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  1. Number

    What a classy test match pitch

    Barring Perth 2012, First time after 1999 I am seeing a proper Australian track.
  2. Number

    It starts with the Openers

    Again both of them back in hut in no time.
  3. Number

    Rafale Deal

    Its not Raga fault. He has grown up watching his family doing dirty defense deals so a fair and honest deal is beyond his thinking capability.
  4. I guess the thought is that once thr pitch eases out Bhuvi will be ineffective. Hope Umesh doesn't take 12 overs to start bowling in right areas. He was the main culprit in England 1st test. Wasted great conditions by spraying around.
  5. Though if a country sees its leader in Rahul Gandhi then Modi is better being a loser.
  6. Rajasthan was lost more than 2 years ago and still BJP is in race there. MP still in BJP's grip despite 15 years of anti-incumbency. CG is the only bigg loss but that too was expected. In North east there is BJP ally winning. And Cong is not able to make any gains in Telengana. I firmly believe 250+ still possible in LS2019 for BJP.
  7. Number

    The real unsung hero of the team

    Not unsung hero but the biggest villain of England debacle. Kept gifting his wicket when we were in decent positions and caused a collapse.
  8. Number

    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    Shami is proper example of a rhythm bowler. Gets better as he bowls more and is usually handy in second innings. Bumrah should enjoy Perth track more.
  9. Hahaha Bowlers giving a nice fu to batsmen saying saalo har baar tum hi choke karoge kya 4th innings me. Kabhi kabhi hum bhi karenge hi.
  10. I just don't care. The day he got outbowled by Moeen in England and effectively lost the test for us, should have been his last day in test cricket for India. He doesn't exist for me anymore.
  11. Cant get tailenders on an Adelaide 5th day wicket. Simply rubbish.
  12. Number

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    Stupid aggression and intent.
  13. Rohit has never been given a run of 5 6 tests before getting dropped. And this is one the reasons our so called experts start calling for his inclusion when our batting fails. I hope this time he is given 4 5 tests. If he is serious and wants to cement his place he will else likes of Sehwag Ganguly will be shut up for good.
  14. In England this year he was almost as good as Kohli despite getting dropped from first game. In last 2-3 innings he got unplayable balls from Anderson unlike mental midget Rahane who was an embarrassment all throughout the tour. Only those who check scorecards will compre Rahane with him.

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