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  1. Vilander

    Missing Rohit Sharma in this Test team...

    he surely does one thing -- all eyes on him so Rahane can come in as number 3 most eminent bat and vijay as no 4 most eminent bat and do better. now without rohit crapping his pants for all to see Rahane/Vijay are exposed crapping theirs in less spectacular fashion.
  2. Vilander

    Ishant Sharma, India's slim Atlas

    look at Bumrah strike rate man..we are missing him this game. And bhuv too.. Umesh is so poor mans replacement.
  3. i dont think SA is better pace attack than India - specifically from what we have seen in this game. Eng first inning to second inning there is definite improvement in Indian bowling -and definite drop in Eng bowling, conditions have gotten easier and Indian bowling got better in the game.
  4. Vilander

    Just get a specialist batsman for next test

    The thing is Pandya can not be pressure free like say an Ashwin or Bhuv - even Ashwin is pressured this match..they need to be expected to score every game. A batsman just means their only game is batting so they are expected to score..pandya should have same pressure he needs to score runs every game..not withstanding what he does with the ball and vice versa, then only he is good enough - stokes does this in England.
  5. Vilander

    Just get a specialist batsman for next test

    the question then is - Is pandya better than a specialist batsman waiting. And then when Bhuvi comes back would be able to do a 70% of pandya in batting so you dont loose much anyway. Who all make way - Ishant for bumrah - thats down to skill and form. Umesh for Bhuvi - clearly. So Bhuv,Shami, Ishant/Bumrah , Ashwin, + batsman instead of pandya. But the batsman needs to score more than Pandya..so who is it ?
  6. yeah but its not a lot of runs man.
  7. its 80 odd runs does not get easier in tests than this..
  8. open with puj have him in place of dhawan- or just drop dhawan to 5 retain klr at 3. KLR's weakness is not a weakness at all he can correct it mid series.
  9. because of angle they create against leftarmers they can be a very good choice though.
  10. similar stature and wierd hair do -- similar presence and pace. Lots of similarities. But he could actually bowl well and bat well..
  11. dude its a nothing target below 200...nothing easier than this in the series. its a sure win at around 35 over mark first session. kohli and dk still there with hardick to come easy win.
  12. no team can have replacements for root,smith, kohli and willimason atm. no replacement for great players can be had, you just hope to have more of them.
  13. Kohli is covering swing ? how is he doing it against Curran in that left armer angle though.
  14. i think Kohli is a Sachinistic in captaincy in that respect, need Rahane to lead so that there is more understanding for how it feels for lesser more normal folks.
  15. distinctly swinging under cloud cover, and no when sun is out may be its perception - but very odd. Sun is out mostly wen kohli bats..lol
  16. Within this series: Bring Pant in as a batsman simple, give chance to Nair. hope DK and Ashwin do better, Ash is a gun bowler so selects himself. DK still seems better bet than Pujara to be in the team at say at 6. Dhawan - may be drop him down to 5 have Rahane go at 3 have Rahul and Vijay open. If dhawan is able to negate curran then you have a ploy for rest of the series. they can always bring in stokes to remove Dhawan but at the moment he is useless unless he can cross broad and anderson examination and stay long enough. if not then replace Rahul at top with Pujara and drop Rahul to 3 again -> Rahane back to his position. So two experiments Dhawan at 5 and Puraja at 2 can be done. And Vijay/Rahane wtf no 'in series' solutions - they just need to do their job if they are incompetent then time to look at Gill and Shah..try others but no easy solutions there..you dont find batsmen who do well overseas easily it takes time for these to develope..so disappointing - just *ing support Kohli..all that these two need to do is hang around, they are clearly skilled enough to do more but not even hanging around atm. May be its down to the pressure that english bowlers create. no one can carry replacements for their settled top order bats even India or Australia or Eng with their big benches. ( no replacements for players like cook, warner etc who are sort of secondary heroes just behind skill to the prime smith/root/kohli /williamson - lead heros) I am sure England are doing same thinking against spin atm -> they were saved by Curran ( their Bhuvi - (ours is injured thanks to incompetent team management - no thanks also for Bumrah injured).
  17. Second 100 from kohli and 50 from dk cross the line by 36overs.
  18. Warn him for what calling mumbi batsmen crap. Thats an opinion man whats the big deal.
  19. Vilander

    My Blood is boiling !!!

    why velu...dont increase your BP by watching such test games..chillax. India will win this match in the first session tomorrow, there is nothing in the pitch.
  20. Vilander

    My Blood is boiling !!!

    no **** man... is it the first time.. IPL has messed with our heads. totally have re registered DK as a kolkata player ( he was TN captain if i am not wrong) and Ash yeah king of north apparently..lol, he is very TN ofcource our old monk, who did **** in this game is back in the hut.
  21. maniac its really you..dude. thats a good drink.
  22. easy chase coming up. Pitch has not been doing anything last hour, curran did not magically become a better batsman. with the mid inning roller it will be flat. easy 50 no loss post that Vijay needs to shut shop on one end and Dhawan needs to go for his short and score some quick. Trick will be last session toward end - and then early tomorrow. if we score around 90- 110 today game is with India easily.
  23. He had more sd on skill over his team peers when compared to kohli. That can be said about batting. In bowling indian bowling from Zak and sreesanth in one odd series or Srinath in one odd never was world class..that is agreeable too. So Sachin had to work harder in a game to match and eclipse his opposition batting peers. Thats agreeable.

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