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  1. 1 hour ago, gattaca said:

    Wilander ? Surprising first letter. Did you watch any of his matches live ? My earliest memory of tennis is Sampras throwing t shirts after a win, aggasi crying after win and paes winning bronze at Olympics and defeating Agassi. Of course the beautiful steffi graf.

    Yeah v was a twist. Bpl TV with buttons for channels no remotes...  Did you know Ramesh Krishnan beat Wilander ( many years later paes beat Leconte in Davis cup)  when he was no 1 not telecast. Before 88 there was no live telecast ( or I don't have recollection lol) I had never seen him in grass but he had won in Australia when it was played in grass.  But 88 was his year that's when I started following tennis he won everything.. Lendil Becker edberg and wilander, Michael chang..lendil was grass court specialist Becker could not play clay but wilander won that too.  

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