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  1. ODI drubbings never had much effect on me. Even after 2007 WC debacle I was watching the next ODI India played. The twin 4-0s were the ones which scarred me the most. Our no. 1 ranked team turning up daily with no energy, no spirit to fight back and getting thrashed like a newbie test team was painful. What made it worse was it had so many of our legends and their legacy getting tarnished like that.
  2. Number

    Braveheart vs Gladiator

    Gladiator. Troy anyday over any ancient war movie though.
  3. Such threads always turn into a Genetics discussion. How different are S Koreans, Japanese and Chinese genetically ? S Koreans and Japanese have made a lot of progress in Football after they hosted 2002 world cup, despite having 1/15th of China's population. The answer to such questions does not lie in Genetics at least.
  4. Ye desh rehna chahiye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXUNpQC0liY
  5. Kane has scored more World Cup goals in one game than than Ferguson's Looney did in 3 world cups.
  6. Gillespie was the ideal bowler for Ishant to follow. Ishant had similar high arm action and similar physique.
  7. NZ has population of 1/6th of Aus. Still they lead Aus in rugby head to head count by a gignatic margin. What is the reason behind that ?
  8. Biryani is fitter than Maggi at least. How can maggi keep clearing it but Biryani boy cant.
  9. Costa's form will be very crucial for Spain. First goal from him was probably the best so far of the tournament from open play.
  10. The first time a lion got chained by a donkey.
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    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    I think in the IPL it should be there. 2 SC/ST players and one OBC player. One team on round robin should have Dalit captain.
  12. You have not even been a fix 2nd choice for so many years Dinesh. Parthiv Patel has been preferred over you so many times. So no it wasn't because of Dhoni but you being a serial bottler.
  13. Number

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    Lara at no. 3 S Waugh at no. 5 Steyn in place of Murali
  14. Number

    I ADORE Ashish Nehra.

    If there is no swing available better bowl back of the length on patta wickets. When help is there from the pitch or in the air better bowl fuller.

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