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  1. Number

    Sachin criticized MSD for his slow batting

    Good job. Finally some action.
  2. He is an actor. Looks like paid well by Amir Khan or sponsors to get beaten up. Hype will generate a lot of money.
  3. Shami should advise Dhoni about batting "World cup 50s are special. You have very few despite playing 4 world cups. Just try to rotate strike."
  4. Main perpetrators HKL Bhagat- Punjabi. Tytler - Punjabi Sajjan Kumar - Haryanvi Kamalnath - UP. Pretty much every youth congress worker in Delhi was involved.
  5. Number

    KL Rahul as WORLD Cup Opener

    Nothing against Rahul. He should be given enough time. Just that people asking for Dhawan or Rohit's heads were wrong.
  6. So OP after 23rd may has created a thread on every single unfortunate news incident in India. But got triggered by this post showing good work done by a state govt. Should rename himself to HaarKarPaagalHoGaye.
  7. Number

    KL Rahul as WORLD Cup Opener

    There were a few experts here who were bashing Rohit Dhawan saying they are 80s style openers, are too slow for the modern game and they were the reason for whatever games we lost. Their hidden agenda was to get Rahul to open. Now Rahul is really showing us what an 80s style opener looks like.
  8. Still some good work done in UP in the recent years
  9. We bowled utter tripe in CT. Bumrah lost it after the no-ball. He was very immature who couldn't take a little bit of luck not going his side. Ashwin and Jadeja were from Dhoni school of spinners who just try to choke runs and depend on batsmen to make mistake. Even Lankans bashed them 2 games before the final. We are a different bowling unit now. Have belief.
  10. It has reached 160 across Bihar. Complete failure of healthcare system. Mofo CM is busy in calculating gain loss in which party he should ally with. None of the ministers or opposition leaders seem to have any thoughts or sympathies with parents. All of them busy enjoying result of Ind Pak match. Only good thing is UP has not been affected.
  11. Professor saab is the best timer produced by Pakistan in the last many years.
  12. Load Bhuvi with pain killers and get him on at least at the death. No one to partner Bumrah at the end.

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