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  1. Yeah we should let every opportunity to try a youngster go to keep Budhau's organs functioning kyuki uske baap ki team hai.
  2. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    EOD 4th best innings of the game. Not bad by Dhoni's usual standards though.
  3. Heinrich Klassen : Poor man's MS Dhoni

    Though Chahal was poor today but great hitting by Klassen. Can replace De kock in T20s for SA I think.
  4. Umpire's name is almost Allauddin Khilji.
  5. Unadkat should not use cutters/slower ones when he is throwing for a run-out.
  6. Kohli & Pandya mad at someone. U-mad-kat it was.
  7. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    His best innings in T20Is ? Comes after 12 years of playing.
  8. Dhoni charged and then left that.
  9. Rohit and Dhawan ....test career future??

    Rohit is done. Dhawan will remain in the mix.
  10. Virat Kohli is so unselfish !!!

    So contrasting to a captain who used to promote himself whenever there was an opportunity to score some easy runs and go into hiding whenever opposition pacers were on fire.
  11. BBL fielding was bad only this year. Previous editions fielding was pretty decent. As for PSL you have to follow it a little bit to have a good laughter. Though I admit in the opening year fielding was surprisingly okay.
  12. IPL has a lot of drama and I despise that part of it too. But PSL is comedy gold specially batting and fielding is rofl bad.

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