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  1. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    he says Kohli should be stripped of captaincy...
  2. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    first up i am not your mate, you are not an aussie you dont use that term naturally, comes out pretty wannabe. anyways i am not the one proving anything here, all i am saying is players who play the game are supported by a coach. if the players want a different support staff then they will get them, they are called support staff for a reason, they dont go and hoist anything in the middle of the ground they sit in the side and support those who do it. heck its not even my opinion, its common prudence, that support staff are replaceable lol and you are here flaming about it.
  3. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    see you are calling me a sheep , lacking in comprehension etc, i have been very civil with you. The reason is i do not have an agenda,and am in peace with what is happening. Players call the shots, kumble needs to go home and its happening which is right. And why would you think that anything you say here qualifies me, lol you seem to be hurting hehe no one gives a * as to what your opinion is dude, live with it, we are ranting in a forum and you think your verbal abuses mean anything hehe.
  4. it is already lots of kids pickup basketball and soccer these days.
  5. t20 will be good, tests ok. ODI will surely die. Yes there is a degree of lack of value in playing cricket. You play Zimbabwe/pakistan/afganistan/bangladesh a set of countries not necessarily known for being best in many things. Even the world beater team is India , which does pathetically in other sports and in olympics.
  6. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    India and pakistan are not the same. Nope, sorry.
  7. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    well seems to me BCCI and power of Indian cricket seem to agree with my point of view, so yeah i dont mind your disagreement since it is utterly inconsequential.
  8. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    its inherently disposable the coach's role, he is not the selector, he is not the on filed tactician, what the * is he agony aunt, house wife ?( no offence meant to the sweet housewives who are actually more irreplaceable here).
  9. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    well players views should be given utmost importance, a coaches role is to enable players play better. if the players feel as a group that a coach is not helping the teams cause, then the coach has to go, its a very effective system its called democracy. so yeah whats the big deal in openly disagreeing to this lol.
  10. its a good time to let both dhoni and Yuvi go, they have done well time for younger folks to do well. Nothing wrong is said here. Lol at people who think only TN has Dhoni fans, there are many fans from India as well.
  11. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    first up learn how to disgree, what agenda can i possibly have ? Kumble got credit for his good work as coach ok, now players do not want him as coach, players got more of the credit for their good work so their decision stands, pretty simple. Coach goes not the players.
  12. Vilander

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    start the excuses whinger.
  13. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    chappell went Kumble went, i dont get your point. Players are more hard to develop than a coach, so obviously the coach steps down, what part of this is not clear.
  14. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    exactly Cricket captain = football coach one game i see a parallel role is gridiron for coach and quarterback.
  15. Vilander

    Thank You Kumble

    sorry players gave results not Kumble his playing days got over,he sat behind the computer and gave throwdowns and dressdowns to players. Good coach but not more important than captain and players.
  16. it is, you need to be a resident to get it. But **** thing is banks would ask for them, land registration will ask for them, you know Indian babus you can not talk law with them. They will say no Aadhar then benami, this is a bad situation actually.
  17. no its about doing what Indias wants and not what Pak wants. simple.
  18. lol piece of crap. the pak poster is the one spewing hate, go read it. He is talking about war,India begging to Clinton ( lol piece of **** it was your country that begged to US to ask India to stop) etc. wtf, no one is going to hold back. No real fan here has got burnt on a game of cricket, we know for sure that there will be many times India will beat pak again, this very fact that Indians are pretty chilled about it in general has got jihad pak posters nickers in a twist. So it is them that need to chill. take you bhashan somewhere else.
  19. Nope we will not play bilaterals as it suits us play in ICC tourneys.
  20. No we just don't want to play you man. Nations play sport with friendy nation's not terrorists. This phase will not go away. You will be left behind.
  21. Your army is crying daily about Indian beat down in the LOC though
  22. Flame bait piece of ****. Ban this ahole
  23. Lol minorities in Pak lol....hehe
  24. oh yeah this is the pakistani from australia who likes to pretend he is an aussie but now is showing his true color as a pakistani. lol complicated

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