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  1. Nothing. It was an above par batting performance from Pakistan. They are piss poor.
  2. Karthik chu4iya fielding as he keeps wickets. Bowl going into his hands but lodu can't collect it.
  3. Number

    What's the highest level you've played?

    School, U-16 district and division, and club as a batsman also used to keep wickets occasionally. Parents never pressurised for anything but one of teammates at the club who was much better failed Ranji trials and I thought I should decide before its too late.
  4. Kind of an overused cliche. Don't think they even mean it when they say it.
  5. Number

    Wow...Afg team has improved miles...

    Their fielding is atrocious though. Rashid and Mujeeb are the only players who know where to stand to collect throw for run out.
  6. Number

    Modern fast bowlers- afraid to bowl yorkers?

    With two new balls it has become difficult to get the ball to reverse swing. Without reverse swing yorkers are not as deadly.
  7. Yes but then Dhoni is out of form from some time. As of now he is tolerated because he is the wicket keeper. If Pant comes and scores runs as a batsman then pressure will mount on Dhoni as there is already a much better batsman in the team who can handle glovework. The reason Karthiks and Pappus were allowed to be in the team for decades is because they were mediocre players and mgmnt knew they will eventually lose their spots to a better batsmen.
  8. Pant is not selected in ODIs because if he does well selectors will be under pressure to drop Dhoni.
  9. Number

    msk prasad

    Played 17 ODIs, 11 innings and 2 not outs Prolific scorer - scored 131 runs in 11 innings @ avg of mighty 14.55 Impressive s/r - 58.22 Dealt only in boundaries - in 11 innings he hit 6 fours and 0 sixes.
  10. Yeah but some servers surely crashed

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