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  1. Who the fock are these cow sycophants and what gives them the right to take law into their own hands ? If they cared about social issues as much as their bloody cows, Indian society would be in a much better place.
  2. With the kind of population we have, it will take time to see any immediate change on the ground in terms of improving standard of living. We have been growing at 7 % on average for the last 25 years and our per capita is still around 1700-1800 dollars. In a smaller country, that would make a huge difference.
  3. Its a bit confusing. Why didnt they release English version in some cities ?
  4. Booked a ticket for tomorrow as no tickets are available today. Wanted to watch it in English but not available. Have to watch in Hindi. The ideal version for me would be voice over of Sachin in English and rest being original voices. Dubbed voice ruins the experience.
  5. That's only in India and BD. Averages 40 in Aus and Eng with Strike rate above 80. Played a blinder of an innings against SA in World Cup.
  6. He has done jack in the last Ranji season. He is not even in top 50 bowlers in terms of most wickets and he wants to be selected for national side again? If he does really well in FC, then could be considered otherwise how could he think his selection is warranted at this stage of his career?
  7. Indians should create the companies which can generate jobs here with the latest technologies available which can employ Indians rather than become a destination of outsourcing jobs for MNCs in other countries and play catch up and remain at the mercy of other countries policies. This is how Europe and US marched far ahead of the rest of the world after the Industrial Revolution(there were 3 of them in the past actually and the next is the 4th one). They had the ability to create products in large scale and quality using technology and sold them all over the world and became rich economies. But do we actually have that capability ? I dont think so because we are far behind in Research because of the lack of quality universities.
  8. It remains to be seen how far automation is going to eat up the service oriented IT jobs like web development, mobile app development, testing etc which has been employing lakhs of engineering graduates in the coming years. If one window closes, another opens up. Employees should consistently update their skills and should be willing to go into different domain if needed. AI, Robotics, Internet of Things, Security, Cloud Computing could open up big opportunities.
  9. Rahane is not a bad batsman to have in ODIs in foreign conditions. He is like a white man in a Indian man's body, plays well against fast bowling on hard wickets and poorly against spin on slower wickets.
  10. I disagree. You cant be soft on terrorism because they will always be a threat to security. Any terrorist threat should be eliminated with force. Not being assertive enough will be seen as a weakness by the terrorists and they will recruit more people and grow stronger. The solution is not easy and simple. Its a process which is already in place but needs to be executed despite roadblocks. The intention should be to eliminate terror cells operating in the area, ensuring normalcy, conducting elections, improving job opportunities, improving standard of living, having better governance, winning back the confidence of the people and making them believe their interests are safeguarded while being part of India.
  11. I went to an IPL game in Hyd and I was frisked twice, once at the outer gate and once at the inner gate. They didnt make me take out my wallet or mobile phone though, so no issues with coins. It was annoying but we should be willing to give up a little bit of our freedom if it helps prevent terrorist attacks or other security situation. I would rather have that than no security checks.
  12. When I said in this forum that Kashmir issue is also connected to mindset of radical Muslims(jihadi mentality) someone immediately denied it and said it has nothing to do with it. I was blunt in wording it saying radical Muslims will never trust the majority when they are of a different faith and will attempt to secede or if they are in majority will attempt to convert the minorities. Similar thing has been happening in rest of the world. But when anyone says something like this, it will be considered intolerant. The fake liberals and those who live in denial are the ones who contribute to these problems.
  13. 1 more month wont eat up too much into international calendar because 90 games is too much cricket within 2 months. BCCI should look to reduce bilateral ODIs and T20s as much as possible and give more importance to test cricket and World Cup and World T20, then you will have enough time for a 3 month IPL.
  14. It would mean 90+ games within 2 months. It would be overkill and cause fatigue for cricketers and audience as well. 90+ in 3 months sounds more reasonable. I dont think they have decided to expand beyond 8 teams for next IPL. They may invite bids for 2 more teams for 2019.