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  1. kubrickian

    Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Shardul will never be effective as a bowler in international cricket. It doesnt matter if he gets a 4fer or 3 fer in a couple of matches. He has only medium pace, medium height, cant swing the ball much, doesnt have much control. He is very similar to Mohit Sharma, Vinay Kumar types who are dime a dozen in India. They should stop trying to push him as an international cricketer unless they want some pain inflicted. I'm pretty sure there are better options now in FC.
  2. kubrickian

    How Short are we ?

    Its more than par score. Pitch is not as flat as you think. It has slowed down considerably.
  3. They got bruised and hit many times in this match(especially 2nd innings) but didnt give their wickets away. They fought hard and showed real spirit. Very good to see.
  4. kubrickian


    Even Shami smashed Morkel and Rabada for sixes on this pitch and "opener" Elgar couldnt play out a few overs. What a joke. Why are Saffers such cowards ? Something in their history perhaps ? They always seem to piss their pants when under pressure.
  5. kubrickian

    'This is not a cricket pitch, this is dangerous'

    India scored 247 on this very same pitch, so its not as impossible as they make it seem. SA should man up and come out to bat, cop a few blows and if you cant handle the heat, give your wickets away and let India be the deserved winner.
  6. kubrickian

    If SA decide to walk off, then will they be called cowards?

    The ball didnt even kick up from good length. It was a normal short ball that he missed and copped a blow.
  7. kubrickian

    If SA decide to walk off, then will they be called cowards?

    Especially after fighting out in 2nd innings on this very pitch and got hit many times. It would have all meant for nothing. SA should man up and come out to bat.
  8. Just accept that you are a bunch of sissies. Its hard to admit it but you know its true.
  9. kubrickian


    There's a reason why they are chokers. Because they are mentally weak. Took a few blows and they run off like sissies. Pathetic.
  10. kubrickian

    Vijay finishes with average of 17, Rahul averaged 7

    Vijay's contribution in second innings is quite vital. He stayed at the wicket for a long time and saw off the new ball. Softer ball meant ball doesnt do as much making it easier for batsmen to follow. I think he did his job in the second innings.
  11. 240 is not easy to chase in a test match on a decent pitch and this pitch is far from decent. I reckon we have enough here. Should nip out couple by the end of the day.
  12. I think so too. Will be a shame for SA though because it would mean they prepared a terrible pitch. It happens very rarely, I remember one game in West Indies against Eng which got called off.
  13. kubrickian

    What’s a good target ?

  14. Yeah its not very easy to start scoring freely. You just have to play out the good deliveries and try to score off the bad ones. If ball gets old, it might make things a bit easier. Pandya should look to be a bit more positive but rest of the batsmen should bat as they normally do.
  15. Its just a matter of time before you get out on this pitch.
  16. kubrickian

    Worst fixing performance ever

    The running looks like a game of EA cricket where the player doesnt know which keys to press.
  17. With an unstable opening partnership, you are always exposing 3,4,5 to the new ball and you are asking for trouble. To put good scores in SA, Eng or even Aus or NZ, you need good opening opening partnerships which can see off the new ball and also give some confidence to other batsmen. Vijay did that to an extent in the previous tours, but dont think he will come good this time around. Also Rahane is out of form and you cant count on other batsmen apart from Kohli and Pujara to a certain extent. Batting will be a huge problem. IMO its how the other 6-7 contribute that will decide India's future in the coming series.
  18. Rishabh Pant is a glorified(by some fanboys) version of Suresh Raina. He is just a T20 flat track bully. If you are expecting him to come good in tests especially in overseas conditions, you are seriously deluded and know nothing about cricket. Having said that, PP is also not fit for test cricket. They should look to groom some other wicket keeper for tests.
  19. At the moment, Indian team is happy to stay in its comfort zone, prepare doctored pitches which suits spinners, play with SG ball, curtailing growth of Indian fast bowlers because they dont want to give advantage to touring fast bowlers and curtailing growth of batsmen against swing, pace and bounce. India should be prepared to lose at home if it has to win abroad. Anybody who is happy with status quo, shouldnt expect India to win abroad. This gets repeated after every overseas loss and things go back to normal and everything's forgotten but unless something drastic happens to the way cricket is played at home, things will never change.
  20. South states are too different from one another to form as one entity. Otherwise, South India would have separated from rest of the country a long time ago. There is very little in common between South and rest of the country though majority of people come under the banner of "Hindus".
  21. The pitches still dont have enough to help fast bowlers. They are mostly flat with low bounce and pace and then help spinners from day 3. This is simply because BCCI doesnt trust our fast bowlers to come good against Aus, SA, Eng or NZ and dont trust our batsmen against their bowlers. Its a cowardly move to be honest. Hence, dont allow our test team to become better as an overall unit and remain a one dimensional side. At least 50 % of our games should be helpful for fast bowlers. Its criminal how in some test matches, fast bowlers are given a few overs with the new ball and relegated to the boundary and then Ashwin and Jaddu roll their arms over for the rest of the innings. There are some idiots who defend this gameplay as "home advantage" and these are the same guys who cry when India lose overseas.
  22. kubrickian

    India's batting looks very shaky

    Openers look out of sorts. KL Rahul still hasnt established himself yet and largely inconsistent. M Vijay looks like he is past it. Struggling to score big after starts. I reckon this is the end of the road for him and wont get any better as he is quite old. Dhawan and Pujara have big question marks over their ability outside sub continent. Rahane has lost form and regressed a lot and looks like a shadow of the batsmen he was when India last toured SA and Aus. Less said about Rohit the better. He is not test material, let's just put it that way and will never make it as a test batsmen even if you give him a million chances. Only Kohli looks somewhat reliable but as a unit, I wouldnt trust these guys to chase even 150 on this track. Some serious rebuilding has to be done in years to come. India's batting has regressed and has got worse since last overseas tours despite a lot of promise(Vijay, Kohli, Rahane all averaged 50-60 in previous tours) but it has gone all downhill. The selectors, management, captain, coach all have to take collective blame for letting this happen.

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