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  1. Number

    Pakistani kid imitating Bumrah

    Pakistani team is filled with trundlers. No wonder their kids are idolizing Indian pacers now.
  2. Number

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    Virat is definitely more reliable no doubt about that, more so while chasing. But people talking about big games and all at least Rohit rescued us in WC QF and was provably our best bat in the SF. Kohli has done nothing in big tournaments.
  3. I watched his starting spell against Delhi and he was bowling really well. Troubling Unmukt and Gambhir.
  4. Seriously comparing Rayudu with Sachin now ? You deserve your own forum on ICF sir
  5. Yeah the second half is absolute mindfeck. Almost every minute there is one oh sh!t moment. The writer is a genius. Thanks @SK_IH for recommending.
  6. I still remember how he made Motarza's 120K outswinger in Dubai look like Dale Steyn bowling at Durban.
  7. Hope one of the 2 openers and Virat will be rested after 2 matches.
  8. Number

    Was Sehwag a potential candidate for ATG?

    He is an ATG for me. Give me another opener averaging close to 50 with that s/r.
  9. Number

    Amritsar train accident

    The organiser Madaan said he had not approached the railways for permission or informed them about the event on Vijayadashami when the effigy of Ravan is burnt. “Our function had nothing to do with the railways. Whatever happened was an accident" https://theprint.in/governance/amritsar-train-tragedy-congress-leader-behind-dussehra-event-hadnt-informed-railways/137560/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Corrupt bookies honest bookies. Like good taliban bad taliban.
  11. Number

    Amritsar train accident

    Sorry but tracks are for trains not for public gatherings.
  12. Number

    Amritsar train accident

    This "kuch nhi hoga yaar" attitude is an epidemic in this country it takes half of the lives we lose every year. Government spends so much on traffic rules vigilance, still people don't follow them properly and get themselves killed. A lot of our populace takes pride in breaking rules, they get special masculine thrill in defying safety norms. I feel nothing can be done about that unless something happens which causes major cultural/psyche shift.
  13. Number

    Amritsar train accident

    Saw the video. No stampede. People were watching the event sitting on railway tracks. Couldn't hear or see the train coming due to noise from crackers. Don't see any fault of Railways. People themselves have to take the blame.

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