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  1. so basically 1996 wc semifinal by SL is the worst ever..lol Sanath Jayasurya mentally scarred a generation of Indians..hehe
  2. Aus - 2003 WC Final Eng: Home spinning test series loss - how cook ,kp, swann owned India. SA - None but the ceremonial thrashings while touring. WI- None, too young and not following during the painful periods of trashings from them. Pak - None, i think they beat us well when they did and India beat them in big games. SL - WC loss in Calcutta NZ - that test series when India put up scores around 200 in all games and lost most of he games to NZ under Fleming. we know you do that a lot here too..grow a pair.
  3. Cricket because of its point scoring system pretty much lets a team win by strategic attrition or accretion and continued excellence. Football is sudden death by scoring a goal ( although needs tactical excellence to score and do so consistently game to game), it inherently rides more on luck than cricket. A team cant be lucky all 600 or 240 deliveries in LOI leave alone 5 days.( actual cricket totally removes luck). By extension football is tougher to master and maintain 'dominance on other teams' than cricket, cricket is so not based on deviant sample that its easier to stay a top team once the skill level is achieved than football which has vagaries based on tactics.
  4. dude.. he has a teenangers frame though. Kohli is what 5'9 - 5'10? medium framed individual - Look at rahane.
  5. This is a bigger problem. Malnutrition, look at Rahane for instance. Does not matter what he does now, he will remain malnutritioned. Some one like bhuv who was similar must have had better upbrining he seems to have crossed the bridge to normal territory, while Rahane remains in midget malnutrition territory.
  6. they are ranked like 77-80 in the world..India is around 97 -99 i think so not much of a difference..lol luck has not part in it..they suck in football lol..but India sucks even worse..
  7. hehe dude professional sportsmen manage their diet. You should not extrapolate what normal everyday joe eats to professional sportpersons. Its not about diet or genetics - its about economics, facilities, opportunities, exposure, learning..
  8. Vilander

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    homosexuality is not deviant. Its two consenting adults. open marriage is not deviant. its two consenting adults. they are both classified as behaviors, sexual ones.
  9. Vilander

    Swachh Bharat Mission: A remarkable transformation

    its not the choice of words but the tone. She does not need to be angry and threaten the guy, she can politely remind him that he is sitting in a plush car but littering the streets for others. But guess its pretty infuriating looking at folks just toss stuff out into the road, so can understand her frustration. I am sure if she spoke in Hindi she would have sounded equally upset.
  10. he bowled pretty quick against India..cant remember if it was LOI. but he did hit 140-144, well built and rapid.
  11. Vilander

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    too bad Aaron played only 9 test matches...damn..haha else he would have been there with the Australians..
  12. Vilander

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    curious seeing hazelwood averaging faster than Shami..Shami must be having higher top speeds though.
  13. Vilander

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    did they exclude slower balls ? if yes how did they qualify them..

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