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  1. lol...sure shot way..same as Ind-SL but BD probably are wary now.
  2. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    lol that ammi type lady was also concerned for him..asking him to calm down. hehe the guys in the other side were probably ribbing him supporting bd all along saying Ind will loose hehe..funny.
  3. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    i felt it too, he seems to be pumped that Dk won it.
  4. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    they look pakistani or indian..not bangla.
  5. this is just so well put. Very good articulation.
  6. this applies to every other country that plays it more. Pak and BD are the biggest countries playing cricket after India, BD obviously is tiny in resources so its still a small country. So outside of Ind and Pak no big countries in cricket. Eng is obviously middle in size and is a fully development nation, others are just small.
  7. i have seen that its quite savage actually.
  8. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    lots of haters in the thread, expect a nice klpd , for me the guy looks a rookie but a one with potential.
  9. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    The last ball shankar faced india needing 5 was after he hit a four. He tried clearing the field and was caught near the ropes. If he attained a bit more distance and bit less height it would have been the 6 that won the game will folks be calling him a find ? Lol be chilled about this you can not judge a player by one inning.
  10. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    You got all that from one inning with bat first one ever in international level that too a tournament final. His bowling was on and off through the series not the worst. He probably is not a t20 bat though
  11. The greatest nagin dance done by a cricketer

    Sohail lol wants to gtfo there..priceless expression and a part of Lee obviously died forever of cringe there.
  12. Indian fans should engage BD fans as little as possible and be civil and cordial at that.
  13. They are going mental in some of their forums. This is a formative change, i think we will see more obnoxious fans from amoung them in future. Its very important to 'Not hate on BD now" Excerpts from a post in a Bd forum. "WE ARE THE MOST HATED TEAM IN CRICKET. Just look at the way that stadium celebrated India's win. Couldn't tell if this was a celebration of their independence or the rebirth of a new Indian state. Pretty sure the Pakistanis are happy too. Bangladesh is the most hated team in the world. We can pretend otherwise or we can embrace. I say let's embrace it. Their hatred of us will never change. Why? Because that hatred has very little to do with cricket and everything to do with themselves. Bangladesh acts as a mirror for these 3 countries, they see themselves when they see us. Shakib's behavior is no different than Gavaskar, Ranatunga. Cobra not any more obnoxious than Kohlis "routines." Even Pakistani players arent as hated and they straight up match fix. But they will never admit that. Instead this will just be an excuse for their visceral hatred. We are no different than them, they just can't handle that fact. Hating Bangladesh is an excuse, an escape. Why? well why not? Just look at them:India - India has one of the most skewed sex ratios in the world. Hundreds of millions of Indian men are and will remain a virgin. Their only "release" courtesy of a Kohli ton. India's desperate need for global approval unmet, mocked, and ridiculed by the global powers that be. Trump's son straight up came to India and said how poor it was. And they will still buy his crappy condos. There are only two Billion Plus countries. China rules the world, while the other plays cricket. A nation fully emasculated.Pakistan - Taliban. Enough said. Must be frustrating looking down on Bangladesh all the way from the UAE.Sri Lanka - about to plunge into another civil war. Killing off their minorities even as they celebrate Independence. Enough said. Bangladesh is a distraction. Hating us, mocking us, is nothing more than an attempt to shield themselves from the truth. Seeing Bangladesh act the way our fans and players do is a reminder of who they are, and what they are. They will claim it's because of respect, and winning games, blah blah blah. Don't ever let them fool you with that BS. It has nothing to do with games won or lost. Nothing to do with Cricket. I have to highlight this before all the indo-pak internet-bahinis show up.Sure, you can say BD is the same. Absolutely wee are the same. Our fans use cricket as a way to feel better about the country...just like they do. We are no better than those 3, BUT we are no worse. So embrace it. We are the bad guys. The guys nobody likes. Shakib is uneducated and rude and has anger issues. Oh well, what are they gonna do about it? Kick out Bangladesh from cricket? Nope. Take away test status? Can't do that either. In fact, India's IPL teams will still pay big money for that same Shakib. ICC will still acknowledge that gunda as the best all-rounder on the planet. Pakistan will continue to pay big money to have one of our badtamiz visit their country. The Lankans and Pakistanis will still play in our BPL, happily accepting Beggerdeshis money. This post is a mirror. We are a mirror. And we are going nowhere, always here to constantly reminding them of their own s***** existence." another one read WE are the villains now guys! Cherish the fact! Everyone hates us but cant stop us tho.. so anyone behind keyboards and tv screens with big mouths having thins to say about us, guess what? Your opinions dont mean jack ****! We are getting better each day thats why everyone else is afraid. Simple fact!
  14. The played well to reach the final, obviously Ind and SL have acheived much more and are chilled about the series. Credit where due, they did well to reach the final ( Mush chase, beating SL back to back). Their celebrations have been cringe worthy and they should now introspect and be more mature. India beat them with a few top players and few upcoming but very good players, but the final was close. So nothing for BD to be ashamed of other than their class less celebrations, which i am sure they will. Overall their team would have learnt a lot from this experience, and will be better for it.
  15. How a boot camp rebooted Dinesh Karthik’s career

    Inspirational. But i can imagine why it works no better way to focis than this.
  16. Karthik vs Saha

    We should check ourselves a tad here. I know kdk won a t20 series with a b side against a rampaging cringe superheros from bd. But saha is a test wk and for that you need to be netter than him in wl keeping over 3 days.
  17. in DK I still dont trust !

    Jokes apart something is diff about him after his second marriage. Top atheletes often have different methods to get mental conditioning but nothing beats a wife in keeping a man grounded. To see what he must have gone through and where he is now is great.
  18. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Dude nothing againt bd as a team they are playing some top cricket atm. But i might die of cringe when ever they are part of a series utter classless tasteless memes pathetically emotional and foolish fans and players just cant like them even if one tries. I mean one respects pak or sl even after defeats but bd make it very tough. If SL and pak fans are happy India beat BD, then bd have some introspection to do as to how annoying they are as a nation. But credit to them for making it to the final and making it as memorable as possible for a t20 game.
  19. Is KL Rahul mentally shot?

    Feel bad for him and vijay shankar bur hey they have age on their side.
  20. Cant unread that now...fark cant get that mental image out..damn..
  21. *ing DK you dog you the man. Lol lankans going nuts at the end was awesome

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