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  1. 7 minutes ago, R!TTER said:

    I think you misunderstood my comment. Dhoni's doing this for the better part of 3 to 4 years, he's not winning us any games on his own anymore and he's not even trying after giving up the captaincy. The T20 against England in 2014, WC SF against Aus, Bangers ODI series in 2015, first ODI vs SA in 2015 & so many more LO games where he failed or gave up. There's only dark clouds, no silver lining if he's our main WK for the next WC.

    He needs to go man... It's over now... Pant or kishan have to come in.. It's unlikely that he does not know this.. 

  2. Just now, rkt.india said:

    You are wrong about natural muscles. Ask any fast bowlers, they will sat you are born with pace. If you don't have them naturally then how can you develop them by resistance.  You can only develop something more that you have. How much fast twitch fibers you have naturally differ person to person. That's why even for kids capacity of throwing arm differs.

    Bla.bla...ask anyone anecdote king... Lol

    Everything is though training specificity..lol are you even related to sport in any competitive level.. Gosh man. Training can be strength endurance or specific sport drill... They also build groups of muscle that are needed for a sport. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    Did I say that? I said they were fast so they already had fast twitch fibers. Nagarkoti bowled 145 at 18, Chahar bowled 120 at 18. So it is fair to say Nagarkoti had more natural fast twitch muscles than Chahar. Isn't it? How does it make me stupid? It is obvious once they grow, they will develop those muscles more as the body grows and becomes stronger. Gyming is also a way of becoming stronger.

    So is there any scientific basis to all this twitch that you are mentioning any medical research paper, exercise sciencs etc.  Or just product sales pitch bs? If you go by that bs..then there is more. Below is picked from a product pitch filled with falsehood.. But still your argument is not supported that it's all in birth.  Everything can be trained.. No one is born with fast twitch or any twitch fibers lol..  Show some evidence don't pull things from arse.

    "With more weight you start to train your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are responsible for extreme distance running and small, heavy, weight-lifting sets. However, once you train your slow-twitch fibers, you will find it extremely difficult to train your fast-twitch fibers. Your fast-twitch muscle fibers are responsible for vertical leap, top end speed, endurance, lactate intake, agility, change of direction, and other burst movements, including distance running and repetitive movements. These fibers are trained by using low-weight, high intensity, for a long period of time. After training these fibers, you can add a small amount of weight every so often to train both fibers. Think of it this way: you can train a good sprinter to be a good marathon runner but not a good marathon runner to be a good sprinter. That's because once you train your slow-twitch fibers, your body is much less capable of going back and training those fast twitch fibers"


  4. 5 hours ago, Tobacco said:

    If you consider a tennis like system, repeating a past win will only maintain points. So away wins against weak opponents will not increase your tally but only teams who break new ground will go up.


    Point is that a formula can be worked out if there is political will. Frankly, I have scant respect for protecting rankings by only playing at home.

    There is gradation in points based on ranking of opposition already icc ranks consider it.. So when pak became no 1 for first time for like1 day or something  it was through their good performance in uae..india aus etc have been doing it for multiple years for same reason.. Nothing wrong with it, it's some one's home and someone's away always. 

  5. 14 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    1)  A good fast yorker still remains the best delivery to control runs in ODI cricket.

    2)  If taking off pace is necessary then it is good to go for a proper slower ball or knuckle ball ... and not bowl just 5 k slower.   130 k to 137 k deliveries are neither here or there.

    3)  Both Umesh and Kaul have gone for a lot of runs in both matches with this approach of bowling medium pace.  Just imagine what would have happened if Kuldeep did not pick those wickets in the middle.


    In a nutshell ... go for proper slower deliveries if high pace is deemed risky on certain pitches 

    Umeshs last over with those last fast yorkers around 89mph were good..but for the no ball..not sure why he missed trying to take pace off ball earlier...this is where bumrah is so good.

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