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  1. Thats where 6th batsman could be the difference betweem us folding for 350 or reaching 430.
  2. Number

    Let Pujara play the way he can

    Yeah drop him if you can get a batsman who can play innings like he played against Aus to save us from embarrassment but if you play him let him play the way he wants.
  3. Number

    Let Pujara play the way he can

    I dont remember seeing him going for such shots.
  4. From sometime now Kohli has spoken in public that he doesn't want his batsmen to go in shell and be over defensive. Shastri too afaik has spoken on this. Many experts have been cribbing about Pujara's attitude. I feel this has affected Pujara's game. The shot he played was a result of this. He is one batsman capable of spending time in tough conditions. We should let him bat the way he can. Being aggressive is not his game if you want an aggressive batsman you can drop him and play someone like Rohit Sharma.
  5. I agree with you that Test selections should not based on the form in any other format. However Rishabh Pant is there because he did well in domestic cricket and in India A's game in England.
  6. Most of his innings when he scored big have been when he walked in at 300-5. The best I have seen him bat in tough conditions was this test http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/13027/scorecard/463147/south-africa-vs-india-2nd-test-india-tour-of-south-africa-2010-11
  7. Holding is jealous of our rockstar
  8. Number

    Why no practice?

    Wonder why in the time of Kirsten all our batsmen used to face throw downs for hours if it really doesn't make any difference.
  9. Vijay and Rahane have done well in the past. Can't drop them as yet but if they don't score runs there will be calls to drop them too. Like these people have been asking to drop Vijay next game. And seriously, whatever runs he is making are not good enough to keep him in the team as no. 6 batsman. No. 6 batsman is expected to score at least 50+ in one of the 4 innings. The argument that he is second best, third best is not going to work because the other batsmen have been utter failures and will be changed. I am not saying we should drop Pandya right now. But I don't see it as an agenda if someone questions his place.
  10. Asking to drop someone who has done almost nothing is not an agenda. It can be because their experts feel we need an extra batsman. You could have termed it as agenda if Pandya had done really well and even then there were calls to drop him.
  11. Number

    MS Dhoni Videos

    yeah, decent keeper to spinners.
  12. Number

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    Rohit Dhawan Manish Pandey Kedar Jadhav KL Rahul Raina(winning mentality) Dhoni(winning mentality) Kuldeep Bumrah Shardul (winning mentality) Unadkat Extras Karthik Shankar Chahar(winning mentality) Umesh
  13. I know a player's personal life should not be the matter of discussion but Kohli probably chose the wrong time to marry. There is this constant urge to spend time with your spouse in first few years of married life, sometimes because you really love to and sometimes because you feel obliged to. It causes some level of distraction at work for sure. Now there are these tough tours, his own batting, his captaincy and back spasms problems for him to worry about.
  14. In India politicians use it for money laundering Praful Patel and AK Antony's wives used to sell their paintings in 25-28 crores
  15. Number

    Why no practice?

    Sasta Velu

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