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  1. This has got Gayle wicb 2.0 written all over it, only this time its Kp ECB..wtf man. He says he can not play in world ŽÂ´t20 because ecb wont have him there unless he commits to all year around odi, which is ****. World t20 for me became a bit less atractive if players like gayle,kp dont play. The deeper question is, if IPL is indeed the reason for gun players around the world retiring from national duties, then would we be able to sustain the supply of internation gun players in the long run, what i mean is would gayles,and kp's continue to come through if these present day gun players dont play in internation tournies. in the end, is IPL eating itself out? without international game, there is no meaning in IPL seriously. WTF man :sad:

  2. Alternatively, take Sachin and put him back in the 1930s. Much smaller and weaker bats with reduced edges, playing on sticky, uncovered wickets against the likes of Larwood and Voce. Send him in at first drop during bodyline with no helmet and inferior padding and tell him he has to average 50+ Theoretically, he'd average 10 and pine for the days of feasting on minnows like Bangladesh. It works both ways, so your argument is completely invalid. Just give it up and admit that 99.94 is significantly better than 55.44, relative to the games each has played. You can only beat what is in front of you, something which India has never really done well (other than against said minnows).
    Tendulkar is definitly not feeding on minnows, he has a better record against Aus, and no dont bring in the last tour, clearly the indian greats have declined that does not mean they were never good. What are you crapping about India not winning matches, did you have you head inside you butt when india toured aus in 2008? and during cb series ? and alll the india home series' in between ? It is impossible to scientifically prove who is better, its best to leave it at that. But stop with this nonsense about Tendulkar, this thread is about imagining what Don would have done against modern great bowlers. If you wonder Tendulkar's chances during Dons time, you might want to open a thread saying Tendulkar is not all that great if he played along with Don etc. ATM you are like.. sU86c.jpg

  3. Why are we not playing IPL and internation cricket in all these grounds? People are getting tired in big cities. The play off at chennai and Banglore had lot of empty seats.
    chennai problem was not public intrest, the statium stands were not open to public till finals

  4. Bollywood has tradionally used people speaking horrible English, lungi and kalli to downgrade south people. Mehmood Ali was a big offender. There is a movie where he was a madrasi and painted his face black. There is a lot of soft racism even in hum hai Rahi pyar ke. When I went to Delhi for a visa interview one of the locals asked me why Tamil girls are all so black. While most posters do not mean anything malicious it is easy to get mis interpretted when kalli and lungi are used.
    I will relate a similar instance , when i used to work in a virtual team in a large multinational a guy from Mumbai used to sing these Mehmood type songs all the time to rag me during conf calls. I kept it light for most part, but when we met this guy was expecting a dark shortish tamil guy ,but i was a good foot taller than him, i ragged him for a while calling him chota mota, taklu etc and finally sang the song and he got me with all blush. Best time of my life..:two_thumbs_up:

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