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  1. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    I think its a win coming up. Good one, SA are not good enough, their batting is weak, too many mistakes and wickets from india
  2. Guha’s Poignant piece on Kohli

    As much as i dislike Guha because of his CoA episode, he makes a lot of valid points here. why say no to practice games and come back and say we lost because of lack of practice ?
  3. Hasan Ali from Pakistan seems like a fantastic bowler.

    dude no one cares if he does well or goes bust.
  4. BCCI if you are serious about winning overseas, forgo some irrelevant home ODI series monies and have 3-5 practice games prior to SA/Eng/Aus series, simple.
  5. t20? nice..must be effort balls..still 90 mph from that bone creaking frame is unreal.. good effort from the little man.
  6. Kohli is not great until he scores 200+ and gets his team win overseas. there. Dont care of 100 or 150 and look good.
  7. that would have made it 180 odd to chase, India might have won or lsot by 20 runs..
  8. they would have chased 240 instead of 287 odd.. still 150 is no good. batting failed.
  9. you mean second test. for sure no Bhuv was a mistake clearly. The perplexing thing is. Ishant took wickets and Bumrah did not. Shami sucked first innings unfortunately.
  10. Vijay Bhuv Karthik/ if not selected pappu
  11. Kumble Vishwanath venky prasadham...dude Guha we know you are from KA stfu with your self aggrandizing. Samples like you should never get near cricket admin.
  12. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    Hey he like his ipl monies. But what i said is through my personal observation not based on his statement.
  13. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    Meaning with such piss poor catching and batting India was only able to compete and get to some winning positions because of bowling, agreed only to squander is without a fight but they did get to winning positions and bowling is to be thanked for that.
  14. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    but its apparent its a batting and catching failure. Time and again bowlers put the SA batters in pressure only to see catches dropped and batsmen doing very poorly next innings.
  15. openers were **** all three of them. do we have any one better waiting ?
  16. spoken like one with true experience.
  17. Vijay Rahul Puj Koh Roh Karthik Pandya Ashiwn Bhuv Shami Bumrah
  18. Team for 3rd test

    Bumrah should play, they should try to win the last game and not let it draw or worse loose. SA lost 3-0 if India loose 2-1 bragging rights are with India, it is everything to play for.
  19. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    who is the street dog ?
  20. it has synonyms ? what does it mean...damn. is it some manga anime ?
  21. no. sorry..beetle didi will get angry.
  22. damn..i must have ruffled quite a few feathers here..

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