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  1. Number

    Tired of posting 11

    Pensioners XI
  2. Its like I am a rich person just dont have any money.
  3. Number

    How Shameful is this??

    Less shameful than being a Dhoni chamcha presenting defense for his innings where he put his 10000 runs milestone ahead of team's cause.
  4. Nowdays his match winning utility is limited to situations when top order collapses and we are chasing a low target.
  5. Are yaar ye kya majaq hai. Are we going to lose to HK now. BC selectors saare mc ne team ki Lanka laga ke rakh di.
  6. Those new faces are Dhoni Raina Yuvraj Jadhav Rayudu.
  7. Not outs. Even Shoaib Malik has more runs than him.
  8. Number

    Series positives?

    A lot of deadweight can be removed before we go to Aus.
  9. Why Pujara doesn't get criticised as much as others do ? 1. He has performed much better than others. He was dropped for Dhawan at Edgebaston. Then at Lords everyone failed. Since third test he was was pretty decent. 2. No loose shots Barring one loose shot, he got good deliveries when he got out. Like 4th and 5th test 2nd innings, the ball curled into him just in front of bat. While other batsmen got out wafting. 3. Plays at tricky position With openers failing almost every time he had to come in when we were under pressure. While others coming at 5,6 had it much easier and still kept failing.
  10. Number

    Bhajji, Vikrant, Madan Lal want Pant in Asia Cup

    In Australia ball doesn't swing much. There is movement off the pitch that doesn't bother wk as there is enough time to cover that. You can trust the bounce there, something which WKs enjoy. In England the ball sometimes swings after passing stumps which creates problem for WKs. Most WKs struggle in England when they are touring first time.
  11. As per Sehwag the golden rule of Indian Cricket is When team wins captain gets all the credit When team loses the coach gets sacked. Do you see Shastri going back to commentary box after SA tour if we get thumped in both tests and ODIs ?
  12. Number

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Rohit Dhawan Rahul Pandey Jadhav Pandya Bhuvi Kul Bumrah Cha/Khalil
  13. Such a quick learner.
  14. Number

    So, Ind could not achieve what Pak has in Eng.

    Pakistan 2016 were really good. YK Misbah Azhar Ali are better batsmen than any we have other than Kohli. Even Asad Shafiq was good.
  15. His friend Teendu will not let him go anywhere.
  16. Should be played in ODIs too but grand old daddu is clinging on to his pension scheme.
  17. Number

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    Well played Rahul. Hope he has a cracking Asia cup and establishes himself as a LOI bat. It makes me sad and angry that a guy with so much of ability doesn't contribute to the team.
  18. Rashid showing why Root has so much faith in him. Well Played Rahul
  19. no pressure.. kaha kaha se aa jaate hain muh utha ke
  20. Pant caught @velu pants down doing Dhoni chamchagiri No of centuries outside Asia Dhoni - 0 Pant - 1
  21. What a phattu this guy Root is. Called Adil to bowl negative lines.
  22. Anyone remebers this innings by Astle Unchasable target day 5, he played a great entertaining knock

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