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  1. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Guy played under 13s for zim, lived in zim till 2011-2012. Played for u19 for England in 2016 u19 wc. But he plays for Eng now in test and how ? looks like Eng found a gem in him. Will be interesting to see how he goes in India, but for sure he wont be a wuss about it. He has seen far worse, his farm seized in 2004 --> he wont buckle under pressure of a sport, he wont give a ****. Different breed than the barbie dolls from England.
  2. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    all dissing Pandya will miss him in Aus shortly.
  3. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Curran was the difference between Eng loosing 3-1 and winning 4-1. Major impact player for England. Back against the wall but not playing for draw counter attacks..as a bowling alrounder this is unbelievable skill exhibition.
  4. Vilander

    India 's tour of Australia

    one of the worst moves in recent history. Rohit wants to play tests but not the A game - because i think he does not want to fail in those games again - what was the point of dropping him if he acts like he never was dropped. lol pathetic.
  5. Vilander

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    I think since its only Tests. IN an other 2 years time if Mush plays as he is playing now he will be past Dhoni. Dhoni was at best a middling WK bat in tests, he was very good in home conditions about not bad in overseas conditions.
  6. besides the team 2 bowling right. Dhawan against Umesh and Shradul..he might just wack the **** out of them.
  7. I will pay to watch this match. BCCI should schedule bilaterals and make it a trilateral with two Indian teams.
  8. Team one bowling is much stronger than team 2. in Team two Rohit / KLR can take their games and win the match. Others meh. Team 1 is strong in bowling and has Kohli. so yeah looks like team 1 will win.
  9. Vilander

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    pak is like wwe..lol their giant bowler was supposed to be 7'2 but looks 2 inches taller than Morkel or Ishant..lolz..
  10. Vilander

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    6'6 is taller than ishant approaching holder lol..he is not that tall.
  11. look, you need to see the live games and understand for yourself and form opinion, if you think its otherwise no problem. There are three potential readings fastest, slowest and medium --> i think global broadcasters prefer the lower of medium readings not too sure how this is arrived but i think this is done to identify potential error readings ( eg IPL showed Zak bowling a 171 k) --> i think international events that need hype like world cups etc and usually Aussie LOI games prefer to show faster readings to get the crowd involved ( you even see them at times not showing speed readings for few deliveries as they are far out of the normal range), fast readings receive crowd response in Australia unlike anywhere so its part of the attraction there. But we are talking about 5-10 ks so its not that the bowlers are bowling magically much slower, besides folks who are playing home games do tend to go fully for it without any worries about aggravating injury etc so may be home team folks perform better but no empirical evidence for these. Often the most accurate account of speed of bowler is based on in game observation , like a batsman's reaction time or being beaten for pace etc.
  12. They pick the fastest reading i suppose.
  13. lol how much did the pak rupee loose in terms of value since the last period..haha and how much was the last period lol.. clowns.
  14. meaning country or pro. Its not a that big a moral dilemma either, AB for instance has every moral right to protect his and his family's interest, by playing for shorter duration and making more money.

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