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  1. Can I call myself an aryan after I cover myself in cotton?
  2. I don't know man. 100 years of a literature + an entire political setup of the most genius state in the union cant be all wrong. If lemurians say I am an aryan, I should listen ,no?
  3. Liberals' pet terrorists.

    Liberandus love their Jihadis, Naxals, Tamil Tigers, Christians in North East. So why have they abandoned Khalistanis? Haven't they come the closest to an ideal secessionist movement - a proverbial wet dream of a liberandu anywhere? Discuss.
  4. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Sikh representation has been going down steadily and rightly so since it was a colonial era legacy. Young men from other states are far more eager to join the armed forces while young Sikhs are looking to GTFO of the country.
  5. Aryan Hegemony reigns supreme.
  6. By North, I mean everything Non-south i.e. everything other than the 6 states mentioned by KH. How do you plan to initiate this multipronged secession? Are you going to decide in advance in consultations with Punjab etc? Where are these consultations happening? In open? In secret? What is GOI doing while there are factions actively conniving on dismemberment of India? Or are you going to unilaterally declare a Dravidistan and hope that states like Punjab and Bengal will sense an opportunity and initiate their own rebellion? Isnt that a big gamble to base your entire strategy on? What if these other states don't see it your way for whatever reasons or aren't ready for the rebellion? You are fe cked then arent you? Might of a million+ army against a insurrection lead by a film star....
  7. How long does the war last? I know Southerners are found in sufficient numbers in the navy but Army and Air Force are a Northie domain. Can they keep out a full blown Northie charge for more than 1 day? I doubt it. Where are the nukes/missiles kept? Since SFC is under the central government, they will probably shift all of the nukes to the northern parts within the first few hours. So South won't even have that going for them. Seriously...
  8. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    So much cringe... Canadian Pappu even puts the topi/iftaar politics of Indian sickulars to shame.
  9. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Safe haven for Indian Fugitives; Infested with Khalisitanis, Kashmiris, Bakis, Naxals + Direct UK govt. backing.... you name it. UKstan is playing a role in fe cking up Indian internal security in someway.
  10. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    This Cold shoulder won't bring much behavioural change in Canadian politicians but atleast finally Indians are standing up for themselves. Next on the list is UKstan - the fountainhead of all that is sh it and wicked.
  11. Twitter messages

    He should have stuck with his tweet. And gungadeen as a diss won't die as long as colonial consciousness exists among Indians.
  12. Twitter messages

    They are not friends (and I don't think they have ever met). So on what basis is it kosher for Gibbs to comment on Ashwin's physical abilities? Ashwin had every right to feel slighted. Indians taking offense to Ashwin's tweets are grade A gungadeens. And that's the nicest adjective I could use.
  13. Encounters send scared UP goons rushing to jails

    #YogiRoxx #FuturePM

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