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  1. On 10/10/2017 at 5:21 AM, MCcricket said:

    Let's see how he does, credit to him he loves the game n took up bowling instead, he is tall n looks strong, action is natural, give him time, his father cannot bat or bowl for him, he has to do it on the field, certainly not an early bloomer like his dad, but bowlers mature late, let's hope we have an all rounder some day, bats like Sachin n bowls like Zak , lol.

    meaning like Kallis..

  2. 6 hours ago, the don said:

    When was the last time an indian bowled quicker than this trundler in am India pak match ??  Yeah never .

    any tom dick can come and bowl a fast 1-2 overs, you need an innings of supreme effort to prove that you are fast. ind pak match ? let me guess you mean the last world cup where wahab played lol..one odi spell makes him faster lahori logic.

  3. 4 hours ago, Imtiaz said:

    Lol you are asking him about their legacy. I bet Half of indian population cant even spell "fast bowling" properly. 

    Ye irfan pathan, joginder sharma, bhuvi, mohit sharma sy kam chalaty hn.

    lol your trundler brigade just got owned by sl of all teams who were beat like a high school team by India. Shami/Yadav average 140 and top 148-149 in sc tests. your guys trundle all day at 125 hehe there is no comparison. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Pollack said:

    Manjrekar was a nothing. Why even discuss about him. 

    Tendulkar was dicey. He faltered a bit in extreme pressure situations but at the same time carried the Indian batting on his shoulder alone at some point of his career. The burden of huge expectations and to come out with grand success may not allow one to believe he was mentally weak.


    Rahane is not mentally weak. He does seem to be low in confidence at times when he is in bad form.

    Ten was mentally weak when you compare with his skill and execution levels. If he could have optimized his anxiety levels he would have done even better, he would for starters have had 15 or so more 100's and he would have won some more finals ( like how he played those cb series best in 3). but he occasionally showed remarkable mental strength under severe anxiety levels like the 241 with no cut shot in tests and his 2003 wc assaut on pak which he said he played in his mind several times and could not have got wrong, just that if he was less anxious he might have done much better.  Rahane is just weak mentally, but can analyse game situation nicely in tests and modify which clearly shows in returns, in LOI he is just not there. 

  5. 41 minutes ago, Shaz1 said:

    Naw I just pick and choose who I debate with because many people on the internet just waste your time. Anyone who respondes by reading my posts is who I debate with. I have been on forums long enough to find those good debates.


    When it comes to India and Pakistan my views are far more different. I don't think hatered of one another is the best defence. Which is why I get dismissive of such thinking. And don't indulge myself in such finger pointing.





    There is an old ( very very old) saying in tamil


    mann pon penn evatril samathanam illai.  This translates ( not literal) to when it comes to land,gold and a ladies love there is never compromise. pak wants material possession of India which is land, till the time pak vacates pok and kashmir there is no peace. 


    Its naive to think that Ind Pak can magically kiss and makeup, even if boundaries become non existent, or irrelevant like in EU, administration will still have to transfer for Ind and pak to be friends again. So that i think is never going to happen.


  6. 1 hour ago, sandeep said:

    Well, the cricket is not being played, thanks to the actions of the Pakistani society.  Take your sad sob story of average Pakistanis missing cricket elsewhere if you don't like the answers being provided to your asinine questions.   


    Btw, I have absolutely no "hatred" or conspiracies against Pakistanis.   Its not a popular view, but I feel that Indians and Pakistanis were brothers, and used to be the same damn people.   Regardless of the faith they followed.   

    corrected :angel: we have not been the same for a few decades now..

  7. 15 hours ago, Lala2790 said:

    Pakistan have held many tournaments recently with no incident.  How much longer should they be punished.....


    You're thinking is that the world will never change and that second chance are never given and that the Finch incident was 'isolated'.  It could have easily killed him.


    Wake up and see that there is little difference

    buddy pak and India have a war going on, pak is waging a proxy war on India, its covets indian territory, sends its army irregulars and militia to kill Indians, it holds Indian territory illegally, its has ceded Indian territory held illegally to other country illegally, it has got the said other country to buold roads in this illegally held territory. You should be thankful two countries are still in talking terms.

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