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  1. Stfu. Jaish is a isi wing. Its clear how they radicalise youth. Pak wont get land from India. India will take back pok and divide your country.
  2. Vilander

    Squads announced for Aus series

    You are not happy with 38 Jawans dying ?
  3. Vilander

    Squads announced for Aus series

    KLR in full form is above Rayudu and Shankar. Given RAYUDU is not going to be dropped. Its certain to think Shankar will only come in as a replacement if its a seaming wicket. If KLR strikes form he will be backup for Rayudu. Only real possibility is Pant as he is a lefty. R D K Rayudu ( backup KLR) Dhoni X. (Pant vs DK) Pandya( Back up Shankar) Jadhav ( optional alrounder for a slow bowler) Bum Bhuv or Shami Cha Kul We can forget everything else. Not going to happen. Lets be happy Pant got his chance no more from the selectors i think.
  4. Vilander

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Guys an islamic soldier killed by a girl does not get 72 goats in heaven..thats their chief problem lolz.
  5. We see humans as humans for sure. Just not pukees.
  6. lolz...aljaz hehe what..fart is that. You spread misinformation for alfarteera ?
  7. Vilander

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Cant imagine indian population if that happened fark..
  8. Vilander

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    If you find a pro pakistani sikh. Tell him about this. http://sikhsangat.org/2015/brutality-of-isis-is-the-copy-of-what-mughals-did-with-sikhs-of-punjab/
  9. Vilander

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Guys in order to know the enemy well you need to stop simply hating them and start studiying them closely and exhaustively, you should detest them fully. Be prepared to do every deed even fraud and trick in the book to totally destroy them. Indians should know that henceforth there can never be a good pakistani. For Indians pakistan does not exist as a group of humans.
  10. Pant Rayudu Rahul Shankar DK In that order.
  11. guys if this is about the CRPF soldiers bombing. It was a truck driven by a local - we as a country need to take a hard look at out Kashmir policy. We should have a dialogue with the locals - give them 1-5 rs compensation each and enable them to join pakistan - as that is what they want.
  12. Lately as in Aus. Yeah thats a problem he should probably not be in starting 11 in Aus.
  13. oh nice its ODI he did not play few games. he came back for a game and won if i remember. This means India played a full strength SA except for Steyn ?
  14. Vilander

    ipl breakthrough star

    i want to see suryakumar Yadav do well again and force into LOI scheme of things.
  15. Vilander

    ipl breakthrough star

    if Nagarkoti is still out thats 1 year. never seen such a long injury layoff foot back..poor guy. But Just 18-19 so has lots of time.
  16. Vilander

    ipl breakthrough star

    is he stilll unfit.. i saw articles saying finally we get to see him in IPL. since KKR retained him.
  17. Vilander

    The golden moments - India tour of England, 1971.

    if this is your work it should be an article
  18. agreed. But then pujara played and smith and warner did not - my point is you can not statistically analyze which does not exist just extrapolate what can be from a derived trend.
  19. see these sats are for past 3 year period the whole cycle of away tours, they are the only team that averages lesser away than home and almost similar averages( so no home advantage really). There is remarkable consistency in this, just because they are Indians and we self-loath we should not belittle this. Even our drunk cheerleader did not have the awareness to hype them as best in the world, he must have thought "they are Indians so must be crap #hick# - i will say best ever from india that should be 150% of what i think they are so we are good - #hick#"
  20. yeah, there is trouble in w/0 Pujara corollary, if not Pujara someone who is similar would have been identified for the position, maybe Mayank would have played in place of Pujara in an alternate universe. And similarly for Aus Indian bowlers would have found a way to get the wickets of smith and warner for lesser than how much it cost for Indian wickets. meaning its not happenstance that Indian team did well in Aus they had the game plan and execution for it.
  21. Vilander

    Ashok Dinda got injured after he was hit on forehead

    but if this is the bodily harm possibly, then you do have to differentiate the folks who faced this and still did well with no protection and current players who have 'body armor'.

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