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  1. Lol Shameless mumbaikars at it again. But Rohit is a good loi captain. If he and kohli can co exiat then yes they can try.
  2. cursory look at his istagram would make something like say a red nosed English test cricket pureist die of cringe..
  3. What is wrong with Harsha..moron..its a joke..he should have said jokes apart..and started normal. Its not a lie Amir did have a sentence.
  4. May be its the margins of victory needed which are improbable.
  5. Vilander


    Sure as you wish..it will happen..
  6. Thats not trolling..they are calling him jeeju..so Sania is their sister.
  7. Dhawan can not understand what all the fuss about conditions bowlers etc is. No swing or seam..beast mode. Simple.
  8. Lovely couple very endearing. Big contrast with the first couple of Indian cricket.
  9. Vilander


    Need one with biggest number of runs..
  10. Vilander


    He will vomit jack daniels on your face.
  11. Vilander


    He is our sarfaraz..except he does not keep and does not captain the side..may be make him keeper and captain..

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