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  1. i knew you would say this, there is a difference between imposition of social/political regulation or islamization ( sharia/ islamic economic regulations/blasphamy laws etc or more anti-human every non believer woman in my left hand is for my taking) vs acceptance of a private religious ideology spread of Islam ( i pray 5 times a day, i will take no interest income etc. If the former is a byproduct or result of the latter, then Radical Islam = Islam. This is a struggle that each islamic country has to do on its own, even Saudi is not exempt as you are beginning to see now. In the long run wives,daughters, mothers will ask for equal rights and it will be undeniable.
  2. an Islamic Caliphate will be a fusion of a authoritarian/totalitarian regime, as it does have a dictator albeit a prophetic one the caliph and has all probaganda/political policing machinary , it uses religious virtue as one of its propaganda schemes though.
  3. This is because uncle sam taught mujahideens that they can blowup ruskies. But then they could have still learnt to fight if ruskies taught them how to blowup an american stooge chinese. But I get your point on islamization, its more carnal , male ego, multiple women, women subservient it has an entirely non political individualistic source and a societal manifestation. Pan Pak - India Islamization would have been the problem now then if that was the case. but if majority people wanted islamization in that hypothetical world , it would have no longer been a problem. In a weird very circuitous unintended way Nehru did save India from rapid islamization then.
  4. i still see beaming young people from pak in you tube saying Pak is a progressive country where women dress as they want and its a democracy , there are scores of academia and bureaucrats who say pak is a democracy etc. Are all those claims untrue then ? is there no one who is not an islamist in pak who does not want islamist regulatons in pak, i think not, i think there are many - almost a majority ? Islamization is basically when islamist socio political systems are imposed on a country with a different socio political system ( read Indian --> Indian Muslim).
  5. again you are saying a nation would entirely behave like an islamic person ( emotions and irrationality) - no it wont. Nations will always have interests, why do you think Saudi UAE supports India in many issues, Nations have interests. Pak would have had its interests served in being in a block with USSR better, China would have had its interests servers by being in a block with USA, it was a simple reality which would have ensured Kashmir problem did not exists. It could have been a social problem still, would India provide suffitient autonomy for pakistani people to settle in Kashmir etc, but it would not have been a military problem like now.
  6. i dont like two things in your post. 1, Abuse - this leads to counter abuse - it distracts from discussion - you need to lay off it. 2, Semantics - this means jack ****, unless you provide inference for the other side to follow. you need to learn a lot, stop being smug. About Radical islam being totalitarian, good that we agree. A typical facist regieme is authoritarian, they derive their power from a singer dictator or a committee that uses propaganda, mass organizations parties to exert control over the population, a totalitarian regime uses prophetic leadership or religion for the same results.
  7. Dude Sub continent was not a war zone, it had the same population and scale efficiencies that it has now, minue islamization minus kashmir issue minus Chinese vested interest. again simplistic view on Ind-Pak. If India and Pak were is the same super power blocks influence ( USSR) and if that super power had a problem with one slightly more powerful country ( China - US/Israel propped China against USSR btw) - do you think India and Pak would have continued to quarrel on Kashmir ? it was a geopolitical mistake the whole NAM was a sham lol non alligned movement apparently, hehe when ever Nehru's India wanted some voting support in UN on any issue, all nehru's NAM friends absolutely did what Nehru asked them to do, they stayed non alligned and did not vote haha..
  8. the problem is two prong. 1, Islam has no room for revision - ( koran is final - hence the problem with shias and Ahamedias) 2, Islam wants everyone to be a muslim - No room for others to co exist peacefully. Radical Islam is totalitarian like a European fascist regimes of the past, they have political policing force that brutally subjugates the population to moral and social order. It pretty simple really.
  9. Imagine a demilitarized free buffer state Tibet, China not interested in south asia, pak prosperous and having a political union with Afganistan, India not a military power but economic power like some of the european middle countries, SAARC is like ASEAN in terms of economic activity, technology and integration - this is what has been missed and the main culprit was Nehru policies.
  10. wrong, he was out of tune with reality and ineffective in governance( economic growth rate) and disastrous( bordering on criminal) in foreign policy. He was one of the contributing factors to kashmir issue and to China holding ceded pakistani/ occupied Indian territory. He was a contributing factor to India not being in security council, if not Pak would not have probably had the afgan mujahideen or islamization problem ( Pakistan even made initial overtures to India to handle the china issue together), its a stretch but still most of pak issue is because both the sides dont want to look at it realistically and the two sides have always been in opposing super power camps.
  11. Singapore has one of the most well armed military for a city state, they have it stationed in all sorts of locations. They are a very very effective city state. But super hard working, i will stay the heck away from that culture.
  12. Nehru 1, Gave away kashmir to pak, did not let Indian military to take it back when they wanted 7 days for the task, but went to UN and now hundreds of thousands of people have died in 50 years. 2, Nehru gave away an enclave close to Kailash mansorovar to China. 3, Nehru gave away Askai chin to China. 4, Nehru gave away the UN security council seat to China, if he had not Ind and Pak would not have this current conflict and might have been developed nations now.
  13. Washed up players watch

    he is like starc for India, he is at the top of his game, he can play the role of Bumrah or Bhuvi.. Dont mess around with him ok.
  14. Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    This was obvious nick. But poor rcb was robbed..ghatis could not win so far even with umpiring errors they won one now..
  15. Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    Ghati chew ;) can only win if they cheat man its well known fact.
  16. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    Counties are asking for the fund to be transferred to them instead as they are the ones loosing the players..haha
  17. Hope Kishan is ok

  18. since we are summarizing. Pakistan leads the world in inbreeding at 70% + . trigger smiley trigger smiley etc. ok sufficient content yeah done.
  19. trigger smiley trigger smiley..post content man not drivel. No one is falling for i am doing this to troll argument, so you accept pak has been owned in sport, you have no leg to stand on your superior athletes argument now, i am ok with that. if you have other pearls do bring them in, i will elaborately unravel those arguments as well, its what we do here.
  20. now he does not want to identify with pakistan, lol feel bad for him now..
  21. you are pakistani dude..cant escape that..sorry.
  22. so when you argue 11-0 yous say its 11 different teams..but head to head across a century is same team ?..lolz. and what about the sharjah, home umpire and bottle cap games, its obvious 50 odd wins for pak came from that..that puts the overall figures to rest as well, in line with paks other sport and world cup ability which is to get consistently trashed by India and sneak an odd one through and claim victory over moon for ummah.
  23. dude you are from pakistan so it seems you are the one physically challenged like the rest of your countrymen.
  24. no worries man i will move all of this into a separate thread in chit chat for sure. It should not be discussed here.

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