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  1. Learning a little bit of Hindi to converse is the extent one would go but I dont see people from non Hindi states learning Hindi in a full fledged way as they would learn English because English is useful for studies and doing jobs but learning Hindi is not useful for practical purposes.
  2. Its tough to be in India's shoes in tours like these. You are expected to do well but wont gain anything even if you win convincingly. People are just going to say its the expected result. Whereas Sri Lanka have everything to gain because even if they win a single game, it will be considered an upset because even Zimbabwe defeated them just recently. That's why tours of SL, WI are not fun anymore because standards of cricket have fallen quite a lot.
  3. Hindi issue is basically flogging a dead horse. The boat has sailed a long time ago. Everyone is learning English nowadays including North Indians, who is going to learn Hindi and what purpose does it serve ? Its just a political gimmick.
  4. Lolwut ? Is he responsible for getting a fever ? If he got injured again, then may think he is not fit but having fever is not in his hands.
  5. That's why Dhoni's innings is one of the greatest knocks in ODIs. Chasing in World Cup final and that too in front of home crowd of 100,000 people and after having lost Sachin, Sehwag early takes immense mental strength and resolve. Some losers who spend all their time on internet and at best can only give arm chair opinions can never understand that.
  6. He was a good LOI player but failed in tests. He was technically never good against swing and good quality spin and didnt have the right temperament for tests and hence failed in longer format but was a good batsman in ODIs and match winner on his day because of his hitting ability. He was the major contributor to India's 2011 World Cup along with Zaheer even though you hear Dhoni and Sachin's name lot more and major contributor to 2007 World T20 win even though Dhoni again stole the limelight. He was also responsible for losing World T20 2014 final by playing one of the worst T20 innings I've seen. Most honest fans would say he doesnt deserve a place in the ODI side anymore. He is in the X1 only because of past achievements and connections and because of his desire to lift the World cup again in 2019. He would still probably rank among top 5 in terms of popularity among general Indian fans behind Sachin, Dhoni, Kohli and Sehwag though some others dont think too highly of him.
  7. He is much better off working with youngsters who will still respect his input than the superstars with bloated egos in Indian team who think they are too good to listen to coaches.
  8. I would also recommend Incendies (French/Arabic) by the same director. Awesome suspense thriller.
  9. When Yuvi is on the field, he literally looks like he is playing a veteran's game. He is kept near the boundary on purpose and yet cant even move quickly enough to stop boundaries. With due respect for his achievements in the past and being a cancer survivor, he should not be humiliated further and gracefully retire. Dhoni can make it if he works really hard for couple of years. His experience will help.
  10. Yeah, Rat has too much power. I hate his smug face already. Who does he think he is to kick out one of the legends of the game and appoint a cheerleader as his coach ? He hasnt even won the World Cup like Dhoni did. What has he achieved for the team again ? Have we won a test series against SA or Aus overseas to warrant this kind of power ?
  11. Even though you could say many things about BCCI in the past, you could always say the powers in BCCI always managed to keep the house in order. Nowadays, there seems to be so much chaos and incompetence in any matter related to BCCI. The whole Kumble-Shastri issue was handled so poorly and then followed up with confusion around Dravid and Zaheer's inclusion. BCCI also looked like a novice in front of other boards and ICC during the financial model issue. BCCI is almost at the level of functioning that you see in PCB and WICB.
  12. What we need are couple of wicket taking fast bowlers who can also bowl well on flat tracks and at the death. Bhuvi, Bumrah are decent ODI bowlers but I wont back them to take wickets with new ball or old ball. Shami is good but he has injury issues. Umesh has wicket taking ability but he can be wayward and expensive. Fast bowlers in overseas conditions have the ability to win you matches because they can take wickets. Spinners wont do much damage. But its in this department where Indian team is lacking and bound to be shown up on some days.
  13. World Cup 2015 - 8 matches 330 runs at avg 48 Champions Trophy 2017 - 5 matches 304 runs at avg 76 CT 2013 - 5 matches 177 runs at avg 36 - pretty good because both him and Dhawan gave good starts. Also done well in tri series in Australia. Dont remember which one.
  14. Good ODI batsman but he is also a bit lazy which means he hasnt worked on some of his flaws in technique. Credit to him that he has done well over the years in ODIs especially big tournaments. He can make it count once he gets set and make the opposition pay. He will probably never find a place as a regular test batsman with Pujara, Kohli, Rahane and KL Rahul in batting lineup and perhaps Dhawan also as a backup and other young batsmen to follow. Had a good start to his test career but couldnt capitalize on whatever chances he got overseas.
  15. GoldenSun, if you have balls then write a reply. Dont downvote comment just because you dont agree with it like a bloody coward.