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  1. Detonator

    Political memes !!!

    Because the left can't meme.. even here if you argue with a congress or dmk supporter, you will find them dumber than average, just like a pre programmed NPC
  2. Detonator

    Political memes !!!

    He is the guy who proudly bought Yasin Malik for a public speech in TN
  3. Detonator

    Political memes !!!

    We should take this meme against the left
  4. Detonator

    Political memes !!!

    The NPC wojak meme hurt the left so bad that they literally started crying
  5. Misguided youth theory is making a comeback. Today I saw a number of articles claiming that the attacker is a nice guy who took up arms because CRPF beat him.
  6. The way Muslims target young girls, this is needed to make sure they don't become goats under burqa. The secular eunuchs won't protect them. Islamic state got defeated by an army of Kurdish girls.
  7. Seyal lacks political acumen unlike his dad. Or else he wouldn't make anti hindu statements. Ironically karuna carefully made sure that DMK don't have that anti hindu stigma. Seyal is bleeding his core voters and now it's not a guarantee that the anti incumbency will help DMK. If admk alliance wins 10 seat in 2019 it's a massive loss for DMK. Seyal can forget his CM dreams
  8. Detonator

    PewDiePie vs T-Series !!!

    There is a convincing theory that they helped Trump winning ffs.
  9. Don't forget Kongu eswaran. He is going to contest under lotus .
  10. @maniac do you think Jegan Mohan Reddy win is inevitable??
  11. Detonator

    PewDiePie vs T-Series !!!

    Paul Joseph is a straight political guy like Ben Shapiro. But only PewDiePie managed to get under their nerves. Btw, you go to 4 Chan ??
  12. Detonator


    I thought this is some kind of parody movie
  13. I don't think so. Forget ICF, the internet user votebank would be like 500 votes on every constituency. And TiKToK is more famous than the political social media. I mean, Twitter has like a million porn accounts
  14. Detonator

    PewDiePie vs T-Series !!!

    Velu anna, you should be on PewDiePie's side here. He says things that most public figures won't dare to say, because they are pushed by agenda driven politicians. And this guy has a reach that even the combined MSM couldn't achieve.
  15. And promises like he is going to establish a harbour in Tirupur

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