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  1. Detonator

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    Looks doesn't matter. Nothing beats the libido of atheletic women. Even looks will come along. Some of my friends were cute when little, but they can't run even a dog chases. They just formed extra fat everywhere once they croseed 20. Like broiler chicken. OTOH, one girl who isn't good looking during teens in the conventional sense turned into the most beautiful after 20. And she hardly grooms herself. Not just scandinavian, Any country that has physical work as part of their culture will have the most beautiful women.
  2. Detonator

    Lungi da !!!

    Lungi saani ya
  3. Supernova is too strong for trailblazers. Can't they form more balanced teams? Lets see
  4. Detonator

    Karnataka election results

    Don't worry, this coalition is a joke.
  5. Detonator

    Congrats Rajasthan Royals

    Those bean bags look better than Mumbai jerseys. :giggle:
  6. Detonator

    The Never Ending Thread

    Love his reaction after tasting his own cocktail
  7. Detonator

    Karachi - Killing Field for newborn girls

    .. Accidentally opened Live leak Now I m scarred for life
  8. Detonator

    PUBG - Player Unknown's Battle Ground

    Oh, those guys in morning are not ICFers? Good players they are
  9. Detonator

    PUBG - Player Unknown's Battle Ground

    Kewl. This map is good for snipers but I suck at long distances. I like the old map because I often sneak, flank and ambush players. I even took out snipers with that tactic. The only sniper I could handle is the m24.
  10. Detonator

    PUBG - Player Unknown's Battle Ground

    @sourab10forever nice game bro. But I suck in the Miramar map. Feel naked in all that open space
  11. I think he is using a protocol called optic nerve which enables camfection to turn on the front camera of the target without them knowing. He came to that conclusion based on those crappy images. I would suggest you to be in full make up 24x7 or he might end up capturing your Aadhar card like image
  12. Detonator

    Blatant Umpiring Errors In IPL

    But honestly bumrah's spell is easily the best in this tournament.

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