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  1. you betray your limited knowledge and true intentions in that post.
  2. Best Indian movie Dangal.
  3. she was plump and played a good plump girl character in a well made movie that women like. Then wanted to get more mainstream attention and became bollywood thin and 'hot' and 'dashing'( by some fad) and is also pseudo-liberal in her social media. very intellectual very dashing very ammm ?? 'hot' what else ? yup thats it.
  4. got it wrong just 21 mig29s and 12 su30 attrition replacements. so in all 33 russian birds. Then 83 LCA mk1a and 33 remaining rafales, 3 remaining LCA Mk1 FOCs. thats all confirmed. with so many mig 21s and 27s retiring and no 5th gen fighters or AWACS wonder how numbers/capability will be made up. It all looks very casual.
  5. If by Kashmir conflict never existing it is meant. Pak never invaded kashmir then it gets interesting. Pak never invaded kashmir, then it never had any issues with china ( for it to cede the Karakorum valley or for it to come to India to try and allign in a unified strategy against China initially or India to reject it ). Now in this scenario China and India had problems and fought a war, Pak continued to be US pet and after fall of Soviet union, Afganistan is annexed to pakistan the loyal US/saudi ally ( so complete strategic alignment between pak and US). And after Ind/China war one of two outcomes happened. China won in western front ( Karakoram/Askai Chin and lost in eastern front Arunachal/Tibet. Or lost on both or won both ( unlikely due to geography). China won west . Pak is prosperous , predominantly sunni, hates India but feels much superior, did not create terror so has high HDI and US loves it. India is similar as today but lost karakoram heights and Askai chin to china but managed to keep control of Gilgit and has a tense corridor and gas pipeline to central asia. India is more pro Russia/China than US which is Anti India. China ( No impact just regional , does not have Pak as lap dog no CPEC , may be made kazakistan/Iran as its alley and is alied with Iran/Russia against US/Saudi. China lost both. Not much of a difference from above scenario. But India is more prosperous and is a Russian alley, China due to successive defeats to other countries is in a more retreated state as a nation state. India is the behemoth hegemon in the region ( replaced current reality China) Pak no change. China won both, Pak no change ( No durand line), full strategic embrace with US. India submissive yet very vast middle class nation. China ( controls full of Kashmir/Tibet and is a super power) So basically if Pak had not wanted Kashmir and instead kept to itself , it would have done far better for itself and would have strategic depth vis-a-vis India because Afghanistan would have been annexed to it as a regional stabilizing force. India would have anyway had to deal with independent chinese aggression to hold all high points in Himalayas and result could have gone either way or been a stale mate as it is now. Net net, because of Pakistanis stupid attraction to Kashmir , India and Pak have vacated strategic space to China/Taliban and Iran. And US has lost strategic heft in south Asia, Russia has lost strategic heft in south Asia. Man this is like perfect story for Chinese rise no wonder they love pakistan now.
  6. If Kashmir conflict never existed meaning. After Kashmir ceding Pak never invaded or India repulsed the invasion fully in both frontiers and soundly defeated both pak and china to such an extent that they lost interest in kashmir and did not do any proxy wars there. Then right now India will have a pipeline from Russia and would have had boots in ground in Afganistan.
  7. that is based on actual numbers. BJP has bigger base has more lawmakers in this chart so 39% of that is more in actual numbers. its overall pathetic that so many are law breakers ( convicted or alleged is not apparent in the pic )
  8. there are many Hindus who circumcise as well and its a minor aspect to hide.
  9. Just curious, why is it saying lootane instead of lootwane ?
  10. i wonder if these are the words that Virat and Ashtray used when addressing Thakur or junior team members.
  11. lol how very convenient That’s a wrong way of looking at it. ( When someone challenges their opinion and asks not to be patronized by goras and stop hyping someone as God) Its just an expression and we should be proud to be liberal enough to use (when it comes your own opinion). There are no right and wrong here maniac baba there is just perception.
  12. Perfect post, how well you conveyed what i tried to convey as well in many rant filled posts makes me feel you are a columnist. You write too good man your cover will get blown.
  13. there is some truth in it and rest is hype but there is also some evidence, like when he came back to a training session to a pro who called him out after his retirement and absolutely owned his ass..i will post that video. Michael Jordan was probably GOAT there, and Sachin could be too in terms of Run scoring *ing epic but this God business is pathetic.
  14. its free enterprise to an extent all the PR campaigns but hero workship of cons from movie industry makes me sick, but for me the real boundary is really where someone brings in faith and prejudice. oh Indians have a billions gods so its quite normal there to make Sachin a GOD, i feel like asking the goras who do this "* off smelly arse cant stand the stench did you use a bidet in the morning or do you still have **** stuck in a-hole ? ".
  15. India *ing lacks Progressive Right man its just the way it is. its just dim populist lunatic right and fifth column left nothing in-between
  16. *ing dim wits they dont understand how they are feeding right into the hyperbole ad-nauseam and caricature of Indians as self loathing worshipers of anyone whom they deem superior to themselves. pathetic.
  17. way to sub optimize a discussion. did you check the match ?? how did he get the wickets and how many runs apiece ?
  18. does a **** job in cricket says its ok to do that, will try to make a less shitty job but still ****, but still wants to go to world cup because he is confident of at least doing his job fairly. entitled mumbaikar. pathetic.
  19. exactly wtf is that why should a passionate following of a sport in India be a religion ??? why wtf Indians cant have passion for a sport anything Indians follow with ferver has to be religion or be compared to one ?? i mean Indians make the most babies talk about passion MC BC, we know it ,so is unprotected sex a religion too ??
  20. the thing that stands out the most is this opinion that pagan pacifist dirty indians can be lulled by calling someone 'God' or it is ok to normalize this shitty behavior wtf is making a GOD out of a sportsperson ?? or a dirty politician etc its not normal its not OK. someone who does it is a loony. *ing dumb * boriaa character and his nasal tones looks like a fat pig but poses like a ufc fighter, his gutter class brain can only think about absurd overhype like that 11 gods and billion unwashed masses etc. piece of ****.
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