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  1. Stan AF

    I fit the role of 4th bowler India wants for WC: Umesh

    Actually it is starting to be.
  2. Stan AF

    When CSK met/meets SRH !!!

    Don't worry @velu . Warner is back this year against you guys. Not going to be easy.
  3. I watched the first 300+ score when he and tendulkar posted against Pakistan in Sharjah. Still one of the most finest indian victories.
  4. Wow, Sidhu was averaging 42 in 1995.
  5. This is shocking mismanagement of players. Using older players at #4 like Yuvraj and dhoni proved fatal like in the CT 2017 The musical chairs among the younger players KL/Pandey/Pandya is sad. Jesus!. And a bunch of unsuitable players in Rahane/Rayudu and Jadhav. A
  6. Disclaimer : I watch IPL. Add GOT
  7. Cutting should play at 5. MI wasted his hitting skills last year.

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