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  1. What song are you currently listening to ?

    Can someone please translate the punjabi lyrics in this song
  2. What song are you currently listening to ?

    Another slow poison from ARR
  3. 4K UHD HDR

    Any IMAX movie would do. The Dark Knight is the master of it, largely due to the fact that the CGI is very minimal. That's the reason why Interstellar looks a bit off. Remember the truck flip scene? Instead of cg or miniature, he really flipped the truck. Ironically, some critics told that 'cg' looked unrealistic.
  4. To answer this thread, I would buy a Mi phone, Nikon D5500 (it has wifi) with an extra prime and telephoto lens. If MI phone broke, I can get a new one using mi protect. If iphone broke, they won't change the display but give you a new iphone for more than half the cost. My brother spent a lot of money on this.
  5. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/technology/story/iphone-x-is-so-expensive-in-india-that-you-can-go-to-hong-kong-buy-it-come-back-and-save-money/1/1046827.html Lol
  6. Yeah.. Redmi note 3 has a similar issue and the phone heats up like anything. Speaking of sound, I really like the moto speaker mod https://www.motorola.in/products/moto-mods/jbl-soundboost-speaker Moto z2 play - 27k JBL mod - 7k Hasselblad zoom - 20k
  7. Note 4, G3 and S6 had the same price tag when they came out. Xioami phones are better.
  8. Bitcoin Thread

    Well, bitcoin is the only thing that is a deflating currency right now. Kinda weird when you think that it's originally intended to buy stuff from the Dark web.
  9. Pastor caught raping a 12 year old

    Yep, the Spotlight movie was chilling. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_Church_sexual_abuse_cases
  10. But you also have to see the other side of the coin. Just look at the bottom 4 districts. They are home to the infamous "broiler schools" where the only strategy to get into medicine is mugging up. The problem isn't the NEET, but a lot bigger one. Ever since the single state board (samacheer) up to 10th came into picture, the number of government college students who joined medicine dropped sharply. The biggest cause is that they weren't able to adopt to the tougher 12th syllabus, be it state or matric or CBSE. The reason is this single state board syllabus is a diluted version of the older one. This led to a massive raise in CBSE private schools in TN. The primary reason was that the private schools (exp the broiler schools of those 4 districts) marketed these state board as nearly worthless. Almost half of the state board were converted to CBSE. The place where they did most damage is the students who move from CBSE to state board. They scored centums like it's nothing. Just in last year there are 2500 students scored centums in math, and they are breaking the previous record every year. Those schools turned into a giant education mafia, where even the real estate catapulted to massive heights in those districts. Ofcourse NEET isn't the solution. Nearly 42% who cleared NEET are previous year batches, and that's why Chennai is able to top the list. JJ was vehemently opposing NEET but she knew that NEET(or any other common exam) is inevitable and wanted to abolish this single state board. DMK managed to stall it and led the poor believing that a tougher syllabus won't help the rural.
  11. Anti-Defection Law: Death of democracy

    the Supreme Court held that the act of giving a letter requesting the Governor to call upon the leader of the other side to form a Government itself would amount to an act of voluntarily giving up membership of the party on whose ticket the said members had got elected. from The Hindu
  12. Hot Beverage wars - Coffee or Tea?

    There is not much different between our naatu maadu and buffalo. Jersey milk is won't maintain it's taste when mixed with tea or choco.
  13. TESLA delivers first batch of MODEL 3s

    Model 3 will single handedly trounce the competition by a country mile.
  14. Hot Beverage wars - Coffee or Tea?

    I like those coffee served in these bronze dabarahs. More than the coffee, milk plays a huge part in the taste. Buffalo milk or kangeyam milk tastes miles better than supermarket milk.
  15. I agree. I run into too many old people lately. Couple of weeks back I went to Pondy, there was a gang of 10-12 men all aged 40s stayed in nearby resorts, dancing shouting etc.,
  16. Mumbai Indians are the real Sambars !!!

    Ambani be like "Put chutney first!"
  17. Alexandra Daddario !!!

    I went to Baywatch hoping that I could see Daddario making out, but the only nude scene in the film was that Zac Effron playing with a dead man's scortum. NOTHING ELSE. I still couldn't unsee it. No wonder the movie bombed.
  18. Practice Match -2, India vs Bangladesh | 30-05-2017

    The game is pretty closer than I expected. At one point I thought Soumya was pulling off a double ton.
  19. @velu Anna, Bhavani is like 110 kms from coimbatore
  20. VIVOIPL 2017: Which team do you support?

    Whoever created that smiley. Thanks
  21. VIVOIPL 2017: Which team do you support?

  22. Lungi Roads

    Locals say that Rajinikanth flipped a coin nearby and it landed there.
  23. Ram Navami Triggers A Saffron Surge In Bengal

    Rossogollas are overrated. Rasmalai ftw.
  24. Agree. Otoh, I guess the government is relactunt because of their alleged involment in drug supplying to the students in Noida. The actual trigger was a student died due to drug overdose, and his parents blamed nigerians. My point is only on the mob violence. It conveniently got twisted into a racist attack.

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