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  1. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    did Sanga break into Sachin/Lara/Ponting level if not he is on par with Dravid/Kallis.
  2. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    very difficult. Sanga did not play much in Aus/SA/Eng like Dravid. But obviously in terms of avg and epic innings.
  3. what about terrorism and people getting killed in the border ?
  4. any tom dick can come and bowl a fast 1-2 overs, you need an innings of supreme effort to prove that you are fast. ind pak match ? let me guess you mean the last world cup where wahab played lol..one odi spell makes him faster lahori logic.
  5. wahab is garbage in world standards but near your atg because he does not use bottle caps or fix.
  6. lol your trundler brigade just got owned by sl of all teams who were beat like a high school team by India. Shami/Yadav average 140 and top 148-149 in sc tests. your guys trundle all day at 125 hehe there is no comparison.
  7. i think its a case of geneuin friendship or Kohli looking for image in pakistan or both. amir is also a good bowler.
  8. halfcheese has been reported again... Hafeez reported for suspect action again http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/97872/mohammad-hafeez-pakistan-cricket-player-reported-for-suspect-action-again so you can now expect the pak bowling to suffer an other dip... lol
  9. play proper cricket shot , be a better player than stats suggest..when you hit it it stays hit...finally cricket is the winner...
  10. not but its important to give 110% play your natural game play to your strengths give 110%..
  11. he hit 146 in India series, he is fast consistently. But slower than Shami/Umesh. May be faster than pak bowlers.
  12. so ABDV is back in form. Aoutstanding.
  13. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Ten was mentally weak when you compare with his skill and execution levels. If he could have optimized his anxiety levels he would have done even better, he would for starters have had 15 or so more 100's and he would have won some more finals ( like how he played those cb series best in 3). but he occasionally showed remarkable mental strength under severe anxiety levels like the 241 with no cut shot in tests and his 2003 wc assaut on pak which he said he played in his mind several times and could not have got wrong, just that if he was less anxious he might have done much better. Rahane is just weak mentally, but can analyse game situation nicely in tests and modify which clearly shows in returns, in LOI he is just not there.
  14. hasnt psl been around for just 1-2 seasons ? whats with PSL days its not like its been 10 years or something.
  15. i like your optimism in principle.
  16. dude. There is an old ( very very old) saying in tamil mann pon penn evatril samathanam illai. This translates ( not literal) to when it comes to land,gold and a ladies love there is never compromise. pak wants material possession of India which is land, till the time pak vacates pok and kashmir there is no peace. Its naive to think that Ind Pak can magically kiss and makeup, even if boundaries become non existent, or irrelevant like in EU, administration will still have to transfer for Ind and pak to be friends again. So that i think is never going to happen.
  17. corrected we have not been the same for a few decades now..
  18. buddy pak and India have a war going on, pak is waging a proxy war on India, its covets indian territory, sends its army irregulars and militia to kill Indians, it holds Indian territory illegally, its has ceded Indian territory held illegally to other country illegally, it has got the said other country to buold roads in this illegally held territory. You should be thankful two countries are still in talking terms.
  19. Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    yes, when ever they win anything.
  20. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Gambhir = clutch player, may be because he is an emotionally invested patriot, just raises above when in dire need.
  21. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    i think his game is a weirdly weak in defense in swinging conditions and somehow his timing improves within an innings by a higher percentage than with other players and he get in line even in swing conditions in ODI as a result. This could be the only reason why he does well in ODI but does not do well in tests. Very wierd.

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