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  1. Number

    Easter bomb blasts in Sri Lanka

    ^^ Thank god for getting Modi which resulted in having Doval as NSA. https://timesofindia.com/india/india-has-busted-several-is-plots/articleshow/68982969.cms?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=TOIIndiaNews
  2. Pro-rata basis PMs ? You get to be PM for as many days as the no. of seats your party got. Proud piddis rejoicing 50 days of their master Rahul PMship.
  3. You guys need to learn English or accept that all Pakistani civilians are terrorists.
  4. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    The alternative to Pragya for Hindus is this
  5. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    These mofos Ambanis don't even give a clarification when mudslinging is done using their name on Modi and now they are backing INC candidate. As Mukesh once said Congress to apne ghar ki dukaan hai.
  6. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

  7. I have one very twisted story to share on cousins. I have a neighbour and his family is quite friendly to us. He saw one of his second cousins for the first time when they were 21-22 as they grew up in different states and their families had very limited connect in that time. He had got job posting in the city where the girl's(his 2nd cousin's) family lived. Although he lived in a different house there but used to visit girls family on weekends and shared a good repo with them. They got attracted to each other and with the time they moved into a relationship. Which is nothing less than sinful in their community. The family of both didn't know about this and thought they were bro-sis what wrong they could do however they started smelling something fishy when they saw that they used to keep photos of each other as whatsapp DPs and used to chat for unusually long hours in rooms alone. Later one day the girl's brother saw that his phone had girl's pic as wallpaper. But at that time her brother probably didn't take it seriously but it strengthened their doubts. Later when one of the marriage proposals the girl got, he got emotional with the thought of she leaving him forever so he made a fake fb account and messaged the boy on FB that she doesn't want to marry him and he should get lost. The boy called family of the girl and showed them the message and withdrew the proposal. The family got furious, now all their suspicion was on him. They thrashed him badly and asked him to leave the city within a week. He came back to his city and lost his job. Still tried a lot to keep in touch with the girl at least but could not as they were in different cities and may be she was heavily watched then after a while I guess she too moved on and got married. He is now jobless and not able to move on. One of his very close friend, who happened to be my classmate, was called by his parents and they told him all this and asked for his help in getting their son out of this. He was a normal boy don't know what made him do all this and he ruined his life.
  8. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Don't think BJP lost by playing centrist. anti-incumbency was high against sitting MLAs after 15 years. Digvijay Singh today is as irrelevant as it can get. Why give him unnecessary fodder. Moreover there are cases running against her if anything gets proven it will be a serious loss of face for rational nationalists who support BJP. However BJP probably knows better than us. To get the RSS cadres moving in the state, they might have done this or for some other reasons we can't see.
  9. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Why are you posting 2 years old news article which is not related to 2019 elections ? I hope mods keep this thread for serious political discussion related to 2019 GE. Stand up comic videos, spoofs and memes etc. shouldn't be part of this thread imo.
  10. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Not a good move. Why is BJP conceding all the centerist space to leftist parties and giving ammo to already charged self proclaimed defenders of constitution. Imagine someone like Madani fighting elections on Congress ticket after acquittal from court. Won't we all be furious ? Also, does this Sadhvi has any vision or plan for development of Bhopal ? I don't think so. Then after 5 years on what basis you are going to ask for votes when she faces anti-incumbency ? A local candidate who has worked for the party and for the district would have easily been a better candidate. Yes, help her with her cases and further defamation against INC and allow her to work on her image but giving her an MP ticket is sacrificing a constituency and its development.
  11. Number

    Political memes !!!

    I heard DMK meme factory has single handedly turned the election in UPA favor in TN.
  12. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    https://twitter.com/ANINewsUP/status/1116801268263972864 These are the people who lived in darkness for so many years. It took a government after 65 years to think about them. It is easy to laugh on a completely factless joke of Kamra or Grover and then say what has Modi done but when you get to know about these strides made by the lowest strata of the country in the last 5 years you get the answers.
  13. Number

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Good chance Kanhaiya will lose his deposit and his political career is nipped in bud. A farce of a prop up by JNU lobby in media. RJD showed him his aukaat by not wasting any ticket
  14. Case 1: The judge was just like any other idiot in their country who had no integrity. Case 2: The judge did not want to get death threats.
  15. Yes if Modi Shah do nothing on it next term then may be time for someone like Togadiya or whoever can do it. We can't afford to leave such deadly menace in.

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