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  1. Tale of two Mumbai Indian cricketers and maggi. One survives on maggi another just can't till its cooked.
  2. Agree. MSD was god sent for us at that time for the ODIs at least.
  3. Fakhar Zaman was disappointed with Dhoni

    It was not even a great innings. Rode his luck all through out. And Dhoni generally does not acknowledge even his own team mates.
  4. What happened to Hemang Badani?

    Yuvraj Kaif were better players as they were match winners. Top order had Sachin Sehwag Ganguly already.
  5. Poor Bumrah

    Its okay, Bumrah crossing the line costed him just one wicket. To Amir it costed 5 years in Jail.
  6. With the virtue of hindsight everyone becomes an expert. You play to your strength and not to opponent's weakness. What if Amir and co had bundled us for 200 odd batting first. The way he bowled and we batted it doesn't look unlikely. The decision to bowl first was right. We should criticise team selection and the way our batsmen played Amir and the way our bowlers threw in the towel just after the no ball wicket.
  7. Thank You Kumble

    Check his twitter. Makes it quite clear it was Virat who forced him out. Great move though on his part. Hitting Virat when he is already under the pump.
  8. The disaster which this really isn't

    Dont agree with posts suggesting overhaul. Though a couple of changes are needed.
  9. Hahahhahahajhabajajajajajajaajhahhahahahahahahahahaha We ain't this bad.
  10. Can we trust Pandya+Jadhav with 10 overs?

    Pandya to Kohli is what Jadeja was once to Dhoni.
  11. I guess he bowls a lot off in cuttes by flicking wrists in Asif style. I feel if one of our top 3 is set they should try going after him. He was out of ideas pretty quickly once Yuvraj Kohli started thrashing him. Gave 40 runs in last 3 overs.
  12. He is a clever bowler who mostly bowls in the middle overs. Relies on subtle pace change and slow cutters along with that has a decent bouncer. I thought he was really good against us in the first game where he went for only 20 runs in his first 6 overs before Kohli hit him for "ab aa ja bc" six :D what should be our strategy against him.
  13. Nice to see Kohli going for the win !!!

    Yeah and playing proper shot according to the ball unlike some glory hunters who want to finish with 6.
  14. They bowled really well which they usually do. Batting wise they were a bit lucky.

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