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  1. Vilander

    Indian cricket preparing itself for failures

    Dhoni is past it people want him to go simple. Pak wanted misbah when he was the only batter who could bat in many games it's much the same but Dhoni is clearly past it for Indian team.
  2. Vilander

    Indian cricket preparing itself for failures

    Dude amazing post man you should write fiction hehe...by the end I almost imagined a fight sequence between Kohl and Dhoni..music and all.
  3. Arjun Tendulkars future.
  4. Man that's a travesty. DK has the right to play next game simple any way you look at it. But my point was more what could've been better. DK is in squad so he should play next game but Dhoni should drop himself but he will look for redemption.
  5. Bhuv. Bumrah did not play so death over problems. Half icf was calling out middle order problems. And 90% were shouting about Dhoni Raina.. We're you living under a rock.
  6. Vilander

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    First geneuinly funny statement from danda... Lold hard..
  7. Then we have nothing to argue. I agree on above.
  8. Incompetence. DK has right to play next game.
  9. Stop abusing like a coward and come forward with critical reasoning.. What are you saying here boss don't bs. Can fast bowlers train specifically to gain pace or not? You are claiming it's only natural ofcourse there is difference in bone density stature there is physics of motion.. But pace can be gained within physical limits of an individual learn to discern between product sales pitch and science.
  10. South north where did that come in... Take it as you wish boss... Your opinion.
  11. So chahar trained and got his muscles built midway.. He trundled away like a sissy earlier but some training specificity and became faster. We agree then... What exactly is your point great one? first decide on that OK. Pick between Pakistani mard e chowmin school of thought..phastbowlers can't train to become phast as they are born phast... Or phast bowlers can with training specificity become phast as they train more.
  12. He needs to go man... It's over now... Pant or kishan have to come in.. It's unlikely that he does not know this..
  13. Bla.bla...ask anyone anecdote king... Lol Everything is though training specificity..lol are you even related to sport in any competitive level.. Gosh man. Training can be strength endurance or specific sport drill... They also build groups of muscle that are needed for a sport.
  14. So is there any scientific basis to all this twitch that you are mentioning any medical research paper, exercise sciencs etc. Or just product sales pitch bs? If you go by that bs..then there is more. Below is picked from a product pitch filled with falsehood.. But still your argument is not supported that it's all in birth. Everything can be trained.. No one is born with fast twitch or any twitch fibers lol.. Show some evidence don't pull things from arse. "With more weight you start to train your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are responsible for extreme distance running and small, heavy, weight-lifting sets. However, once you train your slow-twitch fibers, you will find it extremely difficult to train your fast-twitch fibers. Your fast-twitch muscle fibers are responsible for vertical leap, top end speed, endurance, lactate intake, agility, change of direction, and other burst movements, including distance running and repetitive movements. These fibers are trained by using low-weight, high intensity, for a long period of time. After training these fibers, you can add a small amount of weight every so often to train both fibers. Think of it this way: you can train a good sprinter to be a good marathon runner but not a good marathon runner to be a good sprinter. That's because once you train your slow-twitch fibers, your body is much less capable of going back and training those fast twitch fibers"
  15. Vilander

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    There is gradation in points based on ranking of opposition already icc ranks consider it.. So when pak became no 1 for first time for like1 day or something it was through their good performance in uae..india aus etc have been doing it for multiple years for same reason.. Nothing wrong with it, it's some one's home and someone's away always.
  16. Well today in context of the game he could have tried to accelerate and India could have been all-out at 190..so there is no meaning but Indian top four has to carry the team.. They need better 5 6
  17. Now that 10k is over her can please retire it was a poor innings. Pant or ishan even if they failed would have showed some intent and learnt something in the process.
  18. So they are bowling same speed they bowled when they were 15 hehe rkt you are stupid man.
  19. What is wrong boss? That's muscles are built by resistance? Or by sport lol
  20. Lol there user-generated reason. Nagarkoti built his muscles since he started playing early.
  21. Ash is better bowler and stronger lower order bat.
  22. Umeshs last over with those last fast yorkers around 89mph were good..but for the no ball..not sure why he missed trying to take pace off ball earlier...this is where bumrah is so good.

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