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  1. Dhoni if the young ones are still not in his level in Keeping, then needs to drop to no 6 or 7 and come in to bat only if there is need and also just slog not think of himself as a batsman anymore.  Its a travesty that Indian options in keeping is so low, what about saha does he play ipl ?

  2. 1 minute ago, New guy said:

    Not when the opposition is mostly made of bots who pretend to be Dhoni fans. Genuine Dhoni fans like you. Shunya, sscomp, etc count. But bots just trolling people when they have no interest in Dhoni or Sachin but just want to rile up people? Yeah, that just drags the entire forum down

    yes thats something we will have to reconcile and eventually work on for sure. but its a bit fun to be honest.

  3. Just now, New guy said:

    Calling this a feud is like calling India Pak world cup matches war. Bots get pwned every time and just repeat their standard phrases while getting their asses handed to them

    the other side can say the same about you too. its called perception.

  4. 3 hours ago, Laaloo said:

    lol oh well 


    seeing all these trundlers out of England, it's hard to imagine they have true quick bowlers. They havent had a legit quick bowler since Simon Jones or Flintoff. 



    Regardless, with hazlewood, Starc, and Cummins, you might as well gift them a trophy now ;)

    Finn 2013-2015 ? when was that India series. he could hit 150. Steve Harmisson hit 150 in one series too.

  5. 1 hour ago, vishalvirsingh said:

    line is normally middle stump to 6th stump and the best line being the 4th stump line...

    except umesh normally all the other 4 manage to achieve this , umesh has a middle stump ball which gets him lbw victims but in order to try this balll , he ends up bowling on the legstump and gives away a lot of runs,..he has a wicket taking middle stump ball which is too good but also becomes his weakness some times.

    i am worried about length...they end up bowling either too full or too short and saf batsman are good hookers to short balls

    this is accurate, length is an ongoing issue, if they start going short because the pitch is responsive and they get carried away some of them will get clobbered and not revive, Umesh is chief suspect of this, he looses heart as soon as he gets hit, and he will get hit againt their batting lineup, pace/bounce is not new to them. Much will depend on Shami and Bhuvi. But fun series none the less. exciting. Just need both teams to compete.

  6. 2 hours ago, Artie said:

    Thank you Vilander. I am South African but I would be very impressed if the Indian quicks can challenge our quicks for pace. As you suggested, the challenge is for them to not get too excited when they get to the Wanderers and Centurion. Its easy to bowl too short there. Newlands might suit India but I fear it is a bit of a fortress for South Africa.

    nice hope you stick around more, lots of fans of SA cricket around. Most popular here are of-course ABDV and Steyn.

  7. 10 hours ago, Artie said:

    Rabada bowls in the 135-145kph agreed. Doesn't mean he can't crank it up past 150kph or bowl a sustained spell of 145+

    Have a look at the quickest deliveries in the last IPL he is matching Cummins for pace. And yet to reach his prime.

    There is a reason why he and Steyn is averaging 22 per wicket. Controlled pace.

    The vast majority of bowlers these days bowls their first spells flat-out and taper in speed over the course of the day.

    Rabada has learned from Steyn that it is not actually necessary to do it in this manner. Look at Steyn's wickets most of them are late 130s but we all know he can get past 150kph. I reckon Rabada employs the same tactic.






    not too sure if you are Indian or South African. but i agree you are accurate in your assessment, the thing is neither do this Indian pace lineup they do not let up. There is a thread called Speed and performance where one of the fine posters in this forum 'Express Bowling' has posted all completed test match speeds of Indian quick bowlers, its a nifty piece you will see their pace( of course varies based on necessity of the conditions but you can hit anywhere an avg-peak of 138-151 which) is as quick as it gets in test matches, there might be the elusive spell of 150 k balls that steyn or a bret lee pulled off on an occasion but outside of that this Indian pace line up is quick.


    the worry is how quickly they arrive at the perfect line and length of the pitches and batsmen on offer, they do not have practice games so this remains to be seen. 

  8. 12 hours ago, Laaloo said:

    One of the most perplexing losses in recent times. No clue as to how :facepalm:

    SL was the perplexing one. Pak was big game nerves and not batting first straight forward trashing. You gotta give it to them, sound trashing at that. But SL is not an average team especially in tests they are deceptively good. You need to play very good cricket to trash them like India has done.


    In ODI and T20 i think India in India is too much for them. Good that they won one game..

  9. On 12/19/2017 at 10:37 AM, maniac said:

    Rohit is that one defining innings away from greatness...trust me one start and a little bit of luck  and records will start tumbling in this format as well....the guy had been unlucky...he hasn’t got a lot of lifelines and reprieves usually and has had some unfortunate dismissals.


    This guy is the real deal as I have said it for a while.

    what is this stupid obsession with one player. pathetic. are you his friend in real life ?

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