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  1. Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    there is Vijay shankar untried unknown.
  2. first to react, but least of the intended targets gentleman sandeep.
  3. most of the gun odi bats ( irrespective of their type either tech greats or hand to eye hitters) had a nice second wind in IPL trashing the second rung, hayden gilly kallis smith sehwag list is endless. Dhoni would be no different, he has declined from ODI international level but will probably cut if at IPL for a couple of seasons, his settling down with CSK has mark of a man who is looking at a swansong retirement there too.
  4. When someone posts anything about Sachin or his stats in ICF !!! I would add when someone posts anything positive about Sachin's contemporaries perceived to point out their superiority to Sachin.
  5. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Not changing the winning combination. process.. more important. results will... bye
  6. then he needs to move up the order that should be the ask. The point is he is doing a decent wk bat actually so should be judged based on that than some 'he plays for CSK and not some other Indian franchise' emotion basically. Anyway its till he gets the 10k or since its Dhoni till he gets 9997 or something, he might probably walk out.
  7. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    no dude Bhuvi should be rested and Shami replace him as Bhuv is not doing well. Chahal and Kuldeep play on to ensure India wins basically. This should be done to make bowling stronger.
  8. there we go the real reason comes out from the other scum floating around.....
  9. King Kohli = Afreeka ka baap

    spot on from tics definitely the best he is in the level of Ponting in all format dominance. Smith has to do a lots in test and t20 to become his equal.
  10. King Kohli = Afreeka ka baap

    they are also similar in their attitude, super agressive.
  11. I know he has been pathetic as a lower mid hitter but he still has better strikerate than Rohit and Rahane in completed games an thir best strikerate amoung all top/middle order for India. He is batting like a keeper of old basically. I think this is an over reaction.
  12. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    But its still a pathetic bowling effort, he has shown inability to adapt to conditions. Shami if fit should come in for him next game.
  13. Pledge your support for SA in the upcoming ODIs.

    Never seen such a degree of phainta in one thread for one poster let alone OP.
  14. but that baby is cute..bilal be like
  15. lol hehe...even they admitted to using it in all matches and taking along the home umpires to get wickets. If that did not happen you would have lost most games to superior Indian team ;) like how it is now.
  16. This Torture must end !!!

    KL Rahul and Gill are ready. Dhoni does give a vibe of being terminally tired. He needs to get his 10k soon.
  17. somehow i feel we havent seen the last of this.. Rabada picked up by DD right..ad harddick Mi will be fun for some time to come.
  18. Pledge your support for SA in the upcoming ODIs.

    hehe please do what ever that is.
  19. its an ODI pitch its not a spin friendly pitch. Pith degenrates over years and dead matter and mud make it less and less bouncier. This will be recified in SA when they relay pitches.
  20. first test second innings and the drops in second test will haunt this could have been a much better watershed series..but just a consolaton ODI series win.
  21. no go for 5-1 be ruthless thats what they will do.
  22. lol cricbuzz after the win. History. 25 years in the brewery, and it is going to hit the Indians(sashtri) real hard (tonight).

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