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  1. 2 hours ago, Lala said:

    When jadeja and ashwin scores even a 50, you know how many carpet layers have been applied to make the pitch flattest. :cantstop:   All players are Sachins in India. When they tours out side subcontinent only, they realise they are not Sachins any more. :cantstop:

    we just trashed you in your home twice...happy to have a team that dominates at home and competes elsewhere.

  2. 10 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    do we have such highly secluded park? Can they do it in Jim Corbett national park?

    MP is obvious choice, apparently they qualify it based on historical range, presence of large prey, and affluence of  farming communities in the borders ( meaning lions will take cattle and if the headers are poor they will kill the lions off  rich ones can be brought into programs and be convinced to protect the lions)etc .. the dense  equatorial jungles are no place for Lions as tigers will predate them there, any and all of the semi arid to deciduous national parks in the entire belt of central india  through Andhra  all the way till TN etc are prime candidates.



  3. 1 hour ago, sandeep said:

    careful tatti, the mask keeps leaking when you chomp at the bait like that!

    what mask...flimsy skin has been visible all along..haha you can never take pak out of a pakistani.

  4. 1 hour ago, express bowling said:


    Spot on !


    Umesh was combining accuracy and reverse swing at 140-150 k pace, for the first time during the Bangladesh and Australia test series 2017.  And was picking lots of wickets.  


    Then he dropped pace and lost accuracy and has never looked the same again.  

    that was his peak...it was certainly one of the best phases for an indian fast bowler...


    i think he is past it now..he did his bit time to move on to others i guess..

  5. 1 minute ago, sandeep said:

    I guess you didn't watch him **** the bed in the 1996 world cup against India, where he couldn't buy a run.  


    Snark aside, you do have a point, Miandad was a street smart hustler who knew how to pinch singles and rotate strike, while Pujara is way over-dependent on loose balls and spinners for scoring.  That's why he's nowhere to be seen in LOI cricket....

    Lol yes the monkey jump and kiran more..very vague

  6. From what little i saw and recollect Miandad was someone who could score a single no matter what the field setting is..


    Puj is someone who gets bogged down often..


    In sc conditions i think puj is kohli smith level batsman.

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