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  1. this is exactly what is being told to napkins who come around here and try tell folks that they are atg fast bowling lineup that can beat Indian team any time.
  2. will he physically go there, that has got to be dangerous.
  3. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    one in which i read the comments fully.
  4. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    lol applology not accepted..hehe..stop telling yourself that you care dude, come on you know you dont. Some scum cheated their way and got caught with their pants down, the ball can reverse with natural and wear & tear and some legal aid ( no pun intended), the illegal aid in terms of bottle caps and mud made it prodigious which is what fetched them wickets, this went missing after increased scrutiny. Some of them were legit fine bowlers, Wasim was definitely a great and Waqar could swing at pace but you can tell that they are not the messiahs that they are made out to be , they would not have needed bottle caps if they were.
  5. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    all that bs is trustable if they did not use bottle caps. and the acute loss of form across board once we got high speed cameras around the ground. :) a cheat is a cheat, no beating around the bush. if we legalise tampering, yes then we can call them great etc. Till then they are just cheats.
  6. What pisses you off?

    Special snow flakes.
  7. Suresh Raina and Amit Mishra fail fitness test.

    All have read and posted some funny **** on the selections but this one takes the cake.
  8. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    P@#$ poor trundle factory...lol
  9. Lol only truly shameless napkins can respond with such grandstanding after such a pathetic trashing. India just trashed this team 9-0 in their home and u lost to them in your home hehe..
  10. Pathetic team man to loose from such a position is truly pathetic.
  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Lol what a pathetic trundle aamir is lol there is an other trundle don't know his name but bowls 125 hehe...what a pathetic team.
  12. As a canadian leader he will learn to do and say what India wants in international stage pretty soon.
  13. The racist woman is not a racist woman she is pro Christian hindu jew Jeniffer Bush. There is a side to her story she is anti sharia. Check her out.
  14. Sl did great. Great win they qill grow from this.
  15. We are blessed

    They will like the money hope slc shares the profits..and hope they win some.
  16. Lol butt hurt hehe..what can snow flake possibly do to India and Indians lol...beyond Canada this is about how clean Canada gets and how quickly
  17. Select your best T20 XI for India

    Loi with 20 fn overs if each of the 6 bats bat 3 overs each we reach 18 overs. Thats just 18 balls. Just load hitters and wrist spinners vs finger based on conditions + specialist death over pacers. How hard can that be apparently for our selectors it is.
  18. Looking at the comments feels india is going to het trashed but is a good 11 possible from this squad and how good are india and aus in t20s any intel cant bring myself to bother enough to check.
  19. He can pass whatever Nehra passed..may be it was gas.
  20. India's Fertility rate state by state

    1 child policy must be forcibly implemented on Muslims and Hindus equally.
  21. India's Fertility rate state by state

    Muslims are main contributors to over population UP Bihar are the main centers of this. High base high growth.
  22. Netflix

    Saw it so fast that netflix must have felt violated.
  23. Tom Alter dies aged 67

    He was American not Brit. RIP dear beloved, God bless you :)

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