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  1. Vilander

    CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!! We are Back

    Apparently they are back in tutukudi they need a good old narayana treatment from TN police. Especially Mr seeman
  2. Vilander

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Ailaaaaa Duniya geela denge.
  3. Vilander

    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    Well sachin is not in the grade of ponting kallis and lara against pace..kallis ia obviously better. Sachin played for long time so accumulated more runs. Its Kallis Sanga Ponting Lara Sachin in that order..obviously
  4. Vilander

    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    its partly because Kallis is ahead of them( Kallis = Sachin+ Zak = unreal ). sanga is level.
  5. Vilander

    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    Ponting and Sanga are good too..whats the problem there.
  6. Vilander

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    Delhi will suffer from this problem always, because its national capital - true delhiites will want to cheer for India primarily, its a bit less of a problem for a city like Chennai which is not main stream Indian so can Cheer for its own even if the team has some alien faces, and CSk has been clever in roping in some players like Raina/Bravo/Lungi who are not from the state or even country but are still easy to assimilate ( or feel like it)
  7. Vilander

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    Some people like t20 because its like a movie. Tests people will remember for their entire fan life cycle. There is no sense of heritage in t20 except for may be Wt20 and IPL trophies win.
  8. Vilander

    Bye bye bambis !!!

    Dk is more like-able than Gambir ( who just fed into this arrogance of SRK and his team).
  9. Vilander

    Bye bye bambis !!!

    i think hardik holed one out and she cried out what the fcuk was that.
  10. Vilander

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    yeah thats right, CSK made more.
  11. Vilander

    Vijay Shankar vs Hussain Talat - Who's better?

    lol in t20 you mean ? even then Rayudu this season in t20 has been some other level
  12. reconciliation start by stopping the insults - simple bigotry is not trolling - banter has to have an element of joke in it and lack of malice. Its futile really researching 'who started', the other side can always say it all started when so and so called some one sambhar etc.
  13. Vilander

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    wow hang in there man, i think you can recover your muscle mass fully but core structural strength esp in spinal chord is something that you need to absolutely stick with professional advice( physios). Look at it this way there is not permanent impact to your lifestyle it is still very good for you, its only the sport that you play you need to do certain things differently.
  14. Vilander

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    may be him not being captain in afg game which BCCI wanted has got something to do with this ? this is pathetic if its not really a neck injury.
  15. Vilander

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    He should have skipped useless IPL. But hey now he will never have a good stat in Eng in his career probably -> so thats that - if he misses a season because of this then he is done demoted from GOAT contender to Great or Good. Hope he recovers fully quickly.
  16. Vilander

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    you are justifying all the quotes i gave you from your darling fellow mod. thats disappointing coming from you.
  17. its reactionary rkt this is what i was referencing to in my earlier post. Now there will be few more reactionary internet warriors in the other side for this. mod should not involve in any representation of any group in a joke that will make others look at the group differently, it makes bigotry easy for others to follow.
  18. Vilander

    Harbhajan signed as commentator by SKY for england tour.

    Zak has acceptable spoken English, but is too much of a good guy - good analyst too. But he is not a native speaker level guy, cant crack jokes and be relaxed based on what is seen. I think they are thinking Bhaji will be able to be funny, but remains to be seen if he is able to be funny in English.
  19. Vilander

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    VVS always the good boy. I searched for your avatar online found it..damn.
  20. Vilander

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    i will chill sure dude, i am sure most of the CSK guys around will chill too . Would sure appreciate all mumbai uncles to stop calling names too. Its not sensitivity, just positive peer pressure. Look at how quite the moron is suddenly. Positive peer pressure is very important. But certain uncle here who thinks they are big because they are mod in this site, sure can stop calling CSK fans names-> Tamils, cause it clear half of all CSK are non Tamils and by extension idlies thrower or sambhar or rasam slurper or what ever - this **** gets a reaction deservedly ( thankfully its just posts till now no other exigency). If they call names and are responded to in kind its suddenly racist really how pathetic can you get ? at least dont start crying when someone treats you the way you deserve to be treated.
  21. Vilander

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    did you tell that uncle that you are straight ? may be thats the reason behind the address query.
  22. may be he was nervous during trials. Experienced players are an easy way out, but evaluating the game of experienced players in a nuanced skill.
  23. Vilander

    AB de Villiers Retires from International Cricket

    "It would not be right for me to pick and choose where, when and in what format I play for the Proteas. For me, in the green and gold, it must be everything or nothing. I will always be grateful to the coaches and staff of Cricket South Africa for their support through all these years. The most important thank you goes out to all of my team mates throughout my career, I wouldn't be half the player that I am without the support throughout the years. That sounds right, not selfish..does not want to linger till 2019 WC pick and choose games to score more centuries against BD, to get a victory lap. Great player.
  24. Vilander

    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    from a pure batting ability point of view. Definitely ABDV. Sachin ofcourse played for so long..he score more runs for sure. ABDV will be picked by most in their 11 for crunch time, he can do unbelievable shots and fielding on the cricketing field. So Batting - Marginally ABDV Fielding - Definitely AB Overall - ABDV better value player. top thread OP> but better to compare AB with Kohli or Ponting/kallis etc who won lots of games for their Team. Sachin ofcourse played lots of games scored lots of runs..but yeah.
  25. Vilander

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    its reactionary. that is the problem with offending ethnic and religious sensitivities. Many will be caught in the cross fire, samples we are collecting here from some of the moderators - is classical bigoted commentary and institutional culture of prejudice. What such content in all of inter-webs does is reactionary keyboard warriors who trade their fire on folks like Bhogle who made a fine comment likening the excitement of the win to a bollywood movie script from Mumbai, but got trolls in return. Trolling is not just checked by self censure, at times there is possibility for exemplary punishment in certain countries, if there is a case for it.

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