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  1. Mayank Agarwal or Shreyas Iyer would have been a good picks if selectors gave them enough opportunities. But somehow, selectors are too scared of trying anyone new and would rather give Dhawan, Rahane a few hundred more chances.
  2. I can literally think of 10 guys who can be a better pick than Rahane. What's up with Indian selectors and tried and tested failures ? They have wasted many opportunities for fielding youngsters like Mayank Agarwal, Prithvi Shaw, Shreyas Iyer. Instead, we are still stuck with Rayudu, Dhoni, Karthik etc. in the name of experience.
  3. kubrickian

    Bumrah should not start in WC

    If I ever see Umesh Yadav in LOI Indian jersey, forget about opening the bowling, I might just take cricket sanyas.
  4. He is not able to accelerate towards the end overs. Will end up costing the team in high scoring games. India should have scored 360+. 325 is well below par on this pitch. Pant should play in his place.
  5. kubrickian

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    Most batsmen who came from Mumbai(other than Gavaskar, Tendulkar) and from Tamil Nadu(other than M Vijay and perhaps Kris Srikanth). They got in because of favoritism.
  6. kubrickian

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    If you are a test fan, this is the greatest achievement in Indian cricket history. Congrats to Indian team and fans.
  7. kubrickian

    NZ will thrash us in ODI series next month

    Bumrah, Kuldeep, Pandya will make a huge difference to this team. Batting is taken care of by Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli. To be fair to Rayudu, he made the most of the chances given to him while others didnt deliver. Pant should have been there in place of Dhoni. I reckon its a decent team overall.
  8. kubrickian

    BCCI: Ashwin declared unfit, ruled out of Sydney

    Sydney pitch helping spinners is a big myth. In the last 5 tests or so, spinners havent done jack at the SCG. One spinner is enough, Vihari is there to roll his arms. Better off going with Bhuvi but strangely dont think he is in the 13. Umesh inspires no confidence. He could do well but most probably he will bowl filth.
  9. Ishant, Bumrah and Shami outbowled them comfortably in this series and they are supposed to be better than ATG bowlers. Gimme a break. I dont know what the OP is smoking.
  10. kubrickian

    Mallu Band- Avial

    I remember hearing that "Nada Nada" song sometime ago. Its pretty good. Need to check out their other stuff sometime.
  11. In overseas conditions, you cant really expect to take 20 wickets with only one good seamer which was the case in 2000s. India's batting back then used to put the team in good positions and then on some occasions, Zak used to get good support from either of Ishant, RP, Sreesanth, Irfan but they were far from consistent. Whereas, with the current bowling attack you can expect more consistent performances and Kohli, Pujara to deliver more than often and Rahane or someone else to support them. Hence, this team will be formidable overseas and even in a contest between these two sides overseas, I would pick the current one.
  12. Aussies added Marnus Labuschagne to their squad. Paine in Marnus(my anus) for Aussies ?
  13. kubrickian

    Kohli promoting his Wife's flop movies

    The things guys have to do to get laid.
  14. I dont think he has a good memory or knowledge about the past. India played a test match at Dharamsala against Australia last year and the conditions suited seamers a lot and India still ended up winning. On typical bouncy and seamer friendly pitches, India will have be favorites against the Aussies.
  15. Its important to consider where they are playing. At home, 2000s team all day every day. Overseas, it would be a tougher contest.
  16. 2000s team will win but what that team lacked was good seamers other than Zak. But with the batting they had, they could post a big total and Zak and Kumble would be good enough to put pressure. But if batting fails, they dont have the bowling to bail the side out of trouble.
  17. kubrickian

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    So Paine saying Pant should babysit is not personal ? What's with some of these Indian losers who defend whatever foreigners do and criticize whatever Indians do ? Self loathing much.
  18. kubrickian

    Shastri 1-0 ICF !!!

    That batting lineup along with current bowling attack would have been enough to give any side nightmares.
  19. kubrickian

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    I would tell him to look at the scoreboard. Sledging when you got bowled out for 150 really ?
  20. Two rookies opening the batting against Australia in their home conditions. Its not going to be pretty. Pujara should open the innings and one of KL Rahul or Vijay should have played the remaining 2 tests.
  21. kubrickian

    Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Shardul will never be effective as a bowler in international cricket. It doesnt matter if he gets a 4fer or 3 fer in a couple of matches. He has only medium pace, medium height, cant swing the ball much, doesnt have much control. He is very similar to Mohit Sharma, Vinay Kumar types who are dime a dozen in India. They should stop trying to push him as an international cricketer unless they want some pain inflicted. I'm pretty sure there are better options now in FC.
  22. kubrickian

    How Short are we ?

    Its more than par score. Pitch is not as flat as you think. It has slowed down considerably.
  23. They got bruised and hit many times in this match(especially 2nd innings) but didnt give their wickets away. They fought hard and showed real spirit. Very good to see.
  24. kubrickian


    Even Shami smashed Morkel and Rabada for sixes on this pitch and "opener" Elgar couldnt play out a few overs. What a joke. Why are Saffers such cowards ? Something in their history perhaps ? They always seem to piss their pants when under pressure.
  25. kubrickian

    'This is not a cricket pitch, this is dangerous'

    India scored 247 on this very same pitch, so its not as impossible as they make it seem. SA should man up and come out to bat, cop a few blows and if you cant handle the heat, give your wickets away and let India be the deserved winner.

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