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  1. Bro, yes but that's how currently people want to believe. Even educated people are making case for it. Another big joke is that most of DMK members themselves are temple going people.
  2. one of the popular tag line is that, 'Hindutva cannot come inside using pakistan, This is not India, this is Tamil nadu". The passive support is strong here.
  3. I know that using fb memes and stats as evidence is foolish, but I severely underestimated the impact. That guy in red is Yasin Malik, a known terrorist. He is relentlessly defended by Muslims in TN and hindus brinlessly 'like' those in FB. There is a meme which got 100k, told by Seeman during this speech saying that all hindus are outsiders. This is Thirumurugan Gandhi, who is very famous and known for anti-hindu rants, again targeting hindus. the guy behind him is a member of the same group that made cbe bomb blast. That guy in glasses is Samuel, son of martin lottery groups, a known fraud and money launderer. His pages easily get massive reach and on daily I get these hindu hating wats app messages from my relatives. My relatives are not anti-hindus but so naive that they don't get the big picture. I would say TN muslims are in full Taqquiya mode and christians have exponentially increased their conversions due to the dravidian rule. Kamal is targeting that particular vote share. The problem is hindus support and defend these guys and others without knowing. These are indirect dravidians.
  4. Evidence? How is TTV winning lol. How is DMK is still lingering around lol? Stalin openly states they don't want hindus in their party, but they want only 'Tamils'. This is ground reality. Just today a christian hospital killed 1600 people in organ trafficking, but there is a complete black out in TN media. If you are here in Jallikattu protests, you could have easily seen how it's hijacked.
  5. Which soap do you use ?

    Park avenue.. it's really good for me
  6. that's reshma category
  7. 100 km west you would have born in Coimbatore.
  8. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Yep, it's a great movie bro. Watched in theatre
  9. CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!!

    @velu I think we have Aushik is the only guy with decent experience in ranji
  10. Despite all these, I have a feeling that Kamal is a B team to someone. Mostly BJP Even if he is an A team, these morons will have no clue. Sorry, before someone abuse me, I am a proud Tamil guy too, so i can't defend these guys. I believe in Nationalism and India comes before TN for me.
  11. okay, lets get serious. All hell got loose after JJ's death. Saperatists, Jihadis, evangelists are going all out against the Hindus. So extreme that even the TTV now looks like a saviour. Kamal Hassan's entry to politics is to project himself as their leader. Biggest reason? Tamils have become a bunch of morons. These guys are giving Mamtha didi a run for her money on supporting Jihadis. 1. The jallikattu issue was successfully turned into an anti-bjp protest. Even an uneducated idiot knows that UPA banned it, and just 2 months before the protest they gave a manifesto promising that they will ban jallikattu to please minorities. However, the jihadis used the emotion of people to abuse Modi and BJP as if they banned it. Their biggest success is that they managed to portray jallikattu as a 'Tamil' tradition rather than a Hindu tradition. 2. If you think the beach protest is big, but the social media coverage of jallikattu is massive. free jio sims did their part. It gave rise to a large number of meme pages, which are owned by Christians and Muslims who spew venom saying the 'Hindu' BJP trying to suppress the 'Tamil' tradition. They quickly got millions of followers and even the most obvious and idiotic lies would get 20k likes. 3. Then the hypocrisy came with the ban on cow slaughter. The Dravidians and others slaughtered cows and calfs in public and eating raw beef as a protest. Whoever raised the voice against it, like BJP's H Raja was abused outright. Again the Hindu morons who protested for jallikattu also supported that beef eating is a Tamil tradition. It also supported by social media because for these morons memes are the true source of news. Nowadays my FB feed is filled with memes. Even Kamalhassan's rise is largely due to memes. Never thought memes would decide the CM in next election. 4. Then came the biggest and most dangerous of them all. Tamils are not Hindus. According to them, Tamils had no religion and what we follow is actually north indian one. Their main argument is Tamil is older than Hindu. This is despite the oldest Tamil literary work, Tholkappiyam has referred Vishnu, Indra and Varuna. Even Raja Raja, the staunch Hindu is considered as outsider here. They literally declared war on Hinduism calling it a brahmin conspiracy. 5. The biggest shocker of them all that the Tamil Hindus here openly started supporting Pakistan. They completely bought the 'Terrorism has no religion" and "Hindu Terrorists" agenda. You can easily spot a 10k liked meme calling that all bomb blasts in India are RSS conspiracy. The most recent meme is a fake story run by news 7, saying that Pakistan has more growth rate than India. According to them, India is not a developing under Modi and MMS has actually did more to nation development. Even NDTV looks like an unbiased source compared to these guys. Kamal hassan ticks all the points here, and he is clearly projecting himself as an anti-hindu leader. I think TN is a gone case now, it's going on LTTE way. Soon it's going to become unstable because of moronic hindus.
  12. Who is going to help these players?

    The biggest motivation is being a part of the Indian cricket team. You have seen cricketers who are not god-gifted, but even then, they have gone far. That’s because of the passion. The coaches need to find that out. Everybody doesn’t play for the country.Everybody has views in life and it should be respected. I have always believed that process is more important than results. I never thought about results, I always thought what is the right thing to do at that point of time whether it’s 10 runs needed, 14 runs needed or 5 runs needed.I was always so engrossed in the process that I never took the burden of thinking what if the result don’t go my way.It is something I learnt while playing tennis ball cricket on the roads of India. It is difficult. I don’t want them to play helicopter shots because they could get injured. In tennis ball cricket even it’s hit from the toe of the bat the ball still travels a lot but in normal cricket it has to be the middle part of the bat, so it requires a lot of work.
  13. Dhawan failed in 2/2 innings, success rate is 0% Vijay failed in 4.5/5 innings, success rate is 10% so vijay > dhawan.. damn, i love making such logic.. its so easy and no need too much thinking
  14. Ashwin is shrewd as *. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/sometimes-virat-kohli-is-so-aggressive-i-feel-a-bit-scared-r-ashwin/articleshow/58090621.cms The way he ended the careers of naraine, shillingford, senayake, and padosi ajmal, he brings a different form of aggressiveness. More like srini mama

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