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  1. Indian cricketers undergoing DNA/genetic fitness test

    Baseball is a completely different game than cricket and hence the fitness levels would be different.Baseball like NFL stresses more on explosive movements and less on endurance.Being a strong hitter in Baseball is to your advantage but in cricket other than T20, you need lot of skills also to go with that strength.
  2. Dude, he went for 36 runs in 5 overs.That is more than 7 per over.In which world is that good bowling? And match was cut short due to rain and hence the moisture and dampness would have been in the pitch.
  3. He was murdered by Bangladeshi kids on a damp pitch while chasing. Dont go by one special ball out of many.Even Sreesanth had produced jaffas. Let him show some promise in FC first and then we can hype him up to face Aussies.
  4. LOL.Sehwag used to eat him for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner together.
  5. Video analysis is not a new concept and was there even in Ganguly's days.And in first class cricket, you can bowl bouncers as much as you want but not in limited overs.And even the likes of Yuvi struggled in Tests.So being a good LOI batsman is diferent from FC performance, especially in this era of super pattas.
  6. Looking at the way how Pandey,Jadhav and now Iyer is struggling, it wont be that hard. Raina is a way better hitter than all these three and once he gets back to his old fitness and show some good form in List-A, he wouldnt have much problem getting back to his favorite Number 6 position.Hard to find a player like him as all our young 'sooperstars' are domestic bullies.
  7. Ganguly was poor against Short ball all his career. In fact, how many of our 90's players could play shortball well. I dont think Raina can overcome his inability against shortball at this point his career however he can wear them out like he used to and stop getting out to those fuller deliveries expecting the shortball.
  8. Rohit putting on pounds

    And what company is that? Al-Jihadi-SuicideBomb?
  9. And Raina being unfit.I know that you are still sore at how he used to sodomize your lalloos everytime we met but this is cringeworthy.The only pakistani who could ever outrun Raina is the bloke who runs when Amreeki drones come after him.None of biriyani lalloos can even dream to field like him even in their dreams.
  10. Rohit putting on pounds

    Dude, what happpened? I know Pakistanis are not really known for any kind of intelligence but this seems to be even below your usual level.Did some American drone dropped some heat near the cave you live?
  11. Ohhh boy, nothing funnier than hearing about fitness from padosis whose own kaptaan is one of the worst fielders in the world.You are the same folks who call Afridi a 'shooper fielder' who cant bend to save to his own life.Just look at your U 19 boys field.Even kids in Indian mohallas field better than that.And about Sachin.He ran faster than your entire cricket eleven back in the days with slouches like Razak and Aali bhai.The only time Padosis would run is when they hear Biriyani.
  12. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Did you just say Sami? Dude, he bowled fast for sure but was murdered every time he bowled. And Gul was good initially but then he lost it.
  13. Not if we bat first.Pakistan can't chase anything above 250 even against Lankan lallu trundlers.The decision to bowl first and play two spinners instead of Shami against a team like Pakistan who plays spinners well, were two of the biggest blunders ever in cricket.
  14. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Punjabis are bigger on average than southies but not Upites and Biharies.In fact, they are shorter than southies on average.You can check that by looking at the average heights of volleyball and basketball players from southern states with that of UP and Bihar.Dont believe that Tamil iyer stereotype that bollywood is trying to propagate.Not all southies are like Ashwin and in fact Kerala and Tamilnadu always produces top athletes in India across different sports.
  15. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    Bhai, he can't even survive swinging white ball and you want him as an opener in Tests that too In England and SA?

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