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  1. this means his flaws are fundamentally coachable. this is good.
  2. Vilander

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    this is top post this is the key for an alrounder. Somehow when Stokes comes to bowl - he looks like he is going to get a wicket and when he bats he looks like he will face a 100 deliveries --> alrounder Pandya - when he comes in its "will he bowl well is this a rhythm day or not, will he bat well will his logs work this time". Vihari when he bats - expect him to bat long - bowls - meh pray he does not get hit for 6's.
  3. look at how positive he is. nice chap. sanjay mumbaikar
  4. Vilander

    So, Ind could not achieve what Pak has in Eng.

    blame Narendra modi for cricket situation in pak ..lol
  5. Vilander

    So, Ind could not achieve what Pak has in Eng.

    relative as in when two teams meet. like when a pak wrestler meets a Indian wrestler or ind vs pak hockey in Asian games - that defines what India and pak do in that sport against each other. but pak has habit of bringing in everything like how pak performed few months back against a different team and how india does now. blame Indian officials for their loss etc. lol, they even did it this time, loose to Japan and loose all medal hope and blame Indian officials..lol haha http://www.newindianexpress.com/sport/asian-games/news/2018/aug/31/asian-games-hockey-pakistan-lose-to-japan-blame-indian-officials-for-defeat-1865461.html
  6. and the cringe worthy trend of wishing losses to Indian team continues. You wish and it will happen.
  7. Vilander

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    this is what could have happened if they played without inhibitions in every game, i think they will learn a lot from this.
  8. Vilander

    So, Ind could not achieve what Pak has in Eng.

    hehe.. thats a sensitive topic for them.. they will bring in performace of several other teams of theirs in the past..sporting or otherwise.
  9. Vilander

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    not too sure. wicket keeping is a very special position - batting can not be the lone deciding factor. Pant byes are a problem. In close games it would be deciding factor. without byes pressure builds, wicket keeping is a very crucial part of the game.
  10. Vilander

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    the point is he could not draw the test - his byes are bigger problem. Saha is better behind the stumps. In batting he is good or better than other options.
  11. at least one of those games should have been won by India - but this is poor 4-1 is trashing.
  12. 50% probability of getting is wrong every time. But its possible to work the game out. even or odd flips. He needs to train tossing and calling.
  13. Vilander

    So, Ind could not achieve what Pak has in Eng.

    but fact is it 4-1 so yeah India have been defeated by Eng in Eng. 4-1. Off to next series.
  14. Vilander

    So, Ind could not achieve what Pak has in Eng.

    pakhave medium pacers like England - its very suitable. Indians are a tad quicker that does not help with exaggerated swing. England have found a few fine cricketers - chief amoung them Sam curran -> who proved to be the difference betweent he two sides - instrumental in winning two very close tests.
  15. agreed. Its a no pressure situation. So its all just about handling of pressure which he will learn - he has skill to do very well. Sme with Rahul then.
  16. who said we dont appreciate winners, did you see the ovation for Cook from the players ? whats wrong with you man.
  17. pakistanis need to understand - if you need to prove you are better than India, you need to beat them directly - not take some weird pleasure in Indian loss etc and equate performance against other teams in different timelines - or like Asian games you meet and get trashed then talk dirty --> makes you look pathetic.
  18. this series was well contested - good performace from Eng no names - curan etc. no complaints what is your point ? - India did not compete ? it did - narrowly missed winning two tests happens.
  19. India does not take it seriously, has most number of titles -6.
  20. Vilander

    Has IPL hurt Indian Cricket?

    teacher job is low paying in most countries but sure is respected even in India - its low paying but respected.
  21. Vilander

    Whom will you drop for home series of WI?

    Dhawan Ashwin if not dropped and Rohit if selected will score tons ( take 5 wickets gallore ) against what ever 2 tests we polay with WI and will go to Aus -
  22. always poignant to see greats get a farewell -- how they earned it. Great story.
  23. what series ? Asia cup lol. India b team is good enough for that. See replays from great Nidhas trophy.

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