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  1. In Electrical Engineering, we have concept of Generation ---> Transmission ---> Distribution The sequence is important...If you don't generate electricity, there is nothing to transmit or distribute If we try to map this to Economics, for all to get wealthy, we need to first have wealth. We measure wealth of a country by its GDP so increase in GDP is never a bad thing. Again going back to Electrical Engineering, we try to look at innovative ways to generate Power ( Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind )...Same way, we try to innovate minimizing transmission and distribution losses ( due to Eddy currents,etc ). These 2 are not necessarily related. Hence I fail to understand how some posters are ridiculing about wealth inequality when the topic is on 'Generation'...
    GDP in real terms is globalized PPP is too localised, so any real growth is very good as it means more IP more trade surplus more alternative energy more cash.

  2. about time it was stuck at 1.8 for the past few years. It was expected. A stabilized rupee + inflation more than 5 % meant in nominal terms the gains for India would be enough to cross $ 2 trillion. Fair to say that I expected India to overtake Brazil in the coming 5 years in terms of nominal gdp.
    such a frustrating time, i think it was called out in 2011 as imminent and then the fall came and for ever below 2.

  3. You clearly meant that everything is mediocre in India. Make yourself more aware of the good things Indians are doing yaar. Like I said there's lots and lots of great things being done by Indian businesses from IT/software to auto/auto components to garments to life saving drugs, newly developed drugs to equipment involving cutting edge tech to infra projects. Your country has the ability to compete and lead the US, China(like done in Mars mission) and Europe. When I said I can enumerate 100+ names without searching online, there are clearly many more such names. As a very small example - check out this Indian company's projects (includes Avatar, Transformers, Harry Potter etc) that does Visual Effects, 3D Conversion and Animation with 4500 employees worldwide.
    Dont be hurt dude, i am am Indian too and i want India to be well developed. I like critiquing Indians because i would like us to be state of the art at lest aim for it always. Pissed off with mediocrity. But i understand what you say, i have spent almost all of my leisure scouring researching about indian tech advancements in defense sector for instance. people react differently to situations imo.

  4. Hope thats actually the case, coz it seemed you were thinking of a lengthy reply all this while.:haha: Its ironical you say this after what you've written is that post - "mediocre like everything else in India" Some of the issues above are not valid anymore and some are. I never said everything is hunky-dory, alot of things obviously aren't . Wouldn't go into each and every issue you raised above coz with you, I do not think I have the time or inclination honestly to debate. Don't be all touchy now like you have been responding to other posts. Btw I could easily provide one hundred plus names (without even consulting google) of Indian businesses and organizations in various domains (IT, pharma, medical equipment , auto, auto ancilliaries, space research, infrastructure, garments, capital goods etc etc) which are as good as any in the world if not better, which are serving the needs of the world not just India. Have confidence and pride in yourself and on fellow Indians.
    yap yap, i do not have sufficient interest to respond point by point rebuttal honestly. 100 plus business names prove nothing, what about widespread poverty ? pathetic living conditions, 'some of the issues' that are still valid as per your own admission. India is mediocre its not a generalization for the most part just a collective subjectivity. I don't even want to go and retort about any of your silly accusations that i spent time researching to respond to you, makes me mildly amused thats about it.

  5. There is no dearth of foreign capital that will get attracted to India if we continue to reform (keeping national interest intact while doing so ofcourse). India can be FII-magnet like Hrithik Roshan is a chick-magnet. This attitude is actually the gift of Congress to India - Zero confidence, zero sense of pride among many Indians. And this attitude is totally misplaced ofcourse. Many Indian companies, Indian institutions and Indians as individuals are names par excellence in their respective fields.
    oh did not notice your super preachy geneuinly high school level bravado pearl there, stop judging people unless you are required by profession and try not to generalize its just makes one appear stupid. Stating a problem and accepting its existence is the first step towards resolving them. India is mediocre in many respects, a weak manufacturing sector, monsoon dependent Agriculture very intensive not productive, even diary and poultry are not productive. Livestock generally not productive despite revolutions, widespread corruption, non existent to poor healthcare and sanitation, haphazard and inefficient infra development, lack of strategic polity in foreign policy, CAD,Trade deficits,lack of energy resources, wastage of thorium reserves,lack of indigenous R&D in strategic industries, populatione explosion, BD immigrants, Maoist and Jihadi terror, land mafia,sand mafia,rape,desease,kap panchayats,AAP :) ...lol one can stack up so many ills.

  6. Its also abt the balance of trade. US imports IT' date=' pharma etc from India. Balance of trade is skewed in India's favour. That also prompts India to import weaponry from the US (apart from the weapon requirement ofcourse ) to an extent...[/quote'] hmm that could be one of the contributory reasons, but all transactions esp for external defense procurements are $ based, and we have negative trade balance with most OEM EU nations thats not stopping us from Importing weapons further from them.

  7. Huh ? Where was I "combative" in my questions? Seems you are a very touchy fellow. Welcome to the forums dearest vilander. Hope you have understood what I wanted to convey through my questions. kindly let me know if you didn't understand so that I can help you out Yours truly Precambrian

  8. what portion of defence is procured externally? And what % of that is of the GDP?
    Other way around. You misunderstand boss !, why f'n so combative ?, such an ass clown forum this place has become. Since PPP takes into consideration relative cost of goods and services in a country to factor purchasing power, real terms are an useful way to judge Indias defense budget efficiency.

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