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  1. To be fair, Dhawan is a much better player than Gambhir in foreign conditions. Dhawan has scored bucket loads of runs in the two CTs in England and WC in Australia. While Gambhir looks like a tailender in foreign conditions when facing the new ball. No comparison between the two of them really.
  2. Yes, he will be more winningest than the most winningest winning captain ever.
  3. Nope. He is much quicker now than when he started out. During his first series against Pak, he used to bowl 125-130 at best. Now he can clock 135 on average and sometimes hit 140 and over.
  4. Bhuvi used to swing the ball when he was bowling in 120s. After he increased his pace, he lost that swing even in conditions where some swing is available. He is managing to do well in ODIs because of his control and managing to stop runs but lost ability to strike with new ball because he lost his natural ability to swing the new ball. He is now bending his back a bit more and trying to hit the deck and become more of a seam bowler. Trade off is he could do well in SA but will become less effective in England.
  5. That's because you have seen him only in IPL where tracks are batting pitches and batsmen only look to slog. So he tends to bowl flat. He hasnt played enough ODIs (where he can look to attack more) to pass judgment.
  6. Cant jump to conclusions based on performance in 1 game. You have to look at the potential of the bowler. Chahal can also flight the ball and not just bowl flat.
  7. Axar will do alright on these slow, low, skiddy type surfaces. But in foreign conditions or even on batting surfaces, he will go for plenty.
  8. The comparison is between Chahal and Axar and not between Chahal and Kuldeep. I agree that Kuldeep should be picked first and then Chahal as the second spinner.
  9. Chahal just looks like a more wicket taking option even in IPL. Axar is picked more because of his batting and defensive bowling. Dont let the wickets in List A fool you. You can pick wickets when batsmen go after the bowlers in LOIs and not because the bowler prized out a wicket.
  10. We have no wicket taking bowlers with the new ball. Only Shami is good but apart from that, Bhuvi, Bumrah and Pandya are bowlers who can keep it tight but cant take wickets to give you advantage. That's why when spinners dont do well, team will be in trouble. At least, they could have picked Kuldeep as a wicket taking option in middle overs. Chahal is a good pick but Axar is another defensive option.
  11. Reserve / Backup players available for Team India

    Not sure if serious.
  12. Reserve / Backup players available for Team India

    Still better than what we currently have. Its not like we have Steyn or Mitch Johnson in our current lineup or reserves.
  13. Reserve / Backup players available for Team India

    I think Mohammad Siraj is quite close to getting selected for national side.
  14. Ashwin has picked wickets on flat surfaces in India and Sri Lanka as well. But I'm not convinced he will be effective in SA or Australia(or even NZ) as those places in particular are graveyard for finger spinners as the wickets tend to be quite hard an dont break up that much. I think he could do well in England but he has to re-invent himself if he has to do well in SA or Aus. But we need to understand that spinners will not do much damage in those conditions. Its the seamers who have to do bulk of the wicket taking. If the spinner can do a decent supporting job while getting breakthroughs, it will still be a decent effort. Or hope for some other miracle bowler but that's a long shot.
  15. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    What matters is the end result. If it doesnt affect you or engage you in the story or characters, it didnt work. Simple as that. The onus is on the filmmaker to make it interesting and engaging whatever approach he chooses.

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