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  1. There is absolutely no infra in Chennai even if we get Brahmaputra here.
  2. Bro, did you see there poralis. They have invented a conspiracy to stop Godavari-Cauvery linking project. Friggin imbeciles
  3. Imposing or not. It is essential to learn Hindi if we want to succeed in business and merge into the larger Indian community. Don't worry our mother tongue won't be destroyed by learning an extra language. The hindi belt is largely populous and a huge market. It's just a matter of cashing in or we will be left behind.
  4. Stalin's statement clearly reflects the utter incompetence of TN BJP leaders. One of my close aid, who is a legal wing, said that these guys sent a lot of fake reports to the national heads. Even the UPA was in panic mode before the elections hence they started distributing money to the voters along with the promise of RaGa's 6k pm scheme. On top of all that BJP is labelled as an elite Brahmin party of sorts. This is real actually. TN BJP has 2 sections, Brahmin and non Brahmins. These brahmins completely failed to get the pulse of tamils. I have been saying this for 5 yrs, Thamizhisai should resign and a new breed of educated and young leaders should be in BJP if they want to grow here. TN BJP is supported by a lot of common folks who are not even a member of the party. These leaders show no respect to them. It has to change and they should be inclusive.
  5. Detonator

    How are you going to celebrate

    No beef
  6. Detonator

    Who should replace Rahul Gandhi in Congress?

    He conceded his defeat even before when there is 3lakh votes left for counting. He said he was going to resign
  7. Detonator

    Post election meltdown thread

    Best meltdowns came from DMK despite winning. Their situation is like getting married but couldn't get into first night
  8. Detonator

    Who should replace Rahul Gandhi in Congress?

    He is not going anywhere. Sonia ji rejected his resignation offer.
  9. Detonator

    How are you going to celebrate

    Saffron Ladoo, saffron jalebi, saffron dosa
  10. Detonator

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    DMK winning 37 seats is useless as it gets. TN has no place in cabinet for 10 yrs
  11. Detonator

    BENGALIS causing Hilsa fish extinction

    Not just Bengal it's a problem all over. Fishermen use the fine nets and double nets in the waters which catches even the baby fishes. It's been out of control for a long time
  12. Detonator

    Best players of political game in India

    Jegan Mohan Reddy is way more shrewd than ysr tbh. It's not easy to topple CBN in andra
  13. Detonator

    Easter bomb blasts in Sri Lanka

    @Gollum exactly. Just connect the dots. JJ showed no mercy.

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