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  1. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Its more of a relief than joy. Embarrassing to lose to country which has half their population trying to somehow sneak into our country.
  2. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Mental midget. If he is so bad under pressure that he forgets how to bat when he is little under the pump how will he handle the pressure of playing big tournament knock outs against big teams or our arch rivals. You can improve your skills become better puller of the ball, improve seam position, become better fielder but how your brain responds to pressure situations can't be changed. A pressure situation becomes an opportunity to become a hero, if your fear of becoming a villain overshadows that then you will most probably become a villain. I doubt he will be able to put the outing yesterday behind. It will keep haunting him forever and when he gets into the middle in such situation again he will most probably again bottle it. In my opinion should never play for India again.
  3. Looked like Prabhakar and Mongia returned from this match in 1994. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8546/scorecard/66000/india-vs-west-indies-4th-match-wills-world-series-1994-95/ http://www.cricketcountry.com/articles/manoj-prabhakar-and-nayan-mongia-inexplicably-refuse-to-chase-63-in-54-balls-as-india-lose-to-west-indies-32883
  4. Kevin pietersen calls it a day

    The English batting line up at one point had Cook Strauss Bell Trott KP Prior Just took them a drubbing by SA at home and all fell apart.
  5. Rohit Sharma - Berserk mode ON !!!

    On what basis ? If not for him it would have been an embarrassing QF exit against BD for us at 2015 WC. Other than that he has been very good in big tournaments.
  6. Does this hold true in case of girlfriend/wife too ?
  7. DK>Dhoni

    In before diaper lets diarreha through "selfish sachin chmacha alia tuktuk bangladesh 7(26) "
  8. Not debating that he should have got more chances by now but his attitude to me does not seem right. Was throwing away starts in Aus series. Had soft dismissals in tests in SA. Could have caused two * up run outs today and then had no idea where his back leg is. Needs to get rid of this casual approach fast and grab the few chances he is getting firmly. Specially knowing that management has kept him low in pecking order.
  9. He knows that if he scores now everyone will call him an FTB. So he is failing deliberately.
  10. Thats with fans of every subcontinent teams. They take a break from game once their team gets a humiliating pounding.
  11. They shouldn't look upto Pak. That is setting the bar too low.

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