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  1. Cricket_Fan

    in DK I still dont trust !

    I think out of all the options we have, he is still our best wk for 2019.Dhoni is past his best and Pant has shown he is an overrated hack.Samson's keeping is a question mark and Ishan Kishan is not international class yet.
  2. Cricket_Fan

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    I believe both Mavi and Nagarkoti are as tall as Shami who is our best fast bowler after Srinath when fit.If both can be faster versions of him, then we would be winning lot of matches abroad.
  3. Has Thampi did anything substantial in T20s yet?For all the hype, his IPL numbers are not that great.Siraj's was even better.To me, Thampi looks like a spraygun who can bowl fast at this point.
  4. Lol, what? That is some crazy **** only a bhakth will say..
  5. Cricket_Fan

    Get the feeling that Manish is settling in...

    He is playing Lankan and Bangladeshi trundlers who doesn't bowl anywhere near 140s.
  6. He smoked 145+ guys in SA.And today also did what was expected out of him in T20. Went out and smoked the bowlers.
  7. Cricket_Fan

    Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    When exactly did he score against an A team other than poor Afghans? Dude comes straight out of the Shahid Afridi hack school and should not be anyway near an international team.
  8. Cricket_Fan

    Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    Samson has way better technique than this cowlasher. And also scored against A teams.
  9. Cricket_Fan

    Raina is batting like a tail ender !!!

    True.He struggled against A team bowlers whenever he got an opportunity.I never thought he was ready for international cricket.Sanju Samson should have got an outing here.
  10. Cricket_Fan

    Raina is batting like a tail ender !!!

    He scored in all three matches against SA with much better bowling line-up.You can score in every match.Pant has not done anything worthy in international cricket yet.So there is no comparison.
  11. Cricket_Fan

    DK > Pant

    Pant played exactly how he played in his earlier international outings.He is still not ready fir International cricket.Should have played Sanju Samson.
  12. Cricket_Fan

    Raina is batting like a tail ender !!!

    He batted the same way he did in SA.Trying to attack the bowler from go.Somedays it wont come-off.
  13. Cricket_Fan

    Warner vs De Kock - Verbal Exchange

    The little Bogan needs some ass-kicking.
  14. Cricket_Fan

    Ricky Bhui

    Are you a Bhakt? Only heard such dumbshit from Bhakths. Dude, where do our IITians and IIMites prefer to go after their taxpayer-funded education? Heck, many members of these forum are NRIs themselves. Then why cant a cricket player do the same?

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