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  1. Ashwin Jadeja dropped since they are test regulars. Wonder if Dhawan and Dhoni who only have loi spots are becoming difficult to dislodge. Rahul must play.
  2. Pathan was a proper bowler who could bat a bit and was made to concentrate in his batting to become an alrounder unfortunately his bowling regressed and he lost the way. Pandya is a good bowler who can be your 5th bowler or open in loi. He is a good lower order bat who can accelerate meaning he is a geneuin alrounder so in theory Pathan could have hit some legendary peak on a very good batting day like 5 wkts and say 100 runs But would be a normal bowler with 2 wkts and 5 to 10 runs on most good days, but pandya will give you many 3 wkts and 60 runs days or fail as well. So its difficult to compare, but if you need balance in the side Pandya is the way to go if you have a peak pathan then it means you have a some one like a contemporary bhuvi with substantial improvement in batting, thats handy in a different sense, but they would have to get selected for their bowling. So Pandya is an allrounders selection and Pathan would be a bowlers selection.
  3. Khalistan is dead everyone knows that. There are more Indian people other than Sikhs who seem to be doing pretty well themselves.
  4. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    Not having pattinson is bad but yeah still waiting for at least one test where aus brave a sporting pitch..given their batsmen other than smith it's hard to imagine they will have green mambas.
  5. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    True genuine pace has its own quality and sciencing the mechanics of the delivery action is pretty interesting ..
  6. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    Is he in a 5 days a week kinda gig. May be may be not, but I am sure you would have explored all options. But it won't be too bad to see Ian pont there training some of the India hopefuls with knowledge in application of bio mechanics.l, if it happens best of luck :)
  7. Dude no one can discredit genocide it is an immoral activity it has no credit to begin with. What is exactly the justice that evades the 1984 sikh victims ?
  8. What surprises me especially is that they are Sikhs its such a staunchly nationalistic community in India.
  9. It was amusing at first but then they feel seriously about it now if they are ones countrymen and Indians arnt then one is more inclined to take them seriously and explain to them nicely as to how absurdly laughable this would sound to Indian Sikhs. Try telling a 3 star general of Indian army that he needs to support khalistan, thats bound to end not too well for you.
  10. You would imagine that the second generation would have distanced themselves but i was surprised to find some rare but really dumb second gen individuals who buy the whole concept to the t as the hostile muslim power would have wanted them to. Its an unfortunate reality of physical seperation wherein the reconciliation acheived in India has simply not transmitted to the disparate community in Canada, opportunity for Indian origin Hindus in Canada to correct it.
  11. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    He appears to work with development level. Basically sciencing the s out of it.
  12. Its the same printing press..lol
  13. Its wierd Sikh community in India is fiercely nationalistic seeing a big turbaned Sikh army man with a beaming chest full of medals is a usual sight. Here in Canada some unfortunately marginalised folks ( by congress aholes) harbour lingering hurt from the events which have long been reconciled in India. People there reconciled its never going to happen again and people responsible have been made very sorry check congress' present state. There is no fire to burn in this. Canada should be careful not to get into this with the unfortunate mr Jagmeet. Who will buy Uranium boss ?
  14. PBN do you believe all Indian Hindus are your enemies ?.
  15. Will Mohammad Amir be dropped in 2nd test?

    Welcome to the darkside.
  16. Mindset Of Indian Fast Bowlers Changing

    Why dosent MRF pace foundation hire Ian Pont if he is available, is it a no way street ?, just wondering. May be chennai is not the best location to teach pace...but yeah would be nice get some youngsters in along with the hopefuls.
  17. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    Even otherwise they can field 4 guys who can bowl 150 or 3 plus hazelwood who himself is still fast and accurate..SA and India can come close but can not match them..its once in a lifetime kinda deal. Eng are going to be flogged.
  18. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    It was article i will find it but i trust you there is the aussie hype machine. Wonder what happened to boland.
  19. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    Nathan Coulter Nile and Scott Boland that i remember not sure where they are now, i remember reading about the other guy Jason Behrendorf ?? he was touted as the next Tait.
  20. Where is Aussie Fast Bowler Billy Stanlake?

    Aussie fast bowler hitting 150 is like Indian one hitting 140 , they have multiple such bowlers.
  21. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    wtf last i read he was unplayable in sheffield shield..he is always injured.
  22. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

  23. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    add pattinson they will be pretty good.
  24. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    Want to see Starc, Cummins, Hazelwood go at it. it will be a stern test in an okish wicket.

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