permafrost/tundra and polar bears in the rest. Apt comparison is Canada vs Aus
  4. You should try and not bring feminism into this. Men have a natural urge to spread their seed women have a natural urge to minimise risk of pregnancy by accepting only long term suitors. It's in their nature if Shami cheated, his wife can divorce him and ask for alimony or go for out of court settlement. This has nothing to do with his bcci contract. If he cheated Indian cricket or did a criminal offence it's a different matter obviously.
  5. Ee Sala Cup Namde : The Official 2018 RCB thread

    Rcb will play with freedom this year. Chahal sundar umesh saini.. Ab baz qdk and grandhomme or ali with southee as backup if grabdhomme fails. Kohli pappu who is the third Indian bat? One of my favorite teams because of awesome bowling attack.. Want to see Saini and umesh bowl together.
  6. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Mahalingam is a mentor too. What do all these mentors do man chai biscuit? Easiest team to make $$ in IPL. First game is CSK.. Lol that could end bad for the hosts here..
  7. CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!!

    Csk first game is against MI in their home ground. Will be a nice game and it's the tournament opener.. Csk straight to boxoffice MI tagging along.
  8. SRH : IPL 2018 Official Team Thread

    Dmk benami team. Do well.
  9. CSK Playing 11

    aararaa thats gujju loin chhheey
  10. CSK Playing 11

    First game is CSK Vs ghatis in wankhede... ..
  11. hey what if Shami gets married to this girl next. ? i think Shami is clean.
  12. DK>Dhoni

    this i agree. I feel the same.
  13. Humanism should be a religion. Call them humanist with no fundamental tenant other than no religion just science, justice equality and logic. This will protect liberals/progressives from rabid right wing fundamentalists.
  14. no its not, look at what happened to bamiyan statues or palmira under islamic rule. Islam obliterates extant culture on path to preeminence, and eventually destroys everything that reminds people of the past culture once on top, this has been proven in the past, notable exception being Egyptian Pyramids because of the scale of human heritage value.
  15. DK>Dhoni

    So you are still maintaining DK is not good then? Wow man that's harsh.
  16. DK>Dhoni

    well turned around at hind sight.
  17. Way to go forward or backwards

    So when someone votes for pant or kdk who is he voting for pant or kdk?
  18. Indian memes are funny and appropriate.
  19. It's not over the top when it's bloody funny a Photoshop showing a bd nagin being controlled by a snakecharmer (famous Indian caricature) is funny take on the on field events where the snakecharmer dk controlled the bd game and won . A beheading or murder or shaving of one's head is profoundly crass ugly rude unfunny and at worst shows criminal intent. Over the top is what you guys do..anyways enough said.
  20. You sure have a very weird way of showing camaraderie with your photoshops of gross violence on Indian team members ..and tweets from your captain expressing happiness for Indian loss to a third team lol.
  21. DD Playing 11

    Still want to see Rabada Shami in a game together hopefully in Dharamshala or Eden.

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