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  1. He needs to get a high protein diet and build a bit of upper body strength, could be handly when batting long innings. I am sure he is fit in terms of core strength and conditioning.
  2. wow did not know that. Is that true ? or a bit of frustration
  3. why would every center have a bullet proof bus ? there are probably 40 stadiums across Indian, there is no one carrying a gun except police officials in most of Indian cities, unless there is a team visiting from across the border like 26/11, in which case every one will know that they are on tour.
  4. Its not pakistan rest of the world dont use bullet proof buses.
  5. No games for this center for next 5 years pls.
  6. WTF ? where did this happen ? Some shitty 3rd class town i am sure. No better than BD.
  7. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    Boss it would be seaming wickets, dont expect miracles. India will compete but nothing is certain.
  8. Can we beat SA in SA in the upcoming test series?

    lol you have not played cricket at any level i suppose :)...
  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    dude but what is your opinion on the **** show from your 'green shirts or whatever you call them' ? :) i mean Ind beat SL senseless in all formats in their home with their big gun Mathews in the team. Your pathetic team got whitewashed at home..lol to an SL team without Mathews. thats pathetic man.
  10. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    what a troll thread lol.
  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Only this suits.
  12. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    This.... Ind whitewashed SL - in SL with Mathews. Pak Whitewashed by SL in their home ground without him. No Mathews
  13. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Lol u see all that from this paj series. I see two strugling teams. Sl will get smashed again
  14. Ind just smashed sl 9 nil in their home. Sl has already over acheived. This shows nothing as to how Ash and Jadeja will do.
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Dude ur piss poor team is getting walloped by a team in your home ground in the desert, the team that lost 9-0 to India in their home..the difference can not be more stark. Seeing your team struggle to save this test in their home makes one wonder they are too good for a country like pakistan normally people would expect a team like Bermuda etc for your level.. pathetic.
  16. So basically steal from young players in t20 and give to test players..why cant established players give a certain percentage ?..
  17. India needs 2 - 3 active international sides with intra rivalary.
  18. Pak is worse than Zim in tests lolz..
  19. Amazing. This could be the single greatest thing for Test format in India. Great work if this succeeds..
  20. SL is a pretty crappy team at the moment..if pak cant chase 300 against them with their huge home advantage they are really worse than Zim who beat SL in their home recently..
  21. @Rightarmfast RAF bhai its a spoof account that some troll uses on all cricket players similar to big Nas ( naseer jamshed) account..its for fun.
  22. My bad we are talking about two diff bowlers.bi am speaking about pak bowlers. You are reffering to someone else i guess.
  23. Rabada vs Amir

    Precisely...Amir is junk.

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