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  1. Mohammed Next Marshall Sami averages 53 in tests. Umesh is gold standards compared to him.
  2. Totally unfair stats twisting. His s/r is decent by Indian standards which means when he bowls he does get wickets. He has played a lot of matches on Indian wickets where he isn't bowled much.
  3. Number

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    based on IPL and other T20 leagues I guess.
  4. It will Virat when you will be walking in at 25-2 almost every time.
  5. Yes and India was given default entry in finals becuase of captain Dhongi's goat sacrifice ritual.
  6. He has been mostly on the bench this season as Chelsea first choice Goalkeeper Cuortois (plays for Belgium) is really good. Lack of playing time clearly visible.
  7. No Dybala Di Maria Higuain starting for Arg.
  8. It was only and only because of Dhoni India won 2011 world cup.
  9. Your obsession with Bangladesh
  10. Then Rasgulla wakes up.
  11. Carrying forward the charas legacy of Akhtar Asif
  12. England vs India England batting first 378/7 50 overs. India innings - Dhoni 36(45) not out.

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