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  1. Number

    Matches broadcast list

    I want to watch your college match live on ICF.
  2. Number

    Australian Open 2019

    Will be interesting to see if Rafa or Fed can stop Djokovic who is favorite to win this. Fed has a chance to create streak here by winning 3 times in a row. Meanwhile India's Pranjesh Gunneshwaran qualifies for the main draw.
  3. Number

    Australian Open 2019

    Tsitsipas has arrived.
  4. If they dont field their best bowlers ? I believe a RoI XI is much better than the current Aus team.
  5. Rubbish bowling of Olivier in 49th over screwed it for SA.
  6. Rabada has been pretty average after showing lots of potential in 2015. Kohli Dhawan bossed him in ODIs.
  7. Number

    Nation wants to know !!!

    Aussies dropping his catches and not even appealing when they caught one by mistake so that they can extract maximum dots from him.
  8. Number

    Did Aus serve revenge as a cold dish?

    Our first 4 games in WC are against SA Aus Nz Pak If we lose to SA then Aus. sh!t will get real and will feel like Aus ne hame C bana diya.
  9. Visiting India for the first time and you want to waste your time on Stoinis Siddle bowling to lunging Iswar kaka.
  10. I guess this is to bring all is well factor back after we face humiliation in NZ. Coz BCCI knows Aussies are not going to send their best bowlers. Stoinis Siddle legendary attack bowling in death overs to provide much needed runs.
  11. Their Thala couldn't get a single 100 outside SC roads while Agarkar has one. No wonder they think of him as a batsman.
  12. Imagine Ravi Shastri doing commentary Flashes and flashes hard.
  13. Number

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    Good innings against Australia+Dhoni.
  14. Last me Sabse keemti chakka maarega Dhoni.
  15. Siddle natural length is full. One or two of them will land in Dhonis arc and the game is done.
  16. Guys take is easy. This Aus side is filled with buffet bowlers. Dhonis skill are all gone but his sheer experience and mental fortitude has only got better. No need to panic.
  17. Looks like Dhoni is @global.baba ka param chela Not forgetting the dot
  18. Hardik > Binny > Rishi Dhawan Lets see where Shankar fits.
  19. He can take Marsh out but if he doesn't Maxwell will toy with Shankar Kedar etc.
  20. Epic from Bhuvi. Finch one and a half feet outside the crease. Bhuvi delivers from one and a half behind the wickets.
  21. Video of the incident. Ppl recording and soneone saying tum kyu bich me ja rhe ho tumhe kya matlab hai. This is the future of India. Many will be cut into pieces like this many will get converted many will leave the country. Hindus will remain the biggest fools in the world.
  22. Number

    Rishibh Pant Starts New Innings ----in Life

    Good boy at least not commitment phobic.
  23. Number

    What has RaGa achieved when he was in power?

    The marginalised minority https://www.news18.com/news/india/delhi-woman-stabbed-to-death-husband-and-minor-son-critically-injured-by-neighbour-2004765.html
  24. Jealousy. Sachin got Rajya Sabha seat post retirement, Dhoni will be back to sweeping duties with Railways.

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