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  1. Where did you see? Hotstar?. That movie is 100% only theatre material.
  2. Stan AF

    Tamil Music

    ARR's finest in recent times.
  3. Oh cool. I asked because I recommended this film to gollum. Thats why.
  4. Stan AF

    Tamil Music

    Fun song during troubled times. 20+ years and still going strong.
  5. Yes. Have to agree. The farther spreadout our people are the better for everyone at this time. In one word heavily reduce or eliminate human interaction for a good 1-2 weeks.
  6. If the outbreak happens, the biggest problem would be in the metros and the slums.
  7. If it was 80% christians it would still be democratic though.
  8. Stan AF

    Favorite TV Shows

    These drop the mic videos are so much fun.
  9. Stan AF

    Tamil Music

    Good initiative from sonymusicsouthvevo. Tamil title for the video along with the lyrics.
  10. Naah. Been a fan of Tendulkar since the early 90s and it was natural that I started supporting MI once the league started in 2008. (P.S : Non TN posters) Many of you can't believe it ( don't take the ICF as a representation of anything in real life) but there's quite a considerable amount of support for MI in TN as well. Plus there are people who generally like Rohit & Jasprit Bumrah.
  11. Looks like nobody cares about conflict of interests in India. The interests are so GLARING!!! .
  12. As obvious as it gets, sennai fans rejoicing at his departure
  13. Not a fan of sanju manju. Not a hater as well. But the reason for his sacking doesn't seem to have anything to do with cricket.
  14. It's no secret that not enough testing has been done by the Indian government.
  15. Eng-SL series cancelled. No idea on how the points would be awarded.
  16. Oh it's You!!. Never mind. no point arguing with you. Do what you have to.
  17. WHO has repeatedly said that there's no scientific evidence for COVID-19 being inactive in summer.
  18. Ball went for a 6 into the stands and the players are checking for the ball under the chairs.
  19. Kiwis sucking more than usual against their bigger bros aussies. 69/3 in the 21st !!.
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