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  1. I think its become some kind of fashion for some people in India to downplay Sachin's talent. Just like the "liberal" minded people who criticize everything Indian and praise foreigners. Nigga please, Sachin is one of the greatest batsmen to have ever played the game. He is easily the best SC batsman.
  2. kubrickian

    Prasidh Krishna can be our Pat Cummins?

    Nigga please, this guy is not even the size of Pat Cummins X ray.
  3. He didnt play the last 2 ODIs which India lost. India won first 2 quite easily.
  4. When he is not around, he seems completely clueless.
  5. Only chance of India becoming first world country is if transitioned into industrial economy immediately after independence. It would have controlled population to a large extent and made it easier to improve quality of education, health care, education etc. This is not something that can happen overnight though. India was not ready at that stage.
  6. I honestly thought he was retired from all forms including IPL. Surprised to see him still playing.
  7. kubrickian

    What we gain from this year IPL??

    There is no such thing as more important, less important. It depends on one's perspective. World Cup cricket is also for entertainment only. Its not going to solve world hunger. Also, there is no guarantee that if these players dont play IPL that they will win World Cup. Using that logic, India or other teams shouldnt be playing any series leading up to WC.
  8. Irrespective of outcome, I feel Kedhar is one of the best middle order batsmen options in Indian team. He should be a sure pick for WC team.
  9. Lara averaged 33 in India in spin friendly conditions. How was he touch better against spin than Sachin who took the greatest spinner of all time, Warne regularly to the cleaners ?
  10. Sachin. Better player of spin than Lara and and also because of his longevity and consistency.
  11. Get over it already. People acting like he did some fixing.
  12. I've said this before. They are picked because the common man who watches the games identifies himself with them because they can bowl just as well as he would.
  13. What's the point of Unadkat, Kulkarni ? Luckiest b@stards in the world, who can neither bat nor bowl and still earning millions. It happens only in Indya.
  14. He is born in the wrong country, I guess. If he was born in South Africa, he would have been a GOAT because he is a Green Track Bully.
  15. kubrickian

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Have seen Aquaman and Captain Marvel. They are quite good and you can watch with family. Aquaman is pretty much like a very well made Indian masala action/fantasy movie with nice graphics.

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