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  1. Detonator

    Political memes !!!

    MTC is yet to understand the meaning of the NPC meme. He just gets triggered and writing the same essay after seeing the cue word. It's apparent when you read his essay
  2. Detonator

    Political memes !!!

    It just happened in this very thread. 4chan guys simply strike down an entire essay with a single sentence, and make them snowflakes look like a fool. Liberals just lack intelligence to take a meta-concept and make it work Look up how they triggered the entire journalist cabal with just 3 words - Learn to code
  3. Not movies, it all comes down to assets and money. Parents with no boy child think that their assets are being passed down to someone else's heir and their descendants. That's why this entire practice came to be. Marry within close relative range so that assets stay safe with them. It's practiced in West too, albeit long back.
  4. It's not advisable to marry any blood relative from a common ancestor within 6 generations. The genetic damage for the offspring is irreversible.
  5. Detonator

    Mumbai "Indians" are the Pakistan of IPL

    This is the 5th time you're posting the same thing lol. Just like an NPC bot. Please be creative atleast
  6. Burger King is one of the sponsors
  7. It almost like abd knew where he is going to bowl
  8. Watching this match is like watching Pakistani vs Bangladeshs
  9. Detonator

    Mumbai "Indians" are the Pakistan of IPL

    Greetings, explorer. In games, NPC doesn't know that they are one, so they think everyone else is an NPC, after saying filling up the screen with loads of text.
  10. Detonator

    Mumbai "Indians" are the Pakistan of IPL

    It's really funny watching them trying hard to increase their IQ. Let them post.
  11. Detonator

    Jatayu Statue in Kerala.....Wowww

    Apparently a hawk hit my friend's drone and damaged a couple of rotor blades while taking a picture in this location. Jatayu took revenge after centuries
  12. Detonator

    Mumbai "Indians" are the Pakistan of IPL

    Good.. IQ increased by 0.01 But please, atleast come up with good comeback, it's boring with these grammar Nazi stuff
  13. Detonator

    Mumbai "Indians" are the Pakistan of IPL

    MI fans, just like pakistanis, on average has lower IQ than rest of the others. I could see a lot of them behaving like NPCs, harping the same words, like fixing, cheating etc,. Just like the padosi forum guys It's just boring interacting with them lol.
  14. Wats with Punjab batsmen getting out after a 6
  15. Detonator

    Mumbai "Indians" are the Pakistan of IPL

    We have a B team in SRH too Dhoni got swag though

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