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  1. he has 4 wickets in 5 matches and 1 wicket per 9 overs bowled. Whichever way you try to dress it in this tournament and his entire 22 match career to date (A) he has not been a wicket taker for india, 22 matches played and 22 wicket taken. 1 wicket per match never taken 4 or 5 wickets. Compare that to 7/103 in tests. (B) he has not been economical for india. © His list A record in the domestics is also poor where he averages 43 with the ball and has an economy of nearly 6. His IPL record is not great either. Now i am all for giving him a chance as he is the fastest around. But maybe a solid year in test cricket might do him good rather than some odi series at the moment I dont mind giving him a full run in the odis we play in the next series. But if those stats dont show improvement its time to look elsewhere temporarily. Aaron for eg is fast and does have good list A record. Wait for him to recover and see if he is the express pace bowler for india.
    This reasoning can get us rid of a good prospect like Umesh Yadav. We have to be patient.

  2. As much as one hates Srini it's hard to imagine the SA board trying to pull this when he was in charge. It seems they are testing if the new honcho has the ability to play hard with them. It's either that or Dalmiya was known to being out-Maneuvered by various boards.
    No S%^t, no way of this happening when that guy was around, dont think any board would have have messed with him. But would be interesting to see now what Jag Dal does. SA obviously trying to maximize money.

  3. Sakib is the best ever bangladeshi player, greatest batsman and bowler from his country. Jadeja is currently the best allrounder alternative in indian ODI outfit and is a contant member in indian team, Sakib has enough skills to break into second string indian domestic sides definitely, amazing achievement for 'sonar bongaaal'.:icflove: :cantstop:

  4. Madan Viswanathan @abishtooh 30 overs up and Ashwin hasnt bowled. Maybe he paused in his run-up and hasn't recovered yet. #CT13 7:29 AM - 20 Jun 2013 --------------- :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:

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