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  1. It actually depends on the pitch conditions. If the pitch is not good, you are never sure of a good total. Sometimes, you aim too high and fall short. The chasing team doesnt need to take unnecessary risks because they know the target. They can pace the innings at their will. If par score is 250, I would rather chase than bat first. But wickets in England have generally been good for batting and allowing teams batting first to post some big totals and teams havent been good at handling pressure while chasing.
  2. kubrickian

    Hardik and his short balls

    Why does he overdo the short delivery ? Guy thinks he is Ambrose but he usually bowls in low 130s. Becomes predictable quite quickly. Not going to work against good batsmen of medium pace bowling.
  3. kubrickian

    If TN had a seperate national team how would it fare ?

    Do you want Sri Lanka to whitewash your team in every series ?
  4. kubrickian

    Worst selection for CWC2019

    This is a tough one. I want to select multiple options.
  5. In every post loss rant, they never forget to mention Imran Khan and what he would have done as captain. The guy retired close to 30 years ago. Get over it already.
  6. 'World Cup hat-tricks are rare, just bowl a yorker. This is your chance." Shami should have replied "No sh!t, Sherlock"
  7. Batting woes are largely due to the idiot selectors who messed up by not trying options for No.4, opener slot and even 5 and 6. Tried to stick with a small group and only kept giving them chances. Irrespective of result, heads need to roll for these blunders. Shreyas Iyer, Mayank Agarwal, Shaw, Gill should have been given more chances. Pant should have been first choice but sent as replacement for Dhawan. They have no clue what they are doing.
  8. kubrickian

    Hardik Pandya Celebrations

    This is "Karke aaya" in sign language.
  9. Pak managed to win against Eng. SA didnt even do that and they lost against BD as well. Pak losing to India, Australia was more or less expected. To me, SA seem like they are mentally down and low spirited. It could be a good contest though.
  10. SA is in such a bad space mentally that I dont think they have a chance against Pak or any other side right now. They have the team but seem completely out of sorts.
  11. kubrickian

    Mental strength of our players.

    Bowling effort was great. Its never easy under pressure to defend a much below par score against a weaker side and that too in WC. Most bowling sides from India in the past wouldnt have won the game. Honestly Indian batsmen messed up in last 10 overs and didnt know how to handle Afg spinners who used the conditions well.
  12. Do some of the clueless morons in this forum realize we cant replace Jadhav or Shankar with a bowler. We already have 5 bowlers, 6th bowler who can bat a bit like Jadeja will only lengthen the tail and he wont get to bowl many overs anyway. IMO if anyone has to go, it has to be Shankar in place of a batsman like DK or Pant because Shankar is not bowling anyway. Kuldeep is a strike bowler and teams are still not sure how to play against him and choosing the safe route by taking singles. Granted he could have an off day but he could provide the breakthroughs in the middle overs and win the game for you.
  13. kubrickian

    Can't have jadav,dhoni and shankar together

    50 odd runs in last 10 overs with 6 wickets in hand against Afghanistan is a poor effort no matter how you spin it. It was not a land mine of a pitch by any means, a bit slow perhaps but nothing alarming.
  14. kubrickian

    India not favourites to win

    It may have got wickets but it becomes predictable when you overdo it which was what Indian seamers did. Because target was low, they were happy to let those bouncers go and didnt get out and sometimes they expected the short delivery and played the pull and scored boundaries. If Indian seamers had varied the pace lot more, it would have been difficult to score on this slow track.
  15. kubrickian

    India not favourites to win

    Their spinners bowled wicket to wicket and didnt try too much, even seamers bowled more slower deliveries. Pandya over did the bouncers in the middle overs and that made him predictable. When you bowl cutters on this wicket, it was more difficult to time the ball and harder to hit. It was also bouncing awkwardly on occasions.

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