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  1. MCG is very flat these day. All depends on who wins the toss in Sydeny.
  2. And KL Rahul checked his instagram in innings break.
  3. Kohli should repeat his golden quote to Vijay "Shaam tak khelenge to inki ..... ...... jayegi"
  4. @CSK Fandont feed the aawara doggy.
  5. If you are in India you can go to Sonyliv.com or sonyliv app they have 5 minutes late stream running for free. Just adjust and watch.
  6. Sachin esque timing. What a shot.
  7. Magnificent ton by the King. We need a big one from you sir
  8. Watch your running buggers. Vihari is responding to every call of Kohli just cause he is junior.
  9. The video here is showing boundaries only, so for sure he looks quite a stroke player but need to see some of his full innings to see how good he is defense wise before passing the judgement.
  10. Number

    What a classy test match pitch

    Barring Perth 2012, First time after 1999 I am seeing a proper Australian track.
  11. Number

    It starts with the Openers

    Again both of them back in hut in no time.
  12. Number

    Rafale Deal

    Its not Raga fault. He has grown up watching his family doing dirty defense deals so a fair and honest deal is beyond his thinking capability.
  13. I guess the thought is that once thr pitch eases out Bhuvi will be ineffective. Hope Umesh doesn't take 12 overs to start bowling in right areas. He was the main culprit in England 1st test. Wasted great conditions by spraying around.
  14. Though if a country sees its leader in Rahul Gandhi then Modi is better being a loser.
  15. Rajasthan was lost more than 2 years ago and still BJP is in race there. MP still in BJP's grip despite 15 years of anti-incumbency. CG is the only bigg loss but that too was expected. In North east there is BJP ally winning. And Cong is not able to make any gains in Telengana. I firmly believe 250+ still possible in LS2019 for BJP.

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