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  1. 4 minutes ago, Sean Bradley said:

    Because Beef is not Banned in Kerela  :agree:

    How can you say that.. Che che how can old poor farmers in penury look to benefit from their over the hill life stock.. They should feed them with out any benefits else gaurakshaks will catch them.  Gaurakshaks are important since even if girl children are exploited no cow should be exploited it's against Indian culture. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Rightarmfast said:

    I understand he is short.. but what's his approx height? 5'8' or less? Agarkar was similar height and he was pretty nippy. There's some secret ingredient in the appam and mutton stews these mallu bro's grow up on :)

    It's just steady good diet.. And an athletic culture

  3. 13 hours ago, goose said:

    You already had Bumrah and Saha as Bowler and Fielder so you can't have them again. Going by your 2nd choice i assume you want :


    Rahul (2nd choice cannot be Kohli since you had him as a batsman last time so pick another 2nd choice if you will be absent at toss)


    Parthiv (2nd choice advisable if you will be absent at toss)

    Ah OK. 


    Rahul second choice Pujara

    Bhuv second choice shami

    Rohit second choice Vijay 



  4. On 1/10/2018 at 2:06 PM, Trichromatic said:

    Currently, what does that mean?


    Vijay in last 5 matches:

    Runs: 407

    Avg: 50.87

    100s: 2


    Dhawan in last 5 matches:

    Runs: 378

    Avg: 47.25

    100s: 1


    Previous series


    Most runs
    Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s
    V Kohli (INDIA) 3 5 1 610 243 152.50 742 82.21 3 1 1 57 4
    LD Chandimal (SL) 3 6 0 366 164 61.00 745 49.12 1 2 0 43 2
    M Vijay (INDIA) 2 3 0 292 155 97.33 500 58.40 2 0 0 26 1
    CA Pujara (INDIA) 3 5 0 289 143 57.80 635 45.51 1 1 0 36 0
    RG Sharma (INDIA) 2 3 2 217 102* 217.00 311 69.77 1 2 0 20 3
    AD Mathews (SL) 3 6 0 196 111 32.66 457 42.88 1 1 0 26 3
    S Dhawan (INDIA) 2 4 0 192 94 48.00 253 75.88 0 2 0 21 3
    N Dickwella (SL) 3 6 1 134 44* 26.80 192 69.79 0 0 1 17 2
    DM de Silva (SL) 1 2 1 120 119* 120.00 233 51.50 1 0 0 15 1
    FDM Karunaratne (SL) 3 6 0 91 51 15.16 260 35.00 0 1 1 11 0



    Vijay was 2nd highest run scorer, 100 more than Dhawan.


    Vijay has hit 4 centuries in last 9 matches, 5 in last 12.


    Dhawan has hit his 4 in 16 and 5 in 24 matches.



    Kaun sa current me Dhawan outperforms Vijay?


    That's khote farticle number 3000 lol

  5. 6 hours ago, Gollum said:

    This should be a marquee event held with both sides hosting each other once in 4 years for a 4/5 test series, and all matches should be played in the great venues. If properly marketed this could rival the Ashes, some history we both share and the matches are almost always well contested. Ideal name would have been Kallis-Tendulkar Cup, not the present political name !!!!

    Gandhi-Mandela is an insurmountable name for anything. Leave alone a cricket cup.

  6. 2 hours ago, vishalvirsingh said:

    your choice and mine are same ...i have picked bumrah but in case he does not play than Shammi

    Amoung indian pacers he is the guy who relies least on pitch but we can be totally wrong as ball will be different and batsmen will play him different in tests. But hope to see Shami do well as if he does Ind will have great chance to do very well.

  7. 51 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    I have interacted with a few Aussies and Brits and some of them knew very little about cricket. On the other hand in SC cricket is a religion. Why is it so and when did this happen? I can understand Bangladesh's love for the game because they suck in other sports and are in general an entertainment starved country but why India, Pakistan and Lanka? Many commonwealth countries are there but not all are cricket crazy, even in countries where cricket is a major sport it isn't such a big hit among the masses.


    India: We had a champion team in football post independence, have won Asia Cup, finished 4th in Olympics and qualified for 1950 FIFA WC. Moreoever we have a strong club culture in Kolkata, Goa, Kerala etc, some of them having more than 150 years history. Similarly we were the greatest hockey team once upon a time with 8 Olympic Gold medals and the GOAT of hockey Major Dhyan Chand in our ranks. In tennis we had the likes of Ramanathan Krishnan and Vijay Amritraj who were top 20 in their time and made multiple singles semi finals winning over the likes of Laver, Rosewall, Newcombe, Roche, Connors, Ashe, Mcenroe, Bjorg etc...absolute heavyweights of the game. Over the years we have produced champions in badminton, kabaddi, chess, wrestling, shooting, archery, golf, boxing, weightlifting, volleyball, athletics, billiards/snooker etc. But no other sport has captures public imagination like cricket. By most estimates it was already our no 1 sport in the 60s when our cricket team was pants and our hockey/football teams were setting the world stage on fire. But even for those who say that 1983 WC changed the sporting scene I would like to know how it sustained public interest during the dark days of the 90s, even our field hockey team had better results to show than cricket team but it gradually faded away. Is it Bollywood-cricket tie up? Granted the Hindi film industry has a hold over North and West India, but what made cricket no 1 in South and East India? 


    Pakistan: Great in squash, held the world title for many decades. Produced an array of world class wrestlers and good boxers. In hockey they were the world's best in the 70s and 80s with magicians like Hasan Sardar and Shahbaz Ahmed Sr.....they won 4 hockey WCs, still a record !!! In the 90s-early 00s their hockey team produced better results than their cricket team yet hockey faced a slump while cricket grew in popularity. Now cricket is probably the solo sport in Pak. In India other sports are coming up but in Pak other sports are further fading away, moreover Pak doesn't have other major sources of entertainment like India.


    Sri Lanka: Strong sprinters (Jayasinghe :adore:), very good in rugby (almost qualified for the previous Rugby WC) , water sports and netball (till the late 90s they were top 5 in the world in this sport !!!).  Granted they aren't as cricket crazy as India-Pak but cricket still is no 1 here.

    What the f€?£ is desis ? we are not from same nation  In case of sl never even part of same country. 

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