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  1. 57 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:

    Did you read the first comment in that article from an English fan lol He got it correct


    paul waller 15 Aug 2018 6:30AM


    uh oh, another mid series article from boycott lauding England and writing off the opposition.   Think I'll bung some money on the Indians to win the next one then.

    Yeah had a chuckle..but none the less.. 

  2. 4 hours ago, CG said:
    4 hours ago, rkt.india said:
    It depends on conditions. We scored 332 here.

    Conditions were not so bad for England to get all out in a session.This is their conditions they should bat better.

    But they are faking poms and they had a collective premature ejaculation in last test match when toss gave them the match.

  3. On 8/14/2018 at 10:22 AM, Gollum said:

    Arrogant & complacent visitors deserve getting kicked up their backsides, says Geoffrey Boycott



    • So far, the Indian players have let themselves and their supporters down.
    • The batting has been so naive and irresponsible, it has bordered on stupidity. Wafting drives at tempting outswingers is thoughtless.
    • Trying to work straight outswingers through midwicket and then being surprised when you get bowled or nick it to the slips is brainless.Playing the ball on the up in front of your pad is a no-no. These are elementary things you do not do against any decent swing bowler in English conditions.
    • They have not sat down, talked or practised in the nets and got their heads around how they are going to bat differently in England. India have come to England complacently and arrogantly thinking they can bat the same way and everything will be OK on the day. Well, it will not. Any time you do not plan and work at your cricket, the game will kick you up the backside, and India deserve the thrashing they are getting.
    • Great teams and great players should not buckle as easily as India did at Lord's just because the ball swings and seams. The whole point of playing cricket in different countries on different pitches and in different climatic conditions is to test your technique, character and ability to adapt.
    • I accept they have been unlucky with overcast, cloudy conditions and rain around that have put them at a disadvantage. But come on, you can, and need, to do better.
    • These guys are used to batting on flat, dry, non-bouncing pitches in India and plundering easy runs. The new ball does not do much and the shine does not last long. Batsmen are king and can play lots of shots straight away.
    • India have to quickly show some mental strength and discipline otherwise the England test series will be an embarrassing 5-0 thrashing.
    • Watching the number 1 side play so miserably makes test cricket look ridiculous. 
    • Do not expect it to get any easier at Trent Bridge, because that is where Anderson excels. His bowling figures are exceptional in Nottingham and Stuart Broad will be up for the challenge with his home crowd behind him.



    Up yours England.. 

  4. On 8/11/2018 at 1:16 PM, Gollum said:

    Cape Town


    SA won the toss and opted to bat.




    Eng won the toss and opted to bat


    Don't remember what happened in Australia but this year in SA and Eng he got what he wanted 3 out of 5 times. 

    After the toss is lost VK always says his intent was to do what the opposition put his team to do,  its a means of keeping up pressure and put some doubts on the opposition does not mean ****.

  5. 21 minutes ago, Sloane84 said:

    OK, so I see Coach Ravi Shastri has read my posts


    Shastri to team today  - Prepare to bat ugly and show grit...... like the great Shivnarine Chanderpaul !


    With that said, the playing 11 for Trent Bridge in batting order will be:














    The Plan:


    No more Vijay and trying to play swinging deliveries on the leg-side

    Dhawan to play his natural game, with the gamble that he can get some runs on the board before he edges to Cook in the slips.

    Pujara to bat and bat...and bat.

    Rahane & Rahul to be more circumspect outside off-stump

    Hope that Pant comes in after seeing off Anderson.

    Pandya and Ashwin to shore up the batting.

    4 seamers and a spinner in a must win test.

    Another low-scoring encounter expected and every run will count and every catch has to be taken.


    If all of this works out, India could just win the 3rd Test. If not, we are looking at 5-0.


    if its a seaming wicket...Eng will be remosrseful at the end..Cause some bowlers are coming back to the side for India. There will be more strike deliveries...wicket balls to negotiate.

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