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  1. I wonder when the corrupt m'fers in BCCI will spend to improve their main stadiums to world class level...
  2. lol. lifeguard for a kiddie pool with adults in it.
  3. MSM watch thread

    BJP needs to get 10 more clones of Sambit Patra or let him train rest of the spokies (since he will probably be running for a MP seat in 2019). He used to struggle in the early days (when he would foolishly try to actually debate the issue) but now hes got the way to destroy liberandus on tv debates down to a science.
  4. Gujarat and Himachal elections:2017

    wrong thread
  5. A half century of centuries for VK

    Sachin bhakts are getting extremely antsy.
  6. Boycott these fools

    Who are you boxing against?
  7. She's from Rohtak too?!! Double nice.
  8. "Beautiful women have first right on nation's resources"
  9. Should have declared half hour earlier like I was saying. This fecking need for personal milestones cost India a win.
  10. Fecking umps cost India a thrilling win. Go die in a ditch, bitch.
  11. Joel Wilson doing bucknor proud.
  12. If spraygun yadav can find a way to get in the zone, 1 spurt from him can get the process rolling.
  13. Bat 3 more overs and pack up.
  14. Kohli needs to bowl jaddu from one end and rotate (bhuvi and shami from the other). Make sure that India bowls the entire amount of overs remaining.

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