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  1. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    @express bowling many times you are reason i keep coming back to ICF during workday, your honest phast fan reporting over the years is honestly admired and respected by fellow phast bowler fans. may we soon see an Indian express pace battery in tests in near future.
  2. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    He looks more accurate that Umesh may be a bit slower but definitely better bouncers and that yorker. Why is this guy not playing ahead of them.
  3. Basically the whole of 2007 WT20 was badass, so was the knockout stages of 2011 WC. 2003 Ind vs Pak WC match was the best ODI match i have memory of in my life, the first over Sachin/Sehwag vs Akthar is stuff of legends..19 runs and Akthar was taken off attack and then the straight drive off Akram, epic.
  4. Srini dictating BCCI from the shadows

    So Srini is fighting for the big three model from outside BCCI, loosing battle i suppose.
  5. English players dont play all around the globe, they dont play in IPL but they are still good power hitters. Its just selecting the right kind of players for the job and providing them the correct set of support, opportunities and environment to be successful.
  6. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    should add, totally agree this bowler looks good you are spot on there.
  7. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    There is no era of political correctness. No matter how logical it might sound generalizations can not be be projected as a norm, this is just a discussion there is no need to get defensive.
  8. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    You are typecasting. i had a good chance of interacting with several malayalees during my business school years, i found them normal at times very proficient in their diction, much more than several colleagues from northern belt at that time. I wont draw conclusions based on that and say for instance people from UP/Bihar have a thick regional accent. The reason being it depends on the individual and the schools he/she went to, how dedicated were they in learning grammar/pronunciation did they take part in school plays etc. Again lots of generalization in your statements, but lets move on.
  9. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    What about engineers who did an mba and took up jobs in advertising what are they? You are filled with assumptions.
  10. No one argues it is because Kujli was a timurid rapist ruler and Padmavati was a Indian queen who immolated herself to escape exploitation. The point here is simple. If there is no distortion of truth in the form of Padmavati ( a cultural icon of sorts for Rajputs) being shown as to be having a romantic relation with Alauddin Khulji in the movie then SLB was slapped around despicably for no reason. If there is such a scene then SLB was slapped around despicably but pretty predictably. If SLB has not released this statement then SLB was slapped around despicably but he probably had it coming. And Jaipur will continue to be the beautiful place that attracts tourists inspite of SLB being slapped around in all probability, the beauty and the history of the place is beyond all this.
  11. dude why are you disappointed. Pakistani people want destruction and dismemberment of India, it has been apparent for several decades now. Pakistani people want to wage a war on India so we should be prepared for doves on their side to have an anti Indian and pro JUD stance. They love the fact that JUD attacked Indian army, gives them a warm fuzzy feeling.
  12. This is some internal politics no one other than China has leverage with the pak deep state now. The play is china russia pak super power block. What remains to be seen is how far Russia will go with this.
  13. its their job, they are doing their job.
  14. There was a deal in 1990's wherein saudi agreed to sell petrol in dollars, in return for being left alone. Saudi's are in bed with the US basically.
  15. he wont do that saudi/pak etc are their allies..
  16. demographic take over. Their women folk dont work mostly so are fertile, their affinities preach demographic dominance by numbers.
  17. yup blanket ban is wrong, when its any country other than Pak. for pak everything is ok ofcourse.
  18. Khilji ka khujli : http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sanjeev-singh-blog/is-sanjay-leela-bhansali-ignoring-the-most-interesting-love-story-of-alauddin-khilji/ this blog calls it right, it from TOI but yeah one of the odd ones where its correct. Khilji also had a weakness for beardless boys. He was fascinated by Kafur’s effeminate beauty and ended up buying the slave for a thousand Dinars during his conquest of Gujarat. Kafur took full advantage of Khilji’s enamour for him and rose through the ranks to become the Malik Naib (deputy ruler). This love affair between Khilji and Kafur is well documented in many books including the Tarikh-e-Firozshahi. It is believed that Khilji had almost 50,000 beardless boys in his harem at the height of his empire. There was no love between Rani Padmini and Khilji. On the contrary, it was Padmini who led the 1,600 odd Rajput women to jump into the pyre and commit Jauhar rather than being taken prisoner. Padmini is revered for her valour and has acquired legendary status over the centuries with many temples and shrines dedicated to her memory. " There is no doubt that those who indulged in violence against Bhansali should be taken to task. There is no place for lumpen elements in our society. But filmmakers too need to sensitise themselves when it comes to dealing with historical issues. Why should any filmmaker want to film a dream sequence where Padmini and Khilji are romancing? How about sticking to history and shooting a sensual, romantic song between Khilji and Kafur? "
  19. People are loosing patience with libretard ape bollywood basically. Make any movie dont call it historical dont propagate lies.
  20. 1, The muslims ruler is basically scum who killed and raped. 2, The hindu queen immolated herself did not have hot romance with the scum. 3, Bansali took creative liberty in an insensitive way, he could have called her some other name. Or clarified what his movies actual story is. 4, Slapping him around was totally wrong. 5, But he is not without any errors here. 6, We do not know if the people who assaulted him do not know this.
  21. waiting for Ind to wipe the floor with them.
  22. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Thampi appears a bit faster and a bit more accurate , Warrier looks tall bowler with natural bounce.
  23. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    1:30 IST ? or EST? ok live IST got it.

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