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  1. 20 minutes ago, Stradlater said:

    Put Laloo Yadav in a lungi holding mridangam at the forefront and we have a blockbuster in our hands.

    I want to stress hehe it is inherently dystopian, i dont know if you have ever lived in Chennai. But suddenly the local hotel that serves breakfast and lunch is filled with hindi speaking folks all through the counter except for the billing haha, everywhere and i can see folks from either side speaking in a broken language of the other side..pretty funny so far. 

  2. On 4/18/2018 at 10:19 AM, Green Monster said:

    Oh-ho chill buddy!!!


    you just contradicted yourself and showed how similar India is like Pakistan!!!



    1)kids learn heavily leftists biased history

    2)higher studies you can choose and decide which you prefer



    1) kids learn heavily Islamic history

    2) higher studies you can also choose to learn more nuanced history of Pakistan!!!


    If Pakistan produces "brainwashed mullahs" "like me" then India produces "brainwashed leftists" "like you"!!!


    u see buddy, most people only read/learn history which is taught in school regardless of country, unless yourr argument is that all Indian students do their higher studies in history!!! 



    India : No revisionist History, said as it is and engaged with the world history.


    Pak: Revisionist history to demonize Hindus, and Idolize righteous islamic genocide of Hindus and religious virtue. Insular to islamic world.

  3. On 4/17/2018 at 1:08 PM, Malcolm Merlyn said:
    On 4/17/2018 at 12:35 PM, Stradlater said:
    I said no trolling. And I doubt if they teach anything like that. That's shocking even by Pakistani paindoo standards.

    That angels thing is truly taught in Pakistan.

    dafaq i thought he was just ribbing it in..damn. really ?


  4. 1 hour ago, Green Monster said:

    there is no question of loyalty to a state, it is more of following the laws, or even changing the laws to being more inline with Islamic values...

    this will never happen. Political Islam has fundamental flaws that limit innovation and progress, the religion on the other hand provides discipline to its adherents, when it becomes a constitution it becomes a problem to the state it is residing in. 


    But we are in sufficient level of abstraction at this stage, i leave the conversation at this. 

  5. 1 hour ago, beetle said:

    You report what you find offensive.

    i got you message.


    Its ok for MI to use Derogs against CSK in ICF.


    Not ok for CSK to respond. ( Apparently CSK fans feel great about the derogatory words that are thrown at them lol) 


    Message clear. Patronizing and bigoted moderation. 


    People have objected to your using the word ghati for maharastrians.I don't see any maharastrian using that word  and feeling good about it .


    What is offensive about lungi when the team csk itself  makes it a part of  their pr excercise

     The south Indian members themselves use it often.


    As for chuskies...they have been called that forever and I do not understand what that means.


    If you have objection to the words lungi and chuskies being used....report it.

    There are enough south Indian moderators who probably will know better if the words need to be banned.They can decide or take up the issue. Since it is so commonly used by csk fans themselves and south Indian members , I probably do not get it.


    As for the word ghati...people have complained enough times. The word will be deleted. 


  6. 4 hours ago, Zelig said:

    Chris Gayle: "A lot of people thought I'm too old, after this innings, I have nothing to prove. This hundred is dedicated to my daughter. Tomorrow is her birthday. This is a good wicket to bat on, just have to go out and defend it. I'm very dedicated. Since joining Kings XI, Sehwag told me to stick with the yoga guy and a massage guy, that's the secret, I guess (laughs). In a week's time, I'll be able to touch my toes!





    Gayle already was very cool, add sehwag to the mix you get absolute zero chill. This is going to be interesting for queens 11, Gayle back and pissed of-course in a cool way.

  7. 19 minutes ago, Green Monster said:

    fascist democracy

    This is an oxymoron.


    you mean totalitarian democracy. But thats something theoretical, India is not one lol. How i wish. Hindu totalitarian Indian Democracy.

    21 minutes ago, Green Monster said:

    its Indians also which claim Modi is a fascist

    Free speech, if you listen to congi's they will call him anything, its a poll


    10 minutes ago, Garuda said:

    a Muslim living in US must follow US laws, unless they want to be prosecuted for commiting a crime in that country

    , but Muslim loyalty is to Islamic law. Many will vote to have Islamic law implemented in their countries of citizenship...


    eventually all countries will disappear and the entire globe will be one "country" ie a non-country, no borders, nothing, in which case there will be no compulsion to follow non-Islamic rules

    This is a fundamental fallacy.  If Islam is not a nation then this question should not arise, if Islam is a nation then some countries which are nation states will disallow dual citizenship. Some other post national countries will allow them to flourish.

    Divided loyalty - to state till it imposes, to religion as if it is a state.

    This will keep Muslims disengaged, marginalized, disenfranchised in their own state, and it would be their fault. More suffering in store.

  8. On 4/17/2018 at 9:57 AM, Book_Worm said:

    Except Tamil Nadu majority of south indians learn hindi as second or third langauge as these states follow 3  language policy

    This is followed in Tamil Nadu by choice, a state school is not forced to follow third language. Its common for private schools to have Hindi as an option though, it depends on parents if they want their wards to learn it or not.

  9. Hindi Movies/ Hindi language as a child during education/ spoke Hindi with peers. I for one got exposed to all as a child, so speak what ever Hindi i know naturally. Many others dont see Hindi movies and dont study hindi as a language at school or dont have hindi speaking folks at school so do not speak it, or pick it up based on their conversations with auto wallahs in their adult life.

  10. 1 minute ago, Green Monster said:

    whats funnier is some of these posters on here feel the need to lecture others about language when they don't lecture him... 

    ok if he had abused you earlier i do not know of that, that would be wrong too.


    You kept referring to me as 'little' in some serious discussion earlier,somehow thinking i would be offended or offer to abuse you in response. I dont get into mudslinging unless thats the intent from get go as in ' csk sucks' no 'MI sucks balls' etc. I noted some 'chotu' etc, just made a point to you. I see you have got that feedback as well, where is the harm. There is no siege mentality here, no group is against you.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Garuda said:

    It seems everybody has a problem with mologto. He seems like a smug individual who refers to himself in the third person. He won't last doing this in the physical world.

    so far i have seen very logical and astute debates from him, there is no need to make it more than belief vs belief and make it having a problem with a person etc. 

  12. 34 minutes ago, Green Monster said:

    nowhere in the definition of fascism does it say that a democratically elected person can't be a fascist... the leadership only has to behave autocratic/dictatorial not actually be a dictator/autocrat...


    I gave links to all definitions above earlier





    Dude liberal democracy is anti thesis of Fascism, you are just chasing some illusory truth here, ones that pseudo intellectuals from pakistan drop around, 'Modi is a facist' hehe no amount of proof will get the needed revision of belief in such folks as well, its fun to see their statements fall flat none the less.


    Now for more important things, when you say Islam is not a nation, then what you say can not be achieved. as in 


    "A muslim's first loyalty is only to Islam, if a so-called Caliphate, or any nation, doesn't follow what is valid in Islam, a Muslim has no compulsion to follow their dictates."


    A muslim in a non islamic nation or an islamic nation that does not follow sharia has to be follow what the constitution of the nation dictates. 

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