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  1. Vilander

    India 's tour of Australia

  2. Vilander

    India 's tour of Australia

    Mellowed down approach from Shastri and Kohli https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/105139/india-tour-of-australia-2018-cricket-virat-kohli-calls-for-batting-improvement-ahead-of-australia-tour-ravi-shastri
  3. yes, he said 10 more days of prep time etc. but still does the same, do the same and expect different results.
  4. have no respect for cricinfo. They will jump at every opportunity to mock fun at India, thats how they sell.
  5. This is a telling statement. Shastri is a tactitian so is Kumble, but i think Sashtri has got it wrong in team selections. We do not know if Kumble would have got it right, but would know that he would made sure Kohli does what he thinks is absolutely right, not sure Sashtri would. Shastri is poor because of the poor decisions he has made.
  6. just waiting for an absolute peach of a series. disappointment that Smith and Warner are not playing. But Aussie bowling attack vs Indian bowling attack + Kohli.
  7. wonder wtf happened to bhuvi in terms of fitness.
  8. love him hate him..you gotta give it to him. Mama has got swag.
  9. no but who is it lol imagine a guy being sent in as a pinch hitter...lol he does everything except that..eveyone else plays well and get tem over 300 but team looses last ball, the 'pinch hitter' who consolidated a test inning of 40 odd in 70 balls lol..hehe who is the champion.
  10. lol that would be interesting.
  11. not sure what you mean by that, But Bumrah needs to do what he does for much longer to be considered comparable with great bowlers with Mgrath or Wasim - sheer load of wickets and games at the least.
  12. Bumrah is being mentioned with some absolute greats. Good on him, he should strive to get better..to keep at this level.
  13. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    no you took it differently, what is mean is what if a genuinely good No6 bat is not being tried, or a geneuinly good no 4 bowler that can defend and make some runs that is not being tried because we want Hardick to become kallis.
  14. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    except the thread is on Sam Curran for the very same reason and he is a 20 year old to boot.
  15. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    somehow he not sum of his part when it comes to match winning performances. Above info makes him once in a generation talent, he can improve his overseas average though, wonder what his bowling average and strikerate is.
  16. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    but they are their best no 3,4 bat etc. The question would be is pandya the best no 6 bat oor no 4 or 5 bowler.
  17. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Guy played under 13s for zim, lived in zim till 2011-2012. Played for u19 for England in 2016 u19 wc. But he plays for Eng now in test and how ? looks like Eng found a gem in him. Will be interesting to see how he goes in India, but for sure he wont be a wuss about it. He has seen far worse, his farm seized in 2004 --> he wont buckle under pressure of a sport, he wont give a ****. Different breed than the barbie dolls from England.
  18. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    all dissing Pandya will miss him in Aus shortly.
  19. Vilander

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Curran was the difference between Eng loosing 3-1 and winning 4-1. Major impact player for England. Back against the wall but not playing for draw counter attacks..as a bowling alrounder this is unbelievable skill exhibition.
  20. Vilander

    India 's tour of Australia

    one of the worst moves in recent history. Rohit wants to play tests but not the A game - because i think he does not want to fail in those games again - what was the point of dropping him if he acts like he never was dropped. lol pathetic.
  21. Vilander

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    I think since its only Tests. IN an other 2 years time if Mush plays as he is playing now he will be past Dhoni. Dhoni was at best a middling WK bat in tests, he was very good in home conditions about not bad in overseas conditions.
  22. besides the team 2 bowling right. Dhawan against Umesh and Shradul..he might just wack the **** out of them.
  23. I will pay to watch this match. BCCI should schedule bilaterals and make it a trilateral with two Indian teams.
  24. Team one bowling is much stronger than team 2. in Team two Rohit / KLR can take their games and win the match. Others meh. Team 1 is strong in bowling and has Kohli. so yeah looks like team 1 will win.

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