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  1. Cricket_Fan

    Can Afghanistan beat India in the Asia Cup 2018?

    Pandey and Rauyud are TTFS for sure but they are pretty good against spin.Their lack of power game should suit for UAE pitches and both of them are good in rotating singles.Look how they played well against Australia A which had Stanlake,Jye Richardson and Ashton Agar who are any day better than any bowling attack in Asia cup.
  2. That is exactly the difference.Your testosterone goes down a lot when you hit north of 30 which is the stage Yuvi is at now.And in his case, you need to build both speed and power needed for an international athlete rather than muscles which is the requirement for an actor.
  3. Filmstars can use PEDs but sportsmen cannot.
  4. Cricket_Fan

    Axar patel county perfomance thread

    Getting into good form before Asia cup.His batting and better fielding would come in handy if Chahal goes for runs.
  5. Because those second generation Indians are still offsprings of those middle class blokes and were brought up in the same culture. I grew up in rural India and can tell you its a different world out here. Your toughest guys wont even last 10 mins in our traffic alone! :P
  6. Cricket_Fan

    Sustaining pace

    Indian and RCB Strength Conditioning coach Shanker Basu is the man! Bhuvi has attributed his increase in pace to him and even Rajneesh Gurbani is working with him to up his pace . It is no magic that folks like Avesh Khan, Khalil Ahamed and even Deepak Chahar who were trundlers few years back are now bowling in 140s. A proper system is in place and it is bearing the results now
  7. Cricket_Fan

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    So does every damn Indian with an instagram.Nothing new here.
  8. Cricket_Fan

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Not Babar Azam who averages less than Jadeja in Tests.
  9. i have doubts on Shaw succeeding against Anderson with the massive gap between his bat and pad.But he would score some runs atleast than Vijay who is at 34 on his last legs.Also it would be a nice learning experience for him before the Australian tour.
  10. Cricket_Fan

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Didnt they bowl consistantly well in SA? Bowled too many boundary balls today. If nothing was going their way, atleast could have stemmed the flow of runs by bowling wide of offstump and employing a 6-2 field.
  11. Cricket_Fan

    When will we get rid of Ishant Sharma?

    Everybody is going runs now.Not just him.
  12. Cricket_Fan

    Does India needs a specialist batting Coach?

    Dont think any batting coach can suddenly make changes to the batsmen who used to playing on flat pattas for a long time. Like earlier, we need to get our main batsmen to play some county cricket to iron out their flaws.Too much LOI cricket on flat pattas will creep some bad habits in.If they couldnt get into county, they can get into the leagues below that just like Faiz Fazal did.
  13. Cricket_Fan

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    This handle has videos of plenty of upcoming talents.
  14. Hope the pitch would be green.Shaw and Mayank needs some movement to handle to prepare for England tests if they get a call .
  15. And to think of, he first played with a proper cricket ball only in 2015 and here he is in just 3 years.What a talent! At same time, I wonder how many such talents would be in our rural hinderlands waiting for an opportunity.Why dont BCCI open up residential academies like SAI or AIFF and recruit youngsters from an young age itself.Our recent junior performances in Football are due to such extensive scouting and training at AIFF residential academies.

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