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  1. found a couple of utter babes waving Indian flags -> top quality around the ground. Guess in UAE only South Asian women turn-up like this.
  2. what is the harm in keeping the pak players on ground ? do you carry points or nrr from group stage to super 4's ?
  3. Vilander

    Send Bumrah Home

    i think they can be rotated for Afg and BD games.. although both teams are capable ( afg less so) of beating a full Ind team without Kohli. but they should play the 1-2 pak games . Has to be full strength against pak - need to respect them as an opposition.
  4. Vilander

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    lol KLR has some problem with team management - how is he and Khaleel not plaaying ?
  5. what Lala bhai...head to head etc..your team is getting r'd there.. think before your type. Commiserations and dont worry there are two more games..
  6. Vilander

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    thats right. he used to wear a green with crescent outfit..nowadays he is having an Indian flag in the side too.. definitely a good gesture. Lots of respect for the guy, obviously he must be a successful business man in the west..but yeah nice touch.
  7. Hey guys esp the wrist slitters, till yesterday pak were supposed to steam roll India, what happened suddenly ? they are still the same team, keep consistant with your wrist slitting please.
  8. agree. But the gesture from the pak fan is something to appreciate. couple 1-2k $ is not chump change for anyone.
  9. Just so that this does not get drowned in all of this. https://www.ibtimes.co.in/asia-cup-2018-tendulkar-fan-sudhir-didnt-have-money-uae-trip-pakistans-chacha-chicago-helps-out-780857
  10. Vilander

    Unnecessary hype around this Ind-Pak match

    beautiful gesture from the pak super fan. https://www.ibtimes.co.in/asia-cup-2018-tendulkar-fan-sudhir-didnt-have-money-uae-trip-pakistans-chacha-chicago-helps-out-780857
  11. Pakistan is one of the hottest **** hole in the planet. Pak pitches are some of the super slowest in the world. So yeah its familiar conditions to sc teams. And its home ground and home advantage for pak. Which is ok.
  12. Hope is about a 100 orders of magnitude too big for the Asia cup lol..better to call it a passing curiousity.
  13. Their fans are flying too high..hehe..its most probably a 3 match series.
  14. According to pak captain saheb People say this is Pakistan's home ground and you can say that, but I believe the conditions here are even for every team. The weather here is like it is in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Pitches are also similarly slow. So it isn't really home ground for anyone. It is an even ground for all." So basically he is saying pak is switzerland it has sub zero temp all the time ind bd and sl are hot at 45 deg celcius all the time.. Pitches in Pak are sooper dooper phast.. Like very phasst.. pak has no home advantage in their home ground.. hehe moron
  15. I think bcci has done well and recreated 80s with very focused bad selections..so this match will be a cliff hanger...and paying public in Pak hinterlands will get their worth.but if top three fire it will be too much for pak to chase. Lets see
  16. Vilander

    How Shameful is this??

    Spoken from English experience i suppose..lolz same here..

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