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  1. Its called saving for rainyday. Nothing to put push here to gain' date=' SL deserve it. "Fight until last ball", this aint really an Indian thing anymore. Concentrating on overall series, that would be more profssional thinking.[/quote'] dude you did not understand, yadav bowled a144.5 cricinfo showed it as 144.5 till innings break now it is 137.5 last ball of his first over ( it wa **** for 4 hehe). earlier they showed a irfan's 136.5 ball as such and then changed it to 126.5. Are you watching the match , did you get these deliveries.

  2. he sucks just as much imo u guys should start taking my word abt these things .. i have been saying nohit is crao even before australian tour.. now whole icf is joining me :P bring in rahane play gambhir at 3,kohli at 4 thts solid batting line up for odis they will survive pitches like this
    dude i dont see even a half important tour in the horizon, there is plenty of preperation time and sl tours till we play champions trophy..

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