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  1. 4 hours ago, express bowling said:

    Reasons why India has started to produce lots of fast and fast-medium bowlers in this decade


    1.  India has become very strong economically. According to the IMF World Economic Outlook 2017, India will be 6th in the World in  terms of Nominal GDP and 3rd in the World in terms of PPP GDP   http://statisticstimes.com/economy/countries-by-projected-gdp.php . This has led to a lot of money flowing into cricket  ...  and cricket infrastructure, which include pace bowling infrastructure,  have improved a lot. This has also resulted in Indians becoming very confident and mentally aggressive, which help fast bowling.
    2. Much improved  economy and the IPL have resulted in cricket becoming a lucrative or viable profession for even the fringe cricketers and this is resulting in more talent coming in which includes pace bowling talent.
    3. Focus on fitness, strength training and stamina training have improved a lot. This helps fast bowling, especially increasing core strength, stamina and flexibility.
    4. Umesh, Shami and Aaron  giving confidence to young Indian pacers that Indians too can bowl fast for multiple years.
    5. Interacting with lots of top bowling coaches and top pacers in the IPL.
    6. Emergence of fast-bowling culture in India as a result of points 1 to 5 above.  Almost every young Indian pacer wants to bowl quick and hit the deck hard.
    7. Selecting players from all over India, including small towns and villages has given us access to a much larger talent pool. This was not the case till 2003.


    I predict that we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg. By 2025 or maybe even earlier, India will have the fastest as well as the best pace bowling attack in the world, .

    top post.

  2. Good topic. Its got to do with the way they are built. You need structural strength for any physical activity. Its just the way it is..smaller people with less muscle mass cant keep up with larger folks with more lean muscle. There is this concept of fast twitch muscles one can read much of it in public domain in case of pak its just stamina..they can bowl quick in t20..thats about it.

  3. 1 hour ago, MechEng said:

    One of the most common mistakes a cricket fan makes in judging a bowler is by giving too much importance to bowling speed. We had no speed guns in 80's, so bowlers were judged from a more holistic perspective, how well they understood their bowling. How did county cricket make Zak a world class bowler? The experience there made him understood his bowling better, otherwise he did not make any big changes in his bowling.


    There was this guy called Nantie Hayward who bowled against India in Blomfontein test, he was very inexperienced and regularly bowled at 150+ kph but Sachin and Sehwag were square cutting him like they were playing blindfolded cricket.



    no one here is saying one should not be accurate or be thoughtful and strategic while bowling in certain areas and set batsmen up for a wicket. Pace comes after that, but it does come for sure; a good bowler who bowls at 135 is lesser than a good bowler who bowls 145. Thats the diff between Aamir and Shami. There is a class difference there, thats why Shami is so effective in Tests, pace is important.

  4. 9 hours ago, express bowling said:

    @Mosher  @Rightarmfast  @rkt.india  @Vilander  @MultiB48



    Waqar bowling 77 mph to 82 mph in the OP.


    He is 29 years at this time and not old at all


    Just 3 years back, in the video we saw in the  " Thommo thread "  ..... without speed-guns in use , the commentators were saying that he was bowling 100 mph.  


    It must be genetic. I made a few posts on how pakistanis are being decimated as if they were juvi by bigger and faster Indian atheletes in south asian games...if its full contact sport usually smaller pakistanis are decimated by Indians this is understandable but what is more revealing is that they are dominated in atheletics as well this means bone structure as well...pakistanis are puny flimsy people...;)..


    Don why is this so man ?

  5. 3 hours ago, the don said:

    Pre 92 waqar was quicker than the pace of the two Indian opening bowlers added up but even after the back injury waqar was much quicker than the bowles Op champions .

    He needs to rewatch India pak games that had speed guns and he will realise that Srinath was slower than Razzaq let alone Waqar .

    India pak matches are there to see for all on youtube.

    Sorry no matches with bottle caps and 13 players for pak...;) 

  6. 3 hours ago, the don said:

    Trundler waqar bowling express .

    Look at the bowl at 10.33 .

    Also the ones against southafrica where he was clocked bowling 154 kph , military medium by Indian standards of course .

    While srinath was fighting and losing a pace battle to Razzaq .

    Think i should post videos of India , Pak duels . People seem to be forgetting their legacy.

    Lol where is thw measure. I am waiting for video or documentary evidence og 150 + from waqar. 

  7. 33 minutes ago, chewy said:

    Oh come on stop giving me this BS, "I know friends and family..." Blah blah nonsense


    Firstly the majority all across India including south are still poor and daily consumption of meat is expensive, even for Muslims, if not special occasion but limited to once a week

    only a tiny minority upper middle class income group who are non-veggies consume meat on daily basis 


    its no surprise indians have one of the lowest nutritional intake in the world with a lot of stunted growth

    what ever man. you are the one spewing some insinuated BS, are you even from south India lol. giving generalizations , let them be poor what difference does that make to the type of food they eat when they have enough money to eat ?, in marina they will eat crow biryani haha.. this has got nothing to do with nutritional intake stunted growth etc its percentage of folks who eat non veg food vs veg food.  I have seen ST koravas hunt and eat squirrels arnt they non vegetarian lol and would the squirrel meat provide all the nutrition ?

    folks who eat any variety of food that is balanced and has all the nutrients will not be stunted these two are not related.

  8. In TN only some of bramins( iyer/iyengar) and certain hindu casts like saiva vellalar/pillai/mudhaliar ( <3-4% ) are vegetarian, rest are all NV, even in the veg folks most current gen eat poultary/fish. The percentage of red meat eaters though if they did a research will be lower as thats really restricted to lamb/goat/pork..some fringe beef but limited.

  9. On 11/9/2017 at 9:46 AM, chewy said:

    Looks like an east west divide, maybe being bordered to pakistan makes Indian more adamant being veggies, lol


    but I don't think this graphic gives true picture of situation, even though higher percentage eat meat in south and east, the quantity consumed is probably negligible, example eating meat only few times a year on holidays or special occasions

    how do you say that ? 


    i have known friends and their family who eat meat on most days lol..its pretty common at least in TN to see kids bring meat to school everyday..what are you talking about ? 

  10. 34 minutes ago, YCCC said:

    We're all resigned to the inevitable thrashing here, well most of us are anyway. The Brexiteers are still confident, telling us realists to "stop talking the country down", just like they do when anyone questions them on the car crash of leaving the EU. 


    Not looking forward to waking up on the cold, dark winter mornings to tales of woe from down under. Fortunately I can't watch as I don't subscribe to the BT Sports channel who will be showing the games.


    Looking forward to the NZ tour later in the winter which ideally would be a closer series, but I expect our little flowers will be mentally shot by then. Shame we can't just sack off the Ashes, hand the Convicts the urn without having to go through the pain, and have a full winter in NZ.

    loosing Ben must have been below the belt..he is pretty much irreplaceable with bat and can always turn in one game winning performance with the ball.. But there is no Pattinson just Starc/Cummins and Hazelwood..lol

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