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  1. So many Tall players in West Indies?

    There is a line of thought that selective coupling or arranged marriages that was done by slavers during that period on their african american captives was the reason for roboustness amoung african ameriacan community in north america. This has been discounted often, basically the scientific notion is that when babies with genetic material from tropics ( genetically have no height prohibiting genome) are placed in the temperate zones in developed world with good access to sanitation and nutrition they shall grow taller that local population eventually in terms of generations,local population might have genetic adaptation to reduce moisture loss due to bigger or longer torso.
  2. thats one way to shut someone up..win a world cup.
  3. So many Tall players in West Indies?

    WI team are physical specimens..but only irfan lol kuch bhe.. what are Ishant,Pankaj,Yuvraj,Pathan brothers to name a few..do you think they 5'6"
  4. Cricbuzz popular cricket website than Cricinfo?

    i like cricbuzz unbiased cricket only in mind articles, opposed to political articles in few other sites. Cricinfo statguru is peerless.= though.
  5. back like a tracerrrrr bullllet to the comm box.
  6. Mushfique Rahim- WTF is This. Cheapshot

    macha is a Chennai bromance term..they played together for so long, so no surprise there. But may be if BD guys get IPL contracts they will be friendly too for now they feel neglected i think. But first they need to be good.
  7. Where are our IPL stars?

    In the West Indian team ?
  8. We scored 1 six in the last 14 overs!

    maggie rahane..such poorly built brats, eating all kinds of crap i believe, the WI players looked like wrestlers in front of them.
  9. True WI would have chased 210 also...good team. India needed 220 to win, with no noballs..
  10. Gavaskar is a regionalist Person

    but does yorkshire officials show nepotistic tendencies towards yorkshire players when it comes to England cap ? i guess they dont, there lies the difference. Mumbai has a lobby, a powerful one.
  11. Mushfique Rahim- WTF is This. Cheapshot

    In all honesty this is the best possible defeat for India, this or loosing to SA. India can not loose to any other team and not fee dejected or angry. Loosing to WI at home, no big deal, its touch disappointing but well played Virat and best of luck Gayle,Bravo,Sammy,Simons..loveable team.
  12. Mushfique Rahim- WTF is This. Cheapshot

    Thats how impartial and exemplary Lara is, when he celebrates for his country's victory it can be used to rile the loosing countries..lol its so ironic. Learn from Lara, little bd fellow behind wickets - rage boy eyes- crass mushfiqrzxyezere.
  13. Should MS Dhoni be our captain in Champions trophy?

    since when did CT become so important. Time to bring in a new captain for LOI's. May be Virat or someone else.Dhoni should focus on his big hitting and go out as a great LOI player. Something like what Sangakara did.
  14. if India wins all the wrist slitters can not celebrate.
  15. look at the posts in this thread for past 20 mts...lol wrist slitters.
  16. what a bunch of loosers this site has. bloody wrist slitters. There is still 4 overs.
  17. office is partially empty only firangs around, i track and find all Indians ( some 20) and 1 Guyanese in a conference room lol... pretend meeting with cricket in big screen..
  18. As much as i love India to win, its Eng's cup to loose.
  19. disappointed its not some NDTV barkha or crickinfo sharada ugra type jurno just some genuinely stupd hindi regional jurno. Dhoni could have just let him be.
  20. This is an other kind of BS that floats around here. It does not matter what you repeat how may ever times. You have not seen Indian quick bowlers bowl 145+ and rattle stumps ?
  21. 1, I dont remember any poster with Alan borders or Bothams head. 2, I dont remember fans crying in the ground when we lost to Aus a bazillion times as if we had a chance and never expected to loose. 3, I dont remember any foreign cricketer or fan being assaulted or thown stuff at on a convoy there might have been an occassional water bottle thrown in by some unruly mob but no attacks. BD take the shenanigans to a whole low classlessness, rarefied shit pit they live in no country fan comes close.
  22. First up; Pakistan is made to get their arse handed to them by India in every sphere, its the god given right for every Indian to put the fear of god in Pakistan and Pakistan feels precisely the vice-versa about India and Indians. Indians feel China are real rivals and a threat not Pak, Pak is more a pawn of China/US but a major pain in the backside. Since we have put that one way. BD needs to mature and fast in cricket fan following they are class less and crass now, in the real world outside of Cricket i think BD is not the worst neighbor at the least the govt is democratic and in 'friendly' terms with India which is a lot to say none of Pak/SL even Nepal are strictly that happy with India and ofcourse India will defend Bhutan with their lives but there is not much of an economic value around Bhutan just strategic land area. There is a lot of similarities between BD and Bengal in culture people etc but the issue is that of illegal immigration and such. If all BD illegals can be given proper work-permits and they remit back to BD imagine the amount of tax revenue for both the countries it can only be good. If BD becomes radicalized and does anything anti-India ,then India will stop them and probably in a bloody way around the borders like how we are doing in Kashmir, which can not be good for BD cause India can sustain it for as long as it wants and no one can stop them. BD is a progressive country albeit with real serious problems with radicalization of youth, and an important part of Indias progress to the next level, some petty cricket matches wont change this, so chill. Besides if BD keep playing like the way they do now, i see no reason for India not giving them huge respect on the cricket field.
  23. you use depth and death interchangeably while they are not.

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