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  1. Cricket_Fan

    Will Indian sledges involve sandpapergate this time?

    This. It was probably team effort initiated by Warner and others just play along with it.
  2. Cricket_Fan

    Will Indian sledges involve sandpapergate this time?

    Doesn't matter.This is not a Dharmayudh.. The collective blame is on the whole team, not the just the three.And I am pretty sure Starc and Co knew about what was going on because no way in hell a bowler wouldn't miss the changes happening to the same damn thing he was bowling with.
  3. Cricket_Fan

    Will Indian sledges involve sandpapergate this time?

    Our fixers are out of the game and yours are still in the commentary box of this same damn match. Moreover,one lapse of concentration is enough for the batsmen to get out.And for folks who are soft enough to get hurt by some boos, such comments would rile them up for sure.So its a win-win game .:D
  4. Cricket_Fan

    Will Indian sledges involve sandpapergate this time?

    We should hit where their weakest point is.No mercy when you are out on the field.
  5. Cricket_Fan

    Will Indian sledges involve sandpapergate this time?

    Do we have any active match-fixers still playing? Besides, purpose of this thread is how to rile them up and in turn lose their concentration.
  6. I think Indians are wasting a golden opportunity by not evoking the memories of sandpaper gate. Going by the reactions of Aussies after marsh getting booed, they are pretty soft bunch unlike their predecessors. We should quip sandpaper references every now and then to unsettle them. I would say the following : 1) To Harris: "Yo Harris, I heard you suggesting some good places to party last time. Do you know any of them with indoor sandcourts around here ? :P" 2) To Khwaja : " Tell me one good reason why you ain't the captain but a mediocre player who cant even make his state team is." 3) To Marsh brothers : " It is a great achievement to get booed by your own damn home crowd. I wonder what you did to them" 4) To Paine : "Mate, if you could bat or keep the way you talk,you would have at least made this team on merit. And don't have to rely on no sandpaper to be the captain. " " I wonder how your team mates can like you as a captain.Must be embarrassing to captain your country when your last FC century was 12 years ago." "Mind telling me any good sandy beaches around here because i don't see you guys holding this till last day. 5) To Starc: "Watch out for what Warner says next, mate. May be he will spill the reason why you ain't getting any reverse swing after Sandpaper gate." What do you guys think?
  7. Cricket_Fan

    Tim Paine sledging Rohit Sharma

    Nice one. Mine would be the following : " Yeah, I wish we would get your lucky charm too. The one that made a mediocre player , the freaking captain of Australia" OR "Mate, you should be rather be worried about whom your crowd is going to boo next."
  8. Steve Smith is also not exactly pleasing to the eye but the best Test batsman in the world right now. What matters is the runs you make.Nothing else.
  9. Cricket_Fan

    Toygers deserve to win

    If not for their obnoxious fans, I would have rooted for their win.But they didn't also hep their cause by wasting such a great start. Should have scored 280 plus.
  10. No need to be racist.There are millions of Indians with the same complexion.
  11. Don't worry much about his speed. He is just 20 and just started and that too in UAE heat. Bumrah was not bowling this fast when he debuted in Australia.
  12. Why do you need your main team against a Team like West-Indies. This is the best time to test your reserves.
  13. Cricket_Fan

    In the final, we MUST bat first if we win the toss

    Batting first in Finals is a must.Pakistan is a poor chasing team and in Finals multiply it by 1 million.
  14. Cricket_Fan

    Pakistan’s lost passion and growing inferiority complexity

    We wouldn't have won CT Final too had Kohl;i opted to bat first.Pakistan has a poor domestic structure and hence lacks quality batting and fielding.How can you win an ODI on these pattas when even your U 19 players drop sitters?
  15. Cricket_Fan

    Can Afghanistan beat India in the Asia Cup 2018?

    Pandey and Rauyud are TTFS for sure but they are pretty good against spin.Their lack of power game should suit for UAE pitches and both of them are good in rotating singles.Look how they played well against Australia A which had Stanlake,Jye Richardson and Ashton Agar who are any day better than any bowling attack in Asia cup.

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