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  1. 5 minutes ago, maniac said:

    Sreeshanth’s spell in the 2nd test of that South African tour in 2011 and also the first innings of the 3rd...brilliant till Dhoni sucked up to South Africans and insulted his own team mate....will never forgive Dhoni for that just pulled the legs out of a bowler in rhythm.

    Not really a spell or a test match, but Hayden and Symonds in 2007 wt20 that was amazing bowling as well. 


    For me Steyns spell in that test match in nagpur was amazing because of the conditions.

  2. 1 hour ago, Shaz1 said:

    If you were a batsmen you would bat like Sehwag. You are a exciting poster to see with edgy statements that are patriotic. Have a bit of everything in your posts. You are a timely slogger with no give shits attitude. All ingrediants that are Sehwag like.

    Actually i come hard hitting at Pakistani posters, i have some reasons. its never personal as i have consistantly found normal pakistani people, its just the way our countries are setup unfortunately, lots of crazies and dogma which need to be put down. Oh i suck royally in batting, 60 year old Sehwag with one had tied back and a blind fold will bat better than me ever lol...may be thats why i found 132 so difficult but you never know.

  3. 1 hour ago, vishalvirsingh said:

    i open for my corporate team and i face bowlers who play for Mumbai CLubs and claim to bowl from 120K to 130K, so I have had the pleasure of facing them recently too.


    Against 120K bowlers I kinda manage to play them ,once a while i end up edging them but 128-130K are scary and bounce me, scare me and i create edges like any thing...10K difference makes hell lot of difference against me as a batsman.

    similar 133 to 140 K bowling is every day fodder for international batsman who practice day in a Out but as soon as the pace goes higher then 143k even a full length ball hits the base of the bat and your fingers tremble , i have had my fingers and hand kinda not able to hold the bat ..its scary , once i was about to leave the nets scared of the fast bowler but the JAAT Blood in me and the fear of loosing my self respect in front of myself and others let me stay on the nets and face him.

    there is a difference between 135k, 140k ,145k and even 150k. higher than 145 its just a wild guess that the batsman is doing, if the bowler is accurate and the line of ball changes even by half an inch , he gets wickets.

    i see the ball till it hits the bats when its a 120K bowler or the pads or leaves. but when its higher or fast , i start playing that guessing batsmanship..where u just swing with a bit of guess

    nice club player perspective. Need more such posts. I see a lot of disrespect for 135 ks around hehe..wonder if some of us faced that in real life, you dont see the ball that is around 135...international players are freaks to be able to see and dominate that speed. For me its a wonder how they play 140+ 

  4. 3 minutes ago, bhakum20 said:

    maybe off topic but we should be playing AUS/ENG/SA/NZ in away series a lot more often from now on, given that we have a great pool of pacemen. Would be awesome to see them in action regularly on seaming or bouncy wickets.


    I find it ridiculous that we will be touring NZ after almost 5 years. BCCI with all its money should do something about it


    Unfortunately there are too few test fans 

    Scheduling. Cant have ishstars miss ipl.

  5. 1 hour ago, CoverDrive said:

    Lovely action. Looks quite promising. 


    People will wank about whether it is 90 mph or 140 kph or not. Guy is hurrying first class batsman and if he can keep improving i will take him. 

    And who are you, National selector ?. And why are you so dismissive about folks discussing all aspects of his bowling like run up wickets and pace as well ?.  Let me guess cause you think it makes you stand out in this forum hehe.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Shaz1 said:

    So let me get this straight in your eyes Indian pacers were always good as Pakistani’s and despite all that they could never dominate cricket like the great West Indies or Australia?

    you said there were great pakistani fast bowlers after Akthar ( Akthar was fast but no great) i just asked to show stats. Also i asked you why your people can not compete with Indians in athletics and contact sports. Not too sure what you are on about otherwise.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Shaz1 said:

    Sami was express pace. 


    @bold: Nope our bowlers were not like the Indians nor they are even now. There is something different about them the world sees but you. If Indian bowling was so great than there is no reason for them to be like the Windies of the 80s and Australia of 2000s. Akthar was not our last great bowler. The others after him were great to.


  8. 59 minutes ago, Lala2790 said:

    With the Lord's Test conveniently left out.


    Law of averages - you play 19 tests you're bound to win the odd dead rubber here and there.

    excuses...India almost won a series only for steve bucknor to snatch it away with his famous 5 decisions. Anyways...i am sure you have nothing but excuses.


    why not fast because uae why you suck in aus because we dont play enough why no medals in saf because india is much bigger country..lol..


    i have nothing left to say.

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