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  1. Number

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    To be fair our army, JK police and intelligence agencies have done very well against daunting odds to sanitize a large part of valley. From the days of 2000-03 when no district was safe the militancy has been reduced to 5 6 districts majority in Shopian, Pulwama and Anantnag. Using IED laden vehicles is generally the last resort when all other methods are failing helplessly. We need to up the task and go in war mode to crush their network in these areas. Pay large amount to informers, go very hard at militants in a very short time. Keep an eye on potential targets and take them out. We need to crush the "hope". Once that is gone normalcy should return. BUT the biggest concern is social media boom. Using this radicalisation and recruitment has become very easy for terror groups. Our NSA and his team stuck in 90s, seem to have no strategy against this.
  2. These things I know. Was just pointing out your argument that South progressed more because of regional parties is not correct. There are so many factors to it.
  3. South has very strong Congress presence even till now.
  4. What kind of fukcwitery is this by ********** establishment bending backwards to Human rights hijdas
  5. true CRPF are sitting ducks for jihadis and our establishment treats them like cheap resources. These guys don't even have rights to stop the vehicle to be passing in parallel to convoy. When Army convoy moves they have right to stop and check every vehicle on the road. btw, the time is grief stricken but nice to see you back bhai.
  6. Anything to keep clown RaGa out of 7RCR.
  7. Wasn't Vishwanath better than Sachin Gavaskar in the other thread. Here you are comparing him with Zaheer Abbas.
  8. From the Amit Bhandari getting thrashed I got reminded of 2000 Asia Cup match bw India and Pakistan. Yousaf thrashed him and T Kumaran in the last 10 overs quite badly.
  9. Number

    Happy Birthday Glenn McGrath

    Closest to the ideal bowler one could create using Robotics and ML. His biggest weapon was his immense control and intensity throughout the innings. Though I would take Wasim and Ambrose in my team over him, too mechanical for my liking. Regarding battles in big game vs Sachin he got better when he had scoreboard pressure in 99 and 2003. In 1996 world cup( moderate total) and 2000 CT Sachin dominated him. Regarding bi-trilateral ODIs McGrath was better in Australia and Sachin dominated him in India 2001.
  10. Number

    Srini mama back on track

    Biggest of them all was Dhoni running rhiti sports backed by mama and we saw likes of RP Singh making comebacks. No captain got away with 0-8 kind of drubbing in the history of sports the way Dhoni did.
  11. He is not the biggest moron in our country. There are plenty who want him to lead India. https://twitter.com/ARanganathan72/status/1093887959072468992
  12. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/18065/scorecard/1122286/south-africa-vs-india-2nd-t20i-ind-in-sa-2017-18 When Dhoni plays close to 30 balls in T20s we are screwed. Thank you Umar Gul for sending him back early in 2007 world T20.
  13. Well I agree about batting quality. However seeing Mavi getting hit for 4 6s, I could understand why selectors didn't chose him. If something like this happens in intl game, his confidence will be gone. So its better to have one when he is ready. Afridi to me looked more complete and more mature bowler.
  14. https://twitter.com/msdhoni/status/701286766678904832 He took a stand for our armed forces against JNU parasites and their supporters in media.

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