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  1. Vilander

    Khaleel Ahmed

    looks like it - it is Rohit sharma.
  2. he is astute.. he wants inform folks in the team - clearly level headed guy Just want Kohli's skill set and this guys temperament in a captain.
  3. blah blah... Aus will get a r'd this time..lol
  4. actually India needs to grow in terms of GDP by around 600% for a par. so this trend of 5% inflation differential will be the norm for the next so many years - Meaning people will simply have wage raises in India to cover this.
  5. Vilander

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    Pak did not want to play in India sighting player and fan saftey. India gave hosting to uae as a gift.
  6. Vilander

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    Lol ..man will love the trashing
  7. Their bowlers lost their plot against BD they are a good team.
  8. Vilander

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    India will wipe the floor with Aus this time and they know it.
  9. Vilander

    Secret behind success of Dhoni in Asia Cups?

    Yes it is possible that he is past it. But then from what we have seen from folks like hayden gilly kallis etc..they tend to have a last great season in reduced challenge conditions i would not put it past him to do well.
  10. Vilander

    Secret behind success of Dhoni in Asia Cups?

    It will be fun. If Dhoni does well wonder how those who dislike him here will react.
  11. Good insight. He is correct. Wonder why if has nickers in twist on this statement.
  12. on Topic. Anderson, we know that already.
  13. did not know you were so emotionally attached to pakistan..ok bye
  14. Vilander

    Series positives?

    Biggest negatives: in consistency of Pandya inability or incomplete status of Kuldeep Fall in form of Ashwin Loss of Vijay's ability as an opener. Inability of KLR to become a strong batting deputy of Kohli. Biggest Positives Kohli confirming he is a beast and Intimidating presence as a batsman. Pujara finding some form in trying conditions. Ishant sharma - finding a way to pick wickets. Shammi becoming fully fit and hitting 90 miles in last test last innings still. Overall pace bowling looking world class picking 20 wickets most of the time and all pace bowlers bowling faster than opposition ( never seen anyone other than Aus do this to top teams).
  15. will be fun encounter...but expect Sl to trash BD.
  16. Vilander

    [ BBC Sport ] Top 5 test batsmen !!!

    its a travesty to name him with the others. The top four are in theor own league now..
  17. Kohli is hurting cause he missed two innings in Birmingham and Southampton -- inspite of being a beast all series across teams. I do not think he has an underachieving bone in his body. Sashtri is a positive confident man - thats about it. We need some one who is ruthless and scheming like Kumble now that would be a great combination, too bad Kohli is not the type that can take directions.
  18. one thing you can not complain about Shastri uncle. He is in a peppy mood always. I think its the jack daniels and lemonade speaking.
  19. Vilander

    [ BBC Sport ] Top 5 test batsmen !!!

    lol Rohit Sharma...what is that.
  20. @LORD_analyst thread title is disappointing for some one like you ? you want India is loose ?
  21. Pant and ishan kishen. both are very good. Must play soon.
  22. Vilander

    No sympathy for ‘rude’ Australians from Moeen Ali

    it cant be that bad.. Aus has its values...spices things up. Moeen is probably building form his own experience.
  23. exactly...the focus should be on the crapy scheduling..
  24. Vilander

    Virat kohli interview with Michael holding

    to the point. perfect. He just picks those two innings that he could have done better -> this means he is ruthless.

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