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  1. In 90 test matches he played Dhoni has very few innings which changed course of the game. Most of the times he scored big was when he walked in 300/350-5. Though I'd still take Dhoni over Mushfiq but he is not an ATG keeper. Leagues below Gilly Sanga Flower etc.
  2. Much ado over nothing. I think it was sort of a set up of reading mean tweets and replying in jest. Dont think he really meant it that way.
  3. I felt it was a bit over the top from Gautam but looking at the way how our fiberals and closet Islamists are targeting him on twitter I support him fully. What is right is right even if it looks extreme in a society like India where corruption is accepted or underplayed.
  4. Yeah Laxman was supporting Dhawan's inclusion in test XI in England too. Was getting angry on anyone who questioned his place in the XI. Most of our ex cricketers have ulterior motives and bias due to personal relations.
  5. Number

    Just recording..

    Different player when he keeps wickets. Shows how playing as a pure batsman puts extra pressure on WK-bats.
  6. Number

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    No it cant be the whole point you have to act well too.
  7. My reaction when I read news with anonymous source quotes
  8. Number

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    I heard this Ranveer Singh is related to Anil Kapoor and his dad is a big businessman. Almost all of current gen bollywood so called stars are silver spooned children of uber wealthy and well connected daddies. They are devoid of any decent education and that results in zero intellect, zero awareness of realities of society. Once they enter the bollywood their interviews in media are more scripted than their movies to make them look intelligent, "woke" and charming. Some of them work really hard for developing their acting skills, fitness dancing etc so credit to them for that though.
  9. In my caste the matching is quite strict for arranged marriages. There are a large number of gotras based on the origins. There are 4 gotras are taken for boys and girls side, his/her own gotra, mother's family's gotra, maternal grandmother's family's gotra and paternal grandmother's family's gotra. If any of these 4 is common then you can't marry as the boy and girl are considered gotra cousins.
  10. Number

    Why are Cricbuzz commentators so shameless?

    Cricbuzz is Dhoni's PR site. From some of the comments they make it so obvious. Pant out of XI means Dhoni getting more space to breathe. So they sure are not going to mention anything about that.
  11. We are the only team which discards a 23 year old with s/r 92 for a 34 yr old with 75 s/r.
  12. SRT Ganguly were the best opening pair in the world still they dropped to 3rd or 4th position to get Sehwag in XI. Why can't these guys do the same.
  13. The middle order conundrum has reached its peak. Every other option we are trying does not seem to be the answer. KL Rahul was the highest scorer in the last game he played as an opener and was dropped after that. So there is one player who has the potential to be a good player for you but by management or himself he is typecasted as a top order player. So to accommodate him 1 Virat moves to number 4 , KLR comes in at 3 -> Best solution 2. Rohit moves to number 4-5, KLR comes in as opener -> Risky but worth trying since Rohit has bee playing in the middle order for MI. One of the Rohit or Virat have sacrifice for the team's cause.
  14. Number

    Our World cup chances

    Wohi tail unknown genius hai
  15. ffs they lost to Bang just one month ago.

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