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  1. Don't like the interviewer,seems phony...
  2. Have a feeling RCB might just spring a surprise.They must be hurting after their defeat.
  3. The match was in MIs grasp all the way through... I would not call Rohit's failure a choke.It comes down to ability.
  4. Guess Rohit needs to read the rule book..
  5. From CI : Unadkat to RG Sharma, no run, Rohit shuffles a long way across the off stump, Unadkat floats a full ball outside off, past the guideline. Umpire Ravi does not give it a wide. Rightly so, as Rohit went a long way outside off. Rohit is peeved. He walks across to the other end to have what looks like a heated conversation with umpire Ravi. The leg umpire Nand Kishore intervenes, and the situation has been diffused. Let us move on, fellas From CB: Unadkat to Rohit, no run, not given. The wide. Rohit gets out on another walk across the stumps and then spots the line going well outside the danger mark. Leaves it alone but the umpire isn't ready to give into the bluff
  6. RPS still in top 4...Weak team but pulling through for now
  7. Is he the next big thing?
  8. Shots that look a million dollars are useless if you cant win the game ...
  9. Guess not everybody has finishing capabilities...Congrats RPS..
  10. refuse to believe MI can lose this one..
  11. Oh Dear..The Unad is back
  12. Always trust Dinda and Unad to deliver..
  13. Crucial over and Unadkat gets the ball...Thats it I suppose