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  1. This is too immature to be coming from a captain.
  2. Shashank Manohar Resigns As ICC Chairman

    Good news for Indian Cricket. I hope he gets isolated in BCCI as well. Well ridden.
  3. Why would you need quota system to win? I don't understand. If anything, quota system will hurt the balance of the team.
  4. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    The media hasn't twisted anything and it was not the verdict interview that was reported. It was the post day press conference. He did said that Kohli didn't made any changes into his batting and it was the pitch that helped him which was not entirely true. https://streamable.com/lq2l
  5. Predict Day - 3 -4th Test- India vs England

    India - 380 all out.. England finishing the day with 20/5
  6. We are short by at least 30 runs.. not gonna be easy to defend with dew..
  7. World T20 Super 10 Opener - March 15 - India Vs NewZealand

    I guess team should be decided before the toss, am i wrong??
  8. World T20 Super 10 Opener - March 15 - India Vs NewZealand

    does toss matters here??.. will the pitch deteriorate??
  9. It's gonna be a washout.. Bangladesh got lucky...
  10. Joi Bangla!

    +1 .. just hate their crowd as well as their players.. too annoying..

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