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  1. India needs to tread cautiously. You dont want to get into a position whereby you sources things from too many nations. Especially the USA, Pakistan's airforce basically got cracked cause the Americans denies them spares on the F-16s. We already have the Poseidons from them. The Russians probably need to be reminded of the PAK-FA program.....
    PAK-FA can at best be a major head ache to come, probably to the generation of our kids, there is 50% financial input and 50% technological input, in some fields like SW and control sub syst within the cockpit Indians are good, in most others Russians are far better(engine/aerodynamics/radar/etc). Wonder how it will turnout. All of the russian 4+ gen jets currently are based on two frames Su 27 and mig 29, remains to be seen if this t-50 is good enough. India should speedup LCA mark 11 and try to get as much ToT as possible with Rafale and try to hire some engineers from ukraine for AMCA, get inputs from mig 29 tot and try to get kaveri engine going..and collaborate with Israel and hope and pray china does not get it j-20 right... :headshake: what a mess we are in.

  2. I think it highlights the changing nature of geopolitical ties. Russia has been are only supplier in the past. Indian forces have not moved to a mixed purchase policy. Should not come as a major blow to Indians. The Russians are selling equipment to the chinese for years now. They must have realised a lot of it is reverse engineered and given to pak anyways. Might as well make a killing themselves.
    IAF is going to replace MI-35 with Boieng Apache AH 64 - Ruskis are pissed off probably.

  3. They should never be allowed to play. Among other things, a big reason I am grateful that Pakistanis are not playing in this tournament is that over the years I did not have to listen to how Pakistan's participation is the 'real' reason for IPL's success. Remember the first year? Thank gawd, that bogey has been laid to rest. But you'll hear that claim a week after they're allowed to play. In a year or two you'll hear about the need for 'joint management' of IPL by South Asia, because 'Pakistani players are making the IPL a huge success'. You'll also hear revisionist history about how Pakistan was equally responsible for 'creating IPL' in the first place. No one loves a free ride better than Pakistanis, given that as a nation they've been doing it all their history. Therefore, we'll soon be asked to 'make the IPL bigger' and convert it into a South Asian League, with the addition of luminaries such as the Karachi Kanglas, Lahori Lu*ds, Peshawari Paindus and Gujranwala G@@dus. . Pakistan fans will come online to claim how IPL is a Pakistani invention and a Pakistani success. Pakistanis are individually as good or bad as any other people, and many of the good 'uns are better than most, people I really admire. But taken together, as a culture and nation, after decades of bad governance and misrule, they have become a bunch of shameless, self-bigging, street dancing ingrates who will take your money as their birthright, scorn you, try to bring you down (PCB), claim more than their due share, and bring their classic brand of indiscipline to a tournament while asking for more, more ,more. Why would we want them near a world class, world leading Indian product? Why do we need them in the first place? A Pakistan free IPL is a daily reminder to our padosis that we created something of value, they didn't. That they keep trying to get a look in. That their players forever salivate at the money they'll never get to see. That their board is forever reminded of its incompetence (as if PCB needed any reminders). That forever and more whenever one of their keyboard jihadi fans whine about the IPL or curse it out, or claim superiority, we can always tell them- go build your own global tournament, if you're so hot, eh. No thanks.
    In before some mod deletes this as it speaks the truth about Pak. I am saving it its the best i have read written about Pak attitude. :hatsoff:

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