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  1. Didn't do much wrong!!!!???!! Dude you and Jadeja were not getting wickets or substantial turn/spin for that matter. Delusional buggers
  2. Translation : We're not selecting the kid until Dhoni retires.
  3. No. What you deserve is a termination letter and virat kohli deserves severe reprimands for losing 6 out of 8 overseas test matches this year.
  4. Crying over spilt milk. Work on your ODI game first bugger.
  5. Oh yeah another 0-4 wasn't it??.. ashwin/jadeja chasing.
  6. I have asked BCCl on how this moron still has a job!?
  7. Stan AF

    Rahul Pant Partnership

  8. Stan AF

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    Here you go. The highlights package. For future references any test highlights for matches shown in SONY channels access sonyliv.com for highlights. https://www.sonyliv.com/details/specials/5833547379001/KL-Rahul,-Rishabh-Pant's-204-Run-Stand-Delays-England's-Victory-Parade---5th-Test---11th-September,-2018
  9. Stan AF

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    Putting this in the top 5 of counter attacking Innings among indian batsmen i've seen. No prizes for guessing the other top 4 dravid/laxman kolkatta adelaide sachin/Sehwag sa 2001 sachin/azhar sa 1996/97
  10. Stop with your delusions people. He's not going anywhere. He should have been stripped off the captaincy after the WC loss and dropped a year later to groom young wicket keepers. Our selectors and idiotic "15 years best team" captain/coach are spineless to do the right thing and push this deadweight out. If lords booing wasn't enough i don't know what will make him leave out on his own.
  11. Nonsense. Atleast a year late following the losses in BD, SA home series loss and the 4-1 loss to Australia.
  12. Stan AF

    Has IPL hurt Indian Cricket?

    Exactly!!!. Why toil years and years for lesser monetary rewards while you can do it in 2 months
  13. Walking wicket. Grinning like a fool all the time and doing bhangra and thigh slaps. It's our sheer bad luck that we've to endure this fool in whites.

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