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  1. Detonator

    Why no reservations in the armed forces?

    Reservation or not, our armed forces has a fair share of people from all communities.
  2. Detonator

    Are you a Cat person or a Dog person !!!

    Does this trick work on leopards?
  3. You're missing his point. There is a large scale cutural attack in TN and it's going to be too late when you realize. The nature of Tamil identity is getting twisted by crypto christains. Recently Aloor Shanawaz was attacking Raja Raja Chozha, calling him as an outsider and a brahmin slave. I can make a long, exhausting list on such examples. P.S : I may look like a Tamil hater, but I m one of the purest Tamil guy , who couldn't understand a shrad of other languages.
  4. Exactly. Ash and Vishy both have that "evil brahmin" tag on their foreheads. Hard to believe but even APJ have that brahmin slave tag in some groups
  5. It goes both ways. I like auntie's so I m a teleiophile.
  6. Detonator

    Sterlite protests

    Don't worry that's not gonna happen. Mark my words, when DMK comes to power the plant gonna open silently. Magically all the environmental and health issues will be solved. After all they protested to open the plant few years ago. Sterlite is just an excuse, the actual motive is to manufacture a law and order issue
  7. Detonator

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    We southies are better in corruption too . All you guys can manage is fodder scam
  8. Detonator

    Signal to Mumbai Indian fans !!!

    Just because Pakistan have a better h2h against India doesn't make them a better team
  9. Detonator

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    9 seasons 7 finals 3 wins. Nobody is even closer lol.
  10. Detonator

    Sterlite protests

    I was abused as a saffron terrorist for saying this in Twitter ☹️
  11. Detonator

    Sterlite protests

    Bro come on. The protests started on 4 fronts. One to collectorate, one to NH and two started from Panimaya maatha church. Previous day, the fringe groups and the church bishop were seen inciting people. The NTK and dozen other far left were threatening of riots on the previous day and it's not even secret, everything were going rounds on social media. 1. The first group that went to collectorate were the real protestors. Students and activists. They were peaceful and actually bought permission from the collector himself. There is a video of it. 2. The second one is spontaneous. The people were slowly gathering from localities called by unknown activists. They were peaceful too and they were the biggest in numbers. 3. The third one from church is the far left and DMK guys. (possibly naxals). They joined the highway guys ad started vandalizing. Police were alerted. Reporter warned this naxal infiltration weeks back. 4. The fourth one also from Church supposed to go to Sterlite factory but they marched to SP office, but it's a late one. The biggest problem is the third front. They vandalized civilian vehicles and encouraged the locals to do so. DMK were the first ones to start stone pelting. This made the first and the second group to be lathi charged. Soon after the police were overhelmed and the collectorate was vandalized . Then the warning shots were fired and tear gas shelling happens. So they ran to the employee quarters opposite to the collectorate and burned multiple residential buildings. 80+ were injured before the shooting bro. This triggered the shooting. But the first group was used as meat sheilds. I am not supporting the shooting but this is a planned riot and they did everything to make the firing happen. This is planned right in the Panimaya Madha and the CSI church .
  12. Detonator

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    RISS - Rohit inshat Sharma Sharma
  13. Detonator

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    If you want to troll @maniac, search for a thread called "Team RISS appreciation thread" and bump it
  14. Detonator

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Are you trying to insult lol. I used to be serious and macho during my young days here. You will be alright when puberty hits you, so relax

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